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    Big League 10 advice

    Makes sense, both Ulfr & Egret fill the role of a striker. I value Ulfr's buyable dodge which is a trade for him being useless at doing anything apart from Scoring. Egret has 1" extra goal threat and is much more useful if she's not scoring a goal but lacks reliable means to disengage her self in rough situations / play around counter charge. I take Zarola because I think Midnight Offering is the best character play in the guild and I always want it about
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    The cards will be available to download today for us all to see
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    All praise the plastic!

    Nay I say! Some may call me old fashioned, but I believe in metal miniatures, and more importantly I believe in Guild Ball metal miniatures. Metal minis have an importance to them. If I've got 60 or so space knights with blaster shields running around casting spells, like some of them other games, each one isn't going to mater that much. Let them be plastic for all I care. But when you have only 6 players that you will be investing the next ~2 hours into, you've got to feel a characters heft when you pick it up and place it! The weight reminds you that every move means something. Now lookie here, i unnastand you where you are coming from. I'm from a long line of hard working, middle class, simple, straight shooting, dog fearing, tabletop miniature war gaming folk, and like all of you, I've been excited about the advances in modeling technology and fabrication. But just because we can, doesn't mean we should! Let's keep the metal in the minis, and save the plastic for the recycling.
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    Game 15 - Nu Brand Gaming Brooklyn NY (3/3/18) (7/35 for 2018) Safe to say @warder808 was impressed with Skatha. I figured to take a turn with Theron, and go for the glory of the 4 boom box turn 1 with Chaska! There was also a very attractive forest that he would benefit from, generated by the longshanks site, not by a competitive hunters player. Theron, Fahad, vHearne, Zarola, Chaska, Seenah Hearth, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder, Ferrite, Bolt My line up is designed to have Chaska shove 4 boom boxes down someones throat, then follow it up with Seenah and murder ball. Warder switched in Furnace and Cinder for Farris and Iron. I know that the apprentices really benefit from having their specific masters around, but Ferrite can make Bolt pretty quick, so no judgement. I kick with Chaska, trying to place it just over to force someone into shotgun range. Turn 1 Ferrite gets the ball, passing to Bolt. Hearth enables a free dodge off the give and go, pretty sweet. VHearne begins the token pile on Chaska with last light and "has a little jog". Furnace saunters up, and now I have my boom box target. Fahad gets to the fast ground, alloy goes left, Theron sunstrikes himself and Chaska, sprints, shoots Furnace to apply pinned, botsf Chaska. Cinder sees what is happening and gets burning onto Chaska, but it's no use. Chaska hits all 4 boom boxes, keeping furnace where he is, and bringing him to 2hp. Hearth moves left, zarola moves seenah right, and falls back to goal. Seenah charges Cinder (always save your takeouts until the start of the turn, kids!) and gets a KD. Turn 2 I'm up a bunch and go first. Fahad on fast ground can make it to the snared Furnace, and gets the kill. 2-0. Cinder uses UM off that charge move, so I can spend the dodges to follow up. I link right into zarola who wingbacks a charge into bolt and gets the ball, but not enough inf to move it around. Hearth puts 2" melee on a few folks and moves up a little, and vHearne tries to tie up Bolt with a few swings. But it's pointless. Bolt spends his whole stack but gets the ball and scores. Nice try Z and vH. 2-4. I want the ball to fall to Chaska, but it swings right. So Chaska forgets about retrieving the ball, focuses on making it hard for others to do so. He walks into the forest, drops a trap next to Ferrite, boom boxes Alloy away, and puts tough skin on himself. He is now 3def 3arm in the forest, the statline of a blacksmith! Ferrite tries to do something about it (needs to generate momentum), but has next to no luck against the dug in Chaska. Theron gets the ball, walks up to cinder and brings her down to almost nothing, pushing her to a better position. I think cinder stands up and puts a brave face on, but the unbearable truth is that Seenah comes in at the end of the turn and gets the bear hug. 5-4. Alloy now has to try to do something, and is able to bounce off of Chaska for a few momentum, tieing the momentum count. This is a big roll, as Alloy could make a play to get the ball off theron. However, I get first turn and it's bad news for the Blacksmiths. Theron sun strikes himself, puts a snipe, and then a pinned into Alloy. He jogs up and slots home the bonus timed goal, where'd they going to force Alloy to be near the bear. 9-4 (I'm trying to angle for the Bearhug winning takeout, so getting Alloy to 4 exactly. Careful readers will remember the boom box from the previous turn, plus the two Theron character plays makes it 4. However, I forgot the boombox while playing!) Hearth jogs up and passes it to Ferrite. I send Fahad in to weaken Alloy enough for the bears charge to win it, and since I miscounted the health, end up taking him out! 11-4. It looks like it is going to take a hot second to get another kill now, as the bear and the rest of my team is out of position. However, Ferrite passes to Bolt and he scores the snap shot goal, just as my opponents time runs out. 12-8. Seenah bear hugs Cinder, Fahad gets Furnace and Alloy, Theron a goal, Clock point - Bolt goal and Snapshot If you are going to try to setup for the Bearhug win, you need to be aware of health totals! The chaska quad box did great, but it is all the eggs into one basket. I think I will keep playing around with it, but I feel like it's pretty avoidable once folks see it coming. One more game from last weekend, coming soon!
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    Hey guys, I was painting minis sine i was 11 and i still dont think i am quite in a place i want to be considering my skill. Nevertheless, I want to share with yall some of my minis. First go my Butchers, painted in 5 Days for a tournament, that timeframe is why o called myself 'slow but fast painter'. I take forever to get on with a project, but when i have a dedline and i have motivation i can do things quite fast So to get on with it, enjoy And all the ladies together
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    Von Ether

