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    Crappy Job eh?

    Bit of a crap job.... don't ya think?
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    Just sayin'...

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    The Goal Post Thread

    My Union/ Solthesian goal
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    Is it a ball game? I thought it was a skirmish game with a ball.! Good video. Made me think a bit more structured about killing the ball. Or at least about how to retrieve it
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    My Kick-off Brewers Team

    Recently picked up the kick-off box, trying to create a Guild Ball community here in Porto (Portugal), so I think spending some time on minis I'll be doing demos with will be worth it!
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    Tackle on 1 - Episode 1

    I finally managed to get my first video match report finished. I'm looking forward to any feedback you have, be it about the match itself, the commentary, technical feedback about the video, etc.
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    There's a lot of background material available about the Guild Ball world. Here's a guide to where to find Sherwin's stories. If you want to read them in order of publication: Season 1, Season 2, Butchers Civil War, Young Theron, Season 3, Lucky, Union in Chains, Ratcatchers, Veteran Salt, Navigators As of April 2018, nearly all the material is available online free, but you need to buy a Season 3 rulebook (the current rulebook, though it may change in November) to see those stories. ..................................................... Season 1, Season 2 and Union in Chains are available to download here: http://steamforged.com/resources/ The above, plus the Butchers Civil War story, is here: http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_Ball_Wikia The Guild Ball Wikia website is more complete, because it contains the individual player pages with stories on, which are not included in the main Steamforged resource site. The Wikia website also includes 12 parts for Union in Chains, whereas there are ten on the Steamforged resource site. ..................................................... Young Theron's story (which is a flashback) is here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/theron-origins-part-i http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/theron-origins-reveille http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/theron-origins-athena http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/theron-origins-under-the-light-of-the-moon http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-theron-origins-the-last-post ..................................................... Lucky background: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/lucky-local-hero-background Ratcatchers: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aa66f9824a694a840eab6ad/1520856984385/Silence+Descends.pdf Veteran Salt (the April Fool's Day story): https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5ac097c303ce648731acb044/1522571203927/Veteran+Captain+Salt.pdf Navigators: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5ad0fcc60e2e72f68a5324e1/1523645639176/Minor+Guild+Backstory.pdf ..................................................... AUDIO MATERIAL The audio version of Union in Chains: https://www.buzzsprout.com/152310
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Now that every model morticians are going to have access to for a long while are out in the open I think it may be a good time to walk through our whole roster and choose a line up, I think with the morticians this is going to be especially interesting because we want to have a tool box of different control elements in our roster, but we also need to have output models in our line up. Let's start by breaking down our model choices. Obulus- The best model in morticians. Unless you're brand new to this guild you're aware of how strong this guy is. Puppet master is arguably the best character play in the game being a threat extender a way to strip the ball and a very strong control piece, his legendary is incredibly strong so much to the point where the threat of it is more powerful than actually using it is sometimes and 2" reach unpredictable dodge on one means hes one of the most frustrating models to attack in the game. He is only fourteen boxes so mind that hes pretty vulnerable if they can actually catch him, ranged character plays are particularly good against him. Scalpel- By no means a weak captain but often out shown by obulus. She's fast, can delete most squaddies in the game with tooled up and can pull off some pretty nasty goal runs in the early turns of the game between her speed and legendary. Her heroic makes her fantastic at hit and run and tormented agony is great against teams that have one or two pay off models and a lot of support pieces, such