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    Broken Toad - Brisket model

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    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    Well, there is pretty good data on Longshanks, isn't there? A guild not doing well in competition could be considered weak in that context. There's also been in-depth discussions as to the "why" and certain benchwarmers certainly don't help. Overall, personally I am very happy with guild balance, though I also see power-creep. Only a few months until Season 4.
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    My Union :)

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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Hunters goal post.
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    My Guilds

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    "Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that! I can’t to go to that "XYZ" tournament until I’m better." I hear it quite often, perhaps you do as well. Newcomers don't think they should come to local ones, Locals don't think they should go to Regional ones, or National ones... or whatever. (Opinion) I am unconvinced....I call Bull&*$#. You can…and you should. Get out of the basement…and come hang with us! Plain and simple, you don’t get better unless you challenge yourself and get playing others… even if they kick the crap out of you. You will learn things if you are paying attention and, if you approach it correctly, you will laugh and make a pile of new friends. Isn’t this sort of the point? To enjoy yourself socially? I’ve been playing outside of my kitchen table for roughly 9 months now … was nervous as can be to begin… but threw caution to the wind…and you know what? No one has laughed at my mistakes or obvious lack of experience. I have been shut out and shut down but never, pardon my language, shit on. Not once. Not even a little bit. If you have… then that guy/gal… doesn’t even deserve to be playing this great game of Guild Ball with the rest of us. In my limited experience I think it is definitely the FEAR of possibly coming across one of “those” players that holds players back from joining us on the tournament tables. SO…on that note… Open arms, warmth, and creating a positive personal experience for the player across the table from you, in my opinion, should be your number one priority any time you get to the table to play. Yes, even if they are a salty, crusty, you-know-what. Don't go down to their level. Why? Simple. It’s going to grow the game and guarantee you have people to play with tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that. “Hey there you Old, Grey Haired, One-Legged, Canadian, preachy Pundit… I’m here to win at all costs!” Well good for you! Chances are nobody is going to enjoy playing with you, or being in your company. Hold the ego in check. Let other people tell you how great you are… and they most likely will do just that if you truly are an amazing player… a veritable gift from the Guild Ball Gods. Narcissism really has no place here, or anywhere, it just makes you look like a jackass to the rest of us. Hardest challenge as a Pundit? Inspiring the players to have the confidence in themselves to compete and have fun doing it. Respect yourself. Respect your opponent. Respect the game. I am lucky enough to be off on holiday for the next couple of weeks… not sure how much I will be able to check on things… until then… GAME ON!
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    Broken Toad - Brisket model

    A bit of new product news (since I'm not sure it's been posted anywhere else yet) ... the next model in Broken Toad's range of Guild Ball busts is based on Veteran Brisket. This follows on from Rage, Angel & Salt and Piper. It was on sale at UK Games Expo in Birmingham. Can't see it available online yet, but no doubt will be announced fairly soon. Other things available (possibly announced before): Muse on Minis and Frozen Forge both have token packs for the Exiles. You get all the tokens for the six players in one pack. All Rolled Up had the dice trays that have been shown on the Steamforged blog. Currently on their site you can get ratcatchers, morticians, blacksmiths, farmers and hunters. They had falconers on show at the Expo, and will be available online soon.
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    What the eff is Brainpan?

