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    Traveling with Terrain?

    I have magnetised quite a bit of my terrain, and the rest is mounted on cork tile, so is pretty flat and solid. Then it's a case of stick it to the inside of a biscuit tin, shove in some left-over lumps of foam from KR trays to protect them, and stick it in my bag (my tin fits flat on top of my KR half case and Wolves Glade tournie tray in my bag, which is nice). More details in my terrain plog, Terrain Tales, and picture of tin from the plog below. Crates on right have magnets in the bottom so they stick to the sides as well, the brick wall on the left is mounted on magnetic strips, which were about the width of the bricks, so perfect). I have a few more pieces now that sit on top of the forest base (muddy patch and a chicken coop, both based on cork) with the space filled with the foam.
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    Free Cities Draft Poll

    ☼ \o/
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    Nope. We are gonna betray you. Enjoy Amber.:)
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    Brick's blind spot

    Correct again. They cannot.
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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    @DrDoak Skulk isn't crazy good but he's solid. I'd say he's better versus teams that don't play the ball all that well - football focused squads will outplay him. I'm thinking about Dirge catapult on turn 1 when receiving. You give 1 inf to the bird and 3 Hemlocke. Hemlocke sprint with bird following with tag along, passes the ball on 3+ for dodge, midnights him and on his own activation Dirge jogs and scores. 8+4+8+8+4, 32" goal threat but 2 activations so might be countered.
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    Traveling with Terrain?

    For me, I keep my 3D stuff home and only travel with my 2D terrain.
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    Brick's blind spot

    This is getting creepy... I’ve started remembering rules! And just in time for them to change
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    Brick's blind spot

    I thought 30mm models couldn't block LoS to other 30mm models?
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    Wild Rose

    S4 Farmer Preview

    But bushel doesn't really need it she has 24" goal threat by her self, using Honours legendary just telegraphs it even more. Leaving it for her as an ace in the back pocket is a lot better in my opinion
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    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Keep up the great work!
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    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Jaecar is still awesome, he still does his thing - turns 4 INF into 8 MOM damage, still has a ton dodges and can still somewhat reduce a models effectivenes by dropping -4 movement onto a player. I don't think he's a bad player and if someone is still running I can appreciate why, for me though he doesn't bring anything super unqiue to the team (Bar G&S, which is still awesome). He's a very hungry player who is ultimately just doing some damage, players like oHearne, Mataagi / Minerva, Egret / Chaska, Zarola, vMinx, Seenah all bring something unique to the team which I can use as a tool in the draft. While Jaecar is still awesome, he does have his downsides like being a hungry player to fully do what he wants to, the loss of bleed on his trap as well as the G&S change is a real pain and then lastly you constnatly have be aware of CA and sometimes you dice fuck you or your opponent spikes and he's left in the wind. Not only that SFG have made it so there is much less stando offs in the game, so there will be less space for Jaecar to hang on a fringe and bully a player to negate them. All that equates to me dropping Jaecar for now, if a month into the season I feel like I'm really missing the slippery fella I will drop him back in of course.
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    Traveling with Terrain?

    I have started painting some 3D terrain and I got a comic box and miniatures foam to put the models in. The standard (not battlefoam) sized foam fits down perfectly into a comic short box. If you want a bit more room on the sides of the box you can get a magazine sized short box for the foam.
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    Nomad or Knuckles?

    I started out as a blacksmiths player, and it looks like they're all pretty united around Gaffer, plus the games I reported for them were all in his support. So I don't think we should worry about them too much, but of course theres the chance that could change. Now I'm putting everything into supporting the alchemists and am increasingly siding towards Knuckles too, as my play leans towards brawling and an extra player who can take hits and synergies with Smoke will help improve our takeout game quite a lot. But then again I'd be happy with any of the 3. You're right about waiting for season 4, maybe Venin will be improved for that sort of role? I'll hold back some reports just in case too.
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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Yeah, with some unlucky spike our players tend to die in a single activation. It's not a bug, it's a feature! This way You can easily reposition them near the edge of the pitch. More than once my master plan failed when a player survived on 1 or 2 hp...
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    SWVa guild ball newb!

    Are all the models still that awful metal?
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    Hunters Turn 1 Practice

    Typically I go 5 Theron, 4 Jaecar/vMinx, 3 oHearne. Fahad / Zarola get 0, Theron SS / Snipe / Snipe / Pinned in some order, or 1 less Snipe and a BOTSF for Zarola. oHearne / Jaecar either go kill said player Theron reduced down, or get a goal.
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    I'm going to get an article on Fillet done shortly after the Butchers cards are revealed, and put up another article each day at noon EST until I've covered every model in the guild. I'll go over changes and do expected relevant results (similar to my recent Ox and Boiler articles). You'll be able to find them at mountaineersguild.com (and I'll post links here).