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    Negative kick shot on goal.

    You played it correctly. As per page 25 of the rulebook, the TN number can affect the dice pool but the dice pool has no effect on the TN. Also remember that bonus time is applied after the dice pool is generated so you could bonus time for a 2 die shot.
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    pundit woes

    I'd second that. I've run a couple of guild ball events in association with my local gaming store and i have no intention of being a pundit. Getting the game on tables and people in the local area seeing it is helping grow guild ball in my area. Keep at it man. Pundit or not if you want to push the game you can be effective in its growth in your area.
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    Possibly tweeks in S4

    I have idle thumbs and opinions I am not entitled to: needs work skatha my ice queen. The reason I play guild ball. Her strength is tricky goal scoring, threat range manipulation, and Jack of all trades master of none flexibility. I feel she requires an unsually high level of skill and knowledge of the game to perform well. Outside of this fine skill honing, she has a high risk/average reward game. Her personal weakneses are: being squishy and at the same time being required to play a midfield role to be effective. tac 5, melee 1" is not reliable when attempting to dodge through an enemy team to retrieve the ball they are hiding. Hitting her tackle on a 4/1 model is usually a 50% success deal. Her weaknesses as a captain is: She is a footballer in a team geared for takeouts. This means she is likely to be out-footballed by nearly any other footbally team in the game, and if going for take outs she is an output downgrade from theron. Skathas niche is therefore into teams theron can't out-fight and, by definition, she also can't outfight. A depressing number of these still outfootball me too. There are two key tensions here. First, Hunters are quite squishy players. Hunters survive by spreading out, avoiding the scrum and diluting the enemy's output. Theron assists this with forests, enemy movement control and ranged (momentus) damage. skatha covers this almost purely with friendly movement support (there is conflict between cold snap and nature's chill). I submit one is trickier to achieve than the other. But really this is fine if what skatha team looses in defence they make up in pressure... I submit that they don't. Hunters generally struggle with ball retrieval, probably because theron teams can kill the ball rather well. Skatha is probably our best retriever. This is a dangerous role for the key striker and captain whose team really want her to support them. Thus enemies holding the ball have a great deal of control over the hunters game. A big part of hunters ball control seems to me to be theron disrupting the enemy from getting to our ball holders (zarola or fahad). Skathas abilities skew toward keeping the ball in play, this is problematic in the very common circumstance where this is better for the enemy team than hunters. In essence there is tension between her mechanics and he way most of the rest of the team opporates. I think her personal weaknesses would be helped by being able to bless herself. I get that dodges are powerful, but it costs one of her inf or mom, and requires her not to be kd before counter. She seems to be designed with the idea she will always have her legendary active so i think this could go some way to rebalancing her survivability. In terms of reliability tac 6 or built in anatomical would be nice, but I'm content enough with invest in set up or go risky situation currently. Her team mechanic weaknesses I'm less sure about how to solve, but tweaking the other winters moon models would seem the place to start. snow fahad is leagues better in almost every match up, and where it's not there still isn't much in it. I like anatomical and pack instincts, but they just dont happen. Oooh ball is terrible. Some kind of ranged ball retreival, pass assist/interference would be nice. vhearne Thinks he is hearthe. Isn't. Needs actual tarpit tech, or to have his goal threat increased. Eclipse makes me laugh every time I think of it, omg that daisy chain demo... ulfr Fix it. Fix it with fire. Id vote give him crazy and armour 1. ([edit] Ulfr's problems stem from his vulnerability and awkward playbook. I'm actually starting to like lone hunter, its fun and balances the model's footballer vs beater role, keep it and redo the playbook. Armour 1 would work, but isn't very thematic - back to the shadows or 12ish wounds tough hide would make me so happy.). Fine/quality of life egret perfectly happy with her. Can see why others feel light footed is missing seenha Well balanced. Does her job if played reasonably, has acceptable weaknesses. Doesn't FEEL like a bear. zarola Very strong model, garbage playbook she doesn't use/need seems wasteful. no changes needed/eyeing the nerf bat chaska think he is boss, perfectly happy with him. jaecar Carried the team for so long, everyone knows he's a star. Leave him alone sfg pleeease fahad Top teir mascot ohearne Makes me tempted to paint theron so I can use him, seems a lot of fun. theron Really good captain now by all accounts
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    Neil Peckett

