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    Now Tentacles is Ready to share some ink!
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    Thank you! I mostly said that because I was affraid someone who'd been doing it for years would be like 'but you left out that key thing that we all do...' The only thing I've really painted before this was the core set and some of my brothers warhammer, but I absolutely love it, possibly more than playing it (but not by much). I watched a bunch of online tutorials and stuff, like for this guy the first thing I searched was how to paint fire! I painted the main body first and then it looked like it was missing something, so the hand almost didn't happen! I'm glad you like it, although I must admit some of that is just the light. My whole weekend is going to be painting I think. Asylumn Demon next.
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    Season 4 Reveal

    So at 16:00 GMT on the 6th of October I will be absolutely delighted to exclusively reveal all the Morticians and Ratcatchers Guild changes for season 4. Firstly all cards will be available on our blog Scoring for fun Full comprehensive breakdown of each card, interviews with Jamie Perkins & Steve Margetson these will be available as both a YouTube playlist and Podcast (available on Apple podcasts) Finally a match report between Season 4 Morticians and Season 4 Ratcatchers with Matt from Rollbetter. Frankly I aiming to to throw more content, more videos, more audio, more games, more everything at you than any other guild will be getting. Here’s a little taster...
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    Correct. If it makes it easier, don't think of it as reducing the DMG to 0, but rather as just not applying it to the DMG track. Blessings of Old is weird.