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    S4 Line ups

    Amen! That's how I feel in a nutshell. They need a lot more finesse than you might think, and some serious practice, but when it all clicks into place... It's a beautiful thing.
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    My Falconers (:

    Yeah, I’ll be doing my usual wandering seminars and hunting for coffee
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    S4 Line ups

    That makes sense, thanks. Gotta say, these new alchemists sound like so much more fun to play this season!
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    My Falconers (:

    God damn dude, you really need to stop painting so much, especially so cleanly! You’re making me feel bad
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    Sardonic Artery

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    Pretty down on them myself. Bums me out how little Esters does, even with 6 influence. If there are any crowd outs, forget it.
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    First Season 4 Outing With The Butchers

    Great Write up Buddy
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    Season 4 pass and move

    This wording will be updated to make this clear in the next errata, but the answer is no. Models have to make a successful pass to another friendly model in order to make a 4" dodge from Pass & Move.
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    S4 Line ups

    After much experimentation (seems appropriate for Alchemists) I've ended up with a fairly settled starting lineup; Smoke Flask Veteran Calculus Crucible Mercury Venin I'll switch in Naja for Flask against footballing teams, and maybe bring in Compound for Mercury as well. The Katalysts can be brought in, depending on whether I think I need them. oKatalyst is the only Alchemist who can knock anyone down and vKatalyst is a great focus damage brawler. Vitriol will come in when I need to chase down fast opposing teams. Yes, her threat is a straight line, but it's a very long line. If I'm on the bottom tables or just generally playing for laughs then I might bring Midas. He needs more table time before I can unlock him properly. His main problem is that Smoke just ticks all my boxes and is more fun at the same time. The only player I don't see myself ever using is oCalculus. The veteran version is such a good goalscorer and ball retriever, and is the 1st model I draft after captain and mascot without fail.
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    I were never all in on any strategy in s3, I have always been a "path of least resistance" guy - doing whatever seems easiest given how my opponent plays. What I did find with s3 rats were that the team heavily centered around Piper and Scourge. Piper needed to move models around (friends and enemies), make the goals happen and chase down the ball. And Scourge cash in take outs. However now the burdens are a lot more shared. With Bonesaw helping with ball pressure and his long threat means you a lot of times can get a goal without using reverie. So you are a lot more free to use Piper for other stuff, moving others around or using reverie on Scourge/graves to engage or disengage. Pipers cheaper pay the Piper is actually used now, since you can reasonably pay for it before you attack when you expect a counter. So if you miss getting a m>> you still get a momentum for standing yourself up if they KD you for example. It generally pays off several momentum too. But, Piper really wants to go late, when his repositions gets to affect already activated models. With new salve, scrummier graves and skulk with kd you are actually a lot better at scrumming properly now, it just yields fewer points. Which does feel better imo for both parties. With salve you are encouraged to be diseased yourself without being as vulnerable to kd and hence putting out a lot of momentum drain. You are however less likely to heal with your players taking damage and it being expensive (sometimes removing disease to heal is a good idea) - but it feels more thematic in any case. I have yet to be impressed with packmaster - the momentum is barely worth 2 inf on squeak. And when he wants to hit what graves have KD:d his first momentous result is on 3 (bar taking shriek for momentum) and it is just a m2, having a worse playbook, less speed, less furious, worse def stats than Vileswarm is not super great - but sometimes you get a useful shriek, so swings and round abouts I guess. I have mostly used it to let squeak run and pass actually when needed. Graves himself is solid however, so not much to complain about. Though as I am a Skulk fanboy I do not always take vgraves as other seems to deem autoinclude. Piper, Scourge and Bonesaw eats up a lot of inf and Skulk/Pelage are just allround better models at standing around and surviving/being annoying for free. My autoincludes are basically always Scourge and Bonesaw, after that I am pretty flexible (though Miasma naturally comes in a lot). I do think that the team has become better, in any case they *feel* better to use. But season 4 have seen a lot of other teams getting a power increase too. I see Bonesaw as the biggest gain for the guild. They really needed someone fast like him to counter act the loss of snackdigger.