    All praise the plastic!

    So my kid didn't fully zipper my Reaper bag so when I pulled it out of the car, all of my Mason "fatties" fell out. Granite landed in the back seat, thank god, but Brick and Wrecker hit the parking lot. Wrecker popped apart, but plastic Brick bounced and didn't even have a scratch or a paint chip! Whew! More plastic figs please!
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    Game plan deck revealed

    Does someone named Midas owe the SFG guys money? So much hate for a single captain. Making sure he had the worst version of every option on his card was one thing, but ‘Stick to the plan’ just seems personally spiteful. I get that ‘showboat’ is a neat rule, but turning the one ability Midas has into a team wide effect accessible to everyone seems excessive at this point.
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    Game Plan Expiry

    Quoting the rules card in the Game Plan downloads file: "End Phase Current Game Plan effects end. Both currently chosen Game Plans are removed from the Pitch and discarded. If a Player no longer has any Game Plans in their hand, they should pick up all their discarded Game Plans to form a new hand." Game Plans affect the entire turn in which they're played. Get Back In There does affect the entire turn, so the model may benefit from the [+2"/+2"] MOV in the Maintenance Phase, during their activation, and during any other Advances the model may make throughout the turn.
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    Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    I have not taken a good look at them yet, but I read a comment, I think it was on FB, that they seemed to favour aggressive play with only a couple of cards being directly defensive.
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    Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    They are here!
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    Farmer Errata has landed

    So I played a game last night- Grange, Peck, Harrow, Millstone, Tater, and Fallow into Blacksmiths (Hearth captain, Alloy, Furnace, Cinder, Ferris, and Cast). Ended up winning 12-11 (surrendering a point to the clock at the very end, on account of it taking a little longer to be precise with new character cards). My points were four takeouts (Cinder twice, Cast, and Ferris) and a goal by Grange on the final activation of the game. Honestly, I didn't feel too hurt too badly by the changes to the team. I was a little influence starved at times, but mostly that just meant Harrow and Peck didn't get to do anything except be a Tooled Up battery and a roadblock (respectively). Millstone still did her job, Grange is still great, and Fallow still feels right to me- she's awesome if you can set her up, but she very much dictates your order of activation and your opponent can see her coming a mile away. Most interesting was Tater. He never counter-charged the whole game (he was in range of a marker most of the time, but my opponent was canny and didn't really give him opportunities); instead, he ended up being a pretty strong secondary damage-dealer. I think his role shifts a little with the changes, but he's still plenty strong. All in all, I feel perfectly OK about the Grange team. Again, I wish Millstone's lost INF had ended up on another player in order to try to make some of the "second tier" Farmers a little more attractive, but I didn't feel like I was chasing my tail the whole game or anything. I'll be trying out Thresher next. I never actually played him under the pre-errata rules (I like playing Grange too much!), so I'll be interested to see what my impression of him is in that vacuum.
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    I know! Although I recognise it as the theme for the tv show, and obsessed over the books more than the other forms it took. Didn't know the name of the track though, will have to see if i can buy it from somewhere.
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    Big League 10 advice