as black smiths. DIrge- The better of our two mascots, his great speed makes it very hard for our opponents to kick off the ball in a spot that we cannot reach if we deploy counter to them, and dark doubts makes him annoying to kill. He does have singled out on one but he is only tac two and now that we no longer has sic 'em he very rarely actually attacks. He is very good at providing crowd outs and gang ups and he's pretty sticky with follow up. He's a very passive mascot. Vileswarm- Our other mascot, an "output" mascot that can only take two attacks is in my opinion fundamentally flawed. He requires 2 inf and tooled up or vet graves heroic to actually get work done but event then on a 4/1 model he'll on average deal five damage, because even on a charge he's only 22% to wrap. Compare to other output mascots like fahad. He's simply too inefficient in a guild that already struggles to use our resources efficiently. Bonesaw- Our only dedicated striker, bonesaw is very consistent at getting the ball in the goal if he can get there with meditate, that being said he has a very hard time getting there. Bonesaw starts the game as a 4/0 until he can trigger his offensive defense, and as such he is a very easy target for many factions to kill. He has a 16 inch base goal threat, and his main form of increasing this threat is taking dodges off of football dervish, unfortunately they gave him this ability it a team of 2 die kicks, making it incredibly inconsistent. Bonesaw has a very hard time getting the ball, he is a 50mm base meaning he is particularly easy to crowd up and gang up upon, and because he is only one inch reach he has a hard time just fitting in a spot where he can engage the model holding the ball sometimes. He does have unexpected arrival meaning when need be he can attempt to break up a scrum with a charge but his unexpected isn't until 3 and he starts at tac 4 so charging on a 4/1 he's only about 60% to hit it and that's assuming they don't def stance because at that point it goes down to a 25% chance. Bonesaw is a very interesting model, but he doesn't do anything he is designed to consistently enough to be worth while in most situations. Brainpan- Brainpan is one of the most flexible models in our faction, being equal parts midfield striker, and consistent momentum generating beater. Memory having tac 5 and a 4 long playbook, all of the results being momentous means that in most cases brainpan's worst case scenario will be four damage done and four momentum, a tooled up memory with a few gang ups (which our team is very good at providing) will take a pretty big chunk out of most models, and thanks to One! Two! and/or I'm Open! Both memory and the puppeteer himself have very reasonable goal threats. Casket- One of our better control pieces, between the natural rough ground he generates and heavy burden he can bring models to a grinding halt, he is one of the few tanky models in our faction between tough hide and reanimate making him near impossible to kill in alot of situations, and of course casket time is a VERY powerful ability allowing us to remove a player from the game for two turns, taking away inf from our opponent and granting us extra VPs, he has a mom 2 on two so he can deal a good chunk of damage himself while tooled up but he generally wants to be set up by other models in the team for a consistent casket time. Cosset- Cosset is pretty unique in morticians in that she is very influence efficient. 2/2 with furious charge and crazy means with the proper set up she'll be able to kill almost anything she touches, being able to get up to +2 dmg between tooled up and assist, and being able to re roll failed hits with confidence makes for some devastating damage. She isn't all charging either, lure allows her to be a very powerful control piece as well, however she is very fragile at 4/0 with only 12 boxes so you'll very often be trading her for any take outs she provides. Ghast- Ghast is an anchor for the center of a scrum, rising anger and fear are very good at making him a less than optimal target to attack, along with his pretty good counter attack having either a knock down or a double push on two. Ghast is our best access to early knock down, and his 2 KD on 3 is a fantastic result for starting the beat down on a model. He can deal a good chunk of damage between that and his mom 3 on four, but his 3 inf cap will make it hard for him to finish off a model by himself. He's very good at setting up casket time between his damage and decent re-positioning ability. The unmasking can be useful for breaking up scrums or dealing good chunks of damage to multiple models at once. Graves1- Graves is an auto include in most 6's for me which means that he'll for sure make my 10! He does just about everything, he has two inch reach making him decent at providing gang ups/ crowd outs, he has tooled up to greatly increase the damage output of one of our models, making one of our mom 