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    Mason Player Summaries

    Marbles (M) This crazed, poo-flinging monkey is best taken when you're thinking of bringing Brick as well, or if you're taking Honour as your captain. This doesn't mean he has no use without these two, but his efficiency will suffer greatly. Due to Go Ape!, Marbles gains Counter Charge when within 4" of his big bud Brick. Having a decently set up double counter charge bubble can cause your opponent major headaches. Normally, Brick can defend his fellow teammates, but not himself, but now Marbles and Brick can defend each other as well. Make sure to keep charge paths open, so your opponent only has sub-optimal positioning options. This can really set you up in leading the game clock and forcing some clock VP from your opponent. On the counter charge, his on the second column of his Playbook is (in my opinion) the most important result, as you can push the opponent's model out of engagement range. If you're lucky, the only option the opponent has left is attacking Marbles, which will grant you Loved Creature's +1 TAC on all of your models. Loved Creature also makes possible using Marbles as 'bait'. They have to delete him immediately, or suffer Honour's wrath in the following activation. So don't be too afraid with positioning him aggressively. At the very least, they sink lots of INF in taking him out, resulting in only 1 VP, and you receiving a Guild-wide TAC buff for the remainder of the turn. When playing Honour, your main play for setting up take-outs is making sure Marbles is engaging your target. This instantly gives Honour a TAC of 8, along with +1 DMG on all Playbook results, due to the Assist trait. Also, never forget Goad! I've ruined several full-stack captain activations by goading him, and then running away away from the scrum/goal! Make sure you always have an MP lying around for that Bonus Time!, as rolling 1 die most of the times is too risky. When would I bring Marbles over Wrecker: Whenever I pick Honour and think it's possible to do some take-outs. Whenever I pick Brick and think I need a second defensive bubble. Whenever my opponent has mostly 3+ DEF models, on which I can throw poo without much risk. 4+ is possible as well, but you better have that Bonus Time! Good into: scrumming low DEF teams, teams that can't easily handle the double counter charge bubble (Blacksmiths, Brewers, Butchers, Farmers) // Risky into: matches where you won't pick either Honour or Brick Wrecker (M) ROLANDOOOOO!!! Not picking Brick? Not picking Honour? This little ball of armored plating can bring enormous efficiency in controlling scrums or tracking down dodge-less wingers/strikers. His Rollerball trait gives him a 8"/10" MOV, making sure he'll always be able to keep up with speedy strikers. If those strikers also don't have buyable dodges (Acrobatic, Where'd They Go?!, etc.), Follow Up makes sure he can follow those strikers for another 8". That's Not The Ball afterwards works like Horrific Odour in causing the opponent's model to have to pay another INF to Kick. Pro-Tip: when playing rather aggressively, this trait along with the Offside Trap Gameplan makes the striker having to pay 3 INF just to Kick! Of course, ruining striker's lives isn't his only use. With Ramming Speed, which is free when activating Rollerball, you can totally change the opponent's positioning in scrums. Push their models deeper into your lines, push others out of engagement ranges; you can do quite a bit with 10" of movement! Remember that he also has a on his second column. Putting 2 INF on the mascot therefore isn't a waste of resources. He's also a champ at controlling Furious characters. Boar and vKat absolutely hate him! Fun fact: Placing him in cover makes the opponent lose 4 (!) dice on their rolls! Sure, he has a DEF of only 2+, so it's possible for the enemy to hit all his dice, but most wingers/strikers only have 4/5 dice! This means that the only way they can pull the ball off of him, they are forced to charge in. Whenever they're afterwards engaged, they have to pay more INF to Pass or take a Shot. Wrecker's only vice is 2" models. Ramming Speed only pushes 2", so Parting Blows are a thing. That's Not The Ball and Follow Up only work if he is engaging the opponent. So watch out with 2" strikers (Fishermen, Vitriol, Mist) or models with easy KD's (Farmer captains, Tapper and Hooper). When would I bring Wrecker over Marbles: When I'm not playing Brick, as the double counter charge bubble is just too clock efficient to leave behind. When the opposing team doesn't have strikers with 2" reach and/or buyable dodges. Good into: matches when not playing Brick (Alchemists, Engineers) // Risky into: 2" melee zone heavy teams, either with easy KD's or with 2" strikers (Blacksmiths, Brewers, Fishermen) PS to @Mako: I'll also copy this into my first post, so you'll be able to find everything I write in that one post. The pings will just show that I've added more info.
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    Hi everyone, I recently finished rewriting the entire Guild Ball Manager app. It is updated with all of the cards up until Ratcatchers. New features: Completely redesigned from the ground up for performance/interface improvements. All cards graphics now instead of text Chess clock can be set to any time and correctly handles one minute timeouts Odds calculator to see what the chance is of missing that 4 die tap in (less than 1%) Player Map, find and contact other players near you. Coming soon features: iOS Support, it was built in React Native so the transition should be fairly simple. Better quality menu screen (if anyone has a better quality version of this image I'd love to use it) Team Building and Damage Tracking Several other mystery features (bwahahaha) Please let me know any issues you run across or any features you'd like to see. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gbmanager
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    Just finished my last event before rat catchers drop. Time to get some serious practice in. Graves2 with diseased on him is a monster first activation. Charge in, kd. Grave digger then they suffer diseased so no standing up. Next step, 4 pt take out from scourge. I think rats can actually play quite a violent game with graves, scourge, pelage and miasma. Piper can reset scrums at will and with 3 2” reach models plus pelage having sudo 2”. And then you still have 3 decent models to feed the ball to and reverie.
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    DC area Guildball groups?

