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    Hey all, unlike me who faction hops all the time my brother has been a tried and true Brewer since S2. He wrote up a juicy article explaining the state of Brewers in S3 and giving some convincing arguments about why Amber shouldn't be your pick, as well as giving you some thoughts on who would be a good pick. http://midwestwargaming.com/explosive-brew-brewers-free-cities-draft-and-why-amber-shouldnt-be-your-first-pick/
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    Tonio's workshop

    It has taken a long time, but I'm finally adding to my base 6. Did Meathook this week, and starting to work on Truffles.
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    Infuse gets around Tough Hide? How?

    As kryzak said, it's for the same reason Fillet's Exsanguinate and Smoke's Chemical Shower currently bypass it too: (From the Collected Clarifications Thread)
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    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    With obvious "not seen his season 4 card yet" provisos I think oKat is fairly good at taking a bit of a beating. Problem is, with no def tech other than loads of hp he is kinda vulnerable momentum farming and chip damage. I tend to use him more as a mobile threat than a central lynchpin anyways, which is why I'd like to get knuckles
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    I am sooooo stoked for the new changes. Finally a condition game I can be proud of. Maybe now I can actually play Smoke again ;o Being able to just have the entire team poisoned and on fire at the same time the whole game. yessss... it makes me feel much less worse about all the mass condition removal they seemed to have added in season 4. Though, maybe there is hope that Midas won't just be a blank card! I also feel like Vitriol is going to get much more use out of Clone now, even if her threat ranged is a bit reduced. It will be interesting to see how she plays now.
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    Traps mechanics changing.

    Or you can just cut out 3 30mm cardboard circles for the first few games. I mean, they are trying to streamline the game and I would say the changes make it more rookie friendly. If someone is put off by one useles 40 mm marker or doesn't know how to get/make 3 30 mm ones (before you get them with Chaska and Minx anyway), I'm not sure Hunters are the right choice for a person so easily frustrated.
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    good article, but I'm still gonna keep voting for Amber. #BringHerHome
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    S4 Spoiler for Smoke and Vitriol

    I don't have enough play experience to really judge the effect that this will have. But although I'm sad to see the 'copying-and-moving-AOE-templates-around-minigame' go (since that was one of the reasons the Alchemists appealed to me, knowing next to nothing about the game), I really like the new direction this is taking. For me it sounds like having conditions on the enemy team will have benefits beyond the obvious damage and movement debuffs. If the new Vitriol is anything to go by, the new playstyle will actually show the Alchemists to be masters of the condition game, in a broader sense of the word - they can give and take conditions at will, with varying effects. And if Crucible, Venin en Katalyst keep their own conditions, they will make great partners for the new Vitriol. So I guess the new 'minigame' will be spreading conditions all over the place on your way to score a goal, and taking them away when needed, to your best benefit. If all the Alchemists get variations on the Pulse abilities like Smoke and Vitriol have, maybe the enemies won't WANT you to come near? But like I said, this is coming from someone with very limited experience.
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    Corsair S4

    I’m guessing he might pick up a new legendary, his current one is kinda weird compared to the rest of his kit. Since they still want him to be able to do takeouts I’m guessing he gets a Legendary that can facilitate that, be it through some more damage or by moving models around. That’s a big theme of his already so I could see a Legendary focused on that.
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    IIRC LVO has some really long lead times for getting events scheduled. This will be a Nationals event aiming at 30+ just like all the rest
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    Yes, you can TaB after the Counter Attack. Actually, if your model didn't move yet, you could just forfeit his movement to stand him up and continue swinging.
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    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Theron and Skatha can literally summon forests and pools of ice at will. Although I would be down for some Seenah in Godtear.
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    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    Well, now that I can talk about him, and a few other things, I can say what I wanted to say. The first card I saw at the playtest event was Ox, and new things were going in the right direction when I saw his 1 dmg they ain't tough result. When I saw the 6" aura I knew things were happening to create a more dynamic game for the butchers. The ARM 2 was the icing on the cake. Then came boiler. If anything I wasn't expecting a change before the event, but after Ox I knew he was losing swift stance. When I saw what replaced it at first I was a bit underwhelmed. I loved the new playbook, but wasnt much taken with axe throw on paper. I was wrong. I'll explain why later, but for now let's talk about his playbook. The better top-end damage is great, but the real strength of that playbook is the KD. Unassisted, it's a 50/50 shot vs def 4, so just one gang up or a bonus time makes it a pretty likely result. That's what then gets him to the top of his playbook and let's him benefit from those better damage results. This gives him legs without princess around. So often before now I'd not bother giving him influence unless he was starting the round with Princess already engaging a target in range. Now he can do a pretty significant job even if you're playing Truffles. With that 1 gang up bonus, with 3 INF remaining on him, hitting the 4 dmg once and the 3 dmg twice is not unlikely. Add the bleed and its 13 damage without any buffs! So, why was I wrong? Firstly I played him with Ox and meathook. Tooled him up first turn, shoved Ox forward and watched as my opponent stayed outside of 14" from him, stopping him from scoring turn 1 IIRC. When he eventually came forward and, being alchemists, set everone kn fire, boiler was able to throw the axe to get some damage out despite not being able to engage the slippery mr Midas. It was telling damage as Shank only just managed to finish him off. Second game I played him with Fillet. I kicked turn and sent fillet to one side, so he shoved his most valuable people over to the other side if the pitch and out of her range. However, that put them into boiler's range and with an axe throw and a marked target suddenly Fillet had +4" to her charge and the target was already bleeding. Beautiful! If you add what we know so far together I think you can (hopefully) see that S4 butchers are going to be faster, more mobile at hunting people down and more able to put putvtuem damage with pace. Throughout season 3 I've felt, and probably whinged, that butchers can't score takeouts as fast as other teams can score goals. I spent a good deal of time arguing for more interactivity on a goal run, which would potentially slow down goalscoring, but instead, it looks like SFG are trying to rebalance the game by giving us a faster and more reliable (overall). I've gotta say I love it as a plan. It refocuses butchers as the high damage takeout play and hopefully makes 6-0 a realistic prospect, if you want to go for it. And that's before you see the changes to vOx and Shank.
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    I think Champ should go to Morts. Gameplay reason: A footballing focused, relatively aggressive all rounder is what the team really wants. The team at the moment has footballers, and it has damage dealers, but no real options for squaddies that can switch gears into doing either. This seems like the sort of thing that Champ would be good at doing, being adaptable but always working towards getting VPs. Morts have a ton of setup models but not much in the way of good payoff that isn't really clunky. Fluff reason: She'd be a great contrast for the rest of the morts. I'd love to have her turn up at the Morticians' training day and be like 'Right, let's win some tournaments? Wait a second...' when faced with a ragtag bunch of people Obulus found in gutters, who have much more interest in dealing with bribes / manipulating the other teams than in actually winning at or even playing Guild Ball.
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    [SPAIN] Barcelona Open 2018, 20-21 Oct

