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    Season 4 wish listing

    I’d like Farris to get a buff. I’ve never seen her on the pitch.
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    Resin Hunters

    I too agree, out of them all the only one I’m coming around too is Chaska , i feel that both hearns poses are way too similar, I’m 100% with you Azz I’m not a fan at all with Seenah i feel like his mid way threw the chicken dance.
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    Murderball: Vet Rage Primer

    Update for The Faithful and Pride Pride Pride does quite a few useful things in a vRage lineup. Rush Keeper is a fantastic rule, but has a major issue. In particular, in this case it's on a 50mm model with a 1" melee zone. This means positioning Pride's base to actually threaten a counter charge is quite difficult. There will always be blind spots Pride can't reach. However you still get to force your opponent into those slots, or to engage Pride, either of which is a solid upside. Also on the off chance your opponent forgets it they probably are in a lot of trouble - getting unexpectedly knocked down and engaged while facing down a Rage team is a bad place to be. Predatory Gaze is also good for making footballing teams' goal runs less efficient, and isn't easily negated - you can't stay away from Pride to ignore it like you can with Horrific Odour, you just have to pay the tax. Pride is a mascot that helps your bad matchups (kicking, football heavy teams) so I consider the cat a pretty good include in any team. It's difficult to justify multiple mascots, though, especially with new releases. Personally I'm currently running either Coin only, or Pride only. Pride has another major advantage though - the Solthecian trait. This means that you're able to take a lineup like Mist, Hemlocke, Minx, Gutter - what I prefer when I need to kick off with a Rage team - and still be able to give Shadow Like to Mist to improve his turn one goal threat. This helps you put pressure on the opponent and get set up for turn two. Seasoned Spigot Spigot is in some ways similar to Decimate. He's good at both beatdown and football, which is a great place to be. He's a great kicker and has an excellent goal threat. His damage potential is somewhat limited by his one inch melee zone, though, and he doesn't reliably do much damage - but when he's set up by his team he's pretty deadly. He's reasonable at getting the ball back, too - though he isn't particularly fast with an underwhelming 9" threat range on a ball carrier. Spigot is a model I don't think Rage will be able to include often - he already has a damage dealer who offers a lot of payoff for setup in Gutter, so his other models probably want to be consistent solo (like Decimate), or better at ball retrieval (like Mist). His main upside is his access to a personal KD, which is a nice upside. Veteran Fangtooth Fangtooth is pretty scary now. You can't target him with Red Fury, which is clearly a real downside, but he's potentially still a good include. F2 is the only model other than Hemlocke to help against conditions and the only model other than Benediction that can reliably put a melee zone on someone without getting beaten down too hard immediately afterwards. This has interesting team building implications - since Benediction is pretty much a Rage-only model he makes taking other captains awkward. Fangtooth has a lot of relevance in Brisket and Blackheart, so by taking him you get much more flexibility in dual captain rosters. He also enables turn one goal runs well. The top half of Fangtooth's playbook has a lot of very solid results in it, and he also wraps well, so anything that gets him more dice or reduces DEF is great for him. Like A&G, Fangtooth also brings big damage numbers. He's not consistent at hitting them - though running Decimate or Minx helps a lot - but he does provide a secondary option for killing high toughness targets - which is something the team can struggle with if Rage isn't able to use his own playbook or apply Bloody Coin. Speaking of Rage's Heroic, it isn't very valuable on Fangtooth - since you only get to make three swings with it. You're also using Bloody Coin without getting any value out of it during Rage's own activation which isn't a great position to be in. Usually Fangtooth is going to be the setup model - move up, KD, do a bit of damage - and then Rage follows up. He isn't quite as good at setup as Benediction is - since losing Impart Wisdom and Red Fury pushes is a real downside - but in exchange, you get a damage dealer who can kill things rather than the useless brick of hitpoints that is Benny, and some extra passing and anti-condition utility.
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    Hammer Masons

    @Nykolaespeaks (writes) the truth. Hammer wants to go last in the first turn, with tooled up if possible, do tons of damage and generate lots of momentum so he can go first the next turn, finish the job and move on, preferably with the ball for a 6VP activation. So first turn if receiving, make sure Hammer can't reach the ballholder and remember those extra inches he gets from Knockback. And if you want that first turn goal, don't make it to easy for Hammer to delete the scoring model after the goal. Or at least if you let him do it, make sure it happes so far back on the field that Hammer will need an activation just to get back to the midfield where the action is.
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    Season 4 wish listing

    I think the only changes I'd like to see are small buffs to Anvil and Sledge - they're the reason I started collecting the Blacksmiths but they're both outclassed by other options (Hearth/Alloy pretty relegate them to the bench) Anvil: Shorten his playbook to 5 columns as follows: 1; T; blank; 2 KD; >; GB; >>; KD3 (first 4 columns on bottom row momentous) This would give him a similar damage dealing profile to Furnace and make his +1 TAC turn more effective Give him Protective Instinct This might be overtuned, but forcing enemy attacks into a 3 ARM, Tough Hide player would give Anvil a unique role among the Masters of being able to really protect Apprentices even after his Legendary is used Sledge: I would change Piledriver to +4 net hits Again - maybe overpowered when stacked with Instruction but it also clearly gives Anvil and Sledge a better interaction than Hearth has with every Apprentice the Blacksmiths have via Instruction
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    Veteran Fangtooth

    I admit I didn't read the blog and in light of that the trait name change makes a lot of sense but I know what Flagellation is. Getting a friendly player's foot out of a bear trap by whipping yourself makes even less sense than when Millstone takes conditions instead of whatever friendly model was hit by a condition.
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    I still think we see three sets of "Master/Apprentice" if The Watch is the Blacksmiths Minor Guild and no mascot Early concept art for first set below
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    Being taken for Granite...

    Even with slow models like Brick and Mallet on the team, I'd say the two things that stops me from considering her is her movement and her 1" reach. Her playbook is nice enough and when they fix her by increasing her speed, gives her 2" like her massive build suggests and adds Protective Instinct so Between a Rock starts to matter, then I'll try her out for a few games again and see if I can make room for her in my 10. But I think she has the coolest model of all the Masons and I love what they obviously wanted her to do, I just don't think they hit the target.
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    Ideas about minor guild

    Certainly prefer the Quarry/miners guild ideas. Could have tunnelling mechanics, terrain removal/reshaping abilities. Would go nicely with Masons defensive style.
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    Comparisons to RL Nations

    Eis = Ice nor= North Sounds like Iceland to me.