    Hi @Veskit2k- we've got people there pretty much every Wednesday night. We've got a good spread of teachers and graduate students in the crew, so every once in a while, homework/grading will overwhelm the masses and we'll miss a week, but we're there most days and would love to see you! We've also got a tourney going next weekend (Saturday the 14th), and like @Devilsquid, I or somebody else who are just hanging out during the event will likely be free to get a game in if you want to stop by- it'll depend on final numbers in case I have to go in as a ringer, but should be OK. If you want, you can connect with me directly on Facebook, too- my username is Wake Drannor. Hope to see you out sometime!
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    Rule Book PDF

    Digital rulebook here: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5aaa8fa5c830254197e0eedc/1521127353407/DSCG-Core-Rulebook-Web.pdf
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    I agree somewhat, but take Falconeers instead . To complete their lineup, you need to buy both Sun Father's box and Winter herald's box. So instead of paying more for two extra models (plus their tokens and health dials) and knowing that you don't need to buy anything else for that specific guild, you need two extra boxes for a guild you might not even want to play. So if you don't want to play Hunters, that is a lot of extra money and models. In addition, you might have problems selling the remaining models, since the buyer can't buy the missing models separately. So from a customer perspective, I'd unfortunately say it's far from a perfect system, and might be worth looking over.
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    vHearne vs oHearne with vMinx

    The only right answer is to take Seenah. vMinx gives her extra range to charge for the ball with her Tackle on 2 with a 2" melee. She can push models off of herself and whenever she makes a shot on goal she gets -1 to her TN Test. Finally, the bear is good at something!
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    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    As a quick note, it’s helpful (for me) if people can mention guilds when they’re saying what models are good/bad into. I’m thinking of newer players who don’t know what guilds do what yet, and may not be drafting initially
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    Rulebook - Unclear rules/mechanics

    Resting at the bonfire does reset all the encounters. However, you don't have to rest in order to spend your souls. You can spend them anytime you are not in an encounter. Also, your health and stamina reset to full after every encounter. Things like Estus and class abilities only reset if you rest.
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    Seasoned Salt

    You'll lead a much healthier life on a low-salt diet. I couldn't find a picture of an otter riding an eagle, so here's one of a weasel riding a woodpecker! And before you ask, yes, this did actually happen.
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    Will GB die because of the Minor Guilds

    Classic Fox News title.
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    The church dudes and dudette

    Are we all just casually ignoring this? Is Decimate the baguette?
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    I think something that is fair to say that Blacksmiths are very easy to play poorly. There really is a LOT going on (Tutealage's, Remembering someone is your captain, 3 Legendary plays, Master's Aura's like Hearths's etc). I think the balance of the team is when they are played correctly , so I think when people are newer to the team and haven't worked out the TON of jank you can pull and aren't making the most out of the synergistic nature of the team they will struggle. Totally think they're competitive at the highest level but it will take a couple of good level players some time to work out the team, as even the drafting process is totally different to other teams.