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    As I sit with a very strong cup of coffee and try to sort things out on my work desk my mind wanders...and mostly, these days, it treads on Guild Ball pitches. I am about six months into this hobby...the game...the painting...the terrain making...and it has been a wonderful ride thus far. My win/loss ratio is horrendous. I think I've managed to win about 15 of 50 matches and yet I have only occassionally become frustrated by my lack of victories. Perhaps I measure success differently than many. To this point I have taken great delight in small victories... scoring on a well executed goal run (rare for me), killing Ox with Flint (it happened... I tell you the whole tale over a beer some time)...great close games (lost 12-11 to Morts last night when Harmony missed a goal with me clocked out and I had to give my opponent the winning VP). Eventually I hope that patience and practice will pay off and I can claw my way to mediocrity! That, however was never the point of my entering the Guild Ball rank and file. I'm challenging myself to get out and socialize more than I have in years. Challenging myself to make some new friends... most of which seem to be 20-25 younger than I am... and give me wonderful new perspectives on things. Challenging myself to get better each and every time I square off with an opponent. I am not sure when I might get past the current plateau that I am on and make more progression on my resolution to become a 50/50 player... but I know it will come. I play against much more experienced players for the most part. I play against opponents who are more tuned to this type of thing than I am. This is my first foray into a miniature game...and I just don't naturally think the way they do. It is not a bad thing that I am forced to expand my faculties... it is just as challenging, refreshing, and rewarding as it is occassionally frustrating. The relationships developed and the time spent having fun together playing and discussing Guild Ball are, to me, far more valuable than whether or not I crush my opponent. (No real crushing on my part has been witnessed as of yet... although there was that practice game on Vassal where I just played both teams and kicked the crap out of myself) I know there are many who are a good deal more competitive than I am. I know some who just hate to lose. I know some who seem to want the winning to come easy and give up before they actually put in the time to get better. To each, their own, I suppose. I am sure there are a few out and about that perhaps are struggling a bit like myself. I would encourage everyone to find their own little successes beyond the win column. It make everything just a bit more enjoyable. ....and in conclusion to the rambling.... my thanks... my thanks to those of you who continue to support and inspire those around you. You make a huge difference... and often probably don't even know you are doing it. Cheers all!
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    I finally did some more work on Smoke (as a distraction from my distractions...). Went with reinstating the original smoke, but extending it and repositioning the arm holding the smoke bomb to more of a resting position. I imagine she’s just hopping through a cloud, hanging in the air before whatever alchemical power she makes use of takes hold. Basic shape is done, still to finish the details.
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    Ragnar Rok

    Clocked out Against Farmers

    Fish Shark Tentacles Sakana Greyscales oSiren Hag Played another against Farmers last night, usual result. Lost 8-12. We played on the clock, so it was hard to really remember the game, I scored two goals. He scored 1 goal with the rest takeouts. I played very poorly, and after getting Shark killed in yet another game, I feel he may demand a trade to a better team. In all seriousness, I waited until the top of turn two to score w/Shark, ran the length (sigh, no Knee SLider), prior to this he used his legendary. I got him as far away as possible, but the Farmers have so many moving shenanigans, that Grange still got in on him. I even ran Greyscales over to mover the saw wielding bastich away. So, I've probably played 8 games against Farmers, six with Fish. I really think that team is nigh impossible to beat. I have yet to play them with Corsair. I spread out my team, I pulled Windle all the way to my goal almost, Grange at the other end. I will keep on keeping on against them. Playing against the clock is tough. It was my third game w/clock, and man, I was rusty. Great, I have a "Balls Out!" Tourney this weekend. When my time ran out, I scored one more goal on my last activations to make it 8-9. My opponenet wanted to finish it up, so twenty grueling minutes later of him killing the ball, mercilly it was over. So, lessons learned, I suck. No, seriously, I focused on when to Def Stance/Counter Attack/MoM for health. It was my main focus since it is a weak area. I'll leave you with this sad shot of a Dead Shark, biologists every where were outraged at the senseless slaughter. Cheers
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    Hello from MIchigan

    Hey everyone! New player here. Got the farmer's box. Looking forward to the new one. I have a league starting on the 20th and got one going on two friends into the game with me. All I need to find now is a reliable win against butchers. The other thing I'm hoping is that brewers will get fixed next season because I really like them.
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    This was a good read. It made me quite happy to hear you've found something you enjoy and it has lead to you meeting new people and connecting with them. Cheers for sharing. And I'm entirely sure you'll get there. I myself suck as well for a good while, I can't learn anything by reading the cards, I don't listen to people on the Internet before I've confirmed it myself so I play models people say are bad just to see if they are indeed bad also in my hands. Guildball is rough man, as a first game. I'm happy I have friends that play a variety of games. We have way too many games we play btw but out of them all Guildball had the most ridiculously high learning curve. So don't get disheartened man, we come from a competitive malifaux crowd and we're stumped with Guildball every friggin' game. You'll get there, for sure!
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    Iron sharpens iron. You will learn more getting your butt kicked than you will smashing face. When I first started I just got trounced and trounced. I played Alchemists and just couldn't get my head around them. I thought it was me. I thought it was the team. I thought a lot of things, but it started to click. Now I hardly lose with them and feel I know them intrinsically and play with "suboptimal" teams to try and learn them even more. I've also started playing Hunters and am about... 40% with them so far... I like the challenge and/or am masochistic. As long as you're having fun, though, there's no wrong way to play Guildball!
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    BurroBoskov's Match Summaries

