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    Scalpel woes

    Scalpel indeed feels like a tough nut to crack for the Farmers, but it's certainly doable. I'd say the usual 2 line-ups are Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, vHemlocke, Graves and then either the defensive option of Casket or the aggressive option of Bonesaw. In my opinion, Thresher certainly is the way to go, as Grange can be too much of an easy target when he's not yet activated yet. Tough Hide certainly helps negate some of Scalpel's kill pressure, but Voodoo Strings will negate all of the work you've put in with Close Ranks.If Grange hasn't Tough Hide'd himself, a Tooled Up Scalpel can just one-round him. Thresher can at least match Scalpel's kill pressure, so it should be an even trade-off per turn. The mascot is also easy. Buckwheat really does nothing to thwart the Scalpel missile. Peck can at least kill the ball and clear knock-downs and poison/fire if the opponent decides to bring either Vileswarm or Silence. Tater also is a no-brainer. He's a 5+ against Scalpel and Cosset, and brings some extra clock pressure via Fork Off. Sure, Casket's Ghostly Visage can deal with some of Fork Off's pressure, but it forces a certain activation order. The low health of the Morticians also makes Tater's extra damage on a charge very useful. Blasting off 1/3 of a model's health with a single charge is nothing to scoff at (unless you're called Sledge). Ploughman is another no-brainer, certainly with Casket on the field. His True Path totally negates Casket's Foul Odour, and he brings 2 harvest markers per turn for free. His Broken Earth can also force some momentum usage from the Mortician player, and his easy pushes and 20 health make him a hard target to kill for anyone, but Scalpel herself. From here on out, it's a bit harder, but I'd say that Jackstraw is another good contender. Ranged Harvest Markers is something that Thresher really likes, and a 5+ with Reanimate and his ability to just teleport means he should be another model that is very hard to take out, and to hide the ball on. Thresher and Jackstraw together might also be able to score a few goals, if the Morticians player makes some mistakes in his defensive positioning. The last model to pick is a tad harder to choose. The choice is between going for a Planter or a Reaper. At the moment, you have an influence generation of 9 and Harvest Marker generation of 4. This should be enough to choose another Reaper. Fallow should not be a choice, as Scalpel can easily undo her positioning with Voodoo Strings, and she brings quite a heavy toll on your Harvest Markers. Her 1" melee zone also brings her efficiency down quite a bit. Windle is a HUGE target. Yes, he can deal major damage, but he should be the last one to go in, which is also Thresher's spot. If Windle goes in earlier, Scalpel and/or Cosset can deal massive damage against him, and might even be able to one-round him. With Casket on the field, I would not want to field such a liability. If he's not taking someone out before he himself is taken out, it's not worth bringing him. Certainly do not bring him if the opponent fields Silence! The last Reaper to choose from is Bushel. And in my opinion, she is actually your best option. Due to the low health pools of the Morticians, Thresher and Tater should have no problem taking out at least 2 models. If, alongside that, you have another goal threat in Thresher through the middle, and Bushel and Jackstraw on the wings, you might even be able to score 2 goals as well. With Scalpel's ability to switch up the field so strongly, you really want to finish the match early, and a 2-2 should be quicker than a 1-4 strategy. If you're more of a defensive player, you can decide to go for another Planter. Your choices here are Harrow, Millstone and veteran Honour. Harrow's healing aura won't be that massive, knowing that Scalpel and Cosset can dish out massive amounts of damage. Also, both ladies have a threat range of 10", so going for Marked Target makes Harrow a target himself. He actually doesn't bring anything else to the table. Veteran Honour can reposition Harvest Markers, giving Tater the ability to position quite agressively and still have Fork Off active. Also, her legendary works as Midnight Offering, so you can make Thresher's threat range enormous for one turn. She also brings another cast of Cocksure, which makes that you can defend against KD's on both Thresher ánd another model. Millstone is also another very strong pick. Her Battering Ram gives you the option of getting in the Mortician's face even faster, and Take One For the Team makes that Thresher can negate TWO conditions. She would also certainly be my pick, if my opponent would field Bonesaw. Goal Defence on Peck is hilarious! Make him work for those goals! So yeah, my three 6's would be Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, Bushel for a more aggressive playstyle (3-0 and 2-2 both possible) Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, vHonour for a more mobile playstyle (1-4 and 2-2 both possible) Thresher, Peck, Ploughman, Tater, Jackstraw, Millstone for a more defensive playstyle, mostly against Bonesaw (1-4 and 2-2 both possible) I'm not saying that it should be easy defeating Scalpel using one of these three line-ups, but at least this is my view (as a Scalpel player) what would be the best way of dealing with her. Obviously, the VP generators (Scalpel, Cosset, Bonesaw if fielded) should be your primary targets, but taking out Graves before Tooled Up hits makes Scalpel a lot less scary. If the Mortician player plays it right, vHemlocke should never be in your sights, but when playing the Bushel team, she is your worst enemy with Blind and Midnight Offering. Luckily, Jackstraw and Bushel are both 5+ and Thresher can still go for the kill after being Blinded. Honestly, if my opponent puts resources into killing Casket, I'm quite happy, as he's not going for my actual damage dealers or goal scorers. Usually, I trade his 2 VP's for one or two take-outs of my own, or a TO and a goal. There's a possibility the Morticians might field Silence, but I'd say that that's just for Tucked/Shutout. On a 8" range, this means that Silence is positioning himself quite close to the Farmers front line, which makes him a target. Cocksure and Peck's heroic just negate anything that he can do with Fire Blast. In my opinion, bringing Silence instead of Casket or Bonesaw is a mistake, but a good Tucked or Shutout can destroy any plans that you might have, so don't immediately discard his threat. I know I might throw in some of my own chances in winning by posting this, but as a pundit I'm more for helping the community get better than going for my own winnings.
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    Commander Vimes