    After the success of the Spanish National, celebrated this May in Madrid. Spanish community will organize another big tournament and we are hope to welcome international players again! On Saturday and Sunday October 20-21st, we will host the biggest Guild Ball tournament in Barcelona. Location: Goblintrader Store Barcelona, downtown barcelona city (Girona Street 25, 08010 Barcelona)Max. Players: 60Price: 15€SEASON 4. The Championship will respect the applicable Regional Cup DocumentREGISTRATIONRegistration stars from now to on 14 October. To do so, you must to pay 15€ at goblintrader's web. Follow this link:http://www.goblintrader.es/varios/5353-1-euro-goblintrader.html You must register and select 15 unities, to make a grand total of 15€ that must be paid by credit card. After this, select the option: 'Recogida en GTS Barcelona' to set your shipment to 0, and you are done. ROSTERSunday October 14th is the last day to send your roster to: torneos-gtsbarcelona@goblintrader.esTIMELINESaturday*10:00– Opening10:15-12:15 Round 112:30–14:30 Round 214:30-16:00 Lunch16:00-18:00 Round 321:00 DinnerSunday10:00– Opening10:15-12:15 Round 412:15–12:30 painting vote12:30-14:30 Round 5 15:00-15:30 Awards* if it is necessary play 6 rounds it would be another round on saturday 18:15-20:15. It would be comunicated after closing registration on 14 October.PRIZES AND PRESENTS All players will recivie a special present for play tournament. Champion: first clasificated will receive official trophie Veteran Spigot and the 'Barretina'Painting Prize: team with most votes of painting will receive a special trophie.Better Guild: best player of every Guild will receive a special prize Best Goal: organization will decide best goal and will give a special prize. Wooden Spoon: worst clasificated that did not concede games will win special wooden spoon. It depending number of players may be will be more random presents.
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    Best value single box team

    EDIT: The list was created with S3 rules in mind. And somehow I forgot to include The Union in it back then... You could pick almost anything and have a good time. Pick the guilds you or your friends might be interested in and guilds with various playstyles. Outside of the Masons and Brewers, I would rank boxed teams as follows. Note: Minor guilds aren't in this list because they're designed to work as a box. Good boxes THE ENGINEER'S GUILD: THE INSTRUMENTS OF WAR THE ALCHEMIST'S GUILD: THE LURE OF GOLD THE FARMER'S GUILD: THE HONEST LAND THE BLACKSMITH'S GUILD: FORGED FROM STEEL THE BUTCHER'S GUILD: THE BLOODY MASTER THE FISHERMAN'S GUILD: THE CHANGING TIDE THE FISHERMAN'S GUILD: PIRATE'S RETURN Maybe boxes THE ENGINEER'S GUILD: PRECISION MADE - Somewhat weird team, but proxy vVelocity -> oVelocity and it's ok THE BLACKSMITH'S GUILD: MASTER CRAFTED ARSENAL - The other one works better alone I think. If you're interested in these particular players, then go for it. THE BUTCHER'S GUILD: THE SCARLET CIRCLE - Tenderizer is a bit off, it is used as a counterpick. The other Butcher box works ok. THE HUNTER'S GUILD: BLESSED OF THE SUN FATHER - Good box, but it's tricky to play. Again, if you really like the Hunters, go for it. THE MORTICIAN'S GUILD: THE MASTER OF PUPPETS (RESIN) - Same as Hunters: Good box, but it's tricky to play. If you really like the Spooks, go for it. Don't Touch boxes THE ALCHEMIST'S GUILD: THE NEW AGE OF SCIENCE - This is just unsynergistic alone and lacks relevant models from the other box THE FARMER'S GUILD: OLD FATHER'S HARVEST - 4 Reapers & 2 Planters is not gonna work smoothly IDK boxes THE HUNTER'S GUILD: HERALDS OF THE WINTER'S MOON - Personally, I wouldn't play these. I have hard time fitting any of them into team right now (wait for season 4) THE MORTICIAN'S GUILD: STRINGS OF THE SPIRIT WEAVER - The box has 3 of the least played Spooks and the rest are really tricky to play. I wouldn't touch this as a team, but ofc it's a great addition to the Spooks overall.
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    Tonio's workshop

    It took a long time, but my initial line-up is finally done!!! Not happy with Shank's pictures, but the group shot came out great. I also painted Minx for a friend.
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    Tonio's workshop

    He has been on the painting table for far too long, with other painting projects and convention stuff to do, but I'm finally done with Boar. Just have Shank left to do for my original 6.