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    II have always been of the opinion that the ball is the most important model in any guild ball game, so think you really do need to retrieve it. Who are you running? With limited experience I feel this can be a case where oCinder has better utility than vet cinder. Sprint, far strike, decoy, pass should get the ball and your player safe. If you feel like you have time you could also run hearth to add a 'use this' before you retrieve the ball to turn unpredictable movement on. If you don't want to run oCinder, depending on where the kick goes, bolt might be your best bet. 10" of movement, dodge from a pass and free shoemerang/I'm open go a long way towards getting him out of trouble. Keep everyone else close to anvil/farris and decimate will have trouble being too impactful. Another option is iron. Retrieve the ball with iron first activation, using impetus to make him 6/8, pass for a dodge, then activate ferrite to get him an extra 6" dodge. VetDec can't do much to iron without setup thanks to tough hide and if they try to set up you get time to move him. Does want you to play ferrite, which I know is considered a bad idea at the moment but if this is the main thing you struggle to deal with may be worth it.
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    Season 4 results

    The morts matchup seems difficult with them being able to manipulate the board. I played into obs and scalpel and barely been able to keep my set up going. Congrats @The_Question_NL on a great finish in a large tournament!