    Scalpel woes

    I agree with most of what you said. However, in my experience everything that can (re-) reposition models after Scalpel's activation is huge, and Buckwheat/vHonour bring that in very different ways. I. e. in some of my games Buckwheat (who is VERY fast) was able to push Morts forward several times and thus force engagements Scalpel tried to avoid. But Peck is also always a good choice. Also, I found that Grange is a possibility, But you have to be very conscious where to put Tough Hide + heals. Scalpel needs at least one activation for Tooled Up, so he should be able to activate in time. His damage output can also be also quite similar to Threshers. But it's a rope walk either way...
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    Fishermen in Season 4

    Hi. I've been writing up some guild summaries for Season 4 teams, and the Fish are the next ones to be going up! I've tried to avoid talking about what they were like previously since that doesn't really matter now, and instead look at what they can do and how they play in the current season. Hopefully you all enjoy it / find it useful. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or suggestions. https://gutandstring.wordpress.com/2018/11/22/fishermen-in-season-4/
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    Ball retrieval issues

    I think lumping all scoring teams together (and the kick receive factor) can be a bit too broad of a statement to answer in certain model(s). Like, I don't think the gameplan for Order, Corsair, Pin Vice, Navigators, (probably missing something more here) are the same, even though they all want to score some goals as a main plan (usually). It also depends on how you want your gameplan to be. Do you think you will need to score goals yourself? If so, are there unpredictable/close control ball holders, rush keepers or similar to think about? Do you want to mainly take outs? Against butchers you probably need a more ranged approach as they have counter charge and demolish you in a fair fight for example. Are you receiving? Is there a Mist/Fathom to try and deny/pressure or are there a Corsair that wants to drag you in and kill you piecemeal to disrupt your plan? For example against Order I would play both Minerva and Hearne to try and lock down Brisket with 2" and to grind through the midfield beef. Hearnes teleporting can helt in getting around countercharges and sneaking in a goal as well. Against Corsair, both MInerva and Hearne are prime targets to be dragged in, and you are likely to not get big set up plays off, just because of all the movement in hag/corsair/kraken. 2" melee only matters if you actually get to use them. Your kicker will probably be at a big risk of getting dragged. Against Pin Vice, 2" models is pretty great to try and lock/slow her down. Mataagi is probably the best ball holder due to his higher defence against Salvo. Against Navigators/shark, you are probably not going to get big set up plays due to the tempo of the game, so Minerva with her 0 armour isn't that great. Snared from Hearne helps a lot though, and his teleporting gives him great mobility for dealing with spread out threats. I am by no means an Falconers expert myself, but just sharing some of my broad thoughts adapting to certain match ups and how I like to think about these kinds of stuff. Naturally terrain, cards and the actual drafted 6 of your opponents matters too, but those questions needs to adapted to on the fly.
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    Field Medic and wraps

