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    Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    First up is Seenah. Thanks for any comments or criticisms
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    Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    Thank you all! On the metals, I used NMM with my typical recipe consisting of Reaper's Black, Grey Blues Triad, Linen White, and Pure White. I also completed Chaska and Minx.
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    Greetings from Bilbao.

    Hello everyone! New Guildball player here in Bilbao, Spain. Eager to introduce this great game into this city and region as it has been not played at all... up until now... Quite strange isn't it? Well last Friday we held what we called a "Guild Ball Open Day" in our local store, with the objective to introduce the game in the local groups of players and we had a big bunch of people interested and wanting to give a try to the game. So it looks like we have what it takes to build an interesting comunity of Guild Ball here in the Atlantic coast. Hope to help also translating some bits of the game to spanish so it can be more accesible to everyone. See you all in the pitch! (By the way I think it goes without saying I'm going with the Brewer's Guild hehehe)
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    Masons 1st turn goal

    So, Masons 1st turn goal and the many ways to get it. With Honour and Superior Strategy I think even Brick might be able to make it so I guess it's mostly about timing and positioning with her. So I looked at the other options and I never thought about Hammer being able to do it without using Knockback to dodge up the field. But with a 4" pass'n'go and a 9" sprint with punishing march he's well within 8" of the goal. And if you sprint Mallet straight up the centre his 4" football legend aura should be able to give Hammer or Flint the oppertunity to score a 9" goal from just over the mid field line. Flint can get there on his own with his 4" dodge, but Hammer will still need the pass'n'go. And the beauty of the 9" goal shot is that you can dodge back into the protective bubble of Bricks countercharge with Run the length.
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    Scoring goals for new players

    Just started adding Guild Ball content to my long-running gaming blog, and started with Alcs since been playing them most recently. Since i'm still relatively a beginner it's really for beginners, nothing for the pros. Scoring easy goals with Alchemists The main Guild Ball Page, mostly bare at mo
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    A Beginner's Guide to: Widgets

    That's a good intro to widgets. Rather than hovering over a proxy widget when placing a model, I prefer to place a second widget that wraps around it, remove all the other widgets, place the model into the second widget, then remove that one. It's also useful for when measuring through an intervening model.
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    Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    It would be a brave man or woman to criticise that paint job awesome job
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    Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    Yup agreed, looks great, really like the texture you’ve got in the leathers. Your metals are lovely too; what did you use? If you really want criticism maybe the claws could do with some more contrast from base to tip, like you did with the horns. Nice work!
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    I had forgot about these. Love the way Smoke turned out. Very much the same menacing pose as the art, but still fluid and dynamic.
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    My problem with granite is that a football team will just ignore her (or worse.. bounce on her), a control team will just lure / pupet master / ... her out of position, and a beating team will just kill her and generate a lot of mom doing so. Once she is dead, if you don't play in your half, she is useless for the rest of the game. She is slow, mz1 and her counter attack is not really good. Her pb when shi is active is nice enough though and her kick stat is good, but that just means that she wants and needs influence (to hit and get where she needs to) in a team, filled with super solos and better field players, that doesnt want to give her any. As for poor chisel (one of the model that got me into masons), as stated by many other people here, her pb is just plain bad. Seeing the rookie version, I hope they rework her into a winger / striker brisket 1 style (with hammer / tower we can't have the monster beater she was supposed to be I guess).
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    Paedia's Guild Ball Teams (Hunters)

    You don't leave much space for criticism. I actually tried since you asked but I think that just quite simply a superb paint job, very clear and crisp. Well done.
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    Fresh blood

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    Future of the (UK) Masters