2 on 2 models very scary or turning memory, pelage, or Cosett into an absolute death machine. His play book is also very good, crucial artery means even on one success he's inflicting bleed, a tackle on one makes him pretty good at taking the ball away or even just holding on to it, and his late scything blow means if the situation arises you can load him up and have him go to town himself to kill a few models. That's all without mentioning he has damaged target, giving him an 11" threat range against hurt models, AND he has a 3 die kick in the faction of 2 die kicks. Like I said earlier Graves really does do everything. Graves2- Veteran Graves is an odd bird, if his name wasn't graves I'd take him every now and then but as is he's a hard sell because taking him means losing access to tooled up. Because of how uncommon it is to take vileswarm the back of his card is essentially blank, he has some decent pushes which are at a bit of a premium in morticians which is good, he has the ability to inflict knock down and bleed with one play book result, and he maintains his decent kick stat and two inch reach. There's not much else to say about the model really, except that he is the only veteran who has ever lost a tac since his original iteration, take him if you value the KD and pushes more than access to tooled up. Hemlocke2- I am so excited for this model, for starters she has a 20" goal threat on her own between a 1 cost midnight offering and a sprint making her a very strong early turn goal threat, she is another two inch reach model to aid with our gang up/crowd out game plan and she has blind a very powerful control ability that compounds very nicely with the control aspects that were already in morticians. She's a model at home anywhere from having zero inf to act as a battery and cut to blind or being completely loaded up and going for long range goal runs and almost anything in between. Pelage- Pelage is an interesting model, her 10 boxes make her very fragile, but the fact that you cannot make MOM off damaging her makes killing her a little less appetizing, her killer male ability coupled with tooled up will delete most male models in the game when she's loaded up, and even when she only has one or two on her she can just go in and single someone out. Her passive aura of 3 dmg or snared at the end of her activation and 3 dmg at the end of opponent's activation make her very hard to ignore even when she has to influence on her, meaning she can do some work loaded up or with barely any inf on her as well, her 3 die kick is also something to take note of considering the rarity of relatively accurate kicks in the faction. Silence- Silence is another strange model, his two unique character plays tucked and shut out are very high risk high reward, due to the inaccurate nature of one cost character plays, fireblast is our only way to deal damage or inflict conditions from afar and can be very good at minimizing the threat range of a particularly scary model with the proper positioning. He is a 3 die kick base with kick assist dirge meaning he can actually have a 4 die kick, making him the best model in the faction to football dervish off of. He has a mom 2 on his second playbook result meaning in a pinch he can be a beat stick, and it also means that he can relatively easily generate the mom to bonus time a tucked or shut out by himself. Skulk- In true morticians fashion skulk is a goal keeper in a very sideways way. He is extremely sticky between lightning reflexes and follow up making it very difficult for strikers to get away from him. His poised makes him very difficult for strikers to bounce off him with his tac 6 tackle or double dodge on two, and horrific odor and pest control make enemies using the ball near him nearly impossible. With all this in mind here is my line up- Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, VHemlocke, Brainpan, Ghast, Silence, Pelage In my opinion the following models make up the "core" of our line up models that you'll see in every line up Obulus, Dirge, Graves, Casket, brainpan, VHemlocke These models are preference Skulk, Silence, Cosset, Ghast, Scalpel, Pelage and these are models I give little to no consideration when building a line up Graves2, Vileswarm and Bonesaw That is my sweeping review of the faction as a way of choosing a line up. I hope people will find it as helpful to read as I did to write it, and I hope it creates some interesting discussion in the replies!
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    Forum! I put together a GBG about the controversial tactic of killing the ball. Hopefully, it will become a resource for those struggling to beat it. Let me know what you guys think! Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Kevin Stewart, and Zachary Gray for assisting with this video. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
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    Crappy Job eh?

