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    The Goal Post Thread

    Here's my Alchemist goal:
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    THIS THREAD IS NO LONGER LIVE, PLEASE LOOK AT THE ALL NEW SEASON 2 ONE PINNED AT THE TOP OF THE RULES FORUM Generally, the first place to check is the errata available here: S1 Errata v2.1 Then look here, to see if someone has asked it before and been told the answer. If you can't see the answer to your question, ask away - but please follow the rules for queries as laid down in the guidelines here: guildlines fort the rules forum schedule of rulings Clarifications as of 29 Feb 2016: General Advance Jog, sprint or charge are advances, any other type of movement of a model is a Reposition. Dodges and Pushes are Repositions. ARM: Does not have any effect on plays, only attacks. Negative values do not increase numbers of hits Charges Must be in a straight line May result in a model charging 'past' the target, so long as the charging model ends its advance engaging the target the charge is successful.

Do not need to be 'towards' the target model if target model is out of range. I.E. Furious models may use this as a free Sprint as long as the Charge is still in a straight line and the charging model's activation is ended immediately if the Charge move ends without the charge target in melee. Cover: Cover templates such as smoke bombs do not affect LoS, only TAC Crowding out: Ignores the target model in both Character Plays and Attacks. AOE plays may be crowded out, however there is no target model. Dodges See Pushes below Engaging the goal: You cannot engage the goal token to make a shot more difficult, but you can be an intervening model. Entering an Aura: Defined as the following: 'When a model Advances, Repositions or is placed and that movement takes the model 'within' another player's aura'. Mercury and Calculus can’t move up to other people to have them enter it. Entering an AOE: "Models entering or ending their activation in this ongoing-effect AoE suffer the XXX condition." If a model is pushed into the AoE, or in any way moves into the AoE during its activation, or outside its activation, it has entered the AoE and will trigger the effect. The 'enter' and 'end activation' triggers are separate. Friendly A model counts as friendly to itself Icy sponge: No icy sponge tokens means no coming back onto the pitch even if you have health. if a player is pushed off the pitch and Taken Out with a number of HP above their first Icy Sponge level and below the second, they may remove the single Icy Sponge to recover health up their their second Icy Sponge level. Kick Scatter: Used for missed shots on goal, centered on the goal and pointing away from the kicker as usual. The goal token is a barrier. If, after the scatter, the ball path passes over the goal token, the ball would contact the goal token and stop, as per normal for a barrier. Kick modifiers You may engage the kicker or count as intervening but not both You may be engaging the kicker and receiving player. You may be intervening and also engage the receiving player You may be intervening, engaging the receiver and also blocking LOS all at the same time Knocked Down: KD models still have active auras and a melee zone (for the purposes of unpredictable movement). Traits remain active and can be used when knocked down. They may not engage a kicker but can intervene (no TN change, but -1 dice pool) Sacrificing movement to stand up does not count as an advance, so does not trigger things that are reliant on a model 'ending an advance' such as unpredictable movement, counter charge, responsive play etc. Leaving the Pitch: A model gains MP for the friendly team if it pushes an enemy model off the pitch causing it to be Taken Out. Named source: Means plays of the same name, so 2x gut and string does not stack, but Super Shot and Football Legend do. Parting Blow: Occurs any time you leave a melee range, even if you entered it during the same movement action. Does not apply to Repositions (dodge, push). You are hit after leaving range, so are not still engaged with the person hitting you after the blow (eg if KD). Playbook Damage Result A playbook damage result is a playbook result which contains a damage component (i.e. a number). Plays triggered from a playbook result are not playbook damage results (for example scything blow). Pushes/Dodges: Single push of length defined by the number of arrows, not a series of 1” pushes. Dodges don’t have to be in a single straight line, while pushes do. When selecting a playbook result with a dodge, you may choose not to dodge (see dodge wording on pg 47). In the event you choose not to dodge minefield, or similar, would not trigger. Pushes do not need to be directly away, unless specified otherwise (brick, mallet, tower etc) Pushes / dodges are repositions Pushed off the pitch a model being Taken Out due to being pushed off the pitch by an opponent counts as having been caused by the enemy, A model gains MP for the friendly team if it pushes an enemy model off the pitch causing it to be Taken Out; and The Vengeance plot card can be revealed in response to having a friendly model suffer the Taken Out condition as a result of being pushed off the pitch by an enemy model. The previous clarification which contradicts this has been removed. Loved Creature triggers if pushed of the pitch Pulses Pulses do not target, you do not roll to hit. Snap to: Does not apply along the ball’s path, just at the final landing spot. Standard Scatter: The ball cannot be intercepted during a Standard Scatter. Normal Snap To rules apply. Tackle: Cannot select a T result if the target doesn’t have the ball. You may select a playbook result comprising multiple components as long as you can resolve at least 1 component. E.G. you may select a result that contains T and < even if the opponent has not got the ball since you could still resolve the dodge. Terrain/Obstructions: Cover applies if the target model is within 1” of the obstruction, regardless as to where the attacker is positioned. Applies to parting blows if the target is still in cover. Wrapping the playbook All happens simultaneously, so while you can choose any order for the multiple results, no bonuses from those results apply to others – only bonuses active before the attack started. Momentum All Momentum is used up when it's added to the Initiative roll, there is no carry over into the next turn. Bonus Time: Applied after all other modifiers have been calculated Come on Mate DOES require LOS - this is a change within S2 Counter Attack You may not counter attack a counter attack. Defensive Stance You may Defensive stance when knocked down. You may Defensive Stance and Counter Attack in response to the same charge Run the length: Occurs before your activation ends, goal kick happens after. Plots Plot Decks: Players share