    It's a New Years miracle! I bring out the Alchemists for a mid week game against @dtjunkie19! Game 16 - 18/1/18 Compleat Strategist Manhattan, NYC Alchemists vs engineers. I choose to kick because in my head Midas puts out more kickoff pressure than he really does. Midas Naja, Calculus, Compound, oKat, Vitriol Pinvice Mother, Ratchet, Velocity, Hoist, Colossus. I go for a greedy kick off to the right with Midas, but roll a 6 for direction twice and so "the dog" places it on Colossus. Engineers pass it around and move up, ratchet tooling up mother, velocity nimbles, ball on pin vice. I respond with Compound getting stinky, Naja slithering, and then seeing what Midas can do. He charges ratchet, but doesn't get enough dodges to make the steal and score off of Pin Vice likely. So he farms momentum and push dodges ratchet back to my lines. Pinvice has options now, legendaries for some momentum and dodges, pin balling between her, hoist, her, velocity (who is engaged by vitriol at this point) at which point a pass fails and velocity recovers it. Pinvice then makes to mess Midas up, deletion on her self, only to whif 4 attacks in a row, dealing no damage to Midas. I had calculus poison ratchet earlier, and okat sprints up to engage him, ready for me to go first next turn. Turn 2. OKat goes first and brings ratchet down to 3 health, (he is suffering fire kd, and poison too), and kd's velocity. The ball scatters to colossus. I could have had the guaranteed kill on ratchet, but the scatter screwed me, as ratchet stands up and Heroic Landing overclocked onto colossus then heals. Compound gets stinky and tries to reposition to a better place, but Colossus gets lucky and kd's vitriol then sprints into melee with compound and scores. 0-4. Kick out to calculus who bonus times a pass to Midas, who bonus times a snapshot in for a counter goal. 4-4. Velocity can get to the kick off and bonus times a pass to colossus, who doesn't care about stinky goalie and gets another goal. 4-8. Well now I'm screwed. His team are all footballers, covering both sides of the pitch and there is only so much I can do. Vitriol gets the ball and is ready to score, but I can't yet since I would immediately lose to a counter goal. Midas is forced to spend his stack getting momentum for next turn. Turn 3 I again go first. I've got two options. Vitriol hides in a corner with the ball. It slows the game down, I can get my ratchet kill with okat, but there isn't really an obvious second kill. Or go first with okat, get ratchet off the board, and hope vitriol can hold on to it. I do the latter, 6-8. But pin vice gets the job done, getting to vitriol, getting the ball, passing it to velocity, controllering so velocity goes next, and I can't respond while she comfortably walks into range for a 5 dice Tap in to finish the game. 6-12. 6-12 Midas snapshot and ratchet take out vs colossus goal, snapshot, and velocity goal. I was down in the goal race, which was awkward. I should have been further in the hole, but Midas was lucky to avoid death. If I had received it would have helped get the first goal, but his team has a lot of close control, which can give him the advantage in breaking serve to get the third goal first. Maybe should have gone with vKat, as the witness me would have made a difference, and I'd have 2 more info for others... Still, a fun game. I normally try to go deep with one guild, but having a taste of the alchs again might make me use them every so often!
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    Ratcatchers Guild

    The painted sculpts are up on the blog now - 50/50 on my like of the models so far. Piper, Pelage and Skulk look great, though Scourge, Maisma and Squeek look a bit off (what's going on with Maisma's hands??). Hopefully we'll see them from some alternate angles at some point. The ball token makes me think of Eddie Izzard's taxidermist sketch
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Speaking of photos, here's the traditional first step in bust painting for me:
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    Kdogs completed stuff

    Been a while but hey a new finished mini. I do have my Main 7 hunters at about 75% but then @Mako had to run a contest and put a stop to all my progress there. Fortunately I now have a colour scheme for my Heralds when I get around to them. This one was a lot of fun for me trying some new techniques such as the icicles and snow basing, as well as trying to do white hair and blue tinged flesh tone. As normal not the best photos but Here is Skatha and her snowball. Also I noticed my vOx pics have disappeared so here he is again.
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    I finally got round to finishing Brainpan and memory, after a lot of distractions (some important ones, but still...) And because this also slowed the process up, here's the other bases I did. That leaves me with all my morticians bases completed except for vileswarm and skulk, who doesn't fully count
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    Yay, we bought a new camera for holidays... and you don't believe it, it can take pictures of miniatures, too! So I took some of my SteamCon entry and something fresh work for my blacksmiths: My tray (smoke and light off) I had to change my goal-marker, because the miniature on it before was from Confrontion. So it wasn't allowed: I changed it vs. a resin casket, made some handles for it, cut an Omega into it and now the lamp in the marker illuminate the guild sign from behind. My ball marker: The flowers are selfmade of green stuff and wire. With the new camera, the pinstripes on the trousers of Avarisse can be seen! Not new, but I like the picture : New, but only a decoration my VetGraves - playing doctor at the sideline: Maybe it's better not to get injured... Aaand a small conversion of my Cinder. In my opinion, her neck was to long. So I padded her breastplate with some greenstuff. In my eyes the proportion is better now: At the moment I get closer for priming my BS. Yesterday I got a laser cut kit for my goal marker and have to scratchbuild some things for it. Will take pictures, when it's done.