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    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to do the remaining Masons and Brewers as well as rebox the Kickoff ones with goal and terrain (moulds already made, little to no additional outlay on them), or to put the Major guild of the Minor guild released that year in PVC so new players buying the minor can get hold of the extra two models to go in the guild? Current rumours (no official timetable from SFG) would mean people with Ratcatchers either need to buy the £50 metal box (no tokens, goal or terrain compared to the plastic that got them into the game...) or wait 4 years for Morts to be done in plastic. Surely the minor guilds are going to create additional interest in their majors due to the 'value for money' of having both, so having both in plastic at the same time would make more sense.
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    Full engineers team

    Hey guys, i have recently finished a paint job for a friend in our local community who is fresh into guild ball and is an owner of Engineers guild. Please excuse the bright lighting and the quality lost in downsizing the image. Any criticism is welcome Ballista Colossus Compound Locus Mainspring Mother Pin Vice Ratchet Salvo Velocity Veteran Here is a Group Selfie
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    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I don't like the PVC models either, but it's hard to argue they are less value for money just on the material side when you get all the things @Scapegoat_Stephen mentioned for the same or less price (are you sure the LE captains are included in the price, Steven, or is that just a deal lots of LGS are doing? I'm only comparing RRP to keep it fair). The problem is that there is no way to expand or diversify those minor guilds unless you cough up for a metal team, and as SFG's whole reason for the PVC is that 'metals turn off potential players', not having the major guild in PVC close to the minor release seems counter intuitive.
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    First off Butchers I painted for my daughter as a Christmas present. She's really enjoying the game and has played 5 games already in a month! Back on the Masons train with Vet Harmony
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    Hopefully will be a display of my new Masons models and any appropriate Union players over time. First model is Chisel, everything else is on order Comments and criticism greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting more of the Guild painted.
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    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    So the team at my FLGS is £40 pushing to £45 with a Ltd edition model. I'm unsure what would constitute 'good value' to you when for the same price as metal team you are getting: Ltd edition extra model Terrain piece Goal marker Tokens for the team Health dials Alternate themed ball I'm actually interested to know what you feel would make it good value? I get the some people prefer metal argument but I'm struggling to understand your point. I'm not looking to call you out or start an argument just want to understand These PVC boxes allow people to play straight out of the box whilst building up a scenery collection. I know of no other wargame out there that is so accessible to new people.
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    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Oh aye, I'm interested in the logic of it and I can see the reasoning behind it. I'm not saying it's executed very well and my personal opinion is that I highly prefer metal over pvc. Well, anything over pvc but I rather enjoy painting and painting pvc is a painful process and feels much a wasted effort and time. Where as painting the sfg metals has become my new favourite line to paint, such great sculpts.
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    Merry Wanderer

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    If Avarisse dies with Greede on him, Greede is not taken out. So it is not the end of the world. If Greede is taken out by himself, it's usually bad, because he gives up 2 VP, and he's unlikely to ever catch up to join up with Avarisse again, and the two of them do work best together. So, I recommend not leaving Greede on the pitch if you can help it. Like all beaters, when they activate is dependant on game state. They need to be within 8" of a target, preferably one that doesn't have access to easy dodges. If they are within 5" they will reliably convert 5 Influence into 4 Momentum, as well as 6-9 damage + a Knockdown. Those numbers go up the lower the defense of their target is. Against a 4/1 model the activation goes like this: Greede 2, Avarisse 3 Walk up, Drop Me Off!. Greede buys an attack 4 dice, 1 net hit: Momentous Singled Out Avarisse buys an attack 5+2 (Singled Out) +1(Crowd Out) dice, 3 net hit: Momentous 2 (+1 + KD from Thuggery) Avarisse buys an attack 8 dice, 4 net hit: Momentous 3 (+1 from Thuggery) Avarisse buys an attack 8 dice, 4 net hit: Momentous 3 (+1 from Thuggery) Greede uses Pick Me Up! Net Result: 4 Momentum, 11 damage, Knocked Down, Singled Out player engaged by Avarisse. If Avarisse starts wrapping (easy on 3 and 2 defense players) those numbers go up very quickly. That's enough damage to kill a player that's already taken some damage, or set up that player to be taken out next activation. The thing to keep in mind, is that they're pretty slow, so if your opponent can stay out of their threat bubble. One of the things that makes them such excellent beaters though, is that they rarely have to worry about counter attacks. If you push Greede, he can just walk back in. If you save your counter attack for Avarisse, he has a KD on every column, and a double KD on 4. As Fish, you have the best tools to get A&G into the fight, between Fisher's Lure, Drag and Tidal Surge.
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    Ongoing dervish debate

