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    What it is? The Highlander Cup is the first official Scottish National Championship, backed by Steamforged Games. This means that the winner will be offered the opportunity to represent Scotland at the Guild Ball World Championship at the next Steamcon UK, with travel, accommodation, and entry fee covered by SFG (provided the event sells out). When & where is it? The event will be held on Sat 25th & Sun 26th May at Scotland's premier venue - Common Ground Games in Stirling (http://www.commongroundgames.co.uk). Full schedule will be posted in advance and we will aim to kick off the first round no earlier than 11am on the Saturday and to be finished no later than 6pm on the Sunday. Tickets? Tickets can be purchased directly by sending £36 via paypal (friends and family) to cablehype@hotmail.com Please purchase tickets by 1st May to ensure we can order all the appropriate prizes in time. All tickets will include lunch on both days. Further Details? A full tournament pack will be issued in advance, outlining how the event will be run. In the meantime, all updates will be posted to the event Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/341922679974018/about/) if you have any questions, please do get in touch with the T.O. - Pasha Korniyenko, on Facebook (Pash Korniyenko), Twitter (@kingpash), or email (cablehype@hotmail.com). We very much look forward to giving you a warm welcome to Scotland in 2019 and give you an event to remember!
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    A little Teaser for my next Project:
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    Season 4 results

    Went to a 30 man tournament and went 3-1 finishing 4th First Round vs Butchers (a beginning player) I Kicked off Tresher, Peck, Busheld, Millstone Windle, Jackstraw vs Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shanks, Boar, oBrisket, - Kicked off with Tresher, he tried to kick the ball around and get his players forward but he failed 4/5 passed, he overextended Boiler/Ox/Boar. - Tresher got into boar in the first round an left him on 3 - 2nd turn 1st activation took out boar and Ox (2x Don't Fear the...) - Took out Princess and Boiler with Windle/Millstone - As my opponent was feeling a little down I told him to stick to the game you never know how dice wil roll - He scored with Shanks - Scored with Tresher - He scored with Brisket and was set-up to get the ball with Shanks - Took out Boar with Windle to Win 13-8 - Told him to never give up too soon as people can make mistakes and just look how close he got if I wiifed the last attacks on Boar he actually won (mental note to self don't be too kind on tournaments Second round vs Alchemists, I received Grange,Peck,Windle,Ploughman,Tater,Harrow vs Smoke, Flask, Crucible, Vitriol, vCalculus, Venin. - Peck got the ball and ran away from everybody - He overextended Venin so could take him out with Grange + Windle which set me up for the coming turns - Took out VCalculus - Took out Vitriol - Took out Smoke - Scored with Windle to win 12-0 Alchemist vs Farmers is not a fun match-up for the Alchemists. Third round vs Alchemists, I received Grange,Peck,Windle,Ploughman,Tater,Harrow vs Smoke, Flask, Mercury , Vitriol, oCalculus, oKatalyst - As we were facing a stalemate he kept his distance with his models I kicked the ball to Grange and dodged him 4" forward to give him the opportunity to score the 1st goal to get the game going. - He took the "bait" and when with Vitriol - Vitriol missed... - Took out 5 Alchemists - He scored with Vitiriol who came back - Took out the last Alchemist to win 12-4 Alchemist vs Farmers is not a fun match-up for the Alchemists. Fourth round vs Morts, I received Grange,Peck,Windle,Ploughman,Tater, Harrow vs Scalpel, Dirge, Cosset, Casket, vHemlocke, oGraves - I screwed the pooch here got overconfident with Grange, should have went with Tresher for my own playstyle - My dice were semi cold his were semi to hot (only missed some character plays) - Pretty unhappy with myself for that game could have won (score was 5-10) and had a countercharge on Scalpel which already moved and had no momentum (but didn't see that he had no momentum) so should have went for the mow down (would have been my saving grace) - If I did the mow down on Scalpel would have lost a 6 inf activation and I could prevent her to kill Windle for the game - Dirge and cosset were near after coming up back on the table so in theory I had a 3-5 point activation with Windle - Afterwards his fighting abillity would be down and could have won on the clock was 00:15 vs 15:14 so I had the time. - Lost 5-12 Overall 4th out of 30 is really not bad as I see were we finished as the Dutch guys at a Belgium tournament Morticians guy that beat me came up second :) so we had 2 Dutch guys in the top 5. What did I learn: - Use the clock to my advantage in my last match again this could have saved me. - Alchemist vs Farmers is not a fun match-up for the Alchemists. - Don't be afraid to concede a first goal (played fisherman a lot and then it's hard to get back)