a Guild Plots deck Sideline Repairs: Works as Icy sponge does (arrive and move), but on any edge in your half. Vengeance: Can be revealed when a model is pushed off the pitch by an enemy model. Counts as that enemy inflicting the taken-out condition. Conditions Take a Breather: Poison, KD, Burning, Snared and Bleed are the only current conditions (and so can be cleared by Take a breather). Taken out by Conditions: VP awarded as normal (2VP). No momentum gained as not a model taking the model out. Icy sponge happens after conditions so could come back on immediately. Stacking: The same conditions cannot be stacked, such as Bleed x2 for 6 damage Traits Berserk: The free attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – you can move before taking it if you are eligible. You cannot berserk outside your activation (eg when seduced). Counter Charge: Does not cost influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal. Cover of Darkness The [+2/+2] MOV is only gained for the duration of an Advance that begins while a model is within cover. It does not grant [+2/+2] MOV for the duration of an activation. Fear: If you are not spending Influence to make a Play or Attack targeting the Fear model, you do not trigger Fear (includes furious, puppet master attacks, and bezerk attacks) Charges that are paid for with Inf cost extra. character plays that cost extra, also get the extra dice on the play. AOE Plays and Attacks (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger Fear. Follow up: Reposition, not advance, so does not take parting blows. Parting blows by the following up model are resolved prior to the follow up reposition. Glut Mass Negates the entirety of a playbook result, including parts like dodges and momentum generation. The result basically just doesn’t happen. You have to get at least one net hit (i.e. after Armour) to trigger it. AOE Plays and Attacks (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger. Lifedrinker: 1HP regained per attack – each new attack can generate 1HP Single attacks with multiple playbook results or multiple targets only get 1HP (eg scything blow). Maverick: Ignores friendly Foul Odour, or in fact any friendly play (lob barrel, scything blow…) anything benefiting Rage, so Singled Out increasing his TAC, or Marked Target increasing his MOV, would not affect Rage due to Maverick. Anything that debuffs an enemy model (Thousand Cuts, Dirty Knives) would still have the effect as it's not affecting Rage. Doesn't affect rage's own traits or plays. i.e. he can tool himself up. Momentous Inspiration: Triggering a play off the playbook (such as scything blow) does not generate hits for the character play so does not grant the extra momentum. Triggers on hit when using a character play that has a damage component, does not need the damage to actually occur. Responsive play. Does not cost influence. Occurs before the attack part of a charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal Regeneration: Works off field (while taken out), occurring before conditions and icy sponges are resolved. Rush Keeper: Does not cost influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a charge Is an Attack (ie is not a counter attack) and therefore does generate momentum as normal. Skilled with Shadow Does not negate the -1 dice due to cover so the net effect is +1 Tac. Swift Strikes: If damage is reduced to 0 (such as by tough hide), no damage has been caused and therefore the dodge does not trigger (apples for other 'on damage' effects, such as venomous strike, life drinker, crucial artery). Tough hide: Works on all plays – normal, legendary and heroic. does not work on character traits or condition-damage. Unpredictable Movement: From base contact, a 2” move leaves model still within 2”. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge. Plays AoE plays: Roll for each model hit separately. Do not need LoS. DO not roll to hit a target spot, only for models under the AoE. Ball’s Gone: Overrides Close Control as it is not a tackle result, but a play incorporating a tackle. Does not trigger Protect your Balls (Plot) for the same reason. May give the ball to the model triggering Ball's Gone!. (ie Greyscales can give it to himself) Clone Negates the entirety of a playbook result, including parts like dodges and momentum generation. Creation: If a model is returned to play, it does not get a second activation if it has already activated. It does get to activate if it hasn’t already done so that turn, and returns with whatever influence it had when taken out in order to do so. It cannot be allocated any new influence. when a player who can subsequently be 'created' is taken out the first time, VP's are generated as normal. If they are taken out again, following use of the creation trait, they do not give VP's Forceful Blow Forceful Blow will only trigger once in the case of a wrapped Playbook. Goad: If you can charge/counter charge while still advancing directly towards the Goader, it is fine to charge someone else. Otherwise, you can’t move so the charge would fail. Horrific Odour: As fear, only triggers if INF is being spent. So no impact on snapshots etc. Lob barrel: Push and KD are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve. (This is a change from the previous ruling.) Cannot push the ball. Centering the template over a model lets you choose the direction of the push. Lure: Movement caused by this play is a Jog, i.e. an Advance, so can trigger Parting Blows. Puppet Master: The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for parting blows etc). Being friendly prevents you ‘voluntarily’ walking off the pitch. Play can be applied to friendlies and even the origin model. Ramming Speed works on models who is base to base at start of advance (assuming ramming speed has been used) Second Wind Ramming Speed applies during it Is outside activation. May not unsnap the ball or spending MP. May snap the ball to itself. Choose order of overclocked / second wind use. Applies to all of the models activations (i.e. superior strategy models would get it twice) May be used after scoring a goal (and after doing a dodge following scoring a goal) Seduced: The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for crowding out etc). Seismic Kick Hits models under the ball path (except the receiver) automatically True Replication: Can steal plays with GB icon costs, allowing Midas to use them from his playbook. Requires you to Target (and therefore pass a TN test) the enemy model. Legendary Plays Bloody Coin Requires target to be engaged by 'another' friendly guild model Casket Time: Play must be activated before an attack that takes out a player (not after discovering that you are able to take them out). Mine Field: Works on all Repositions, in and out of activation
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    Just Thought You'd Like to See This

