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    In this case you have the option to either continue your normal advance or use Between a Rock... right after the parting blow is resolved (thus forfeiting the rest of your normal advance - since it's an active trait).
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    Yea sorry, Nykolae. Meant the second part of my sentence to be directed at Rahn, not you. My bad!
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    Hey Nykolae, Thanks a bunch for your response. Obviously I didn't put enough effort into my initial search, but I'm glad to have an answer!
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    My post wasn't a question. It was a copy of a paragraph on Team Player from the Collected Clarifications thread. As you can see from the second sentence of the ruling, Granite's Between a Rock... can be triggered by damage through Team Player. Another example: Granite is 4" from vHarmony, who is 4" away from Hammer, but there's more than 4" between Granite and Hammer. Hammer receives damage. vHarmony chooses to take said damage via Team Player. Between a Rock... triggers, due to vHarmony having received damage, so Granite can make her Jog. OP is correct in his/her assumptions of the ruling for the combination of Team Player and Between a Rock....
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    From the Collected Clarifications thread: Team Player:- Applies to the entire damage result, e.g. in the case of a wrap.Damage through Team Player can trigger Granite’s Between a Rock…If veteran Harmony is taken out, the opponent is considered to have inflicted the taken-out condition.Damage transferred by Team Player still causes Berserk to trigger.
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    Gut and string nerfed.

    Character Play cost 0 maybe becomes trait
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    Season 4 Salvo

    In S4 you will. It's on the blog.