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    TanE's Morticians, Union and Blacksmith

    A thing called "real life" caught me the first half of the year from my paint desk. But during the last weeks, I get some progress and started to finish some unfinished projects and startet new one's 😅 . First an unfinished one, lying around for about 1 year: our beloved KD turtle Strongbox.
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    Season 4 Changes

    What does everyone think of the revealed changes so far? It's nice that they're rewording some rules. Hopefully the new rulebook will include the clarification list and rulings from the Lawyer's Guild. It is so frustrating to quote a ruling from the forum to an opponent who doesn't come here. Not like you can dig through pages of posts in the middle of a game. So much easier to flip open the rule book and have a clear ruling right there for all to see. Measurments mean AOE's will end up losing a half inch of range, but better to have a clearer method to measure. Tap in passes make a lot of sense. The momentum at the start for both teams, guess that will make 1st activation goals easier, but don't think it really solves the standoff problem. The problem (as I see it) is that the players are so far apart from each other when the game begins. You don't want to rush someone up the field who's just going to get ganged up on by the opposing team, and the rest of your team is too far away to help. Shame, I really enjoyed the formations.
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    Correct. DMG modifiers are calculated before selection and application of playbook results, so presence or absence of conditions only matters at that point.
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    Season 4 Changes

    My initial thought was that almost all my morticians just got 1” worse at scoring more reliable goals (because of 6” kicks). But then I realised I rarely end up just scraping into tap in range, usually I’ve got plenty of distance or nowhere near enough, so it’s not going to do much there! Though the addition of tap-in to passing gives models like Bonesaw a little nudge - football dervish on a big base means one or both of those passes will likely be on 3+ instead of 4+. Granted it means bunching up a little closer at times, which then means aoes will probably hit harder, but such is life. Anything to improve my passing rate It does seem like season 4 is going to bring some interesting new possibilities
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    Fan-made Tooled Up-updates

    Don't call him pal buddy.
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    Sleight of Ball

    No and no. If the ball comes into contact with a barrier or obstruction, the ball path is truncated and does not pass further than the ball can travel.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Dressed up the LE Farmers goal post.
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    My Guilds

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    My Union :)

    So much white and flesh (my two worst enemy colours).
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    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    Considering vChisel is an upgrade to oChisel in pretty much every way, I'm looking forward to the oChisel s4 update.. She certainly put Masons back onto my list of "guilds to play" in the build up to the s4 release..
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    My Union :)

    Look at that Rookie! Great job.
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    My Union :)

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    Well here is the rundown of the tourney. https://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1116 took me the rest of the week to drive back down etc. Fairly pleased with how it went (minus the last thirty seconds). First up vs Kick off Masons I ran Fillet, Princess, Meathook, oBrisket, Boiler and Shank. This was a pretty fun game and I had a chance to finish it earlier but Brisket fluffed a bonus timed super shot from 4.5" out by rolling 1, 1, 2, 3, 3!!!! Fillet picked up MVP by managing to get 10 out of 12 points. I also had a moment in the game where all 6 masons were bleeding . Second game vs Morts was a great one. Scalpel, Vileswarm, Silence,Pelage, Ghast and Graves. I played Fillet, Princess, Meathook, vBrisket, oMinx and Boar. The game was great with me pulling ahead early and my opponent coming back with some great in out take outs from Scalpel. Ultimately it came down to the initiative (which was a dice roll after cards), I won it and vBriskit walked over and took out silence and had enough left to slot a goal as well (if it was necessary). Third game was an odd one for me. Playing into Esters, Quaff, vDecimate, Friday, Spigot and oHemlocke. I took, Fillet, Princess, Shank, Boiler, vBrisket and Meathook. I started poorly by standing Boiler, Princess and vBrisket side by side which Esters just loved and so too did Hemolcke... Luckily I managed to play cagey enough the rest of the game to edge ahead for a bit and heal them. Now going into this round, me and my two regular opponents from Wellington were the only players who had gone 2-0. This being my first tournament I did not realise the significance at first of winning, and therefore forcing a tie break with the winner of those two (and a fourth round for everyone else). Anyway back to the game. It got super tense at the end and my brain went to mush with the possibility of another win and ended up with me making a couple of basic mistakes (not healing players etc) and my opponent clocking out. It was 11 all and he managed to jiggery pokery himself to a spot where he was able to take out Princess (one of the players I forgot to heal ) and he picked up the win with about 15seconds left on his clock.. All in all fun tournament for my first ever outing. Also please that the other Butcher player managed to pick up two wins as well and keep the great guild in mid pack with me
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    My Guilds

    Finished my friends Brewers.
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    Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Things got a little weird, but I had a lot of fun working on this big boy
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    Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Thanks, that's amazing to hear coming from such a great painter. I'm amazed by the smoothness you get in your color transitions.
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    Still looking for Vet Harmony

    Locked by request
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    Veteran Decimate