    Rich's thought process over last week
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    Reference Cards v2

    When I did the last Vassal upgrade I did a once over on the Quick Reference cards.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    just finished this off....
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    Pocket Guildball Rulebook

    I've been getting equally frustrated with the big floppy rulebook (as beautiful as it may be) and trying to swipe through the PDF on a tablet, and was thinking what I could do with was a nice small version of the rulebook to flick through when I needed to look something up at the table. With a bit of squeezing and reformatting I've managed to get the whole rulebook content down to 32 pages of A5. It's nothing like as pretty as the original, but should be fairly kind on your printer, with a splash of colour to keep it interesting. If you want a copy you can download it from this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ynanmyhehahv14y/GB_pocket.pdf?dl=0 If anyone at Steamforged has a problem with me doing this, just let me know and I'll take it down. Cheerio, Ben
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Masons goal, you can turn the big roof to change the score in the window, my opponents say it's intimidating.
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    Hyrune's painted models

    Hi, Here is my first painted Guild Ball model, the mighty lady Ester. I followed the very good tutorial video from Kujo for the Tartan pattern, available here. I'm currently on Hooper, but I'm very slow.
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    Hunter's Guild Goals

    Ive not done my goal yet, but ive done my Hunters ball
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    Deflater Mouse

    Guild Ball in the town square

    Thought I'd show off my new pitch... The edge of the center square marks deployment lines, the French drains mark the goal line, and there's a subtle brick pattern for the goal locations... Brickwork was made with sticky back foam, then sand and PVA for grout... Hope you like it...
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    Hi all! I wanted to make a collected thread for my series of articles while I'm writing them over at Midwest Wargaming, both to not clog up the forum and to keep discussion in one place. I've just put out the second article, with the link below. Please let me know what you think, what you'd add to the article, and maybe what you'd like to read next! I know strategy tips aren't necessary for everyone (and I'm sure a lot of you already know this stuff), but I'm hoping to slowly expand to general Morticians stuff. I just really love our guild! On to the links: #1: What to Do With Rigor Mortis #2: How to Win Turns and Knock People Down #3: Presenting Threats and the Tug-of-War of Positioning #4: The Curious Case of Doctor Graves #5: Scalpel Review and Tips #6: Scoring Thanks a ton for the read!
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    Captain Rage's Bloody Coin