    pundit woes

    I appreciate being a pundit can help with getting launch packs, but you know it has no impact on your ability to run tournaments right? You don’t need a little badge or a garish t-shirt to be allowed to promote your hobby or run a tournament - I have run several, without going anywhere near applying to be a pundit! I bet your northern pundits would even sort you out with the tournament packs and whatnot. TL:DR - I’m sure your pundit status will be verified or whatever the term is eventually, but don’t let it stop you promoting the hobby in the mean time! Neil
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    @Nykolae: Thanks very much. Well, it happened over the course of two years or so... @Lena: I was a bit underwhelmed with the plastic. I mean it's the bendy kind you see on many Kickstartered figures these days. I can't say it's bad, it's just very bothersome to clean. What irks me more is the models coming all pre-assembled and if possible cast in one piece. Especially on the Farmers this led to some nasty undercut-filling in places and a surprising number of static and flat poses, which I think is just unnecessary. If plastic is deemed necessary, why not at least make them multi-part? Especially on the Blacksmiths' Arsenal box one of the players comes in a leaping pose with clear plastic rods built between the model and the base. Which of course is just majorly annoying for painting purposes. Once they're painted, the models are almost as good as the newer metals, but the road to that point can be a bit rocky. As for forums: I absolutely agree; Facebook is a medium of 3 second memory threads and kneejerk reactions. With forums you know threads will be there (and possible to be found) even after three days, people usually take more time to reply, forums are an archive as well as just a place to post chatter. Facebook just isn't a suitable replacement. It's a completely different thing, isn't it. @Kueller: Thank you! Well, speaking of the Blacksmiths, here's part 1 of the Blacksmiths: ...and some more! The Brewers&Masons terrain pack.
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    The Captain: Devana

    He was a squaddie for one of the minor guilds, wasn't he?
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    Fisherman Fred

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    VSiren She possess many good qualities: fast, semi-resilient (gotta kill her 2x), and decent kick stats. She can be used as a decent scoring model. She also has some synergy with kraken for defense. I would say that fielding her and kraken on a team to play against a new player would be ideal (to avoid 3 quick scores and crushing their hobby as they don’t know to stop that yet), but... her “oh you killed me but you didn’t and I get to dodge away” is kind of a kick to the balls in a game of ball kicking. She suffers from two problems. (1) she lost her niche and it was a niche people enjoyed so fielding her is a reminder of her former glory. And (2)She suffers because she is on the wrong team. 1” melee on a team that is built around dodging and 2” melee. Design concept around models bunching up on a team that needs to spread out. A good kicking stat and great movement on a team that is plump with the same but with better synergy (including her O).
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    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Hey! Thank you for the comments I made some advances on vGrave and finished it! And this close the near-2-years project on the Morticians. The next ones will finally be my own Blacksmith an I am pretty excited!
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    Fisherman Player Summaries

    Hey sorry I'm late I havent been paying much attention to the guild threads until @Mako caught me liking Kraken. Kraken brings redundancy when combined with Corsair, which can be a powerful tool in games like this. This is because while your opponent may be able to solve KD or drag once, it's going to be difficult to solve twice or from two slightly different angles. When Kraken has the opportunity to drag or KD the target you're looking to takeout that means Corsair doesn't have to, meaning more influence left for Corsair to apply damage with. Kraken trades the momentum on the damage from Corsair's playbook for earlier KD, drag, and double reposition. Also I think synergies should be added to these entries to maximize value. Kraken makes almost 100% of my Corsair teams where I'm looking to get 2 honest kills but basically none of my Sharks cause they're so influence hungry and played into heavy damage teams. Kraken Draws the line of engagement through use of drag and KD, setting up the damage oriented fish. Can apply reasonable support damage with early and being fairly common results on knocked down and ganged up models. Synergizes with: Corsair, Hag Good into: Teams you can get takeouts on. (Morticians, Ratcatchers, Blacksmiths) Bad into: teams that aren't bothered by tough hide. (Butchers, Brewers, vRage Union)
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    I think Bonesaw is fundamentaly flawed, he is a risk reward model where the risk is higher than normal but the reward is the same. He also is fundamental to Rats and as far as flavor he fits perfectly. I've already had a few bonesaw flubs to lose games but he is incredibly fun and funny so what you gonna do. When he works he WORKS haha. For your 6 I would swap Graves or Skull for Miasma depending on the opponent. Miasma really enabes scurge they are my favorite duo in the game. Miasma can clear off all of scurge's conditions. Throw some rats then walk over to her best buddy and and re apply disease for his big show. Tldr; I wish I had another option but I think Bonesaw is a nessesary component of rats just cross your fingers and toll the dice!
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    New to Guild Ball