    Hi all, With this year's Masters now over and done with, I'd like to take a moment to discuss with the community what we think should happen about the future of this event. It's fair to say that it didn't attract players as one might hope for such an event this year, and if the event is to run again in the future I think it's worth discussing how to make sure it's successful next year. I will say, though, that it will not be running the event again, but I would encourage the community to find a solution that allows the event to continue. Q1. Do We Want A Masters Event At All? I think there's also a decision to be made as to whether we (the community) want an invitational style event or not. When I first ran the Masters back in 2016 the national/world championship was in its infancy and the jury was still out. Now those events are well established and, perhaps, mean there is no place for an invitational Masters style event. That said, my personal opinion is that there is space for such an event as I believe it offers something different to the both the world championships and the WTC. As someone who would never hope to be able to qualify for such an event, I enjoy them as a spectator and find it's something you can learn a lot from - I suppose in a similar way to the world's, but in a way that is more focused on the experience of playing in the UK meta. With some of the discussions there has been about the lack or not of good quality resources to help newer players, a range of such high-level games recorded and posted online is a great resources for the wider community, and I would encourage people to get involved and see it as something that could provide a greater good for the wider community. Q2. What Went Wrong This Year? I've had a good amount of time and received a lot of comments, constructive and otherwise, about the potential reasons why this year's event was not as well attended as it could have been. I'll summarise these in different sections. These are questions for whoever takes over to consider the best answers to. Q2a. Venue? When I ran the event last year I ran it at the Sancurary in the East Midlands in an attempt to find a fairly central location to allow everyone to get together. The feedback I got from that event, largely from people coming from the South East, was that actually Element Games was easier to get to, and as it is local to me it made for an ideal venue that helped out a great deal with budgeting the event. However, the meta has shifted in the 19 months since the last event and the centre of gravity for Guild Ball in the UK seems to have shifted south somewhat, so maybe a more southerly venue is required. I would just like to add a quick note that the support from the venue staff at element this weekend has been excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend them as a venue for anyone wanting to run an event in this locale. The problem is more likely that the venue is in the wrong locale. Q2b. Format? I've ran the Masters now twice with the idea that you have a weekend of gaming running alongside it for people to come and play in alongside and in support of the Masters, allowing the invitational to run without a direct cost to the participants. Is this the best way to run it, or are there better ways? Should the invitees pay their way? Should there be a more general way to contribute for those who think the event is a public good, such as patreon or crowd funding? All things that whoever takes over will need to think about if the masters continues. Is the idea of a LCQ a good one or one that should be dropped? Do we want to go back to individual guild masters getting a place, and possibly expanding to 32 players/ 5 rounds? Do we want to go wider than just the UK (in my mind no, not to be dismissive of some of the great players in other countries, but IMO the Masters is a celebration of the best play each meta has to offer and the specific playstyles of each meta. Maybe there's not that much difference, but the results on Longshanks seem to suggest there is something weirdly different going on, at least last time I looked into it). Q2c. Scheduling? I think there were three big events that clashed this year - Bonescon the weekend before and the LotR Throne of Skulls and Heroic Play event on the same weekend. As a non-WMH player I wasn't aware of the clash with Bonescon until it was too late to change the date, so that one's on me, but the fact that the Heroic Play event was still well attended at the same time suggests to me that the Masters was struggling despite the proximity to Bonescon for whatever other reasons there may be. It's been suggested integrating it into Bonescon, or perhaps another convention. Would this be doable, a good idea? Q2d. Organiser? It's only fair that I take a cold hard look at myself and ask myself am I the right person to run this event? I no longer run the rankings, I am just one individual who believes that the masters is an event that should run, and probably not as prominent on the tournament scene as I was back in 2016. And on top of that I am perhaps (wrongly IMO) seen as one of the more vocally negative people on social media. Perhaps because of this there's also been an admittedly small number of hurtful comments aimed in my direction, and whilst I am a big enough boy to take these on the chin and move on, if there is at least one player who would qualify who would be unlikely to attend the masters because of my involvement, then it is probably best that I take a step back and allow the event to move forward without me, if that doesn't sound too much like business speak. So I won't be running this event again, but am happy to lend whatever support I can and whatever wisdom I have gained over the last 2 attempts to run it to whoever the community decides should take over running the event. Is there one individual who would be willing to take on the mantle, or would the community prefer a committee to run it? Q2e. Rankings? There have been some criticisms from some of the players who are highly ranked that there are problems with the perception of the way longshanks calculates the rankings. I personally think they are sound, but if there is a perceived problem, should we have our own secondary rankings system that we operate for our own community here in the UK? If so what would it look like? Again I am happy to lend my expertise to this if the community thinks this would be something worth considering, and wants my help. Conclusion I'd like to see this event continue, I think it does have value and a place in the tournament scene, but it is clear that I am not the person to run it anymore. Let's please discuss it as a community and see what we want to do going forward. I am posting this, and am here, at the service of the community, should my services be desired. Finally, thanks to all those who have supported the masters over the last two-and-a-bit years, I had a blast running them and made a load of friends as a result. Cheerio for now, Ben
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    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? My first (and still only) Guild were the Brewers. What initielly drew me to them were the dynamic poses of the models - almost everyone is sprinting up the pitch, and then you have Stave. Come on hands down the best sculpt in the game! After the poses, why sold me on them was that they are drunk Scots wearing kilts! Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? I still play Brewers and only Brewers. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? See above.
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    Fresh blood

