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    Yes, Tap In and Tryhard would stack to give a [-2] TN.
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    Estus match-ups

    Your hollow is showing.
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    Two fish in a tank...

    So I bought my first box of Hunters in November 16. It's now March 18 and I finally got the bloody buggers done - no more proxies for the younger brother! After managing to make the alchemists more drab than a goth funeral, I decided to try and perk up my painting. I still can't decide whether I like the result or not. I've bought Fish for my next team and I think I'll paint them up in classic colours, just to get my mojo back.
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    Hello again sports fans! Today I'm going to talk about one of my other favorite Mason models, and a source of great contention: Chisel. The main point of contention is: Chisel is bad at what she does. But the real question is: What is Chisel supposed to do? The easy answer is that she's supposed to do damage, because she has Crazy and Painful Rage, two abilities that make it seem like her core role is to get up as high as possible in her playbook for big damage numbers. And yes, like many Masons, Chisel has bigger numbers later in her play book, made stronger with the potential combo of Tooled Up and Painful Rage. But it takes a lot of resources and timing to make Chisel decent at doing damage, so in this light, she's a bad player who just doesn't have the damage output to effort balance that other Masons do. And so, you're right: Chisel is a bad damage dealer (or at the least, is' the same as other Masons at doing higher level damage). But what if Chisel isn't meant to be a damage dealer? What if Crazy and Painful rage are merely tools to help Chisel do her real job, instead of indicators that she's pretending to be Cosette? For me, Chisel is the Mason Ball Retriever. Ball Retrieval: Masons have a strong scoring game, but once you score, how do you get the ball back? The Majority of our players have 1" melee, and those that have 2" melee are rather slow and not an easy to reach Tackle (Brick and Mallet). But then there's Chisel. She has a 2" melee and a momentous Tackle on 2 successes, arguably the best option for getting the ball back in the Guild. She's also SPD 6/8", so she can get to where she needs to go to threaten the ball, or take it away. But lets take a look at our typical strikers and ball holders? They usually have high defense, hang around near Cover, and in the case of Brisket and Flint, have Charmed to boost their defense. They also tend to hide behind the rest of their team, so getting to them can be quite the trick, especially because of crowd outs. This is where Crazy comes in. With it, Chisel becomes TAC 7, and with her Tackle on 2, has a much greater option of being able to ustilize the dodges in her playbook to get to the ball holder, strip the ball from them, and kick it away to an available team mate, or out into the open away from the opposing team. In my experience, if Chisel is near the person with the ball, she can get it. Unpredictable, High Def, Gender based DEF boost, crowd outs...Chisel can get around it all. The only thing she can't ignore is Close Control, but she can trigger it easily enough for her follow up attack, or for a Parting Blow. Survivability: Generally the Masons lean on their ARM stat to take the hits, but Chisel is in the camp of the 1 ARM Masons, and with 13 health, is in danger of being taken out easily, especially if you're using crazy. But if used right, Chisel can be rather hard to remove from the field. Sadism lets her heal each time an enemy model in 4" takes damage, even if a different model on your team is doing the attacking. Assuming you give Chisel 4 influence, she can go Crazy, activate Sadism, hit an opposing player three times (looking for her 2-4 columns of options), allowing her to dodge, generate momentum, and heal. After your attacks, she's healed up her Crazy Damage, possibly put Feel My Pain out, and likely dodged to a better position, as well as having generated 3 momentum. If she had taken damage before, she can still Take A Breather to get her health back up 4pts. Feel My pain also triggers off parting blows, so if you're engaged by models that can only damage you (Fish), you can cake a parting blow from a player, damage them, and heal up from Sadism on her way to chasing the ball. Annoyance: Chisel can be very annoying, from her 2" melee, to her dodges on her playbook, and most importantly, because of Feel My Pain. With FMP in place on a model engaging Chisel, they suffer damage every time they attack Chisel, which heals her if you have Sadism up. No matter what option they choose, Chisel gets healed and they take damage. Say they decide not to attack her, and walk away? Chisel doesn't have a knock down, but she can still do damage on the parting blow, which heals her, and denying someone the charge with her melee range is always a good option. So with set up, Chisel can just be frustration to remove from the field, leaving your opponents choosing a different model to focus on instead of lesser returns against Chisel. BUT WHAT ABOUT PAINFUL RAGE?!? It's a trap! Well, it's not a trap, but what it does is allow Chisel to start her healing shenanigans without having to worry about using Crazy to up her TAC to reasonable levels. If Chisel has taken a fair amount of damage and is below 6, her TAC goes up to 6, which makes hitting the first two columns of her playbook easier to access. This allows her to Tackle, to dodge, and to dodge/damage, allowing her to re-position out of harms way, to heal herself with momentum, or to even trigger Sadism if she wants. Does it also allow her to do more damage? certainly, but I see that as a guard against being engaged by a Tough Hide model when she's low on health, so she can still trigger Sadism and get her self heal up and running. It also allows you a better chance at a counter attack being successful if she's attacked before she activates, and gets damaged to below Painful Rage levels. So, to summarize: Chisel is the Masons answer to "how to get the ball", and can absorb a lot of damage and heal it up with her built in healing tech while she harasses strikers. Pick your targets wisely, don't throw Chisel into a scrum unsupported expecting her to kill everyone, and let Chisel chase the ball like she's built to do. Thanks for reading!
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    The Old Buzzard

