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    Best of the Season to You!

    I will mostly likely be popping in regularly over the holidays to read and post... but I still wanted to take the opportunity to wish all of you the best during the holiday season and the incoming new year. A newcomer just a few short months ago, you have all shown me nothing but respect and warm welcome as I navigate my way through rookie waters! Guild Ball is a tremendous game...over shadowed only by the exceptional individuals who play it... that's all of you fine folks. Thanks for the friendships, advice, and kind words many of you have shared with me thus far. Hoping to meet a lot more of you in the coming year! Merry Christmas all!
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    Best of the Season to You!

    An ideal Christmas. Take a moment of Silence in Memory for those that can't be with you, and be with your family in Harmony. Remember to Honour your Mother who worked to make Christmas dinner. Quaff some beers, roast some Taters with a pinch of Salt. Maybe some chocolate Coins for dessert if you're still Peckish. Head out into the Snow with your Sledge, if you're Lucky and the weather's not too Misty. Finally enjoy your time resting by the Hearth. And for those of you that find being with family a stressful time. Well....just try not to Rage and lose your Marbles Happy holidays
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    Momentous Doge - YouTube #content.

    Cheers dude, In thanks for someone actually watching the mediocre #content receive a double feature week of mediocrity.
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