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    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Answer... For an Advance or Reposition to begin and end the model must move. (An Advance or Reposition of 0" does not move the model)
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    Breaking Play Episode 02

    Oh, hey, I finally released episode 02 over the weekend. This one looks at a game between my Masons and Alex Botts' Blacksmiths. Have a look!
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    Maverick and Butchery

    Rage can benefit from effects like Stagger, Dirty Knives, Thousand Cuts, Screeching Banshee. (the enemy model suffers the effect) Rage cannot benefit from Singled Out, Butchery, Eye Spy etc. (friendly model gain a benefit)
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    Breaking Play Episode 02

    @Breaking_Play ... really enjoying what you are doing? Keep up the great work!
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    Breaking Play Episode 02

    I'm a huge fan of how much time you take in explaining your overall strategy and what the potential choices are. As a competitive player always looking to up his game, I find that strategy discussion to be incredibly helpful for figuring out the mistakes in my own play. Speaking to the game and matchup: I follow your thought process in picking an aggressive scoring team into a better player. In the absence of that, which captain do you think is the better choice? At face value, Hammer seems like a great choice, both because he's probably great at beating up apprentices and also because his counterattack is great when most of their throughput models are 1" melee. Disarm is annoying, but I'm happy to have Mallet nearby to put Singled Out up and cancel their only real form of control.
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    Maverick and Singled Out

    If Greede uses Singled Out on an opposing model, oRage can't get bonus dice from that character play because his Maverick trait prevents him from being affected by the plays of friendly models. What about Singled Out inflicted by the Grudge Match Game Plan? My initial inclination is that oRage gets the bonus TAC because Game Plans aren't character plays even when they are the same named effect and even if they were, Grudge Match isn't any Model, friendly to oRage or otherwise. What if Singled Out is inflicted by an enemy model? Suppose Pelage Singles Out oDecimate and later Piper's Haunting Melody causes oDecimate to take a parting blow from oRage. Would oRage get the bonus TAC since even though oDecimate is temporarily his enemy, so is Pelage?
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    Jamie P

    Season 4 Playtesting Event

    Who wants to playtest some Season 4 with me? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/23-5-2018-y4atyet00j254ule1nn0bkeei3ibho
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    For Beard Minis

    Gosh, thank you very much. Very touching, was having a bit of a low day so that’s wonderfully timed. Greatly appreciated, thank you.
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    Philthy Lad

    For Beard Minis

    I just wanted to take a moment to give a thanks to Beard Minis. His videos are entertaining, refreshing and informative. there is a level of fun and enjoyment he brings to Punditing, if that is a word, that made me get back into playing the game, painting and enjoying this game. The Narratives he posts are really nice and way he goes about discussing cards and models with open eyes is really nice. I have gotten into Mortician's, Ratcatcher's and Blacksmith's because of him. Thank you, handy pundit, such as you are, and you still need a better outro.
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    Season 4 Playtesting Event

    I'd love too, but need a ride. Anyone passing by Canada on thier way.
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    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Do you mean these?
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    Let's start taking tactics

    Yes, but that limits the flexibility of where you can go. If you place one at his feet and give him a 4 stack you're threatening 15" to the ball from that point, if you drop it 5" in front of him you might create some safe zones at the sides of the pitch. And by "at his feet" realistically you can probably get away with placing it an inch or two in front of him without limiting where he can get to too much. Anyway, it's all just speculation at the moment, so I may be being overly cautious. I can see the advantage to a more advanced placement of the harrier, but equally if he's clipping it from being placed it gives him cover if anyone can get to him, so there's pros and cons for both. Ben
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    Maverick and Butchery

    Butchery: Friendly models gain [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results against the target enemy model. As the benefit is to the friendly model, Rage cannot make use of the bonus.
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    Osl Ratcatchers

    This worked well
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    This, that's what. I took the JSON file that @ZiggyQubert uses to build the cards in G.B.Scrum (check it out Android users, it's great) and fed them into a 3-layer recurrent neural network. After 6 hours or so of the RNN learning all about Guild Ball, I asked it to generate some players for a guild called "the dungeoneers". The RNN spat out some very convincing models; some of the names are a bit crazy and I took some license in renaming a couple of plays that weren't pronounceable, but on the whole it did a good (if wacky) job. The overall feel is of a team that does really weird things with the ball, takes lots of additional advances, and hits like a ton of bricks if you accidentally wander into the fairly low threat ranges of their beaters. I especially like the spiteful mascot. Mascot The rest of the guild is available as a PDF here
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    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    Just noticed an interesting interaction with another rule that's related to this question. Please note this as checking for now...
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    Lightening reflexes vs dodge 0"

    A Dodge of 0 inches will not trigger Lightning Reflexes. As an aside, there is no e in lightning. Lightening is the process of making something lighter.
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    Kick off with shark, watch as your opponent squirms under the pressure of hiding the ball whcih ultimately fails and shark gets a goal anyway.
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    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Gave Decimate a run out against Farmers, didn't 2nd Wind much but Decimate did a fine job of poking holes in that forker Harrow, admittedly Grange then squished her but figured was a fair trade, definitely felt I had more options than with Hat
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    Finished up the Old Father's Harvest box. The straw hat and old dirty hanky crew, as I like to call them. I need to work on mold lines better. Some areas I feel improvement in, others not so much. I continue to be pleased with the overall progress made in the 8 months I have been painting and doing crafty bits. I think they look OK from 4' away... and that is cool with me! Cheers!
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    Saskatchewan Provincials - July 7th

    I'm in! Looking forward to another adventure to Saskatoon!
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    In my day...!

    In my day, Midas was considereed a top tier captain. Couldn't resist.
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    Navigators Guild on FB

    Always trust Mr Perkins. His programming doesn't allow him to be wrong.
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    In my day...!

    ..back in my day, painting miniatures was part of the hobby... now apparently it's elitist and exclusionary....
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    Let’s not start dismissing people who disagree with “your opponent can’t have been very good”. That’s a short hop to “your opinion isn’t valid because...”, and I really don’t want this thread to go there.