    Bonesaw got me two goals in my win against Corsair Fight Fish this past Saturday. Dervish is excellent, and coupled with Unexpected Arrival set me up absolutely sublimely for the first goal. Slightly off topic, but the second goal was something I'd wanted to do since first picking up Morts back in 2016. I'd conceded, and the ball landed just near Dirge after the scatter. He snapped it, sprinted 10" towards Bonesaw at the Fish goal, and unsnapped. Fish had no one near enough to recover, next activation I picked it up and got the tap in. OK while I'm on a roll (still off topic, sorry) - we are now at 10-10. It's getting a bit heavy up near my goal. Obulous is blind. This is baaaad. I messed up my order, and should have had Graves pass to obs but I didn't. Obs needs that ball to have a crack at a goal, but more crucially needs the 4" dodge. Oh yes, Where'd They Go! And Puppet Master! So Obs activates and dodges 2", Graves passes to Obs for a 4" dodge, he sprints 4"(!) and gets to just within 4" of the Fish goal. Blind. No Kick dice. Bonus time for 1. Confidence... It's a 3. PHEWWWW. 14-10. It was an interesting game, and my first with Morts since losing at V16. I was fully prepared to lose Cosset, but my mate rolled badly on something, and she was left untouched which utterly threw out my entire plan for the 3rd turn Kraken scored, which was great. I was very happy for him.
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    I certainly agree with this, coming from Warmachine if i could see a measurement is going to be super important i'd stop the player and ask them what they're looking to do, from there me and my opponent would be able to work together to make sure that it's clean. Personally I think it's both players responsibility to make sure each other are "clean". I can guarantee that no one does it to cheat so therefore we should be helping each other not slagging each other off.
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    Thank you @LeadDiceandBeers. I tried searching but struggled to find that info.
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    My Butchers :)

    Ox Repainting my Butchers to go with the Valentine Boiler and Brisket.
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    Terrain Tales

    Hey, an update! The Haystack became a goal-post rather than terrain, but the principle still works. I'd planned to add a fox to the bottom of my goal, so made a prototype haystack goal for the Escalation league, meaning I didn't take any work in progress pictures When finished, it turned out there is absolutely no space on the base for anything other than the Haystack (if you want it bigger than a human model, which clearly you would - it's a stack, not a bale). So this time I'm going to post an image of the finished article (some of you will have seen it in The Goal Post Thread) and a link to the article that inspired it in the first place, with some notes on construction. HAYSTACK - Barrier I followed the advice from this article in making the Haystack. Very simple to build - two rectangles of door mat back to back, watered down PVA all over, roll it in chopped up brush from the door mat, repeat the PVA & rolling, then either leave natural or spray with some straw-coloured paint and drybrush Bleached Bone/Ushabti Bone/some bone colour. You might not want to water down the PVA too much as I had large puddles of it under the base while leaving it to dry, which was a bit of a pain. The fuzziness on the brush came from me trying to seal them on with spray on seal, which did not work as I planned but I'm not unhappy with the results (won 2 Best Goal awards with it so far, so clearly no-one else cares ). The pitchfork is from the old (now released for Malign Portents) Zombie sprue, with the hand and arm carved off. It's just stuck in between the brush in the top, so is removable, allowing me to transport easier and to reposition as I feel like every time I set up. It does get knocked out as I reach over the goal quite often, but it looks great. Next - PROXY BASES! Already made, but the 50mm and 30mm need a touch up, so I'll take some photos once I get them on the painting mat.
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    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Had some other painting projects underway in the last few weeks, but have finished another Guild Ball mini now. Here's Lucky in his masons kit:
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    The release kit supposedly has the cards and releases March 16, so only 5 weeks to go! Grab your pitchforks fellas!
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    Wow! Way to make things personal!!! That said, I will hold my hand up and say fair point. I make mistakes. I'd like to think they are honest mistakes as a symptom of the lack of practice games I play. And the one time we have played was 1st round of an event, so when I'm likely to be at my most rusty. My apologies if I gave you a bad game. I've posted about sportsmanship before and try to set myself a high standard for sporting play that I thought would give people a good game. I had thought that that meant be relaxed and laid back about things, but perhaps I was wrong. I will add, though, that this is kind of the point I was making, and touches on Aaron's similar point about clean play. If you're a new/casual player you're not getting the experience in to be practiced enough to be perfectly clean and remember everything accurately in everything you do, and being a bit more casual about it might help retain newer players. I'd also argue that's there's things the more experienced player can do to help the casual player get clean and learn. If you think someone is mismeasuring get out some base steppers and show them how to measure it accurately. If someone keeps forgetting rules, pre-empt when they might and fully explain why what you're doing is going to do what you say it is. Communication can only help smooth things over, surely? Anyway I will take your criticism on board and strive to be cleaner in my play, if I can manage to start getting some regular games in. If not maybe I'll just have to stop attending tournaments as the standards of play require, for me, more practice than I can manage. Maybe I should just stick to god tear. A simpler game with hexes is probably more my speed. I'm feeling it too, Lee. And you should get down more. You can help me clean up my game 😁
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    Akodo Harid