    Tapper, Scum, Friday, Spigot, Decimate and the last spot varies wildly, but it prob goes to Pintpot if I'm playing a brawler team and Stoker if I'm playing a football team.
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    [Fan Fic] Life of Bribe the Watchman

    #1 Bribe stood watch. Or rather, he stood there watching. It was a lazy day in Lang. The sun crept slowly along the sky, making the streets unbearably hot. The rich left for the mountains, the poor sweated, stank and waited for the evening to come. The ghost hours of summer have come and it was a good time to earn some extra coins. A fellow watchman passed by, followed by a huge pig of a man. Bribe felt a sudden urge to kick the bastard, but you couldn’t just go around kicking the wealthy. He wondered what urgent business made the man drag his fat ass outside in the heat. It was too early for a matter of lust, so it must have been a matter of gold. Another guard wandered around the corner. That's how things were in Raedland since the war. A whole lotta watchmen and a whole lotta less opportunity for crime. That's what made a bribable fellow worth a whole lotta more. You know, the law of supply and demand. But don’t you think Bribe was one of your average corrupt guards. Oh no. He was very proud of his moral compass and only allowed thieves to steal from the filthy rich. Those bastards couldn't have earned all that money the right way anyway, so it was only fair they gave some back. Would be pretty stupid, if he didn’t get a part of it too, right? An involuntary smile crossed his face when he thought of the fattening purse in his little hideout. A pair of footsteps echoed in the narrow alley behind him. Finally. »G'day Mr. Watchman. How are ya?« »Good, good. And you? All good?« Bribe did his best to sound very official and bored. Just in case someone was listening. »All good, all good. Thanks for keepin' an eye out and keepin’ us safe. Have a nice day!« The deed was done and it was high time to continue his patrolling. Only half an hour more and he’d be off duty. He sped towards the barracks, leaving the scorching white cobblestones of the Noble Quarter behind him. The good old Swinging Bridge grew larger with every step and soon the familiar stench of unwise petty thieves filled the heat around him. Just far enough not to bother the spoiled nostrils of the upper class, but close enough to remind anyone with shady intentions it pays to bribe a guard before they do anything stupid. He spotted an empty can and his eyes lit up. He took two quick steps, swung his leg and sent it flying into the center lamp post. Another goal for Bribe! You see, Bribe wasn’t just a Watchman. He was also a second year player of the Watch Guild and he found himself liking the violent game of Guild Ball more and more. Well, the game and the opportunities it brought. Of course he had dreams of grandeur, but his… other arrangements kept interfering. He was known to make a blunder every now and then. Calculated blunders, mind you. Those blunders paid off and luckily, he was simply too good to be kicked from the team. Raedland gave the Empire of the Free Cities more than its fair share of Guild Ball stars. There was the pretty boy, Flint, who never missed a shot. Well, almost. There was the big loud scumbag Hammer. As good as he was arrogant. There was Spigot. They said he was a genius when he could stay sober. Bribe wouldn’t know, he’s never seen him that way. There were Graves, Colossus, Theron and others. But stardom and wealth were surely not in the stars for a boy who got his name by being given away as a bribe. Dreams were nice and all, but they didn’t pay for a bed, a meal, a woman. Fellows with big dreams also had a tendency to end up in the gutter or so it seemed. Better to stay real and think about the plan for tomorrow. Old Graves was coming back to his homeland and he was bringing the Ratcatchers team with him. The Watch officials decided it would be fun to host an exhibition game against this sick scum of a team. In their last game, half of the opposing team started puking blood in the middle of the game. Always a crowd pleaser, puking blood, isn’t it? Bribe didn’t fancy playing against them one bit. But he got a job to do. A big one. Won’t bring him any closer to the Big League, but it will get him a hefty bag of coins. What more can a lad ask for? Who knows, it might even change a thing or two for once. Can’t let an opportunity like that slip by.
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    I came as a rat

    I like you're Miniatures a Lot. Great color-choices, specially the purple with red- and blue-tones!
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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    As I said in the Ratcatcher‘s section, I‘d love to see Assist(Vileswarm/Squeak) on VGraves. That would boost him and both mascots a lot.
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    Kdogs completed stuff

    So while I have been quiet on the painting front I have been doing some stuff. About 75% done on vHearne and 40% done on Seenah, then hunters will be done. I have however managed to finish a goal (very basic) for my first ever tournament this weekend, had a play around with some blood effects and have finished Ulfr and Snow (still need to base them). So quick goal (this was speed painted for me, painted it in 2 days!!) Here is my blood effects test on Meathook And my not yet based Ulfr, who I found really fun to paint (Thriller dance pose aside), had a play around with skin tones and probably didn't get it right but oh well, it was an experiment.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Looks better in the dark, but here is my contribution to the thread.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union/ Solthesian goal
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    TanE's Morticians, Union and Blacksmith

    Great choice of colours, beautifully executed as ever! Really like the BS logo colour with the little touches of rust for contrast.