    Oh is that a veteran Casket?
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    Another solid video. Such a great resource of information... consistantly! Well done again @TheCurkov!
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Looks awesome
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I believe my 10 is going to be: Obulus / Scalpel / Dirge/ oGraves / Cosset / Silence / Brainpan&Memory/ VHemlocke/ Bonesaw/ Ghast Ive had little success with getting Casket to work for me in my meta. Most people just avoid him. Iwas always on the fence about Bonesaw but after this past couple weeks he has done some work. Scoring 4 goals over 3 games in a tournament and at least 1 in practice games. The new plot cards have helped him a lot.
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    vGutter card shown

    I'm totally guilty of beating the dull drum. I understand your point. My counter, and its mild, is that all models really have two functions. One, and the most important one, is to be an effective tool for winning games. Gutter is definitely that. The other is to be an exciting product that makes the customer want to buy it. Gutter's rules let her down in that regard (her godawful insulting icky fluff even more so). It's a valid criticism to point this out, even if she's still an effective piece.
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    Vet Honour?

    Well, she can't be any slower than Jack.
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    Watched it last night when I got home from work, now saw this post this morning - hah. Very good, articulate video. Thanks for sharing!
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    vGutter card shown

    Well, you give her influence, she does damage and gives momentum.
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    Mason Player Summaries

    Brick The main reason people dislike playing against Mason's, I think. His Counter Charge, and the fact that he activates Marbles to have the same trait and so forming a double defensive bubble, makes playing into Mason's one big puzzle. That is, if you play them correctly. The first time you play Brick, you just think he's a goalie, but he can be so much more than that. With a on 3 and having the Knockback trait, he's more than capable to keep aggressors off of your more important models. Just be sure to keep charge lanes open! When played correctly, your opponent will have to deal with Brick (and Marbles) first, or face the consequences of the charge(s). Brick, together with Marbles, is a win condition onto itself. It will require your opponent to solve the puzzle first, which will eat his clock time. One thing to keep in mind is that the orientation of Brick and Marbles can be changed according to the situation. You can play them side by side, to defend a wider area, but this will also make it easier for the opponent to place a model in between the both of them and basically turn off their defensive bubbles. Sure, they'll have a good chance of losing that particular model, but you've just lost the protective bubble on your most important models. Most of the times, people will use speedy Mascots or 5+ models with 2" reach for this. TIP: when this happens and Brick hasn't activated yet, check the opponent's card and if there's no KD on it, just move away and thereby activate your defensive bubble again. Sure, you'll get a Parting Blow, but Brick has 2 ARM and Tough Hide. He can handle it. You can also play them in a line, with Marbles being in front, just daring the opponent to come and get him. In this way, you increase the length of your defensive bubble, but you're more vulnerable from the sides. So be sure to think about your opponent's gameplan. Is he going to spread out? Is he trying to make a central scrum? Does he have models, which can easily turn off my bubbles? Also, don't be scared to move the bubbles along with your front line. Hammer or Honour love having these bubbles to protect them from harm, while they themselves can project massive threat for the coming turn. Brick's biggest problem is his movement stat of 4"/6", which can easily be affected by Character Plays because of his 2+ DEF. The Burning and Snared conditions are his greatest enemies. Playing with Brick also means that you're moving your front-line up slowly and methodically. This plays right into the gameplan of several non-interactive lists. This is mainly why I myself keep him off the Pitch against the Smoke Alchemists, Esters Brewers, Corsair Fish, the gun-line Engineers and the Hunters. Against Tapper Brewers, Farmers, Butchers, Blacksmiths and Rage Union, he's worth his weight in gold. Shark and Midas usually also have enough methods of keeping him occupied, although it might be a good thing to still put him on the Pitch, as it will still make goal runs somewhat of a puzzle. It's just a matter of personal choice. Good into: scrummy teams // Risky into: speedy teams, gun-line teams Chisel Ah, Chisel. You either love her, or downright hate her. Looking at her fluff, she's described as being this unstable murder-type player. Sure, she has Crazy and Painful Rage, but those are actually the only things going for her flavour-wise. Looking at her Playbook, it's a damned MESS. Her is on column 4 of a total of 7 columns. Basically, to do something useful, she needs to go Crazy, have Painful Rage triggered, and her target must be Singled Out and KD'd with a 2+ or 3+ DEF. And even then, she'll be hard-pressed to do over 14 damage. If she wants to have Sadism active, that'll leave her with only 10-11 damage. With all this effort, this means that she'll now be somewhere close to the scrum. At 3+/1 and only 6-9 HP, she'll die from a stiff breeze. #NotWorth The above statement has been the main reason why Chisel has been put into the 'non-viable' category, but this has slightly changed after @Devilsquid's post. He talks about Chisel in a totally different way, namely as being one of his most successful ball retrievers. At 8" Sprint and 2" melee, she has a 10" threat to attack the ball with (at least) TAC 7 and having a on 2. Her Playbook is also loaded to the brim with dodges, and she can even momentously activate Feel My Pain by taking the in her third column. This will cause opposing strikers/wingers to receive 2 DMG, every time they take a swing at her. Most strikers/wingers have 10-14 HP, so this is actually quite useful. Example: attack the ball carrier, get a counter-attack, take Feel My Pain, his counter-attack hurts him, tackle the ball away, dodge around or pass the ball away. When keeping the ball, he'll most likely try and tackle it back. That's another 2 damage, and you can counter-attack and tackle, making him attack Chisel again. If you're lucky, this is 3 attacks needed to keep the ball, which causes 6 damage, along with any damage you dealt while attacking the ball, resulting in ~6-9 damage. Just keep her away from the scrum, or speedy murder-types (Fillet, Scalpel). I myself still have to try her out in this fashion, but I'd say that you'll leave her benched against teams with ranged plays, and speedy murderers. So this means Smoke Alchemists, Brewers, Blacksmiths, Butchers, Farmers, Engineers, Hunters, Masons and Rage Union. I think she has some merit against Fishermen, Midas Alchemists, Brisket Union and might be useful against Morticians. Good into: footbally teams // Risky into: scrummy teams, gun-line teams, fast murderers
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    This is a excellent video, it doesn't take long to explain how to handle it but it does it very well.
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    Building your own scenery

