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    I mean as useful are those numbers are, I really don't think they're indicative of the true story. The Masons being in Kick off doesn't help there win % but those captains % only tell you a very small part of the story. Locally in the U.K last weekend there was a event with like 6 or 7 of the U.Ks top 20 there and was won by Masons. Another great example is Theron, he has a terrible terrible win % but I'm easily above a 80% win rate with Theron. Masons are in a excellent place right now having two immensely strong captains and being able to two bring two different line ups to support them. Once my Fishermen are off the painting table the Masons are going onto it.
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    Removing Paint

    Primer is always a tough one. If I ever need to protect myself from a massive chemical spill I'll just spray my clothes with it, it seems to resist everything
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    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Indeed thats how it use to work, I had to change it because the size of the app was becoming too big for the play store, so unfortunatly I cant revert back to using the older method of displaying cards I have plans to try and fix the issues you guys are seeing, with it being unstable / not displaying correctly, however life is busy at the moment so its slow going at the moment, other than correcting rules issues I dont have a lot of tie to work on the app at the moment
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    In this episode we milk Stockport Fast Talk Champion, Jamie Perkins for information about Scourge and Ratcatchers and also touch on Morticians, Season 4 and WTC. We then jump in the car for a Farmers vs Blacksmiths Car Ball. Double Dodge!! Green Milk!! http://www.doubledodge.com.au/
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    Future of the (UK) Masters

