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    Turn 1 Tactics

    Depending on who I'm playing into, Smoke usually gets 4, Flask gets 0. If I'm kicking, it's usually with Vit or Calc, who will get close to full stacks to either pressure the goal or start tossing bullsh*t like blind and sticky bomb. Merc gets a full stack because f*ck yea explosions. TBH he usually winds up with an extra so you can probably survive with 3 unless you've got a good spot he can sprint to and complicate with his aura. Venin almost always is on the team, and I usually stick him with one or two depending on the situation. If I don't expect an engagement, he'll get one to sprint. If it's the mirror or a Morts game or something, then he might get two. If I'm kicking against all in ball teams like SharkFish or Skatha I like a full stack on Crucible for insurance. She doesn't usually end up using it all, but her purge aura is fantastic, plus her 2 " melee and being able to threaten a non-tackle ball theft at 12" really makes folks think twice about their mom math and lines of approach. One of the most underappreciated facets of the Alchemists is our hilarious ability to take a giant dump on the other team's first turn plans. Between burning, poison, and all of the various auras and debuffs, things almost NEVER go the way your opponent wants them to, and often exceedingly awry at that.
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    Game Plans

    1. No, movement bonus lasts for the whole turn. Mechanically the card didn't change, errata simply removed 'Icy Sponge' since the term no longer exists. 2. Your model suffers -1 TAC only if you have initiative (go first).
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    The term "results" is overloaded here. The printed playbook result may be a combined result with multiple individual results (eg. T< is a combined result of a T result and a < result). In your example, Spigot can choose the order of the T, <, >, and CP individually as they are each separate results. Note, however, that processing the T first would make Ball's Gone fail in the absence of Close Control (as the enemy no longer has the ball) and vice versa. Yes, the pushes combine and the dmg combines and so the "results" to be applied are
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    Priorities against Ratcatchers/dice math

    It depends on the Ratplayers actions in T1 I think. If they spread disease around their own team in anticipation of using Salve, killing Miasma is a huge boon since they are suddenly riddled with all the negatives of disease without the positives. If they don’t disease themselves however Miasma isn’t really a priority target in my opinion, since she doesn’t contribute a lot beyond Salve.
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    Fathom & foul oder for heroic dodge

    Right, so how does fathoms heroic interact with skatha and therons abilities to place terrain? It says the aoes are fast terrain or forest terrain, and are pieces of terrain not an aura.
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    Gaffer becomes a Spook!

    Blasphemer. Joking aside I think his integration will be interesting, between the more sort of zero moral mort members vs the ones just doing their jobs.
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    Vassal Tournament Report

    So i just completed a 16 man vassal tournament, ending with a record of 3-1. I had only played navigators 5 times before playing in the tournament see this as a opportunity to test myself. I will be posting links to videos of the games where i do some commentary over it, releasing them as i get done editing the video. So come back every so often for updates.
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    End of year/New year paint competitions?

    That might be a typo, I’m actually the deputy chambermaid
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    Free Cities Draft Results

    They said In the Keynote that there will be another Playtest Event to test out the Rookies when they get designed which I'm guessing will be Q1 2019
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