    From a french friend who is doing traps, sewers tiles and rotative room compatible with Dwarven Forge / Mini Worlds / Dungeonext 3D modular boards. He's name is KWARP. http://lessouterrainsoublies.fr/Decors3DKwarp.html Contact is at the bottom of the page. I asked the unpainted sewer set from him. And another friend did the same paint to match the dwarven forge sewers.
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    This seems to happen to me regularly, even though it's by accident via shitty scatter/throw ins. Nothing less fun than playing a ball game without a ball.
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    Italian National Championship 2018

    For the first time in Italy history Guild Ball will have a National Event!! It will occur the 23th September in the "Delta Florence hotel", via Vittorio Emanuele 3, Calenzano(Fi). Due to the unknown number of players, keep in mind that the tournament could end after the fifth game, and if that happens, we will update the schedule. Max players: 32 Tickets are on sale now and the last chance to buy one will be on 31 of August. It will cost 18 euro for one day, lunch included. The Championship will respect the applicable Regional Cup Document: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa94b18165f531655e2a1e/1521128628771/GB-S3-RegionalCup-11.pdf Each participants will have to bring his own material (miniatures, mesuring tools, clock, gameplan deck, tokens etc). To register, please send us the participation per paypal to morgan-mazzo@libero.it (please use the send money to a friend option) In paralell, send an email to usul23@gmail.com with the following: Object : subscription to NFC_[Nickname] Hi, I send my paypal participation n°[transaction paypal number]. My ID longshanks is [longshanks name], I will play [guild] My email is [contact mail adress]. I'm comming from [localisation]/ [country] I need a specific diet : [regime_spec] (vegan, hallal, kosher etc) Your application will be total as soon as you will your name on the event longshanks page: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=1026 The rosters must be send to: usul23@gmail.com before Sept 18th at 23:30 Timeline: 12/04/2018: begin of application 31/08/2018: end of registrations 1/09/18 – 18/09/18: send us your roster 20/09/18 : we will diffuse the rosters 23/09/18: Championship begin The tournament schedule is as follows: Please be carefull, it is only a draft agenda basing on a 4 round tournament, if we are more than 16, a 5th round will be needed and second day will be added. 8.45 – begin of the tournament 9 – 11 1 round 11.10 – 13 2 round 13 – 14.15 lunch 14.30 – 16.30 3 round 16.45 – 18.45 4 round 19 - award ceremony
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    The Glorious One