    I’m in San Antonio, Texas, United States. We have a growing and terrific community here. Our league has about 50 players. Tonight I have 3 games scheduled, hopefully I’ll have a good grasp of mechanics by the end of the night.
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    How to make 3D Card Alters

    Forum! I am back this week with another one of my off week videos. This one is a bit of a change of pace for me since I don't normally hobby on my channel. This video covers how to make 3D alters of guild ball cards. Contribute to the channel on Patreon Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast Music: https://www.bensound.com The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en
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    How to make 3D Card Alters

    Pretty neat!
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    I have won the last 5 games I played Bonesaw, and only 1 out of 3 games I played without him. This includes my games at the Spring Fling. I don't remember the record for games I played before the Spring Fling because I started paying closer attention there (because of people saying that Bonesaw was terrible). In all but one of those game Bonesaw definitely contributed, and won me at least 2 of those games. By won me those games, I mean he did things in those games that no other player could have accomplished in his place that got victory points that allowed me to win. It is very easy to get a first turn goal with Bonesaw, especially receiving. He can sit on a flank and get the ball from Piper and get reveried up as the second to last activation, where the opponent player cannot get to him, and then go up and make a guaranteed* goal by running and meditating from wherever he was. Football Dervish allows him to get goals that no one else can, and ratcatchers have the kick stats to pull that off. Now, having said that, I don't play usually him kicking. Being 4/0 makes him a liability. If you don't receive the ball then I have found that you have plenty of time to get players into positions to score with anyone by the time you get the ball. (That is also true of goals after the first turn in a Bonesaw team, but Bonesaw is the easiest to get a first turn goal with.) I also don't play him into Theron since snipe/pinned can shut down that first turn goal. Could Bonesaw be better? Of course, and I agree that he isn't a superstar most of the time, but I've gotten a lot of use from him recently. And that is mostly due to my willingness to put him on the table and figure out how to use him. My underlining point here is don't let people tell you that you can't use Bonesaw, that you will lose, because I win with him more than I win without him, so he must be making a difference.
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    Guild Ball Player Spreadsheet