    All of my Blacksmiths

    Alloy. Every team should have one! How many weapons? ! Farris Bolt & ball. He had to be jumping over something! Ferrite And the boy Iron. Burnish & goal post The splendid "Miss Cast" I will put some more up tomorrow
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    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Bureaucrats Guild
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    Against other guilds

    vkat into Farris only has a 60%chance to make his double push, and needs to do it twice to get her out of the charge path. Farris has a 73.5% chance to hit her double push to get him back btb on the counter attack. If she starts btb with him and in between any of his targets he won't be able to move her, KD her and charge someone else.
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    Against other guilds

    vKat can basically 'Witness me' any damaged apprentice as well as a master if brought to cca 10 health if with a condition (not hard to do with all those AOEs). Threat range of 10" means he's also faster than any natural player of ours except farris.. So engaging it in order to prevent such a charge is cruical. I've played this scenario (kicking off with Farris vs Alchs with smoke/calculus/mercury/vKat twice now and feels the best optoin so far. Otherwise, any apprentices naturally capable of "releasing the ball" at range are very appreciated versus Smoke alchemists. Otherwise they just hold the ball, spray damage and conditions everywhere, and make two Witness me's and a final 20" smoke goal. So when kicking off Hearth,Alloy,Furnace, Cast, Farris, Bolt is the line up that can release the ball from smoke/vitriol and is reasonably fast. Two of the apprentices can scatter the ball at range, Farris can legendary. When receiving, Burnish can control vKat's range as well and is an amazing midfield piece so my lineup changes to Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder (to retrieve the ball after 1st goal), Burnish (Captain) , Cast.
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    Against other guilds

    Choose. So choose to go last.
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    Against other guilds

    For alchs, win initiative, opt to go last, burnish reduction away conditions. I think Farris has the best option to control vkat. Alchemist's can't effectively hide the ball or scrum into Smiths to get anywhere otherwise.
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    All of my Blacksmiths

