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    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Are we showing off our vKatalysts now? I admit that the paint job isn't great but I had a lot of fun making this:
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    Using Superior Strategy on either Avarisse or Greede provides both models with an additional activation, they activate simultaneously as normal. The target model is allocated the influence.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    I'm a Guild Ball newbie. I've already spent money on Guild Ball, and I have been stewing over what to buy and where to complete my Hunters' Guild roster. But then I came across the new trap rules, and I was taken aback. I'll explain why, despite the fact that I'm sure it's too late and will fall on deaf ears, and in light of what seems to be a majority view that the new trap rules are a good thing. Please bear with me with regards to my verbosity (precision over concision), and if I make any mistakes in my references to rules or characters. Without further ado, why I think it's a very negative change, and some rebuttal to why people think the changes are positive: 1. Even worse value for money, and making anything obsolete is bad. The old Blessed Of The Sun Father box is hardly cheap or great value. Now, apart from the player cards all being obsolete, Jaecar's trap model is now obsolete. "Just use any old 30mm base or piece of cardboard" is the gist of many replies. Well, honestly, I could just cut out a 30mm pieces of cardboard and write "Chaska" on it and, voila, I now have Chaska in my roster. I don't have Seenah yet. Just give me 30 seconds to cut one out.... I bought the set partly because of the trap being an actual, sculpted figure. Tabletop gaming (especially when we're paying the price of half a dozen good PC games for half a dozen little pieces of metal or plastic) is, for many of us, about the figures, and the artwork, and the painting, and presenting our army/guild/team with pride. So, honestly, the suggestion of using a generic substitute and accepting the obsolescence of Jaecar's trap seems rather a feeble 'solution'. We pay good money for quality products, and when part of our product is made obsolete, 'Just use <insert crummy, generic alternative>' doesn't help, really. 2. Traps are now generic. In a game that's all about a handful of team members who all feel deeply individual and carefully crafted, Veteran Minx's Jawbone Trap, Jaecar's Pitfall Trap, and Chaska's Big Game Trap, are now all the same generic thing. Rather than serving slightly different functions, and Jaecar having the uniquely larger (but single) trap, all three characters use a generic trait to create generic traps. Many have argued that it's a net buff to traps. That's debateable. Jaecar's trap, with its zero damage but Snared/Bleed condition combo, was a no-brainer to use Rest and remove both conditions. Now it's better to be forced to suffer either 1 DMG or Snared, some argue. But in the process, Jaecar's unique ability to apply Bleed was removed, and he's now a more generic character. Minx's traps are arguably better now. But the very fact that she had pure-damage traps, fitting with her savage, psycho, 'Why snare them when you can maim them?' theme, made her quite distinct and unique among the Hunters. Now; generic traps for a slightly more generic character. 3. Traps are now limited to 5, but not character-limited? So Jaecar can now lay down a free trap every turn for 5 straight turns, but the moment he places his 5th trap, Chaska over on the other side of the map can't lay his own traps? This is an arbitrary game mechanic taking over from a thematic character-based and model-based mechanic. Jaecar couldn't place another Pitfall Trap before because he only had one. Chaska couldn't place a 4th Big Game trap before because he only had 3. Before, if I wanted to focus on traps, I could take 3 Hunters and reach 7 traps. Now, I can take 1 Hunter and reach 5 traps. Or 2 or 3 Hunters and still only reach 5 traps, because for some reason they must share a pool. I understand game design and game balance quite well, and there are a dozen ways the number of traps (or simply the rules that determine their placement and implact on the field) could be balanced without imposing an arbitrary team limit. Before, we were limited to 1, 3, 4, 6, or 7 traps, depending on our team roster. It was a roster-building, thematic choice. Now it's an arbitrary limit of 5 generic traps, regardless. 4. Snare overload. Snare is great, but the Hunters already had a bunch of ways to throw Snare on somebody. Since Snare doesn't stack, once an opponent is Snared they're only copping a measly 1 DMG to set off each subsequent generic trap. More Snare may be powerful, but powerful doesn't mean it's more fun or interesting, and it feels a tiny bit like a one-trick pony now. I don't think there's a problem because traps are weaker now, or because Snare is a bad thing, but because they're generic and boringly identical. And where before different opposing players might be more or less concerned about avoiding different traps (not to mention Jaecar's trap holding a larger physical presence on the field), now a trap is a trap is a trap, and once you're snared, a trap is a generic 1 DMG to soak or go around. 5. The 'streamlined' and 'simplified' generic trap is more newbie-friendly. In a game with weird terminology, weird symbols in Playbooks, hyper-specific phrases, tokens and counters all over the place, numerous resources, three different types of plays, and a bunch of subtly tweaked and worded (and often conditional) traits and plays that make each guild a whole different beast from the others, I don't think a grand total of 3 types of traps being boiled down to 1 generic trap type is going to help new players much. If they can handle all over the information overload of Guild Ball, but can't work out that 40mm pitfall-style trap placed by Jaecar is his Pitfall Trap, and 30mm bear-trap-style trap placed by Chaska is his Big Game Trap, something's wrong. If "Which trap is that, again?" and a quick look at the relevant charcter card is too hard for such a player to deal with, making traps generic isn't going to help them much. I mean, really, let's be honest about that. Dumbed down, simple, and generic is not what Guild Ball is about, so simplifying/streamlining/dumbing down one element of one guild is going to have next to no impact on the steepness of the game's learning curve. In summary, I know the sky is not falling. It's not the end of the world for the Hunters' Guild. But it's also not as simple as, 'But they're better now, so it's sunshine and lollipops,' either. What they've gained: 1. Simplified trap rules. 2. More snare and (arguably) an overall improvement to the effectiveness of traps. What they've lost: 1. The original trap (and for many of us our only trap figure) is now obsolete. 2. Jaecar's ability to cause Bleed (and for a player without Seenah, the only source of Bleed). 3. The uniqueness of each character's individual traps (and therefore part of those characters' uniqueness). 4. Different trap area-denial potential for different team compositions (now 0 traps or 5 traps, Vs 1, 3,4, 6, or 7 before) 5. Options for choice and optimisation of when and how to prioritise Snare, Bleed, and DMG with traps Vs with character Traits/Plays. By all means, please disagree with me. Please try to persuade me and convince me I'm wrong. But please don't trivialise the negative impact the changes have had (for some of us) on the Hunters' Guild with dismissive 'solutions' that don't address the real issue, or tell us how they're more powerful now (if being more powerful was the only issue, there would be no cause for complaint). I'd also like to make it abundantly clear that I've been on both sides of these kinds of debates over the years. I've been a staunch advocate and defender of overhauls, streamlining, etc in some games, but I've also been vehemently against it for other games. Each and every time it's the spirit and essence of the game, what's fun, and what's balanced that has informed by viewpoints. So I'm not one of those grumps who resists change. I just resist change away from what makes something good in the first place. Personally I would prefer to keep traps as they were, but do away with the place-trap-then-push-them-into-it-in-the-same-activation option, to focus and balance around area denial and team plays. I'm sure many veterans would hate that idea, as it would remove one of their favourite Jaecar plays. But such a change would, I think, be in the spirit of what the Hunters' Guild traps should be all about. Rant over. Bring on the agreement, disagreement, or crickets....
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    Brewers in Season 4

