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    Hi there, in this thread I'd like to post collections of photos of Guild Ball figures I painted over the years. Which means we're hopping back to (late) 2015 for starters, but it won't be long until we're up to date! First two teams I painted were Butchers and Morticians (naturally): On I went to do some Fishermen! Shortly thereafter I also painted Captain: Thanks for having a look, hope you like the minis and stay tuned for more!
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    Balefirestorm's WIP

    Just finished the Rat catchers. Awesome models.
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    How to Splat the Rats?!

    Morning. I'll be honest and preface this with the fact im a uber competative and top end gamer. I think you captain choice is correct but after that you need to look to counter pick and it depends on if you are kicking or receiving. If kicking i wouldnt take bonesaw. Since they have more chance to receive and tend to play more goal orientated id expect my line up to be something like the following (depends on there picks obviously). Obulus, dirge, brain pan + memory, skulk, graves 1....final slot it depends but i often run casket. The additional control element can be great as can the extra vp. Just remember to not bunch for rataclisms, puppet doesnt have an activation so is good into pelage and almost 1 rounds her with tooled up.
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    (...and subsequent posts on the same topic.) My thought on this is that at the start of Season 3, when sBrisket, Benediction, and Grace all came out, they didn't know this was the direction they would end up taking a year and a half later, so I don't think it's fair to attribute malice aforethought here. As far as the Minor Guilds go, I agree, it would be nice if there was a way to get the "crossover" models from the Major Guild without having to buy one or two whole team boxes to get them. The Launch Party packs have alt sculpts for them (that are amazing!), and I thought I heard rumblings that those might be available down the line...? Don't remember where that is sourced from, though. Whispers in the wind or me hallucinating, perhaps (I'm still pretty tired from the Spring Fling this weekend)... As far as the Exiles and Faithful boxes go...if they can't be singles, if I were SFG, I'd make them individually available on the webstore, maybe a month later than the box releases, to give FLGS a chance at getting sales on the release day, but still give everybody access to the models. I totally understand the frustration with this one, even if I'm planning on buying both. (Heck, I'm crazy enough to buy the Solthecian box for the alt. Harry and Pride, with the intent to turn the doubles of the other four into statues/terrain/goalposts or RPG models.) Still, making people buy stuff they don't need/want is a dangerous game. It'd be one thing if there was one repeat model in the box. More than that starts to get dicey. In the long run, if they can resolve the crossover models problem and stop putting out multi-guild boxes, this "transition from blisters to boxes" is a good move for the company- once all the boxes are out and the blisters have been phased out, players switching over to a new guild or especially new players getting into the game (which are vital for its long-term health) will benefit tremendously from the consistency of a "buy it and use it" box system. The transition is going to be painful, however. It would have been nice if SFG had given the players a few months' warning before it happened (maybe they did and I didn't know? Want to give them the benefit of the doubt, here), but it's the right move for the long-term health of the game once we're past the immediate growing pains and turbulence. I do 100% believe that SFG is doing the best they can and that they do care about their players. They may make mistakes from time to time (I know I do at my job), but their hearts are in the right place and they're working hard to make the best game, company, and community that they can. I think that's important for us to remember!
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    Thought I should go ahead and post this here for my fellow fishes. TL;DR - I went 5*-1 with Fishermen to win 4th place at Spring Fling, winning best in guild in the process. I ran Fangtooth in all 6 matches and he had a several awesome highlights. https://momentoustackle.wordpress.com/2018/04/30/fangtooths-big-adventure-at-spring-fling/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
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    I would love to see player level captain versions in guildball. Opens up more possibilities. SO long as tehy are just depowered versions of thier current selves though. Having a player Shark that has no scoring, or Obulus without any control abilities, it'd be kinda pointless.
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Everyone step back and take a breath. I don’t want to have to get involved...
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    Hi, I'm the new guy!

