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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    She seems much stronger now, with tooled up she's able to delete most of the squaddies in a singla activation generating a lot of MP and also repositioning quite a few players at the same time. Sounds nice. She's not a super-solo captain but close AND she has some nasty tricks up her sleeve. I like that
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    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Morts didn’t need to be able to drag players off the pitch. They needed a captain to compliment obulus. That’s what they have now. My opponents have already stopped counter attacking her cause it never works. shes a little less mobile than before but brings way more control to the pitch. In a game heavily focussed on precise positioning, being able to relocate 4-6 models a turn (or more) seems strong. see a model is setting up for a goal run? Wouldn’t it be a shame if they were further back. That captain that’s about to unload on one of your players? Trap him in a triangle of his own players so he wastes his stack. so much janky stuff we can do
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    Changes to Second Wind

    I actually don't think Masons will get access to SW. It was mentioned in Scalpel's blog that this change to SW was also due to everyone and their mother taking Decimate along for SW. Making it Guild only gives me the idea that SFG are not fond of a yo-yo'ing Hammer. 😉
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    How do you deal with tilt?

    One of the best ways to counteract tilt is to enjoy the game FOR your opponent, you have to learn to appreciate he is playing his game like you are playing yours. Is he charging Windle with Hammer? “Aww, shit lets see if you get that double rap!” Instead of “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GIVE ME SOME 1’s!” Is a whole world of difference. I get tilted all the time but I try my best to make the game an enjoyable exoerience for my opponent, it is a game after all. Feel bad for your opponent when he misses a kick or biffs an attack and be quick to congratulate him when he plays well. Hard to do but will help you in the long run.