    Wild Season 4 Speculation

    yep, had this happen today just in fact. 13 dice in a row, couldn't manage a single 4+ This is a fairly regular occurrence. lost two blood bowl leagues because I couldn't "Roll anything but a 1" Multiple times in a row. My friend, who also is a notoriously awful dice roller was marveling at how trash my rolls are. I would kill to roll AVERAGE. I don't even think about spiking, so I'm a big noperino on the MOAR RANDOM.
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    Using Superior Strategy to get double last activation and a Momentum lead with Honour kicking.
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    At this point I'm not even pretending that I could pick Scalpel on a tournament as we have so many choices now No-brainers: Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, vHemlocke, Brainpan&Memory Meta-dependant: Scalpel, Pelage, Skulk, Ghast, Casket, Silence, Cosset No-go-zone: vGraves, Vileswarm, Bonesaw My 10: Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, vHemlocke, Brainpan&Memory, Pelage, Skulk, Ghast, Silence, and either Casket or Cosset After playing Pelage I'd say she has a hard time hitting Singled Out reliably. VS 4+/1 model it's only 50/50 chance and it get's even worse with cover (31%). And, as soon as SO lands, it's still only 50/50 to reach that juicy So, unless You can bonus time at will she's a hard sell as a DPS for me Casket - he's a liability more often than not, unless You can use his Legendary he does more harm than good unluckily.
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    My 6 will be, Scalpel, Vileswarm, vHemlocke, Ghast, Cosset, ? Having a hard time between Graves 2 and Pelage. Both have positives and Drawbacks. Dammit might have to play it out
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    Hard choices are hard and that's hopefully a place that every guild will end up over the coming years. There's reasonably valid arguments for every player. I've ended up with Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, oGraves, Ghast, BP&M, Pelage, Skulk, vHemlocke, and Casket. But then you're missing Silence RNG plays into Masons and Brewers which is sadness. Simply having the option to run a full 2" melee team (sans Mascot) has some coolness factor. Could definitely see myself dropping Cosset for Silence and crutching on Tooled Up Pelage for damage output. She's a very pleasing addition. Some kind of moderate buff to Scalpel, Vileswarm, vGraves (and Bonesaw?) would ruin me for selection. I like how this suddenly makes reading your tournament meta a relevant task.
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I agree with a surprising amount of this. My only arguments are scalpel - with black smiths being a thing, she’s too clutch in that matchup. Being able ignore some of that armour against a team that ignores puppet master is huge(thanks burnish). Those def 2 models really let scalpel bounce around like she wants to. bonesaw - he’s always been a solid piece in my mind. And now, hemlocke gives him a sudo reverie. Silence and memory make decent kick targets and you generally only need 3 successful kicks, one with meditation, to score a goal. my 10 I’m sure I’ll unsure on but the definites are both captains, hemlocke, bpm and bonesaw
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    Veteran Hemlocke

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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    As the counter. I think vHemlocke does everything that the Morts see as a struggle. The 20in goal threat is nice, but with just 3 inf it forces another player to take the ball off first. Secondly, everything about morts outside of some of the killing is super high risk for high reward, but if you fail, you’re out of position and possibly out of the game. In my last tournament I missed 2 bonus timed Obulus goals that would have put me in a winning position, but that 2/6 kick stat is tough, and tap in range isnt always an option. vHemlocke is okay, but as you said about Silence, blind is yet another one off inf character play and 5/0 def is okay, but with all the low KD now it seems tough to keep a 12 hp alive. I’ll wait to play her to make final judgment, but right now I feel like shes just a slightly better Silence, but doesn’t scare anyone on the table. my 10. Obulus, Dirge, brainpan and memory, cosset, skulk, casket, ghast, graves 1, pelage, 10? (Bonesaw, silence, vHemlocke) I think Bonesaw is still very good against a team like Farmers that he can charge over the top, UA and score.
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I'm not sure I'd call scalpel as bad as bonesaw, she has her place and with a few tweaks I could see her being a viable option, maybe if her her playbook was 6 or if she was a 3/8" kick as opposed to 3/6. I think skulk is very similar to her in that he is very good against a specific thing but is more a threat than an actual thing you'll take very often, at least in my experience with skulk. That being said thats the great part of the current morts line up, theres plenty of options that could all be viable.
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    Choosing a 10 post Hemlocke