    Starting out resources

    Here's also a useful video that can introduce players on how to play. Each video focuses on different aspects of the game so they can be managed in small chunks. Here's Video one, and the full playlist can be found at this link
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    I don't think anyone here is really disagreeing that the tournament scene for Guild Ball is great when you're "in it," or saying that competitive players are a bunch of super-serious assholes. Pretty much everybody who's ever been to a tournament has great things to say about the community, and that seems to only get stronger as you go deeper into the scene, eventually making it to Worlds or WTC or whatever. The issue that this thread started with seems to be the part about GETTING there. I'd say that Guild Ball is an incredibly interesting, inviting, and satisfying ecosystem for a player at the top 40-50% of the curve in terms of investment and/or skill. But everybody pretty much starts at 0%, so... that's not a great look for the game's longevity. I don't really think that telling these players to "stick with it and git gud" is useful; new players don't want to be told to keep playing for some reward a year down the line, they want a reason to continue playing NOW. This is a hobby, for god's sake. How to get new players into Guild Ball and keep new players dedicated to Guild Ball long enough to see the parts of the community that are best is a crucially important question, but it's tough. Huggy has good ideas above, but not every community can be blessed with a great teacher/demo-er for new players. I try to avoid playing new players too, because it's hard for me to "turn off" when it comes to Guild Ball, and I think that's a problem shared by most top players. Casual formats do help with that in my opinion, and I think a lot more of those types of events should be run; it's a lot easier to shrug off the competitive drive and fuck around when you're playing doubles. A problem with that solution, though, is that some of the alt formats just flat suck in my opinion. Does anybody REALLY enjoy Homelands? I sort of like thinking about it until I remember that the Skaldic team is just flat, no-question the best team in the format, and then I forget about it again. More action-packed, fast-paced formats would be welcome, but how much the dev team can and should dedicate to that is an open question. Different regions have different problems in this case too. The UK has typically had dramatically more events than any section of the USA of similar size, so I think for the UK more casual events where top players are encouraged to play but relax is a good direction. But in the USA, we struggle to have enough events (and big enough events) to satisfy the dedicated players. More casual events would still be useful, but as a competitive player I'd be pretty frustrated if my already-inconsistent tournament selection got overrun by Dodge Ball. Other than, again, the arrival of a super energetic and patient teacher, I'm struggling to come up with a direct solution I can help implement that satisfies the community AND grows it, while also (hopefully) being at least sort of fun for me. I think Steamforged is to blame here as well. About a year ago everybody was hyped for the Season 3 changes, trying out new stuff, finding good plays and bad plays, and generally the established community was gushing about the game. I don't really think the game has gotten worse—in fact I think it's better than it was then—but it's hard to get hyped with such a dramatic change to the game notably missing. I think Season 4 happening sometime around now would have been good, or at least a patch involving buffs to most guilds' least-played models like Venin, Bonesaw, VetSpigot, Locus, etc. Compound that lack of excitement with the weird uncertain place metal teams are in right now regarding their sale and relation to the plastic teams, and the fact that of the four currently available plastic teams, one might get you shamed for playing them and another is considered maybe the most complicated guild to play in the game, and it's pretty hard to figure out exactly where to point a new player's money. The wiki idea is a great one and if one starts getting built up I'd happily help add some tactica/tips for parts of the game or specific models. Maybe a more honest and direct pitch for Guild Ball would be good too. Is there something so bad about being THE competitive miniatures game? If you want fair fights, rewards for skill, and a deep tournament scene, come to us.
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    If I play newer players I tend to do this with guilds/players I don't play that often. I tend to try to play clean and whilst I dial it back to a decent degree I don't tend to give too many freebies, although giving up the odd goal or take out that could be avoided will happen. I will offer some advice, but like Beaston said, it isn't always that easy and to my experience not everyone enjoys getting extensive advice. In general I don't play newer players often because I don't feel like I'm that good at making it an enjoyable experience for the opponent whilst still having fun myself. We have some great people at the LGS, including our pundits, who are far better at that. I do feel GB has a very relaxed and cool competitive ( compatatibe? :D) scene. There is the odd game that might be a bit off but it is more the exception than the rule. Coming from Warmachine, I don't find GB that harsh for newer players. Thanks to the alternating activations newer players can still get some attacks/ goals in even if they only have a very limited knowledge of what they have to do. What might be interesting for newer players is breaking down plays to it's bare minimum. One of the things I loved when I started out was Singled Out "how do you" https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/how-do-you/ .
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    Fixed all the links above. FINALLY got back to painting my models after a 2 year gap and started with Hammer followed by Decimate before learning I soon won't be able to use her
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    Would like to say that msot of these are rush jobs and weren't spent as long on as Chisel. However, from a distance they look decent enough. Still a few touch ups to do, including redoing the eyes...Other than that just Marbles to go. EDIT: LOADS OF LINKS BROKE SO RE-INPUTTING PICS IN THIS POST