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    I agree with Gauntlet and I've actually had the conversation a lot locally with people in the South of the U.K. Guildball doesn't really have a off mode, it's hard to draw an example from another game but let's use 40k. 40k you can play narrative games, you can recreate hugely cinematic moments, you can forge your own characters, make your own scenarios and run campaigns. Guildball really lacks the capacity for a lot of what "Casual" games normally offer. Guildball is 1 scenario, 6 players with only 2 ways to "win" the game. For example say you're playing Age of Sigmar and you make crazy scenario where deamons are pouring out of realmgates and victory conditions aren't anything to do with achieving a points it's purely a narrative victory / loss. Guildball ultimately a mechanical game about achieving your 12 VPs to win the game. I think the toughest for me is trying to sell the game to newer players that are trying to break into a community of experienced players. There is no two ways about your first 3 months of Guildball against players that know the game mechanics just somewhat are either them letting you win the game, or them beating you and explaining the mistakes you made. It's not exactly a "enjoyable" learning curve losing over and over again. I don't think Guildball can never be played casually but I think Guildball at it's core is a competitive game with a ultra tight ruleset that allows people to compete at high skill levels very well due to the nature of the rigid mechanics it has.
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    Organized Play Update

    In line with my typical - "need more game experience, wait and see" approach I think it's too early to understand the full impact of that +1 for Ratcatchers. That said, there are many Guilds where my captain selection options open up when I receive the ball - Hammer, Grange, Ox, Tapper, etc are all much better with control of the ball turn 1 - the Ratcatchers don't have that impactful decision as an option. If Piper turns out to be too strong with this rule Steamforged will adjust (see Threshermania). Us gamers often complain about balance but (in my experience) we value roster options/custumization even more so long as "game balance" between teams remains a narrow gap instead a a huge gulf. If balance was the most important thing we'd all be playing Chess instead At the risk of sounding like a fan boy, I've been at this whole miniature gaming thing since 1980 and have played a lot of games made by different companies. Steamforged has a strong " give a shit" factor for both their game and players plus are ballsy enough to try different design ideas out to allow for the above mentioned roster building stuff. That is a rare and beautiful thing.
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    I'll keep this up-to-date with the latest cards that get spoiled on the blog. Skulk (Also plays for Morts): Pelage (Also plays for Morts): Veteran Graves (Also plays for Morts) - Updated to work with both Squeak and Vileswarm Bonesaw (Also plays for Morts) - Remains unchanged from Morts New condition - Desease
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    My main game is tournament Malifaux, so I can't help but view guild ball as a "casual" experience (No offense, but the scenario system in Malifaux has become incredibly dense). Not in saying it isn't as competitive or it isn't as well put together, but I can play to a medium level without hurting myself. There are several of us locally who like to pull out figures and screw around a couple times a month, and it works great for us. Guild ball is a big step up from 40k or similar games, and I don't think that mindset would work as a casual baller. So I guess what I'm saying is your "casual" might not mean the same thing as the next fellow, and the folks most likely to be talking on the official forums are those who lean towards the competitive side of the game.
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    Advices to an event

    What do you mean by upper and lower side?
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    Organized Play Update

    +1 That's why the concept of GIC cards failed. If the minor guilds are designed to be competitive (and they are told to be so), the very term "balancing" is a bit awkward. The Union already has more players to choose from. The winners of Union in Chains will have +1 model to choose from. Butchers have a "squaddie" who plays only for one of their two captains. So what. If you choose to play a minor guild, you agree to have a tighter sortiment, without losing any competitive edge as I understand. You sure lose some diversity, but that belongs to the fun department IMO.
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    Organized Play Update

    I'll accept that there isn't much correlation between having an incredibly restrictive roster and getting +1 to the dice roll and an extra card in hand, however I don't think +1 for one roll in a game is as big a deal as people are making out.
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    Organized Play Update

    Outscore them, I guess? I'm not saying it would be correct to drop them. I'm saying that it's doable.
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    The Casual Mortician

    Scalpel has been winning favor with me more and more. Even more so with Pelage's release coming up. Snared + SO is such a devilish set up. Plus now with Knee Slider being gone her Second Wind allows her to score easily and be far out of danger.
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    Chiseling away at the fallacy.

    I'm giving her a spot in my 10 for a tournament tomorrow. Looks like 4 rounds so there is a good chance that she'll see play. I'll try to do some theoryball with her tonight and see what kind of matchups can be favorable for her. I guess she might take Harmonys spot with Hammer if I don't need condition removal.
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    Living in the new reality

    He CAN score, it's just harder than the same thing with REAL strikers. It's hard to recover the ball with him, hard to disengage, goal threat is short or hazardous. You need 3 net hits to trigger UA. Good luck with that vs typical 4+/1 model as long as they can use def stance. @ForestRambo is right - BSaw is not bad, it's just other strikers that are flat-out better. Please nerf Flint, Friday, Vitriol, Sakana, Mist and others. Look at this problem this way: Angel is basicaly never played by Fish because there are better choices. If she were a Spook I'd play her over Bonesaw every game... It's like Sakana>Angel>Bonesaw. That's how big is the gap between our 'striker' and real strikers.
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    Organized Play Update