    Hi all, With this year's Masters now over and done with, I'd like to take a moment to discuss with the community what we think should happen about the future of this event. It's fair to say that it didn't attract players as one might hope for such an event this year, and if the event is to run again in the future I think it's worth discussing how to make sure it's successful next year. I will say, though, that it will not be running the event again, but I would encourage the community to find a solution that allows the event to continue. Q1. Do We Want A Masters Event At All? I think there's also a decision to be made as to whether we (the community) want an invitational style event or not. When I first ran the Masters back in 2016 the national/world championship was in its infancy and the jury was still out. Now those events are well established and, perhaps, mean there is no place for an invitational Masters style event. That said, my personal opinion is that there is space for such an event as I believe it offers something different to the both the world championships and the WTC. As someone who would never hope to be able to qualify for such an event, I enjoy them as a spectator and find it's something you can learn a lot from - I suppose in a similar way to the world's, but in a way that is more focused on the experience of playing in the UK meta. With some of the discussions there has been about the lack or not of good quality resources to help newer players, a range of such high-level games recorded and posted online is a great resources for the wider community, and I would encourage people to get involved and see it as something that could provide a greater good for the wider community. Q2. What Went Wrong This Year? I've had a good amount of time and received a lot of comments, constructive and otherwise, about the potential reasons why this year's event was not as well attended as it could have been. I'll summarise these in different sections. These are questions for whoever takes over to consider the best answers to. Q2a. Venue? When I ran the event last year I ran it at the Sancurary in the East Midlands in an attempt to find a fairly central location to allow everyone to get together. The feedback I got from that event, largely from people coming from the South East, was that actually Element Games was easier to get to, and as it is local to me it made for an ideal venue that helped out a great deal with budgeting the event. However, the meta has shifted in the 19 months since the last event and the centre of gravity for Guild Ball in the UK seems to have shifted south somewhat, so maybe a more southerly venue is required. I would just like to add a quick note that the support from the venue staff at element this weekend has been excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend them as a venue for anyone wanting to run an event in this locale. The problem is more likely that the venue is in the wrong locale. Q2b. Format? I've ran the Masters now twice with the idea that you have a weekend of gaming running alongside it for people to come and play in alongside and in support of the Masters, allowing the invitational to run without a direct cost to the participants. Is this the best way to run it, or are there better ways? Should the invitees pay their way? Should there be a more general way to contribute for those who think the event is a public good, such as patreon or crowd funding? All things that whoever takes over will need to think about if the masters continues. Is the idea of a LCQ a good one or one that should be dropped? Do we want to go back to individual guild masters getting a place, and possibly expanding to 32 players/ 5 rounds? Do we want to go wider than just the UK (in my mind no, not to be dismissive of some of the great players in other countries, but IMO the Masters is a celebration of the best play each meta has to offer and the specific playstyles of each meta. Maybe there's not that much difference, but the results on Longshanks seem to suggest there is something weirdly different going on, at least last time I looked into it). Q2c. Scheduling? I think there were three big events that clashed this year - Bonescon the weekend before and the LotR Throne of Skulls and Heroic Play event on the same weekend. As a non-WMH player I wasn't aware of the clash with Bonescon until it was too late to change the date, so that one's on me, but the fact that the Heroic Play event was still well attended at the same time suggests to me that the Masters was struggling despite the proximity to Bonescon for whatever other reasons there may be. It's been suggested integrating it into Bonescon, or perhaps another convention. Would this be doable, a good idea? Q2d. Organiser? It's only fair that I take a cold hard look at myself and ask myself am I the right person to run this event? I no longer run the rankings, I am just one individual who believes that the masters is an event that should run, and probably not as prominent on the tournament scene as I was back in 2016. And on top of that I am perhaps (wrongly IMO) seen as one of the more vocally negative people on social media. Perhaps because of this there's also been an admittedly small number of hurtful comments aimed in my direction, and whilst I am a big enough boy to take these on the chin and move on, if there is at least one player who would qualify who would be unlikely to attend the masters because of my involvement, then it is probably best that I take a step back and allow the event to move forward without me, if that doesn't sound too much like business speak. So I won't be running this event again, but am happy to lend whatever support I can and whatever wisdom I have gained over the last 2 attempts to run it to whoever the community decides should take over running the event. Is there one individual who would be willing to take on the mantle, or would the community prefer a committee to run it? Q2e. Rankings? There have been some criticisms from some of the players who are highly ranked that there are problems with the perception of the way longshanks calculates the rankings. I personally think they are sound, but if there is a perceived problem, should we have our own secondary rankings system that we operate for our own community here in the UK? If so what would it look like? Again I am happy to lend my expertise to this if the community thinks this would be something worth considering, and wants my help. Conclusion I'd like to see this event continue, I think it does have value and a place in the tournament scene, but it is clear that I am not the person to run it anymore. Let's please discuss it as a community and see what we want to do going forward. I am posting this, and am here, at the service of the community, should my services be desired. Finally, thanks to all those who have supported the masters over the last two-and-a-bit years, I had a blast running them and made a load of friends as a result. Cheerio for now, Ben
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    Her playbook is solid. Early momentous results, on 2 hits, everything you can ask for, but she's sooooo slow. Even with the free jog at the start of the jog and Between a Rock she just never manages to get to where I want her and her 1" melee does not help. So I guess a bit more speed or reach would go a long way and maybe also something in the lines of protective instinct as I mentioned above. Still, the biggest problem is not her, but the rest of the team. The 10 fills up so quick. Both captains, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet are all in, then you want Harmony to get that sweet linked activation and Lucky and vet.Harmony for contidion removal in case you are facing Smoke or other contidion heavy teams. That leaves just 1 spot and Towers Defend the Ground and Tooled Up tends to win me over. And then there are union picks. So no, she just don't make the cut.
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    NOOB questions

    Correctly answered. The rules on Range can be found in the rulebook, page 37, but briefly: Range [RNG] Shown as one of three values: [n”] This is the maximum range of the Character Play. [S ] Denotes that the range is Self and may only be used on the model that triggers the Character Play. [P] Denotes that the Character Play can only be triggered as a Playbook result using play-icons. This Character Play may only target the original Attack target.
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    NOOB questions