    Welcome to the forums!! Hope you enjoy it here!
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    Starting out resources

    Just started adding Guild Ball content to my long-running gaming blog. Since i'm still relatively a beginner it's really for beginners. Scoring easy goals with Alchemists The main Guild Ball Page, mostly bare at mo
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Had a little time away from painting of late due to catching what felt like the plague. Now that I'm past the worst of coughing up my lungs I've got back to throwing so paint about. More Pirates you say? well here you go! 5 more of the Union all done and until the pictures of the Pride model I thought the last, Yay! I get to do another coin base . Here's a couple of pics of the green stuff work. Rage was a challenge this time around, the head I had to work with was a slightly larger scale so I had to bulk him out quite a bit and sculpt on some different arms but I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out. My apologies for the delay of my reply. For Anvil's beard I did a basecoat of Dheneb Stone (GW foundation paint).I gave it a light wash 50/50 water and Agrax Earthshade, once that dried I used neat Agrax Earthshade in the deepest recesses. After that I highlighted the beard using Dheneb Stone and adding white in for further highlights. I hope that helps you out a bit if you've not already worked something out, The colours I've used are out of production but I'm sure you can find similar colours from GW or other ranges.
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    My Butchers :)

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    Vet Minx in May

    He's saying that easy stocking seems particularly important if you have to stock products that are hard to sell This topic isn't about SFG sales & logistics, but as far as standard size boxes with ready-to-play teams seem to be an excellent idea, the solution for this new extension is sure a little awkward. I will get my new models one way or another, and you will get yours too, but the "use social media to split" argument is a bit like Steve Jobs saying "don't hold it that way". I'm sure there are people who don't feel like forming a consumer group to be able to go to the LGS to buy toy soldiers Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with this new box of goodies, but I'm an enthusiast just like you. I hope that SFG has everything under control and has a deeper market awareness than me lol.
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    Future of the (UK) Masters

    Yeah I echo what @MykMyers is saying. Right now there is probably a event every weekend in the U.K, some there is 2-3 a weekend with GB being played up and down the country. The Masters was a good idea for a event when they were far and few between, a chance for the best to get together to play and decide the best of the best. With the number of events these days I don't feel the event is necessarily "needed" to do so. Hell, look at the Heroic Plays line up last weekeend. It has Stephon Easton, Daniel Harwood, Charles Nurser, Jason Mountain, JJ etc etc etc. Dice & Destiny had myself, Conor Rooney & Maria Wieland. The best people in the country are out there competing every other weekend right now. My second point would be if you were to continue is the selection method. While I appreciate picking the top ranking people from Longshanks is the most convinent way I don't feel it's the best way to ensure the best people currently in the country get to the event. I feel like some sort of qualifyign events placed throughout the country would ensure the most talented players make it to the event. Lastly, for my self who was lucky enough to be invited a 4 hour drive for a single day event just isn't feasible. That said there really isn't going to be a ideal location as ideally you're getting a spread of players throughout the country, though somewhere more central would be prefferable. All that said I would like to thank you for your service to the game in regards to Black Orifice and the effort you put into the weekend which ultimaely was done purely for the enoyment of the game. If it does cotinue I hope you can take everyones advice on board to make the expereince the best it can be.
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Indeed thats how it use to work, I had to change it because the size of the app was becoming too big for the play store, so unfortunatly I cant revert back to using the older method of displaying cards I have plans to try and fix the issues you guys are seeing, with it being unstable / not displaying correctly, however life is busy at the moment so its slow going at the moment, other than correcting rules issues I dont have a lot of tie to work on the app at the moment
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    I went to a event today, I went 3-0 bue due to the story opening times the event had to be called at 3 rounds. Me and a friend were both at 3-0 and I placed 2nd due to SoS. I played Theron v Tapper 12-0 Theron v Smoke 12-11 (This game was SO close) Theron v Ballista 12-5. Another good day for the Hunters, I won the Masons from the Mystersy Box & Lucky. Taking a look if I bought the Hammer Mason box I'd have the whole guild.. seems rude not to right?
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    If the falcon mascot does not have some sort of increased intercept aura I'll be disappointed. They need to be able to grab the ball in the air somehow.
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Smoke’s pretty much done, just needs a puff of matt varnish. And a better photo setup.
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    I finally did some more work on Smoke (as a distraction from my distractions...). Went with reinstating the original smoke, but extending it and repositioning the arm holding the smoke bomb to more of a resting position. I imagine she’s just hopping through a cloud, hanging in the air before whatever alchemical power she makes use of takes hold. Basic shape is done, still to finish the details.