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    mr baron

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Where are you going to post the results?
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    Welcome to the game, and to the forums!
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    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    If you're against a team that doesn't kill the ball well, Skatha is a great captain when kicking because she applies a lot of pressure and probably scores a goal on turn one which sets up for a lot of early pressure from the Hunters. If you're receiving, you can get a turn one goal without having to play Skatha (via Ulfr or vMinx or someone) which means you can play Theron to control the enemy kicker and so prevent them from getting much done on their own turn one. In particular, in the mirror match I'd be inclined to take Skatha kicking and Theron receiving. Same possibly applies to Butchers and Union.
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    After discussions with the design team the intention is that Memory can only be returned to the pitch by Brainpan using Thought. This will be rectified in a future errata but until then Memory does not return to the pitch during the Maintenance Phase and you cannot choose for it to return this way. Memory may only return to the pitch via Thought. Until the formal errata Inanimate Object should be read as: "Inanimate Object This model doesn’t activate. This model doesn’t generate VP when it suffers the taken out condition. This model doesn't return to play during the Maintenance Phase if suffering the taken out condition."