    cool stuff man. Like the colour of Farris' horse, and the way you have done the inside nozzle on Burnish's flame thrower is cool.
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    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    The Holy Bible of the Alchemists @TheCurkov 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 #PrayforSaintCurkov
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    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    The Alchemist pairings as I see them are as follows. Worst: Farmers with Grace Grace is essentially the hardest counter to Smoke in the entire game and until they give us a player that can throw both types of AOE it will continue to be this way. She picks up the fire AOE right after the model that placed it activates and then quick foots the most dangerous model on their team. Farmers are the worst due to the constant healing of harrow that can counteract the poison condition. Farmers also have some of the largest HP pools in the game so waiting for them to bleed out to conditions takes the longest. The reason this falls into our worst matchup is that the team is well set up to deal with Katalyst. Counter charge and Millstone's aura means that they can control where Katalyst attacks and end his activation prematurely with well-timed counter-attacks. Furthur controlling Kat is their easy access to knockdowns preventing him from coming into them while on fire. The best thing going for us in this matchup is the fact that they don't control the ball particularly well allowing us to play an all in goals plan. The downside here is our guild is not great at the 3-0 plan. Pretty Bad: Union with Grace This is bad for similar reasons. The main thing here is that without counter charge your Midas list has more control over when and where you get them and they don't control kat that well. However, they do kill him very well. Skill-based: Alchemists, Brewers, Engineers, Hunters Obviously, the Alchemist mirror is a straight 50/50. Brewers, Engineers, and Hunters are here because they have the ability to shoot back at you, have control elements, and/or tough hide. Typically the better player wins these games. Advantaged: Blacksmiths, Farmers without Grace, Fisherman, Morticians, Union without Grace Blacksmiths are a guild all about insane turn 1 pressure and the ability to ride a lead all the way to the finish line. Smoke is very good at denying turn 1 pressure this combined with the fact that apprentices have below average health gives Smoke a leg up here. Morticians also struggle into Smoke due to the fact that they have the lowest health pools in the entire game. The fisherman matchup should largely be about how well you can kill the ball vs shark. If they drop corsair into you hide your entire team behind a wall and throw bombs on them till they die. This works because Lure and Drag cannot move models over an obstruction and Corsair is pretty bad without access to lure and drag. Farmers and Union lean on grace really hard to deny your control and if they leave it at home they have the same issues as everyone else. Heavily advantaged: Butchers, Masons, Ratcatchers The Alchemist's Guild is an absolute nightmare for Butchers. Filet has very few ways to deal with Compound and Ox should never be able to get to you. Masons have a ton of really interesting ways to counter smoke but all of them look better than they actually are and can be played around fairly easily. Smelling salts only works if you have the last activation then the first activation otherwise smoke just puts the conditions back on or Calculus blinds the model coming into your lines. Lucky can be countered by holding the fire AOE until late. The biggest tool they have is the vet harmony aura that absorbs damage. If they use it to prevent a witness me it can invite disaster. You will need to put pressure on her life total. Ratcatchers will suffer from condition control super hard due to the nature of disease. They can play the ball against you but their ability to get it back from you is severely worse than the Fish. Like it or not a competitive Alchemist player's mindset needs to be "I am a Smoke main with a pocket Midas for her bad matchups."
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    The Goal They'll Never See Coming

    To the tune of Vitriol crying tears of impotence from the gaping wound she tore in her own face to allow her mind to explode. The Turn 1 Snow goal Range: 20-24" Theoretical chance of success: ~9% (6,707,183,616/78,364,164,096) True chance of success: −273.15°C Requirements: Friendly team receives Snow with 3 inf Skatha with 3+ inf A 3/6 kick squaddie with 1+ inf No enemy counter charge equivalent Pigs to fly The Play Deploy Snow centrally on the 10" line. Collect the ball with a 3/6 kick squaddie and pass to Skatha, bank 1 momentum (189/216 chance of success). Activate Skatha, forget all about Nature's Chill (Snow doesn't need it anyway). Snowball pass to Snow and dodge Snow 4" (1216/1296 chance of success), jog Skatha, pass the ball to Snow and dodge Snow 4" (1216/1296 chance of success). Snow is now at midline. The enemy will be so stunned at the beauty of what is occurring they will do nothing to interrupt. Activate Snow. Kick the ball, placing the marker 0.59" ahead, meaning that a distance roll of 6 will enable Snow to Ooh Ball 5" and still snap the ball. This is where the maths gets tricky. To simplify, lets assume Snow fails the kick and does not get to reroll. We need the ball to bounce more or less directly toward goal, lets say 2 results meet this requirement (2/6 chance of success). We then need a result of 2 or more (5/6 chance of success), as unless we move Snow in a perfectly straight line 20" will not be enough to get in goal range, and Snow must move directly toward the ball marker (eat a @*&£ steamforged). Following the stunning success of this move, sprint Snow 7" into range for that sweet sweet tap in. Given placement limitations, we can fairly assume Snow will be engaged and/or facing an intercept, so lets assume 1 die TN4 (3/6). Back of the net.
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    Fangtooth. For more go here.
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    Piper Preview

