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    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    I'm a card-carrying convert to Alchemists based off the season 4 changes. I had the good fortune of playing in the playtest events and so I've had new Smoke on the table, with my experiences in season 2 with her as something to benchmark her against. And I have to say, new Smoke is a much cleaner way of doing the same thing. The AoEs were great in principle, but they took ages to actually use in a game. There are always bases in the way, players get nudged as a result and it's difficult to judge who's affected and who isn't. This way, you pulse out from a model's base and apply the conditions. Much simpler, much cleaner, much quicker, same effect over a wider area (3" + the model's base size vs 3"). The main difference is that you don't activate early and use the AoEs to block lanes. You keep her until later in the turn, and your own models are the threats. The enemy team cannot group up around Alchemist players because Smoke (who is still ridiculously mobile via smoke bombs) will get there and she will be able to apply Burning and Poison on their models without rolling a single dice. Vitriol has basically gained Overclocked from Ratchet, that she can cast on herself at the cost of 1 Momentum with the bonus of maybe lighting some other models on fire. That means with 3 influence on her, she can reach a target 11" away, have a charge attack and then 2 other attacks (momentous push-dodge on 2 being what you aim for, and if you feel you need Clone it's momentous on 3), and then have a shot. 9" charge, momentous double-dodge off the charge (4 successes on 9 dice for +2"), 2 momentous push-dodges (+2"), 8" kick. 21" goal threat with plenty of potential momentum generation. Lots of pinball potential in there too. Don't get me wrong, it will take practice to get the most out of Vitriol, but I do feel there's a lot to get. What I will say is that there's an awful lot of cool stuff still to come as well. Straight after the playtest I picked up an Alchemists team and can't wait to play them in season 4.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    It's rude and dismissive, because of the phrasing chosen an the assumption that he must be making it up. PP has a semi-public CID process, just like many other companies, so it's entirely possible for someone to know something they can't say. Same as for season 4 guild ball. If you don't believe him, that's fine. but telling someone they're talking out of their ass simply because you don't believe them is not fine. As I've already had to remind people not to get personal, this thread will be strictly monitored for people's behaviour.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    There is no need to get personal, as I’ve already said in here. If you have nothing to add but insulting someone else, don’t post.
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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Logged +1 for Nomad, +1 for Knuckles I may have my own theories, but the Guild comes first 👍
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    I agree here. I’ve been putting my games towards Gaffer.
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    (The beginning of this is a repost from my response on FB, but the middle is new and has what I think is a pretty key point.) It’s a good article; I happen to disagree (strongly), but it’s very well thought out, and it’s well-known I make my wargaming decisions based on the story, so... That said, two things: 1) If the woman in question is a horrible person who wants to deepen the Guild’s criminal/underworld connections as Esters does, don’t trust her intuition. Especially when it goes against that of the Grand Brewer. 😉 In all seriousness on this point, I do see a bit of a parallel in our community to the split in the game: you have Tapper’s crew who are the “family” mentality Brewers, loyal to the kutte, going after Amber for narrative reasons (“she’s one of us!”). You have other players, on the other hand, who are voicing more I’ll for the sake of argument say pragmatic “what does another attacking midfielder do for us?” comments that seem more in line with Esters’ way of thinking- the effectiveness of the guild or its power level rather than its identity. I think (with nothing but intuition to back this up, but...) there’s a very real chance that SFG is watching this with interest, and that getting Amber back or failing to do so could tip the narrative balance between Tapper and Esters one way or the other for good- the side that wins their rookie could gain control of the guild in the narrative. For that reason alone, I think it’s critical that we succeed in bringing Amber back to the Guild. For those of you who say “bah, the narrative, who cares?”, that makes me sad, but I have a case to make to you as well- see point two. =) 2) I genuinely think Amber as an attacking midfielder with a football focus will bring a lot to our Guild on the tabletop. I don’t believe in factions getting models that break their playstyle (everybody should just play the same faction if every faction is going to have everything), so somebody like Kami joining us is something I actually view as BAD for the game as a whole, because it unbalances the design space and gives us something we “shouldn’t” have. Amber further opening up our 2/2 game would be an excellent add who fits the guild’s theme. We could really use another player who can “go both ways” and score or fight as needed; right now, most of our players lean one way or the other, so I think a strong, versatile piece could mechanically be very, very good for us. For the story, on the tabletop, we need her. #bringamberhome
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    I maintain that Gaffer is the man we want. He is the only one of this troop that could have any credence as a master. There is loads of cool stuff he could have or do.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    Too much work. It's easier to victimize a fictional noob because the potential for frustration in an imaginary event is too much to comprehend. Way easier for a new player to remember all the different type of traps and their interations than to cut three circles or Heaven forbid ask the opponent for proxy bases.
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    I thought I was giving a tantalising glimpse of the joys and insight on offer in your erudite, seamless, glowing podcast. 😉
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    An attack up to 10" away that most probably will either trigger stagger or KD (both of them generating momentum) while you get into melee helping apprentices with sentinel is also a great option as you deliver a -1 DEF to an enemy model and set it easier for your apprentices to deal with it later. or if you can reach the model with the ball is an easy target to force to release the ball with TAC 6 and the opponent cannot use defensive stance, as you only need 2 net hits for it and bypass close control, is also interesting.
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    Here's why I don't like new Esters