    I find it interesting that the OP's flaws for Bonesaw are exactly how I feel about Scalpel. Just not consistent enough to play and almost aways into any match up Ob is better. We take her to keep people guessing, but everyone plans for Obulous and if we pick Scalpel they don't really care. Strength, outside Obulous, in our team is the range of squaddies. I am still really sad we have 2 unplayables in vGraves and Vileswarm, a questionable in Bonesaw and a second captain you almost never take. I think my 10 is Obulous, Dirge, Graves, Brainpan, Casket, VHemlocke, Ghast, Pelage, Skulk, Silence Cosset can make it depending on the meta. I think Skulk, Silence, Cosset are the flex picks. Like I said, I'd rather have 8 choices to fix the match up then a second captain that almost never does.
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    vGutter card shown

    Quote from the Blog: "With the Exiles, we’ve been focussing a lot on simple and flavourful abilities that are fun to play with." I really feel they missed that mark with vGutter.
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    I come from malifaux as my main game. I think it is fair to say it is a game of extreme depth. I started it at the end of m2e wave 2. In wave 4 i think i reached capacity in terms of having a reasonable handle on what tools to consider, expect, and deal with. Now in wave 5 it has probably crossed the threshold for me, and am winding down toward a more casual approach. guild ball is absolutely nowhere near the level of complexity of malifaux. Its comparative simplicity (note: this is not to say it is easy!) Is one of its most refreshing qualities for me. And clock, oh man I love clock. Thus using malifaux as a benchmark (of my own capacities, others may vary), guild ball has a lot of life left in it. I am sceptical that width gives more longevity to a game than depth, but best of luck to sfg with it.
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    Seasoned Brisket in my Union colors

    I wanted to show you my Seasoned Brisket in my purple/pink Union colors. I am mostly proud of the face. I painted her with Vallejo Model Colors. The snow on the base is the one from GW. I always keep my colorrange small: one maincolor, one color for the base and one spotcolor.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    And the award for best commission requested by a Kiwi goes to david cameron. Great work. Love the Friday conversion and you have the Luckiest Lucky around...
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Such amazing work again, that Friday conversion is insane. And the paintjobs are superb.
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    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    So here is my 2 cents. There is a problem. The problem is that you are trying to play a 3 goal team. Or trying to play a 6 takeout team. And cannot adapt. These extremes are just that. Extremes. If you want them to be balanced too bad. No one cares about your all football team. We play with ALL the rules. If you want to have a super star balls to the wall team of all strikers, don't freakin cry when they kill the ball. The game is BOTH murder and soccer so suck it up princess. This is an old conversation that is tiring. Play a lineup that can adapt and you will not get pigeonholed. Period. Play a hyper focused team and get "countered". Don't cry. Last game I had to score 3 goals with my brewers because I was getting out beat by farmers.... gotter dun. (Hooper's got a tackle on 2 boys with reach. Plus that damn cat can score like no one's business. 66% shots WITHOUT bonus time. ) Last game I had to lay some beats with gears because they killed the ball.... gotter dun boys. (tooled up and deleted sexy Velo for 3 damage a hit. Plus a free charge. That's 15-18 dmg! I made em play by the side and I have a LOT of push dodges!) So quit whining and start adapting. Play a 2-2 team if you cannot think outside the box. But know that when your one trick pony gets shut down it's your own damn fault for having only one trick. Learn to adapt.