    As a minor guild for morticians, did anyone expect anything less?
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    GIC for Hunters weak?

    They have 2 others?
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    Thanks again for the kudos Furnace. Snakeskin. For more go here.
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    My Blacksmiths (:

    Alt Bolt
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    Siberys's Table-Quality Gallery

    Been away from this for a bit, but I've got a nice batch to post today. Terrain This batch has a number of different components; - Farmers terrain made of bits and kits from other model makers - Official Farmers terrain (I was very pleased with the millstone and with the turnips on the kit 1 obstruction) - Official Masons/Brewers Terrain - Standalone terrain from various producers Mortician's Guild Back when I first started, my two guilds were Fisherman's and Mortician's, and the starters for those are what I painted to become a pundit. I'd picked up Morts off of a friend that got in but decided he didn't want to continue. This was shortly before Gen Con '16, right in the middle of the Reign of Obulus™. Another friend who owned the shop I played at was going to Gen Con and was considering taking Obulus, and offered to trade me Engineers in exchange for finishing an Ob 6 + Goal. I agreed. Later, last December, he was getting out of the game and offered to sell them back to me. Against the wishes of my wallet, I bit. Yes, that means these Morts have traded hands three times, all with me involved. Originally, I used dark brown as their "team color", but I decided to use that on the Engineers, so I had to touch up their bases with a different color when I got them back. I also stripped the Graves, because he had brown leather and I thought it really should be black to match how I'm doing the rest of the team - he's in my paint queue with the Morts stuff I had to buy to fill the team out. I'm currently working on Scalpel and Brainpan - I have to drybrush, detail, and base them yet. Paint Queue Beside Mortician's stuff, I also still have about half of Union to do (I filled out my Union once we heard about Minor Guilds), all of Farmer's and their harvest markers, and my SO's Hunter's and Alchemist's guilds. Ratcatcher's is also on the way, too, and Falconer's will certainly join in 'cause of the Hunters. Got a lot of work ahead of me. Part of me thinks I should just bite the bullet and get Butcher's, Blacksmith's, and the remainder of Mason's and Brewer's, but I'm holding on to the edge of sanity for the time being anyways.
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    Game plan deck revealed

    Hitting an event that has 0,0031423% of probability is usually followed by strong reactions.
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    Estus match-ups

    Hello, IMO, Ester is a really good captain into games where you can't go to the scrum easily, because of conditions (Alchemist, Hunter) or because they're better in fighting (Butcher, Corsair Fish, Thresher Farmer's, etc...). Futhermore, i like to play her when i kick. She's good to control the pitch with AOE, speed/damage buff, etc... And finally, everybody know Tapper and his game plan. And they often underestimate her and her fighting abilities. Good luck Brewer fellow !
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    Vet Minx in May

    So Leodis Games posted this, this morning - a box set coming with all the Veteran ex-Union plus Honour (so I guess Vet Seena will be the Steamcon model?) Looks like Minx gets a trap token! Coming in May
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    Vet Minx in May

    That is very good point indeed.
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    Vet Minx in May

    That's all well and good on launch, 3 weeks later though you're likely to be shit out of luck for splits as everyone is likely to already have them. This is a bad move for long term sales and newer players joining the game later in the year likely won't buy it as way too pricey for the one model they need for their team