    The wording on this Heroic Play is, sadly, not as precise as it should be. I take responsibility for this since I was involved in checking the card before it went to print, and I'm supposed to be good at this sort of thing. We've been, well, hectic is the word really, since a great deal of the Season 2 models and core rules have been getting locked in over the last few weeks. That doesn't necessarily excuse this, but I hope it helps explain it. Sometimes things slip through the cracks, and this has been one of them. I can only apologise for the lack of clarity. This will be reflected in an upcoming errata, but until then, please play this Heroic Play with the following wording: "When making an Attack against an enemy model that is engaged by one or more other friendly Guild models, this model gains [+1] TAC and [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results."
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    So i started working on a website last week as i (and a number of other players in my area) had no way of easily accessing the player cards on our android phones/tablets. The website only shows the season 1 cards but will soon be updated to allow players to save their own teams and then track player wounds/icy sponge tokens. The website requires an active internet connection for now but once the above has been done i will make it available offline for those who want it. http://cards.playguildball.com/ I have not heard back from Steamforged Games on the website yet (I have contacted them by email, but no response yet) so the website may be taken offline at any time in the future if they do not want it. EDIT: I have published my first version to Android. Currently you can download the app at http://tavern.playguildball.com/ and currently works like the app showing current players, minus Corsair who will be available when the next version is released. Please give me feedback on the app and any changes you would like to see. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you have any problems or any ideas for the website please leave a post below.
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    Terrain and Scoreboard

    Took some time out from painting minis to make a set of tournament equivalent terrain...and something to help keep track of scores. Fast Ground Obstacles Rough Ground LOS Blocker Tourney Terrain Magnetic Scoreboard
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    The new mascot

    "Please let its stats be really bad, i have a wife and 8 kids, i have to play with my team"
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    Once I went to Kyoto on holiday. Got in after a long flight and not much sleep and decided I wanted to get out and see the city then and there. Didn't really check a map because I was sure that I would be able to find all the awesome stuff without it. Ended up in the industrial part of the city. It was drab and ugly and nowhere near what I had imagined. I was bitterly disappointed - like, just gutted that this legendary city was in no way what I imagined it to be. Next day I went up the Kyoto Tower and got an awesome look at the whole of the city from up high. Did my research. Ended up at an ancient temple pretty soon after that, went to the Kyoto markets, even found some sweet bikes to ride. Turns out Kyoto is awesome. Your post reminds me of that first day in Kyoto, when I was full of assumptions but didn't really know anything. Climb the tower, friend. Climb the tower.
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    I know a number of apps have bean posted but this is my version For android and on the web, an app for viewing Guild Ball Cards and resources and tracking basic stats during a game. Features Season 3 Card viewing Roster Creation with Plot cards HP tracking Score keeping (Goals, VP, and MP) Clock - implements the standard Guild Ball Clock Quick Reference Rules reference Organized play reference Download links and a bit more info can be found on my website and - Direct link to Google Play 2/23/2016 - updated to fix the health modifying on the roster screen (found by DamasterZ) 2/23/2016 - fixed spelling and minor content issues (found by tonio) 2/29/2016 - fixed shanks stats (Razcalking), added some confirmations to the roster screen (henke), and updated to the latest card data (Includes new players) 4/26/2016 - updated to add Season 2 rules and cards, as well as FAQ's etc.., also some minor fixes to card viewing / navigation as well as fixing a bug with the timer, updated to the release build insteat of a dev build 4/28/2016 - updated to better support the big league, including plot deck building, plot generation for a match, and basic sponsership for players, as well as full plot display (season 1 & 2) 5/6/2016 - updated to version 2, better interface and more extensible, yadda yadda its better, take it at that. 5/9/2016 - fixed a couple of minor bugs 6/8/2016 - fixed quick ref cards not displaying, and added compound into the alchamists roster 7/1/2016 - fixed season 1 plot cards and big league card viewing, fixed vitriol's stats and sakana HP 11/29/2016 - updated to season 3 cards and plots
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    My focus here was to create a display base and accessories to enhance the models through a strong theme. Because this game is new to me, I used greenstuff only on the display and extras, leaving the miniatures purely stock. I had two concepts for my Fishermen's goal. This Corsair ship w harpoon cannon was the second. The challenging part was getting a boat to fit on a 50mm base within just doing a dissection of a larger ship. This is more of a one man skiff. I wanted to highlight the ball from the team and so I threw it in the water surrounded by sharks. It flows into the the rest of the team on the dock through the fishing crane, which is there purely for aesthetics.
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    Hyrune's painted models