    Really fun to come back after the weekend to see these replies. Cheers folks!
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    It’s a tough intro road, I came back to regular play after barely any the previous few years and man is it a harsh wake up call! I faced Brewers with my morticians every week for a few months, and like you kept to a fairly limited list (still working on painting a whole tournament 10 for them). It’s tough at first, but each game I learned a lot and found that looking at what I achieved outside of the VP levels was useful. This game I managed to set up a great dilemma for my opponent, that game I shut down a key model at the right time, and so on. Eventually I even managed to scrape a win, which was great! And I still don’t know half of what the morticians do, or even the brewers for that matter The biggest help for me was an opponent that wouldn’t go easy on me, but equally wouldn’t stomp me without offering advice or reminding me of key things. Including “do you really want to do that? What will it achieve for you?” - best advice ever, and led to me running away and winning the game If you get a few good opponents, stick with it, and don’t change too many variables at once, you’ll get to grips with the puzzle in the end. The brewers may not be the most powerful guild, but they’re pretty capable of messing people up in my experience!
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    Love your attitude @Malritch. I wish I could do the same, I don’t have that kind of self confidence in anything, never mind a new game. Im finding the learning curve ridiculously steep tbh. It’s not just about learning your own team, it’s needing to learn your own team AND all the other teams, their players, their tactics n tricks. If u play regularly and have played since the start, you’re only learning lil bits as u go along, adding to your encyclopaedic knowledge of the game. As a noob, there’s just too much to take in. I doubt Steamforged realise just how much of a burden that is on newer players, or like myself, folk returning after a year or more hiatus. The fact that in GuildBall we dynamically select a team on the spot, rather than preselected is so strange and adds yet another layer of challenge. With only 7 players (tho I’ve just picked up Vetcimate, she’s not assembled), I can’t even make a roster of 10 and wouldn’t want to yet. Then we add in the Gameplay cards (thankfully simpler than Plot cards) for another layer of complexity. Im far from stupid, with 2 degrees and a bunch of other qualifications, loads of ‘life experience’, common sense and 3 decades of war / board gaming experience. But Guild Ball is one of the biggest if not THE biggest gaming challenge I’ve ever faced. So far I’ve set myself the mission to play thru 10 games and see if I can spot a light on the horizon. Without any noobs around, I fully expect (as you have stated of your own experienced hand) that I’ll be annihilated by all-comers. All I can hope for is 1 or 2 take outs. If I score a goal without receiving I’ll be amazed, but even then I read that Brewers are best to ‘kill the ball’ until they just need the goal to win.
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    Last 3 major events brewers made 3rd place twice, 2nd once and 1st once, and that’s 2 finals back to back with brewers present. They are on a roll since the release of Decimate
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    Harriet - Who to replace

    I've naturally dropped Compound when running Harriet; I've been using her as a support piece/battery more than I've used her rather than directly for output. Keeping her within 4 of the captain is tough from turn 2, so for me she's more about being available for True Rep, Inspiring Hat, and occasional influence to dislodge the ball than she is about stacking every turn, so unless you need the counter charge cover she fills that slot well.
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    Harriet - Who to replace

    I’d drop Compound. With Hoist able to copy Sucker Punch and trigger it early in his playbook you can really keep the ranged power going.
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    I don’t know much more than that - I was just following the results on Longshanks.
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    What the eff is Brainpan?

    Oh, you mean this one Yeah, that happened. Don't worry, I take pills now.
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    What the eff is Brainpan?

    And he dresses like one of the ringwraiths! He's very tall as well. Probably just so the model works as a puppet-master, but it does make him a big model. We don't know much about them, but apparently Brainpan has forgotten his name, and it might be Memory that's really in control!
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    What the eff is Brainpan?

    There's always this little gem by @Cole that springs to mind when I think of Brainpan
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    Greetings from Bilbao.

    Hello everyone! New Guildball player here in Bilbao, Spain. Eager to introduce this great game into this city and region as it has been not played at all... up until now... Quite strange isn't it? Well last Friday we held what we called a "Guild Ball Open Day" in our local store, with the objective to introduce the game in the local groups of players and we had a big bunch of people interested and wanting to give a try to the game. So it looks like we have what it takes to build an interesting comunity of Guild Ball here in the Atlantic coast. Hope to help also translating some bits of the game to spanish so it can be more accesible to everyone. See you all in the pitch! (By the way I think it goes without saying I'm going with the Brewer's Guild hehehe)
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    Thanks very much! Right, time for some more minis, right? Let's try some more Farmers! That pig in the tub, chomping away on a nice juicy carrot is really hard to beat. Love it. And I hope you do as well!
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    Navigators Guild on FB

    Isn't "I only give up 1 VP after I have scored" in itself already value?
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Appears like I never posted my Circus themed goal here. There is a clock dial behind the wheel, to show the current score.
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    Kickoff Stolen

    Where are you located? If you want and can't working something out with the store/postal service, you can have the kick-off set that I got from SFG for hosting demo's as a pundit. As I have both teams in full metal now, don't tell my wife Let me know! Cheers
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    Season 4

    Better go grab that pitchfork...
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    Farmer's Metal/ Resin?