    Range S means "Self" and the character play is either used on said player or the pulse is measured from said player P means "player" and the character play can only target the player you have successfully generated the playbook result from. In regards to the charge - all results are ignored as the whole attack is negated.
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    I have recently switched to Masons, but I dont feel we have any obvious weaknesses. Making a 10 man was hard, because most of our players are just really good. Finding a 6 man for a match is mostly 5 autopicks and one flex slot. That said, I have no room for Wrecker, but he feels good enough. Marbles is just amazing as an Honour player. Also in my 10, here is no room for Granite and Chisel. Granite feels okay, but not good enough. Chisel needs more damage to be a glass cannon.
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    And a good job you did with it. He more or less says that Chisel will see some changes going into S4 and as a Masons player this is good news.
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    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Engeneers, it had a giant mechanical spider, what's not to love. (And my play group recommended them as a good starter.) Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? No. I started getting more games in with the kick off brewers with other new players. I didn't have the match experience to execute big plays, make use of my momentum, or placement with cogs. Brewers were a lot more forgiving on a newbie, then I started to love the playstyle. Thanks to sheer reps, I don't worry about going into good fish players or a strong union list. I've beat good teams with good players, on the strength of scum tap ins. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? Cogs were survivable, fast enough, and had the solid playbooks to not get me blown out right away, they were my "training wheels". Their sacrifice made my play solid. I'm gettin good with smiths, and their paintjob is easily my best.
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    I think Granite is perfectly balanced and is worth taking against the half of the guilds that want some take-outs and have bad board control at range (butchers, blacksmiths, farmers, union, brewers, masons). As I've often said, Chisel needs at a minimum momentous 2 damage on 3 hits to be considered. She probably needs more and it would be great to receive the meat-hook treatment. To take her over the top, they could shorten her playbook to make wraps possible. At the moment she has a beaters kick stat but pathetic momentous damage results and a long playbook.
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    They will just get the dual guild status and play for the Masons' minor guild.
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    Vet Minx in May

    That's all well and good on launch, 3 weeks later though you're likely to be shit out of luck for splits as everyone is likely to already have them. This is a bad move for long term sales and newer players joining the game later in the year likely won't buy it as way too pricey for the one model they need for their team
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    It's actually 3/6.
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    Looking good! Again. You are quite productive with your painting.
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    The bricks (maybe these are bricks on the side), and all the colours are very good imo!
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    Steamforged plays Ratcatchers vs Union

    The rule was set carefully so it was crystal clear what was and wasn’t ok, in response to various things, including someone who felt NDAs didn’t apply to them and someone else very nearly ending up in trouble as a result. But as with most things, we try to be flexible - that’s why I said it was ok this time! No one’s in trouble for it, I just wanted to mention it lightheartedly so we didn’t end up with people not realising the rule existed and getting into trouble accidentally later on
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    New Boxed Sets?

    Thanks all for the insight. Unfortunate from my perspective. I will keep my eyes open for some deals. The plastic is definitely more up my financial alley (hurts less than metal). @Malritch London, Ontario...bit of a walk to Red Deer.
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    The Old Buzzard

    the figures

    So it looks like a quality control problem then. Maybe we need to get choosy and unlike regular Brits, complain to the folk who can make a difference rather than to one another. Next time.
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    It's going to be a hugely exciting year for the Hunters guild, with us getting both vMinx AND 2 cross guild players from the Falconers guild. Hype train in full steaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    I think the color scheme is very good and it's especially fitting for the alchemists but I can see what you mean getting fed up painting that. Butchers are quite nice, mine are orange and they've been a blast to paint. I like bright colors.
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Smoke’s pretty much done, just needs a puff of matt varnish. And a better photo setup.
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    Jam Sandwich

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    For me, the removal of a huge barrier of entry to a cool game by switching to single-piece, colour-coded models that are still (IMO) excellent quality and look great on the pitch is worth more than the same models in unassembled metal. I'm not a hobbyist, I just want to play Guild Ball!
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    After discussing some of the criteria for this competition with several of the players, we have decided to withdraw playing the GIC card option's from the tournament.