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    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    More done last night.
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    SFG Player Loyalty Scheme Returns?

    Has anyone seen any news on whether the SFG webstore loyalty points scheme has been revived? This was also mentioned on facebook, but didn't see an answer. It was shut down last November, and I assumed I would have to write off a year of points that I hadn't cashed in. But today they sent out emails re-notifying the points balance. The balance can also be seen on logging into the webstore, but the "claim reward" button doesn't seem to work currently. It would be great if they do switch it back on (even for a limited time). I understand they sent out one email warning about the scheme being closed down last year, but I think quite a few people missed the warning amongst their general email clutter. (Having lost a lot of points on a hotel website I didn't use for a year recently too, I also think the best consumer advice is to cash in any points/vouchers immediately in future!)
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    Thanks kueller! Perhaps i just had Bad luck with my Nav-box. I've Read a Lot, that the quality of the navs is very good. But mine needed heavy cleaning-work before painting was possible. And cleaning the big crates out of the pvc without destroying the miniature was quite difficult.
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    😉Here my New Fathom. I realy like the style of the guildball Miniatures and I realy like the game (after 20 years of Miniature wargaming the only one left), but I Have big troubles with the New pvc's. Fathom Was for me a pain to paint and keep motivated. Changed to a New style for the bases. The White is too opaque, but i'm quite happy with the result.
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    Morts vs Masons

    One of the biggest things Masons do is layer beneficial auras all over each other, similar to Butchers. Being able to strings people out of those bonus ranges is massively helpful.