    You may be pleased to hear that if you like painting/modelling, there is going to be lots of choice going forward. Currently there are lots of teams available in metal from season 1/2 (fish, butchers, alchemists etc.) These are going to be replaced over the course of the next year or two by unassembled resin models, which is the material of choice for many painters. We've just seen the first of these new resin teams released, a set of new sculpts for the morticians team now on the webstore. So if you like metal, buy the old teams up before they're replaced, and if you like resin, there'll be lots of teams available in that over coming years too. And those who don't like building models can collect the PVC minor guilds ... three or four teams a year. (Apologies if you know all this already. Since it was your first post, I thought I'd reply in case it was helpful.)
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    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    After 5 games with the Ratcatchers I have to say they are one of the most fun play experiences I´ve had with a new guild. Just some random musings: * Piper almost always get 3 influence to threaten the reverie. But when do you give him more? I find that I often over allocate influence to him, and while he can do fun stuff, it doesn´t always feel as useful. the Haunting Melody is great, even though it´s almost always piper that has to move. Take advantage of the "towards" wording and be creative! It´s especially great against opponents with the ball if you start within 7 inches and load him up with 6; I come to you, tackle, heroic push, sprint somewhere else, pass the ball, reverie. WHAT JUST HAPPENED. * Scourge is a tricky piece to play, and you have to be able to change his playstyle based on the opponents team. If they are a beater team, you have to keep him back, otherwise he just melts. Vs a scoring team, he can be an excellent tank, because he never really dies if you can´t burst him down quick enough. The damage he can do for next to no setup is good and reliable, the damage he can do with setup is great ++. *Miasma is a good player, her character plays are great, clearing conditions is great, and her playbook is pretty good aswell! The -1 TAC if diseased aura can be hard to remember, but fighting around cover + this can sometimes lead to really bad situations for your opponent that they might not have planned for. * Skulk is usually hit or miss, but I like having him in my lineup. If nothing else, he is a good player to tackle the ball from far away, especially against UM teams and the like. Just having another TAC 6 player seems strong. He isn´t very tough, so positioning is key with this guy. Also remember that Lightning Reflexes and Follow Up are "Directly Towards", so keeping him around barriers and other terrain can often be detrimental to him and easily exploited. Still, a great player in his own right, and when meeting his favorite opponents he can be a nightmare, or simply turn off certain goal threats. * Pelage is the player I´m having most difficulty in placing. She can be a great, annoying, damage dealing supporter striking threat, but also sometimes she just dies. Her dilemmas are great, but her skills are extremly dependent on what you are facing. I think she is the player who´s most often sidelined for a Mortician player, even though I think she´s situationally great. In a situation where she can hang around a bit, healing a couple of times and triggering multiple dilemmas while applying singled out here and there, she is great. Hitting a soft male player? Great! Also, in a guild where many players want to max out, having a player who has a detrimental passive effect is great. Just walking up to people and saying "Snared or 3 damage?" can be worthwhile. Her weakness is the usual weaknesses that 1¨ models usually have, in addition to her relative squishiness. Squeak seems like an OK-Good mascot, even though he doesn´t usually get any influence. His character play is a strong threat, and I think opponents should always be aware of it. * While I see the benefits of Vgraves (KD + Disease, Gravedigger, 2¨ etc.) I just don´t fancy him. Tac 5 is still bad when fishing for a KD on 3, and while singled out helps, I don´t feel like that 1-2 punch is good enough to warrant his inclusion. I´m very open to the idea that I could be wrong here, but he doesn´t really entice me. Bonesaw just doesn´t bring what I want. I feel like scoring a goal in rats is very easy, the hard part is regaining control of the ball. Bonesaw doesn´t really help here. I´m continuing to test them both, but these are my thoughts so far on these two! I really like the guild so far, and plan to continue practicing with them. Might even bring them to the WTC! The limited roster size is a problem though, but getting an extra game plan has, in 2 out of 5 games, given me an extra 7 card, so theres that. Keeping 6 instead of 5 also opens up a tiny bit of flexibility that has helped me in a couple of games aswell. Interested to see how the guild evolves as people get better with them!