    Welcome to the community buddy!
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Well you'll have to go into more detail if you want to make a compelling point because they are pretty different for the following two reasons: 1. While there are things in the box you might not necessarily want, everything in the box is something you can use with no additional purchase required. This is a stark difference from the exiles box which has things in the box that not only do you not want but cannot even use. Also just because some expansions come with useful cards still doesn't mean you need every single one to build a competitive deck. 2. Price. A Shadespire Warband is £17.95 RRP and it's not hard to find them under £15. These multi team boxes are £50 RRP and I haven't seen the 6 metal model boxes much lower than £45. Don't get me wrong, I don't think the Shadespire distribution model is perfect but there's a big difference between paying £15 for some things you don't necessarily want but can and may still use versus £45 for some things you don't want and can't really do anything with other than resell or repurpose. Yes as Shadespire goes on there will be more releases and it'll cost more and more to have every option available. But if the next wave is similar to the first, a starter and six Warbands, then even if you only regularly played with 2-3 Warbands it's comparable in price to owning two Guilds in Guild Ball. Only you have access to every faction and every option for that faction in the entire game... If you only ever play one guild in guild ball then in the long run it'll probably work out cheaper, provided you don't have to pay £50 for a single new guild model on a regular basis... At any rate this isn't about going into in depth comparisons on the price of other games versus the price of Guild Ball. I originally brought it up to dismiss the idea that Guild Ball is competitively priced so things like this are forgivable. There are plenty of games on the market that are as competitively priced if not more so.
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    WoW! JUST WOW. Amazing stuff @Battle Brush Sigur you do not disappoint! Hopefully you will get some game time in as well. Those models need to be on the pitch being shown off everywhere!
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    Hi, I'm the new guy!

    Welcome @Battle Brush Sigur!!! Hoping to see some of your work in the "Display Cabinet" thread as you get further into this great game. Hope you enjoy it here!
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    Morts at Spring Fling!

    So this past weekend I attended the Annual Spring Fling out of Virginia. Traveled with a few friends in the car and was set to have a grand ole time! I planned to play the unusual line up I had been practicing with for the past month or so. My 10 was Obulus/Scalpel/Dirge/Silence/oGraves/Pelage/Bonesaw/Cossett/Ghast/Brainpan&Memory Game 1: Morticians Vs Union Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Bonesaw/Pelage/Silence/oGraves into VRage/Coin/Mist/Gutter/Benediction/Minx. W 12-4. Bonesaw scored 2 goals and Scalpel took out Mist once and a returning Graves and Silence took him out after he returned. Big plays of the game was a turn 1 Bonesaw goal run. Dervishing off of Pelage. A second turn goal after Graves tackling the ball off of Gutter and kicking it to Pelage who again moves up and passed to Bonesaw so he could score a second time. Game 2: Morticians vs Blacksmths. Line up: Obulus/Dirge/oGraves/Silence/Pelage/Cosset into Capt Ferrite/Iron/Burnish/Cast/Cinder/Furnace Win 12-8. Ferrite was killed twice. Obulus scored two goals. Big play of the game: Obulus in the thick of Cinder/Cast and Burnish. Obulus shadow likes out. Dodges a couple times off of a Snared and Singled out Cinder. Puppet Masters Furnace to pass to Obulus. Takes the 4 inch dodge after the pass to be in tap in Range and scores again. Game 3: Morticians into Ratcatchers (My first time ever playing into them!) Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Pelage/Silence/oGraves/Bonesaw into Piper/Squeak/Scourge/Pelage/VGraves/Miasma. Win 12-7. Big plays: Bonesaw scores 3 goals. After Bonesaw scores turn 1 he stays about 6 inches from goal pretty much left alone. oGraves and Scalpel strip the ball and pass to open behind Bonesaw out of range of any Rats. Game 4: Morticians into Ratcatchers again! Line up: Scalpel/Dirge/Pelage/Silence/OGraves/Bonesaw into Piper/Squeak/Scourge/Miasma/Pelage/Skulk L 6-12. Felt the full power of the Rats in this game. Piper pushed Bonesaw off the pitch with an attack and heroic. Made Scourge score via Reverie. All I could muster was a counter score via Silence and taking out Pelage. Game 5 Morticians into Engineers. (This game was a miserable grind) Line ups Scalpel/Dirge/oGraves/Silence/Bonesaw/Pelage into Ballista/Mother/Hoist/Compound/Ratchet/Colossus. L 4-12. The first points of the game were not scored until 40 minutes into the game. The game would have been a little closer if Scalpel didnt miss a pass to Pelage who would than have sprint and shot on goal. Engineer player scored 7 take outs to win. Game 6 Morticians into Blacksmiths Line ups Scalpel/Dirge/oGraves/Bonesaw/Pelage/Silence into Capt Burnish/Cast/Hearth/Alloy/Furnace/Iron. Win 12-6. Bonesaw scores turn 1 than gets stuck in the backfield near the goal but with Slippery and now Defense 5 they just cant kill him. Scalpel gets Flame Belched off the field from Burnish. Scalpel comes back on the field and removes cast. Alloy. scores a counter goal. Pelage and Graves remove Alloy. Last turn Pelage charges Burnish who is engaged by Scalpel. She dodges off of him into goal range and scores the final goal. Scalpel and Co did very well and I was never in any clock issues for my games. Usually Obulus I get slowed down trying to maximize PM. Bonesaw scored every time I received the ball now due to all the 3/6 kicks he had access to. I am happy with the result of playing with Morts since I started playing them at the start of the year. Really looking forward to adding VHemlocke to Scalpel's line up.
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    Tormented Agony

