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    Well I got Santa Graves and his 8 reinde...rats finished this week so I guess I can start the ball rolling You'll hopefully note there is a Rudolf rat
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    Next Errata?

    I think the sub text to my comment is that the idea of what needs a nerf is very subjective to individuals and likely to be very different depending on who you ask. I genuinely find shark the hardest (and perhaps more importantly, most dull) captain to play against, but many others think he has been nerfed so badly he's unplayable. Who's to say who is right? (Answer: the design team). By allowing people to voice their concerns, frustrations and problems it allows them to be challenged on their opinions and develop their argument or change their minds. I've had my mind changed on the Ox buff that I was initially quite negative about, and to some extent about Shank (although I still think he could be tweaked a little), but i still think the shark nerf was the wrong nerf and didn't make him any easier to play against, for me (I can go into why, but its not really relevant to the point I'm trying to make here). One thing I believe these discussions can allow but rarely do, is for other more experienced players to help the casual players get around the problems they're having against player X by suggesting ways to deal with them. Unfortunately it seems more likely that the more experienced players will just dismiss the concerns of others and forgo the opportunity to actually help someone out. Yes, I know that often such helpful advice can often just get attacked, and that some people don't want to listen, but for every person spouting off about something and refusing to listen, there's probably a few others suffering the same problem who are willing to listen. I know from my own experience when I had a particular hissy fit after my first S3 tournament back in Feb, there were hundreds of people lining up to tell my I was wrong, but then Pat Vance and Alex Botts actually have me some advice on how to solve the problems I was facing and helped me go 4-1 at the rusty cup. Anyway, this has been a bit of a rambling post, but I am essentially saying that people's ideas of what needs a nerf will be very different. If you disagree (and I say this to everyone, not just Aaron), listen to them and help them rather than dismiss their comments as wrong. Cheerio, and Happy New Year
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    GB resolution for –18?