    Hi. I've been writing up some guild summaries for Season 4 teams, and Brewers are the next ones to be going up! I've tried to avoid talking about what they were like previously since that doesn't really matter now, and instead look at what they can do and how they play in the current season. Hopefully you all enjoy it / find it useful. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or suggestions. https://gutandstring.wordpress.com/2018/11/06/brewers-in-season-4/
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    Seenah Rookie Cards

    That utterly SUCKS I'm sick and tired of models that I want but can't obtain just because they're either steam con exclusives, pundits exclusives or part of a box that I do not need
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    Gringo's Guilds

    Some updates and proper imgur links. RIP broken urls. Chaska and Egret Jaecar laying some power cables. and the Goth Queen, Skatha. The body is the Queen Severa model from Zombicide.
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    Season 4 Blacksmiths Primer

    I brokedown The Blacksmiths guild in season 4 in my latest blog post. Hope you all enjoy! http://saskball.blogspot.com/2018/11/blacksmiths-primer.html?m=1
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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    There is disagreement in the Butchers camp over who they want. I brought up on thier boards the idea that the #smokedmeat movement should put some votes towards Kami for Alchemists since we already have the lead rather than trying to put votes in to catching up to Kami in the Butcher's rankings. So if you know a #smokedmeat butcher, let them know of this plan.
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    Tonio's workshop

    Tenderiser is done! While I had the mat and the camera out, I also took pics of Truffles. I should paint Fillet next, to finally mix things up a bit more, but I really want to paint vet Gutter model. Hmmm...
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    Impersonal Anger

    Previously it has been ruled that if oHarry the Hat takes damage from vMinx's Jawbone Trap Rising Anger triggers. Now in Season 4, traps are a guild rule that does not reside on any one player's card. Do S4 traps trigger Rising Anger?
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    Union in Season 4

    Hi. I've been writing up some guild summaries for Season 4 teams, and The Union are the next ones to be going up! I've tried to avoid talking about what they were like previously since that doesn't really matter now, and instead look at what they can do and how they play in the current season. Hopefully you all enjoy it / find it useful. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or suggestions. https://gutandstring.wordpress.com/2018/11/01/union-in-season-4/
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    Or an aura. Traps triggered with 1inch of this model also cause the bleed condition. . . The traps are all the same but Jaecar he can use them differently.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    I have yet to play Jaecar in S4 and traps have nothing to do with that. Other than the trap being larger I found it rarely impacted things in a huge way. Had they given him Crucial Artery or a way to gain it things would be much different. I would of liked a character play like "Sharpen Blades"- This model gains Crucial Artery." Or like vMinx, a way to drop multiple traps a turn. I think either one of those would have him competing for the line up again
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    Season 4 results