    As some who's played hundreds of games with Brewers (for the past 3 years both captains had time of dominance in my gameplay). I think I've played a game with every single guild there is, try to play about 4 guilds regularly to keep a fresh view on the game and some game sense. No guild had to keep so strict to the activation order. The addition of vDecimate changed things a bit so that most of the time you keep buffing Decimate for as many activations as you can and then she does the work. New Esters allows the guild for a lot more loose game. Up until now starting the turn with Hooper wasn't that appealing as he didn't have True Grit for the first attack so he wasn't likely to get that much needed MOM KD. Now it's much more realistic. The same goes for Stoker. Needed that Heroic to Burn someone without INF? No problem now. Aria is so much more than just up to 4MP per turn saved. It gives options the Brewers didn't have up until now.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    Farmers don't have models for their markers either. I don't see trap markers needing specific representations now that they all do the same. Any 30mm sized marker should do.
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    mr baron

    Let's start taking tactics

    I plan for at least 2 Harriers on turn 1. The decision to play ball or go for 3 Harriers depends on what their ball retrieval looks like and if they can get into my lines on turn 1. For example, if I am playing against Shark/Fish (or similar team), I am planning on 3 Harriers because I know they are going to come after the ball and I want to take out whoever they send to get the ball. My main strategy on turn 1 is to get the ball in a safe place and then start focusing in on taking out anyone that my opponent over commits on.
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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    So obviously we haven't seen all the players, so someone better might still come along; however as a long time Alchemist player I personally like Kami. Now while Layne does have a use ( a striker isn't bad) I think that we legitimately don't need another one. While the guild we be going through a rework the core idea behind the guild will stay the same, the give give (and now use) conditions and will be a goal scoring team. Vet. Calculus is very likely to not change as she was made with S4 in mind and she go at it. Layne will just be more of the same and play to the least unique part of the team. Story wise Layne is very similar to Mercury with a addicted, charismatic ball handler. Kami is story wise a decent fit; a secret past, so high tech and a noble; the Alchemists are a poor guild because they don't have much of a product and are mostly self-funded. On the pitch she is something I feel more than a striker, which is cool ball control tricks and more ranged damage. The Alchemists are though of as one of the range guilds, but we barley have more range than the Morticians! and are easily outdone by Hunters and Engineers. She won't necessarily overtake them, but she helps one of our themes that we just aren't as good at as we should be. Finally while I know that we want another striker who might have a buy-able dodge most of the models on our team are good at ball control and handling and can get the ball to someone who can score, (Except the Katalyts, but two models does not a team make; even Venin is fast with a good distance.) Kami is just someone who i can see on the team and allows the Alchemists to be a more interesting team who can play and win a game without a team of ball handlers. In the end vote for who ever you want, as long as we play a good number of games and get a good draft pick the internal guild choice is uper to everyone as we all play. Hopefully I at least make everyone think.
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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Kami, guys I want her. Ranged damage and ball tech. More importantly, I really don't want the cogs getting her.