    It would only do 1 damage against Tough Hide. Damage modifiers are applied individually to each result, which then still get combined (i.e. (2-1) + (1-1) = 1 damage). Same goes for Tooled Up with same results, for example: (2+1) + (1+1) = 5 damage, not 4
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    No news of Black Friday Order

    Yes. I was initially told the order would arrive before December the 23rd, it arrived (at the wrong adress) January the 4th January the 3rd, I manage to get support on the phone but they couldn't do anything for me before at least 2 weeks (time needed to be able to ask royal mail to search where the package was).
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    Scalpel woes

    As a Morticians player, I am pretty sure I would take Silence into Farmers to control either captain.
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    Nyk's Adventures

    Good stuff @Nykolae, and long time! You've have become a good player in your own right now! Sorry for the late reply. Not as much time these days for Guild Ball (though I still run tournaments locally) due to the minis game I'm getting ready to Kickstart later this year.
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    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Hoopers heroic is probably the one you'll use the most. He enjoys being in the middle, where Esters also hangs out and it is relevant basically every turn.
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    Painted RE2

    The evolved lickers join the party Also Birkin Stage three And Zombie Brad
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    What it is? The Highlander Cup is the first official Scottish National Championship, backed by Steamforged Games. This means that the winner will be offered the opportunity to represent Scotland at the Guild Ball World Championship at the next Steamcon UK, with travel, accommodation, and entry fee covered by SFG (provided the event sells out). When & where is it? The event will be held on Sat 25th & Sun 26th May at Scotland's premier venue - Common Ground Games in Stirling (http://www.commongroundgames.co.uk). Full schedule will be posted in advance and we will aim to kick off the first round no earlier than 11am on the Saturday and to be finished no later than 6pm on the Sunday. Tickets? Tickets can be purchased directly by sending £36 via paypal (friends and family) to cablehype@hotmail.com Please purchase tickets by 1st May to ensure we can order all the appropriate prizes in time. All tickets will include lunch on both days. Further Details? A full tournament pack will be issued in advance, outlining how the event will be run. In the meantime, all updates will be posted to the event Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/341922679974018/about/) if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the T.O. - Pasha Korniyenko, on Facebook (Pash Korniyenko), Twitter (@kingpash), or email (cablehype@hotmail.com). We very much look forward to giving you a warm welcome to Scotland in 2019 and give you an event to remember!
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    Brilliant, looking forward to having you there!
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    GBKeeper 2.0 Released

    love the app. Thanks for adding the match feature.
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    Scalpel woes

    I’ve been toying with the notion of setting up my formation and then locking myself in place with Harvest Markers.
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    SHE said "Yes" . So I have paid for my ticket. Just need to get some practice in now!
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    Wrapping and harriers

    Correctly answered. Damage modifiers are calculated before resolving results. Results can affect later results through positioning or other changes in board state, but there is no recalculation of damage modifiers.
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    S4: Fish vs Alchemsts

    Smelling Salts is your best friend. This is going to be one hell of a tough match. Most Alchs these days know to play conservatively against bally teams, and, especially when you have to come to us, you're going to have a tough time getting through. Especially if A&G start becoming more prevalent, which is something I anticipate happening. Playing Fish into Smoke/Naja/A&G/Venin/Merc/Crucible is a special kind of hell. Kraken is good. Being able to drag people out of position does work. Siren is good situationally, although beautiful and charmed doesn't help against pulses and AOEs. Fathom is great. If we drop Compound, Salt is a great choice, since he can base him turn 1 and prevent the countercharge.
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    Wrapping and harriers

    All results are determined at the same time, they are simultaneous. But you can then decide the order of applying them. So in your example, the damage would not benefit from the Harrier. Here are some examples: 1) Harriet causes damage and ><. You can chose to do the damage first (and trigger "Dodge a wrench", thereby scattering the ball) and then dodge to maybe pick up the ball. Or the other way around, your choice. 2) Fillet wraps for Blood Rain and damage. The final damage is calculated before Blood Rain is applied, so does not benefit from the newly bleeding target. But you can decide which of the two you want to apply first (if it matters).
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    Dark Souls The card game

    Hey there, this means you can have up to 9 cards in your hand. You won't draw any more cards at the end of each of your activations until you have less than 6 cards in your hand though.
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    Any release roadmap?