    I find that with Jackstraw and Bushel on the field the 2-2 game is much more reasonable so maybe that is the way to go against those tough teams. I really like how farmers are playing right now.
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    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    I'm still trying out vet Katalyst as I still believe he's the best 'focus' damage model we have. Unfortunately the teams he's best into, are also the ones that have fewest problems deleting him in return. Was given a stark lesson by Windle the other night. Katalyst charges Windle, does 13 damage across his activation. Windle one-rounds him in response. When Kat came back on I healed him and tried again with a couple of gang-ups. Slightly increased damage. He was still immediately taken back out again - a Windle counter-attack did 2 damage and Snack Break, a particular low point... Have to admit I'm coming to the conclusion that he's not worth the risk.
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    Brewers in Season 4

    It's not that she isn't good with Tapper - she's fine with him. It's that other Brewers scale better with Commanding Aura than she does, and Tapper doesn't need to max out on 2" melee models as much as Esters does. Basically in a Tapper lineup you probably want Hooper, a Spigot and Pintpot, so your last slot is between Decimate, Lucky, Mash, Friday and a Union option. There's also no specific matchup where Tapper needs Decimate in the same way as Esters does, because Tapper plays football less than Esters which is Decimate's main strength.
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    Are Rats to hard to begin with?

    It took a while before they started to click with me with how they wanted to play. But other than haunting melody being a bit of brain wrinkler sometimes, they have no real difficult interactions, but I would not call them an easy team no. Don't fret too hard on what other people say to swear by. Myself I haven't gotten that good of a use of new graves either, he just doesn't really fit with how I want to play. And Miasma can be huge value with her salve if you get yourself diseased up, but she is the easiest to take out, so she shouldn't be too near the front lines. In general rats are the best when momentum is low on both sides (I.e there is not a full on scrum yet), and you can start to dictate a more bit with disease + kd. They are not the best fighters in a scrum either because of rather low tac being sensitive to armor and crowd outs, and they are quite flimsy themselves. So try to be a little stand offish and go late in the turns, and try to get the opponent split up/isolated with help of Piper/Squeak, and try to play for some kd+disease control. Don't be afraid to use reverie for just the movement on Scourge/Pelage too. But in the end, if you find Rats to be an interesting puzzle, keep at it that is what keeps me around playing them - it never gets repetitive for me. But sometimes even I take some time off to play say brewers or butchers where you can relax the brain a bit more and just run screaming at the other team with big sticks.
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    Reading the game

    Yes. Inspiring Hat is not dependent on spending influence.
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    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Agreed. There is a line when it comes to exclusives; does it change the game? If it is game changing then limiting it is a bad idea. If it is not game changing or is just cosmetic then it is fair game in my opinion. An exclusive pitch, dice or luxury items like widgets totally fair game. Rookie model and cards that can only be bought at a con is frustrating and a negative play experience.
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    Brewers in Season 4

    Really enjoying this series of blogs. I've been thinking of picking up Brewer's or Mason's and have found the articles really useful. Thank you!
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    New Player - Blacksmith Questions

    Welcome! Blacksmiths are a ton of fun to play and have the potential for real greatness, but can be tricky to get the synergies down right in order to get the most out of them. To answer a few of your questions before I dash off to work: While you're definitely going to want both boxes, picking up just one is perfectly fine for learning purposes. I'd go for the first box (Ferrite, Anvil, Furnace, Iron, Sledge, Cinder) as those guys are a bit more straightforward than the later six. Unfortunately, there's no official way to get vCinder (that I know of) without buying the faithful box. Ebay is always an option though, or finding somebody in the community to trade with. Burnish and Furnace together form the basis of team fireball, one of my favorite lineups, so feel free to run them together with a dedicated ball-scoring master like Ferrite or Farris. As far as the Master/Apprentice pairings go, my experience is that there's really only a couple apprentices that REALLY need their master (Bolt needs Farris, Sledge mostly needs Anvil), the rest can be mixed and matched to some degree. That's all I have time for now, I'll try to go more in depth later on!
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    Voodoo strings and pack mentality

    Correctly answered.
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    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    That's the double kicker, V-Kat may be my favourite GB model
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    Hunters in Season 4

    Hi. I've been writing up some guild summaries for Season 4 teams, and Hunters are the first ones to be going up! I've tried to avoid talking about what they were like previously since that doesn't really matter now, and instead look at what they can do and how they play in the current season. Hopefully you all enjoy it / find it useful. https://gutandstring.wordpress.com/2018/10/25/hunters-in-season-4/ -Henry
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    We did it boys.

    And he’s glorious. Managed to pull off 5 unmaskings in one game yesterday