    Assuming the model hasn't activated and has less than it's maximum influence at the point the influence is allocated then the target is legal. If Scalpel attacks an unactivated model on 4/4 influence and uses Tormented Agony, the model loses 1 influence, bringing it to 3/4. The same model is a legal target for the influence to be added as they are unactivated and not at their maximum influence cap. You do not keep track of the influence gained. Each Attack is assessed in isolation. So you could keep Attacking the same target and use Tormented Agony to remove influence and then allocate influence to it.
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    Model distribution needs to change

    Respectfully disagree a little with the Shadespire comparison - without going into great detail there are cards in the recent expansions that added some very nice options to one of my previous warbands, to get said cards I had to buy models I really didn't want and might never use. So really, not much different that peoples complaints about the Guild Ball box sets. Also, Shadespire is very new, would be interesting to compare the $$ investment after 2 more years of releases with just one or two cards you want per expansion.
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    Model distribution needs to change

    1&2) Just because it's the same argument doesn't mean it's any less valid. But you're missing the crux of the argument. It's not removing her from the lineup that's egregious on its own. It's that if you want to continue playing with her once we move into season 4 then as it stands right now you have to buy two £50 boxes. One which already contains her and multiple other models you may already own and one which contains multiple models you may not have any use for. And it's the same for a lot of the odd Union models that people own. By the time the minor guilds started coming out the only real option people have to make their orphaned Union models usable again typically involves rebuying some or all of those models or hunting for remaining blister packs online. That's what's most disagreeable about all this. 3) All those models have their pros and cons but you can't really compare GB to a CCG. CCG product has generally better resale value than miniature game product and has a thriving singles and trading market that can greatly offset the costs of playing if you're smart about it. We're also talking about miniature games, not card games. 4) It's not required to have every option to build a competitive deck and unless you're paying RRP for everything you're more likely to spend ~£120 than ~£140. But if you want to do the same in Guild Ball, have every single competitive option, you're looking at £90 (soon to be £130ish with minor guilds factored in, more if you add in these multi guild boxes) for a single guild. The only exception being Farmers and Butchers currently. You're forgetting that the £120-140 that buying every Shadespire release will cost you gives you every single option in the entire game. Not just for a single faction. And while you may end up getting stuff you don't "need" everything is something you can use. Which is more than can be said of the multi guild boxes. Also that £120-140 gets you a board, tokens, dice, everything you need to play the game. You don't get that with the £90-130 you'd be dropping on GB unless you limit yourself to Masons or Brewers. Again not saying GB is the worst but I don't think it's exceptionally competitive in terms of price either. As a hobbyist as well as a gamer dropping £50 on 6 tiny metal minis when I could be getting a big box of beautiful plastics for the same price is tough. I also agree they didn't know what they were doing, it seemed like they wanted to have the Church released at season 3 but couldn't get it ready in time. And no I don't think what they did was malicious. But I do think it's a little ridiculous that they put out this disclaimer for these models when they didn't for sBrisket. It was unintentional yes, but it still doesn't change the fact they did the thing that is supposedly the last thing they want. It just comes off as a little hypocritical. And I'm sorry but actions speak louder than good intentions. Plus if this is SFG doing the best they can that's actually a bad thing because there's plenty of things they could do better. See the rest of this post. I don't think the problem with Seasoned Brisket and the 6 man boxes is unrelated because I don't think her moving faction would be as much of an issue if the distribution of models wasn't so messed up. I also don't have an issue with models being adjusted for gameplay reasons (except when they hit them too hard with the nerf bat) but I do have an issue with a model being moved into a faction when the only way to obtain the rest of that faction involves rebuying the model and a bunch of other models you don't need. I also have a problem with SFG claiming they don't want to mislead players about the faction status of models without acknowledging that they've already done so, even if it wasn't intentional.
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    Confused by roster changes

    If sSpigot has Football Legend, that'll make all of Grace, Brisket and Harry much happier.
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    Game balancing the butchers