    Hooper is done. The model was super fun to paint. I tried to learn as much as possible on this model. Honestly, I feel guilty for copying so much from the Kujo's version. For the face, I experimented the stubble with a small beard and brushy eyebrows. (I think Hooper is not supposed to look like a nice guy to meet on the pitch). I used the videos from Kujo to do the wooden parts and the tartan pattern; available here and here I'm now painting Friday.
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    Hello. The reason I left this thread open was because we've been discussing Counter-attacking Counter-attacks for a while, and have come to an agreement that this is unintuitive and leads to other interactions we don't feel are right. Therefore, we are ruling that it is no longer legal to declare a counter attack against a counter attack. Thank you.
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    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Hi there! I started to paint a team of Morticans with 6 minis: Obulus, Dirge, Ghast, Cosset, Graves and Silence. Four are finished but I will maybe add some tatoos around the eyes, like "the Crow". The bases are not done yet. I still don't know exactly how they will be, but with some snow. I will do them when the painting will be finished. Tell me what you think! Obulus: Cosset: Silence: Graves:
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    Collected Guild Ball Resources

    Surprised we don't yet have one of these so here we go. If you wish to have anything added or links are wrong, either post or drop me a message :-) 3rd Party Tokens: Who Cares Who Wins Token Sets, Support the podcast become a Friend of the Show! Bendy Boards, Tokens, Templates and Trays (UK) Counter Attack - Tokens and Templates (UK) Custom Guild Ball Pitch (Instructions to order via a printer) Armada Games - Templates and Tokens (USA) Advanced Deployment (USA) Solid Ground Studios - Terrain (UK) Blotz - Tokens and Templates (UK) Art of War Studios - Tokens and Templates (UK) Broken Egg Games - Tokens and Terrain (USA) Youtube Channels Guild Ball Informer Steamforged Battlehammer Hot Gates Gaming Armada Games GBHL Crit Damage Who Cares Who Wins Podcasts Guild Ball Tonight Who Cares Who Wins The Kick Off Singled Out Flock and Awe (Not GB dedicated) Blogs OzBall - Australian News and Resources Parting Blow The Wargaming Monkey Lead Dice And Beers Dead Tau Musings of a Bear Momentous Dodge Guildball New Zealand Mountaineers Guild Singled Out Icy Sponge Frozen Pitch Facebook Groups Guild Ball Supporters (Public) Guild Ball Player's Club (Closed) Guild Ball Informer (Closed) Misc. Guild Ball Pundit Map Guild Ball Players Map Rankings Guild Ball RPG - Fan made Pocket Rulebook - Fan made Google+ Community Page Pocket Rulebook - Fan made (Printer Friendly)
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    After a much longer time than I thought it would take I've finally managed to finish off Seenah. This model is my favourite of the group I think, an incredible amount of movement in such a big model and absolutely packed with detail. Just Fahad to go and the team is complete .
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    Hope you like it.
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    Your statement regarding 3000 rules queries is misleading. Of course that's the total number of posts in the rules forum which dates back to pre the game release and includes discussions on the pre release versions of the rules. Unfortunately it also includes the number of posts in the internal rules discussion sub forum. ' Respectfully it additionally it covers the many, and there are many, repeats of the same questions getting asked. Extracts from the rules thread have been used in the creation of both the errata and the rules clarification document A more representative set of numbers to quote are: - the eratta contains 25 points which have been serious enough to warrant formal recognition and correction. These points are wordings will be corrected as identified above. - the collected clarifications thread contains a list of commonly asked questions and the official responses. There are 80 or so of these in total. Probably half of these deal with things already covered by the rules which for whatever reason people have repeatedly asked questions about. That leaves probably 40 or so things that have needed consideration and response from the lawyers. The vast majority of these things have been flagged for tightening in the future. Critically for a game that's actually very complicated and has only been out for 8 months or so there are only therefore 65 or so (25 errata and 40 clarifications) things that people playing competitively have needed responses to. Unlikely as it sounds non of these things have been brought in to correct a massive exploit or balance issue that if not corrected resulted in a broken game. Now to my mind for people playing casually, or just getting into the game they don't actually make much difference and so don't need to be worried about. Those people playing competitively they are all captured and collated into once place for ease of reference and the card updates are freely available for download and print out. of course it would be great if the game was perfect with no ambiguities or inconsistencies and needed no tweaks for balance. However realistically this will never be the case and I look at other games, pp stuff, malifaux, infinity, pretty much any game you can think of and they have all required corrections and adjustments in their first incarnation (and second or third in some cases) i do not realistically think the number of rules questions in unreasonable and I absolutely believe everything is being done to minimise the impact on the game. Despite this impact actually being a very small impact as I have identified above.