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    These are some of the things you get with Farris: 1. INF efficiency: In a team that you only get 12 INF and has some very hungry players (Apprentices), every form of INF efficiency is welcome. Farris can work only with 1INF pretty well, (Sprint + Attack), giving her 2" melee presence (for Sentinel aura and melee bonuses and penalties), her -1DEF debuff to an enemy and a fantastic Momentum. 2. Bolt power-up: That's an obvious one, but it's still a powerful reason. Bolt can get 5 effective Influence if he begins near Farris. Throwing Shoemerang for free is invaluable. Also, the couple Farris/Bolt can do a lot of damage against the right target. Bolt can put 14 DMG in a turn reliably, against a Staggered, Shoemeranged target. 3. Ball fankiness: That's the weakest argument, because it's very situational, and even unreliable. Farris has three rules that makes her unique interacting with the ball. She can steal balls without Tackles (so overrides Close Control enemy trait), she can kick close free-ball markers (getting more kick distance and better kick paths) and, if she is captain, she can give the lattest ability to other close friends. Very few models can make these tricks with the ball, but, because of his lame KICK stat, they result difficult to take profit. Also, if she is captain, she can get a 20" goal threat: Quick Foot on her (2") + Sprint (10") + dropping the ball (2") + Kick (6"). Just be careful with not overextending her too much, because she is more fragile that she looks.
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    Corsair S4

    If you only kill one model per turn the Momentum loss compared to season 3 isn’t that big. It was only ever really Corsair and the Union pick who generated Momentum through damage anyway and the Union pick would be going away regardless of this change, so you’re realistically looking at a drop in Momentum generated from killing by about 1-2 per round. What you can’t do at all in S4 however is just damage someone to set up for next turn and still gain Momentum from it, and that sucks. A lot will depend on Corsair’s playbook, if he can contribute other meaningful things that generates Momentum (KDs, setting up the kill through pushes) then we should be good. With some gangups we still have plenty of models that can deal some damage in Sakana2, Kraken, Fathom and perhaps Jac.
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    Let's start taking tactics

    Thanks for this sharing I'm enjoying playing with them as my first guild, and all feedbacks help me. This question is awesome : "Would I rather he waste that momentum to stand up and continue as usual, or do I want him to end the turn in a harrier or eye spyed, which he can´t clear?" Never thinking like that.. Thanks a lot. I want to improve myself a lot with them
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    S4 Anvil and Sledge

    That's true. I wasn't thinking on a competitive level but fun to try out anyway.
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    Season 4 Salvo

    I just noticed an interesting thingy. If Pin Vice were to cast Alt+Ctrl on a well positioned Salvo and go for a goal, Salvo would almost certainly get the ball back. He has 10" sprint, 2" dodge from Floored Bolt and then 6" of Tether Ball. That sums up to 18". It's really hard to kill the ball in this setup.
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    The overall reaction does seem to be stronger than those for past blogs. The unfortunate tone of the blog probably did not help since the author seems genuinely enthusiastic. "Esters is the one of the models we are happiest with in all our Season 4 changes." "We were just so excited to show off what we'd done with her that she had to be our blog reveal." Perhaps if they had given a better indication of what the guild has gained because it is very easy to see what Esters has lost. The gains seem to be mostly in the form of Aria. And since no one is counting on models to stay the same, no one is certain what Heroics will be available. For instance, the Veteran Siren blog was very clear. Fishermen do not do momentous damage. But they also showed Corsair's new Character Trait to soften the blow for some. It might have been better to show a Heroic or a indicate whether one is still present, such as Time's Called. I also suspect that there is a feeling that it's the Brewers turn for some improvements/changes. Which I'm certain has created some anxiety, particularly since it will be probably 6 months before anything is rectified (should it be necessary, I am not saying that anything needs to be corrected, but explaining why some people are likely upset). I honestly do not know how Esters stacks up in Season 4, but I have yet to see anything that excites me about her. I certainly see potential, but the blog post did not really provide that. Especially in comparison to some of the others that I think did a better job of giving a taste of what's to come. At least it was one of the later ones, so the wait for the rest of Season 4 is not as long.
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    Dreadful Shriek, Counter and Tag Along

    I'm not sure what more you need, truth be told. The timing sequence is very specific here: Dreadful Shriek is resolved immediately when triggered, during Step 2.5, wherea the Counter-Attack is resolved after the attack, thus at Step 4... Here's an example that used Seduced (which also resolves Immediately) that confirms the play takes place before the Counter-Attack:
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    Go and play and have fun. No better way to learn than to jump right in.
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    The Old Buzzard


    I have used her with vCinder. She put the -1 Def on Blackheart and gave a crowd out on the charge. vCinder did enough damage to take him down to 3 health. Taken out 1st activation of turn 2. Awesome
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    The Old Buzzard

    Blacksmith dice paint alter

    I just put white where they were black. I can see them now!
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    Free Cities Draft

    CUTLASSSSSSSSSSS!! I think a goalie is now definitely going to be a good investment, Skatha is disgustingly quick!