    Hey everyone, On my way to work today I had a passing thought while mulling Sirens 10 hit boxes: "What is the average hit boxes across all models in GB?". Thus I realized that once all the data for each player was put into a spreadsheet then these types of questions could be answered easily. (I really do like statistics) The raw data can be accessed via: This Google Sheet thus allowing you to download it as an excel file or CSV/TSV file to work with. -- The variables recorded are: Name: The name of the model, and veteran models are denoted by "Veteran Brisket" and the non veteran version would just say 'Brisket" Team: What team they play on. Compound was tricky and I chose to list him twice, once under Alchemist and once under Engineers Role: This denotes if the model is either a Captain, Mascot or Player. This makes it easier to sort them out via excels sort function or another data sifting software. That will allow us to ask questions such as: "What is the average number of hit boxes across all models in GB?" or "What is the average number of hit boxes across all models in GB, excluding Mascots?" Mov_Jog: Is their jog distance (inches). Mov_Sprint: Is their Sprint/Charge distance (inches). Tac: the value for a models Tac. Kick_Skill: The first kick value on the card which indicates the number of dice rolled during a kick attempt. Kick_Distance: The distance a model can kick (inches). Defense: The model's base defense value on the card. Armor: The model's base armor value on the card. Inf_Gen: The amount of influence the model generates at the beginning of the turn. Inf_Max: The maximum amount of influence the model can be allocated at the beginning of the turn. Health: The starting number of health boxes the model starts with at the beginning of the game. -- I readily acknowledge that these data statistics do not represent any buffs/de-buffs that are present in the game nor do they represent the dynamics of a consistently changing game state, although it can serve as a way to develop benchmarks and averages either between teams or across the game as a whole. So feel free to use this as a fun tool to play around with (let me know if you find anything interesting). If you have any specific data mining questions you may have but might be unsure of how to calculate and I can try to find the answer. Also, if you notice any errors or have reccomended fixes let me know and I can change it straight away! Cheers! -The procrastinating graduate student
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    Only fish models I don't use are vSiren and Angel. Angel I've already beaten to death in a fish guild thread somewhere. vSiren she's very close. I personally don't use her because I don't like spending resources on defense, but I've seen great players who do use her and situations where she's super helpful. Mild tweak to he offensive output maybe. Kraken I'm also fine with. The only thing I could see changing to buff him for the non-believers without losing what makes him great is raw stat numbers, mostly influence. Jac is it a weird spot as well like the 2 above. People complain about his playbook all the time, but besides changing where the damage and >> is (it could be lower) I don't know how I'd change it without removing why I like him. Ringout and T on 1 is just really good. Yes he has problems generating 4 momentum over 4 attacks but that should make you evaluate why generating more than 1 momentum with him was part of your plan. I think shark is in a healthy spot power wise, but I always loved him as a control captain. I'd totally trade his legendary to have gut and string back. If so that would let me play him as repeated control again instead of just one turn of better control. Not really a prediction so much as a wish. But really though it's impossible to really speculate what needs what when we have 3 new toys coming
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    This one, maybe?
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    Fisherman Fred

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    Kraken Kraken provides another 2” melee and a much needed low knockdown. Unfortunately, he doesnt make a good battery nor provide a great disruption piece as he is easy to farm momentum off of. Luckily, he is a multidimensional model. Like many greats before him, he has moved off the pitch and into the broadcasting booth. Kraken is a sweet looking model that looks fantastic on a shelf. Great pose and detail make him a fantastic collectors piece. In addition, his weight and base size allow him to continually find work as a paper weight. Kraken is a must have model for all true collectors and performs well as a gate keeper. If the compared model is more playable then you put them in your top 12, if they are equal to or less...
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    Can locus intercept remote control?

    That sentence is there to define that the ball path goes from the kicking model to the final ball location, not as a second separate positioning rule. Think of it as saying “...the closest model on the ball’s path between point A and point B May choose...”, where point A is the kicker and point B is the final landing spot. Remote control switches point A from being ‘the kicker’ to ‘the ball’s starting location’, so being between Locus and the ball’s final position is no longer relevant.
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    Possibly tweeks in S4

    WHHHAAAATATTTTATATATT?!??! *mind blown* I totally 100% agree. And fix Snow so bloody 'Oooh Ball' actually FRICKIN WORKS (hint: lose DIRECTLY, make it work at kick off). Yes the Winter people need buffs. Skatha just needs her blessing to self-target I think and 6" range. Hearne2 needs a re-work - he looks like the intern copy pasted Hearne1 and changed a few bits - job done. Re-work his playbook, move him to TAC 6, Give him 2/4 INF. Lose stupid Lunar Eclipse (OMG what was the design team smoking that day) and replace with some actually WORKABLE teleport tech (easy fix - make the teleport work on any successful attack). Egret - GIVE. HER. LIGHT. FOOTED. She is the only human that doesn't have it in the team and is irritates me sooooo much. Seenah - Harrier helps her a lot but still I would like her to gain KNOCKBACK. I mean she's a goddamn bear - you get hit by a 500 kg bear, you're going to move. Zarola - I don't want to hear it people - she has the worst playbook in the game. I could't care less that Midnight Offering is amazing - Hemlock2 has shown that you can have that AND 2" AND a great playbook. She needs a re-work.