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    My Union :)

    All hail Spigod, the reincarnation of Solthecius on earth!!! Nice job mate.
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    Penguin Warrior

    The Navigator's Guild

    Yeah, these guys seem to me to be pretty clearly the most competitive minor guild designed so far. The major challenge with them seems like it's going to be when the enemy team manages to find a spot to kill the ball, at which point the guild isn't exactly going to be great at generating momentum to exert some control over the game, whereas Shark can generate 6 momentum while positioning to threaten the ball. I'm super excited though, they look crazy fun! I think the base six is going to be Windfinder, Wander, Fathom, Ebb, Azimuth, and Siren with Horizon occasionally coming in for Azimuth and Angel not really seeing the pitch much until she gets a small bump in Season 4.
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    Thx a lot! 😊 Had some free time during holiday to paint Decimate. The base have to wait until returning at home. It wasn't easy to paint with temperatures of about 35°C. Layering needed more time as usually.
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    My Union :)