    Tried to keep them all clean and simple. Ox: Momentous on four hits Fillet: Haemophilia also triggers on her Legendary Princess: TAC5 Truffles: MOV 4/7 Boar: MOV 4/7 Boiler: Swift Stance cost changed to 2/. Move to column 3 Brisket1: TAC5. Might be too good. Brisket2: Delete her second playbook column. Might also be too good. vGutter: Add Life Drinker, or make Fan Favorite grant [2] MP. Don't think she needs much. Meathook: Sanguine Pool range reduced to 1" Shank: Add Trait - Whenever this model inflicts the Taken Out condition on an enemy, it may immediately use a Character Play without spending influence. Tenderiser: 2/4 inf vOx: Remove playbook column 7, move the to be on column 6
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    Game balancing the butchers

    Ox: Remove Tough Hide for "How it's done": Cost / Range: P / Zon 2" Aura / Sus: Yes / OPT: Yes Friendly models within the aura gain +1 Tac. Fillet: Change column 1 to Shank: Give him something to compensate for the max cap INfl 3 ( as SFG claims are done to all models with that max cap). I'd like him to get Heroic play: From the flank This model may use character play "Where'd they go?" without spending the Influence cost. Tenderiser: Make him a INfl 2/4
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    Confused by roster changes

    Yes and no. All Order players will be legal in a Union roster, but a roster with no other players will not get the +1 Gameplan, +1 to kick/receive that other minor guilds get. Presumably with Season 4 there will be another significant update to many characters. There may be substantial changes between the Season 4 version of these characters and the Season 3 versions since four of them will no longer have to be balanced around their access to other Union options such as Tooled Up and defense debuffs. Also at that time Union players will no longer be able to play for the Union since it's minor guild will be out which will make roster creation in that faction a lot harder.
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    Game balancing the butchers

    This sounds interesting and I'll give it a go, much of which will be agreeing with the above. Fillet: I like swapping Quick Foot for Quick Time. Ox: I like the idea of switching Tough Skin with Stand Firm(Sturdy). Princess: Either Hobble or Follow Up to harry models. Truffles: Make Hog Wild a character trait. Boar: Seems fine, so the 2KD on the sixth column sounds good. Boiler: Possibly too much, but Get Over Here[Princess]. Brisket: A reliable dodge, probably 1< on first column. vBrisket: I rarely find myself using it on other models so changing to Acrobatic sounds good. vGutter: I have yet to put her on the table, but Grapple Hook being able to target friendly or enemy models seems much more interesting. Meathook: Seems fine to me, possibly lose Sanguine Pool? vOx: I've never been able to get much if any work out of him so I'll leave this to others. Shank: I know the game states only one change per player, but I could see him becoming better at ball handling or fighting. If ball handling, change KICK to 2/8"(not any more accurate, but better at getting the ball where it needs to go). If fighting, a trait to go after returning players such as "And Stay Down: This model gains [+1] damage to Playbook damage results against players at or below their Icy Sponge level". Tenderiser: Definitely feels like he needs a rework. For a different idea give him Poised while within 4" of the friendly goal-post. It still won't stop a lot of strikers getting goals, but does make it a bit more tricky to bounce off of.
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    And lest people are concerned: the performance prizes are all trophies and certificates. All other prizes will be awarded as door prizes that everyone will qualify for!
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    My Fishermen :)

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    Model distribution needs to change

    *cropped original post for easy response 1) & 2) People are always unhappy about every decision.. This is basically the same argument as with older Union players being removed from active duty in other Major Guilds.. First of all, unless you put them in the bin or melt them down, there is nothing to say you can't use any of these miniatures in games.. The only change is to which line ups can be fielded for competitive play and that's something that regularly changes with new releases and game erratas.. 3) Most TCG / LCG games require players to spend a minimum of £200 every three months or so at a random chance of getting cards they need for the current meta, or on individual unpackaged singles at a much higher price.. Games like Xwing and Shadespire require you to purchase miniatures you do not need just to get one or two cards out of the box.. While it's not ideal the same can be said for almost any "competetive" game and at the end do the day, all purchases are optional... 4) As mentioned above, Shadespire requires you to purchase practically every release to get all the cards required for "competitive" play.. At the time of writing that's approximately £140 and counting (and a lot of miniatures and cards you don't need).. BloodBowl requires you to purchase at least two boxes to make a viable tournament roster and then it's just 4x the same static pose, that's £40 base before you start to add in Star Players, and again a lot of excess miniatures you don't "need".. As an additional comment I will add that Necromunda is exceptional quality in terms or both value and what you get in a box, however each gang still "requires" a minimum buy in of two boxes to make all of the "official" loadouts and additional books and cards with every gang launch... 5) You aren't going to get any argument from me regarding the lower quality "board game" PVC compared to GW production plastics.. But that is a topic which has been flogged to death on multiple other topics..
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    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Not in the picture - the two dice i won with the two awards. Also, a lousy picture of the models in the comments on Twitter.
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