    Currently, new Minor Guilds* will be in pre assembled plastic. Re-released Major Guilds** will be in coloured resin. The two newest Major Guilds (Farmers and Blacksmiths) are also preassembled plastics. The most resent upgrade packs, with 6 models from different teams are in metal. Onwards, new models should release in resin. Current metal teams might get restocked, but unclear in which amounts. *Ratcatchers, Falconeers, Navigators are out, Cooks are Q1, Miners are next. **Morticians, Hunters are released, Fishermen and Butchers should be next in line. New full releases (new teams) might be plastic or resin, but probably not metal. Currently, there is no team where you can have all the models available in the same material, unless you manage to find the sold out metal boxes for a Major Guild, plus their upgrade pack. Other than that, nobody really knows, as there hasn't been much information about it.
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    Season 4 results

    @THE_DOJO_MIKECould you provide the last model the second Mortician player brought along? I'm guessing vHemlocke? Quite the agressive line-up, with Bonesaw. Did he do more than get that first goal? I've considered him as well, but thought Casket would be the better pick to turn off Counter Charges. Your ideas? (This seems like me trying to figure out Spooks stuff, but I'm actually trying to help you figure out a valid strategy against them as a Spooks player myself. Just need to know his playstyle 😉)
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    Union Captain Choice

    I haven't had a chance to play that much S4 Union, but back in S3 my strategy was this: Guilds: vRage The traditionally difficult match ups like Fish was solved but silver bullet players like Snakeskin (RIP). I never found a way to beat vCinder though.
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    Union Captain Choice

    Butchers: Blackheart (both are okay, BH has a better counterattack. Keep him away from Boiler though) Fishermen: Blackheart (Rage's threat range is too short) Masons: Rage (they want to group up and scrum, and Rage is happy to beat them at that game) Brewers: Blackheart (both work again, but BH puts footballing pressure on a team that doesn't hold it well, and can win even if you lose the scrum) Alchemists: Rage (Rising Anger helps a lot against all the ranged plays, he's harder for Smoke to oneround) Engineers: Rage (Rising Anger is still great against ranged damage, as above) Morticians: Blackheart (Can't afford to risk playing Rage into Scalpel which is horrible for him) Union: Whichever you're most comfortable with Hunters: Rage (Rising Anger helps against the snare effects, he can use Gutter/FT to abuse the bear and kill people) Farmers: Rage (he's harder for Thresher to oneround, they have awful defenses which makes Gutter really dangerous for them) Blacksmiths: Rage (Less likely to get one shot by an apprentice, has pushes to get them out of Sentinel, Gutter is good here again) Minor Guilds: whoever you like, leaning towards Blackheart. I've posted a couple threads in this forum talking about vRage and Union in general. Is there something in particular you find you have trouble with on vRage?
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    Hello. Handy Alchemists bandwagon jumper, such as I am. 30-40 games with them in season 4. Still love them. Having played it a few times, Navigators is a fun one. They have such low health they make us look like Farmers. What they are is ridiculously fast and very good at getting round our high defences with those rerolls. I would go Smoke. Carpet them with conditions, particularly Burning, because Navigators can struggle for momentum to clear them. Venin for me is a must. He's fast and can do plenty of damage to a Navigator when he gets there. Plus they find his 4+/2 very hard to deal with when he's got Poison. I also like Vitriol here. She's a linear threat but it's a very long line. She's one of very few models that can chase down the likes of Fathom and Horizon and her momentous tackle on 1 is very useful. If the Navigators pick Azimuth, you need Crucible. Great Balls of Fire is the only way to get the ball back off the big lad without getting smacked in the face and boosting his defence through Gladiator. I've also taken Naja as a way of hiding the ball away until I've got some takeouts in the bank. Navigators are really good at snapback goals so be careful about when you score and give them the ball back.
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    Rat's Off to Ya, a S4 Article

    I can write up something yeah.