    I normally run Cat, Bear, Jaecar, Minx and Ulf. Skatha can throw the bear at people, you've got Minx and Jaecar to set up both the Cat and Bear and Ulf to collect the ball and score. Skatha can also score if the opportunity arises.
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    I have a 5 round event coming up on Saturday. I'll be writing that up for you guys Engineers can be tricky but I find the match up is good enough. Pin Vice can delete a player a turn, but is usually soaking up 7 influence to do it and it's all she does. We also have a lot of good counter attacks against her (Theron & Jaecar mainly) and Zarola is safe. It also means if Pin Vice is doing that she's not contest the ball or doing legendary jank and Theron, Fahad, Jaecar, Minx, Zarola & Seenah will 100% our fight a Engineer team. Go for the fleshy parts first (Ratchet, Salvo, Mascot with a Bear Hug) the tougher parts next (Velocity, Pin Vice, Ballista) and you can just try and the toughest (Hoist, Collossuss) though if the toughest players aren't attacking the ball what they're doing is hugely impactful. If Ballista is trying to do the range game, MO onto Jaecar breaks it up and will give you the momentum race (they should end on maybe 5, you should end on 6) even better if Jaecar can get in and you can MO Seenah. Seenah ruins a snared Ballista, 3/1 Tough Hide just means he is DEF2 and you roll all the dice in the world. Zarola is also a pretty good place to keep the ball against Engineers as they don't have many good ways of playing around her UM. (Velocity Acrobatics, Hoist Burrow are the only ideal ways I can think of)
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    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    Wrecker is ALWAYS in my Hammer list. I love that guy!
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    The Old Buzzard

    Masons and the Guild Plan Deck

    Just put in an order with my FLGS.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Great idea and awesome work!
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    The Goal Post Thread

    I made this goal marker some time ago, maybe someone remembers it from Vengeance 2016 I made it from plasticard and some spare cogs.
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    Yes! Go the the BBC website. There have been at least 2 programs giving the heads up about it already. One was an hour long. Make sure you know where your towel is to keep up your rep as a "cool frude" We played the tapes in the car as we drove down to Devon on holiday. A long time ago. The "kids" are both over 30 now! "Brain the size of a planet and they say. 'Marvin park the car!' ...... I have this terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side."
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    We will be using the current OPD for this tournament.Tournament cost is $10.Registration will start at 11am.Dice will begin rolling at 11:30.Longshanks: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=897 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1860168940940476/
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    Stave, new teams same problems?

    In my last game vs farmers Stave was the MPV, the Chairman of the board. pushing them all over the place and setting up the rest of the team. He even managed to score me the winning goal, which has now lead to his name being changed to Stavid Beckham I've been playing with Stave a lot lately because I've been facing lots of farmers, blacksmiths and masons. against any other team he probably wouldn't see the table, but with plenty of def 3 players around he can be great. I occasionally use him against hunters or butchers as anti bear/boar tech. for me he rarely sees past the half way line, you have to play it safe with him. I often find I'm lobbing barrels then moving back to safety. A turn one strategy I love to use if my opponent has over extended (or possibly if stave kicked out) is throwing the barrel so its just behind your target, pushing them towards you so you can get the tapper and a few beaters in range for an easy turn one take out. His momentus KD on 1 hit with tac 6 makes him decent if he does find himself in the middle of the masons or smiths because the armor makes things tricky for you to get the KD you want with your other players. basically Stave is great as long as you play him into the right match up and you're careful with him.
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    Ideas about minor guild

    I think Carpenters make a lot of sense. Both in the construction trade, both use hammers, and there's a lot of cooperation between the two to get projects done. Scaffoldings, supports for stone laying, roofs for houses. Not sure what their stchick would be, but putting up temporary terrain would be funny.
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    Thank you. managed to finish Thresher and worked on Millstone and Buckwheat right now
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    Honestly though, this one needed to happen. A&G made Fish too well-rounded when they were originally designed to be a football-focused team. They definitely felt good to play but they were brutal to play into, especially against Corsair. While I would have liked to see more teams lose access to these models, not everyone has the same ability to set them up If you still want some momentous damage, Gutter is still available and Corsair didn't get nerfed himself, so he's still a Take Out machine. Plus, this really doesn't change anything for Shark. All in all, this was just an acceleration of what was ultimately going to happen. I'm personally looking forward to trying out some different stuff and returning our guild's focus to football
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    Midas post-nerf? Little buff pls?

    Midas is fine. He is almost as strong as he was before the nerf. You are under valuing the legendary. The fact that it lasts across the turn line is very good. What Midas actually needs is 1-2 players that support him well. The midas nerf was fine what destroyed him as a captain was losing Harry and Vitriol. Decimate helps but she is a far cry from being as strong as Harry was and Vitriol losing her ability to fight is a pretty big deal. If Venin or Mercury gets a buff and they become higher tac pushing, knockdown, fighting models Midas will make a big come back. I would just hate to see a buff for our faction wasted on a good mini when we have other ones that desperately need it.