    Hit 1,000 subs All three STW members qualified for Worlds. Paint a guild in monochrome Learn to use my dremel. Find another Guild for RTL
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    Quick game so we re-rack. Game 9 - (29/12/17) Black Sphere, London Lineups - Skatha, Snow, Minx, Ulfur, Seenah, vHearne Pin Vice, Mother, Salvo, Velocity, Colossus, Locus I stick with my best available line up (appreciating the chance to use models that I don't normally) and he goes for something a little more footbally. As I kick I realize just how much ball retrieval he has. I go for a greedy kick off with Skatha into an obstacle, but even then he has three players who can get it comfortably. Mother does it with a neat marker. We spend the whole turn playing around our goal/counter goal options. Skatha, velocity, and pin vice all have big stacks, and seenah and vhearne are ready for anyone coming in. We burn activations, and when he decides to use locus to pull minx up for a salvo charge, he gets greedy and moves colossus up as well into assisted bear threat range. This is happening on my right, while Pinvice and velocity are both on my left, so I decide that I can suffer a goal this turn if I control the right and let the bear eat something and get a counter goal from the right. This becomes even more obvious when pinvice decides not to go for the turn one goal. I understand he is hesitant to potentially lose his captain for a turn+, but this lets me focus the right. With the goal off the table, skatha spends her turn speeding up seenah, snaring collosus and locus, and snowballing minx out of danger, then KD colossus with a charge. Other things happen including ulfur trying to take the ball off of velocity (if I had a model with close control, I would remember it more often), and salvo putting a flurry into skatha, minx and colossus. Then seenah charges into a two crowd outs, snared, kd colossus. I get him right down and a bucket of momentum, healing minx. I go first and JUST murder colossus with bear hug (that salvo flurry ended up mattering!), *top tip, always roar, even if just to proc stoic, it earned me a momentum from a wrap* retreating seenah afterwards. 3-0 Velocity scores almost trivially, like she does, staying in snapshot range. 3-4. I kick the ball out to the right, looking to get a few more kills before scoring and giving him back the ball. Mother, Salvo, and Locus all have ways to retrieve the free ball, but not to pass it to Velocity. Mother is now a valid target, since she would get me to even points again. I walk Ulfur into her and with a combination of rolling well and bonus timing I get the 2 momentum twice, leaving her on 5. Locus whiffs on minx, and kd's skatha. I charge hearne into a defensive stance mother, roll fire and get the momentum 3. Last light a skewered for the kill. 4-4. Pinvice deletions and deletes snow. 4-5. Salvo gets the ball to velocity, but can't snapshot since he is one momentum short. I have minx and skatha left, and we set up a snared Salvo for Seenah to munch on next turn. I can't lose first, and have to choose between a full stack skatha or 2 inf vhearne to get the ball from velocity. I end up going with vhearne, since although the KD is more random, I want to keep skatha's options open. He can't hit his second column with two attempts, and velocity scores again. 4-9. Oh well, the right is still safe as locus got no inf, so I kick out over there. Seenah eats salvo who had 3 inf. Really impressed with her damage potential when she is set up well. 6-9. My opponent is stuck at this point. None of his team can get to the ball, and two more takeouts seems hard. He charges pinvice into seenah, but I defensive which prevents a wrap, and then counter the next attack to keep her as far from the ball as possible, since risking the KD is a bad idea. All I need to do now is run Ulfur away from the returned mother/colossus, minx goes into pinvice to get snared and a crowd out, skatha snowballs seenah into crowdout, fast grounds to get the ball, and puts attacks into pinvice, kd and leaving her on 2. I can't lose first again, and load skatha up. She procs pinvices reanimate on the first attack, does mom 2 on the second. It's a little scary with the inevitable counter, but because of minx and seenah, I'm still in melee range even after a push dodge. Third inf kills her, then I need to snowball dodge to avoid a parting blow from locus so bonus time that, and bonus time for a 5 dice shot to win. 12-9. Velocity 2goals, pin vice puts snow down. Seenah bear hugs colossus, Ulfur and vhearne get mother, seenah eats salvo, skatha six points off of pin vice kill and a goal ftw. So after two games the skatha list plays a 3-0 and a 1-4 style! I think I drop Ulfur for egret, since Jaecar always wants more inf than he can make. Either way, great to have a chance to play again!
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    https://forestrambo.blogspot.co.uk/ Happy new year all! Today on the blog I'm back, I take a look at how 2017 was for me in Guildball as well as look forward to 2018 and what my plans for it are. I really hope 2018 is a awesome year for you all and wish for good health for everyone here. You're the best community about ! I don't really do anything unique to Hunters to save time that I do with any other guild. Hunters require more set up then most guilds and like to be able to roll turns over to make the most of that set up. My best advice would be to just keep playing games and get to use the ranges we deal with in Hunters.
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    GB resolution for –18?

    I am only going to play guilds that start with F
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    New to masons - tackling blacksmiths

    I played on vassal last night with hammer, wrecker, mallet, tower, flint and minx. Won 12-2. if you can score first then they have to work more on take outs but if they score first, flint can hold the ball until the opportune moment
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    Update from my last post; 1. First off, thank you to those who gave me suggestions how to use hammer much better. The tips has truly helped. 2. At first, I became too protective of Hammer (oops) therefore not using him to his full potential... 3. ... Until recently. After losing 12-0 against Butchers whilst using Brewers (fancied a change), my masons game play has improved hugely; Beating ballista engineers 12-8 (finally my first huge win), followed by a 12-0 beat down over a mates Brewers. After that; lost 12-11 against Obulus Morts (2nd time in a row I had that result against the Morts), lost 12-10 against Fillet Butchers and lost 12-10 against Ferrite Blacksmiths (Ferrite, Furnace, Hearth, Cast, Alloy and Cinder). Why am I very proud of my recent results? Yes I am not winning much against really good players BUT the score has improved massively and hammer has been claiming souls whilst Flint and even BRICK has been scoring goals for me. Now after new year, the local league is changing AGAIN from a set 6 to a roster of 10. I hugely welcome this change because this is a massive opportunity for me to learn how to draft rosters and how to deal with organised play, ready for the UK Masters at end of February. My 10 are as follows; Hammer, Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Harmony, Vet Harmony, Tower and Lucky