    I ruminated on it last night. I hate it. If they had concerns on 'flexibility' they should have allowed greater access to Major Guild players. Not break a core rule. Breaking core rules for the sake of balance is super bad. In Rats case (because Piper) it's even worse. This is a bad decision by SFG. Either Rats were balanced by design or they weren't - they shouldn't need a +1 to compete in a tournament because that just says 'oops, our design ethos for minor guilds doesn't work'.
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    Organized Play Update

    I am against an artificial +1 I think. This skews the game in the Ratcatchers favour and is basically annoying and unfair. 8 models limits choice NOT on pitch ability. This just compounds my problems with Reverie as now the Ratcatchers will easily be able to get that 1 goal. I already hated the out of activation move AND shot. This compounds it.
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    Playing into Fish

    @ForestRambo is right. Playing Spooks vs Corsair is hard, You have to outsmart them. I assume they play something like Corsair, Tentacles, Greyscales, Sakana, Siren, Hag or Gutter. The most important thing to remember is 12" - Pirates threat range. 14" including Hags push. Stay away as much as You can. Force him to waste inf on sprinting and dragging, spread Your players and focus on playing the ball. Try picking high def team - without bonus time drags tend to miss sometimes. I'd go with: Obulus - 'cause he doesn't give a fuck about close control Dirge - kamikaze goal runs are unexpected and fun, use him also to block drag lanes Skulk - he is the guy that says 'fuck you Greyscales, you will not score this turn' Graves 1 - that's a no brainer, You always want him in your rooster Brainpan & Memory - for janky goals and blocking drags a striker - Mist is better but his time is kind of over, get used to playing BSaw if You're kicking You might want to drop the striker and pick Ghast (well timed unmasking can disrupt Corsairs setup) or Casket (put their striker in the box after he shoots and play 2-1 or 1-3).
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    Falling into a trap

    I don't think Slegde is a bad apprentice but he competes with some insane models. Alloy, Bolt & Cinder are all amazing models and perform there roles so well. Iron is worth a honourable mention as that guy puts some serious damage and Cast is a nice little flex pick. I find it hard to justify Sledge as he doesn't bring anything unique to the table.
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    Parting Blow

    Get your 2" widget, place it down, both agree you're happy with the placement of the model who was just KD'D, move on. I've literally never had an issue that can't be agreed upon by two adults playing toy soldiers in less then 30 seconds.
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    Organized Play Update

    Long form thoughts regarding +1 kickoff roll to minor guilds. https://wordpress.com/post/momentoustackle.wordpress.com/309 TL;DR. Not a fan. The Homogeneous roster means even if their average win rate is competitive, Minor Guilds are likely to have wider match up variance. That is to say their results will be more polarizing due to good/bad match ups. This rule adjustment will simply increases their global win rate, it does not correct for the actual variance. You make the bad match ups a little better, but you also make the good match ups stronger in the process.
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    I've mostly played casual, but that doesn't mean I'm not trying to win. If the game wasn't something I could play for fun, I'd have stopped by now (what with my terrible 90% loss rate... )
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    Organized Play Update

    No. This would just further favour players who play more games and plan more, and pile more pressure and stress on newer or less frequent players, creating more turn off from the game. Some people just naturally process faster or slower. We want more players to keep the game fresh and interesting, not to make events restricted to the core 100 or so regulars/'VIPs' (talking UK rather than global here). Just keep to Wheaton's Law.
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    Bolt shoemerang

    Correctly answered. Note that the second effect (KD) does not target and so does not require LOS and bypasses traits and abilities that key on that term (Gluttonous Mass, for example).
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    I can have as much fun playing a long casual game while chatting to a gaming friend at our local shop and losing as I can winning a tense, close tournament game. GB really is both for me.
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    Jamie P

    Organized Play Update

    Well, firstly I'd be interested to see if anyone actually does that. Secondly, if it really is an issue just call a judge over for time wasting. Lets give people a chance before we convict everyone without trial.
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    Organized Play Update

    I am probably over reacting here, but the "balancing" mechanism for minor guilds seems like a colossally bad idea. It screws up the math significantly. I would gladly play play and 8 man roster for that advantage, and if I recall correctly Botts won worlds with and 8 man roster.
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    Bolt shoemerang

    The second part of Shoemerang doesn't require it to be 'other' enemy model (when the target for the first part was an enemy model), so yes. You can both damage and KD the same enemy model.
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    I will see about adding photos at the weekend Football vs Football. Honour, Wrecker, Chisel Flint, oHarmony and Mallet vs Ferrite, Iron, Farris, Bolt, Hearth Alloy. Takeout on oHarmony after I mess up placing. 2-0 to Blacksmiths. Flint picks up a lose ball after Wrecker knocks down Ferrite. He passes to Chisel. She gets a crazy, Singled out, ganging up charge on Farris bounces off her with a triple dodge and taps in a goal in. 2-4 Farris gets taken out. 2-6 Ferrite gets the ball bounces around and scores. 6-6 Goal kick goes to Mallet who charges Hearth smacks her out the way and slots in my second. 6-10 Alloy is passed the ball and slots another home 10-10. Blacksmiths fail to take out Flint and I half kill Hearth after tackling the ball from her (terrible scatter). But I am unable to take a shot as ran out of influence. Blacksmiths win initiative due to the old dice roll system (haven't printed new cards yet) and Iron kills Flint taking it to 12-10 loss for me. Chisel spent the game providing crowd outs and scored my first goal. She never went below 8 health.