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    When to Casket?

    You can't. Has to be human. Also, don't try using it vs engineers
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    Best of the Season to You!

    Can anyone give me the analogous seasons greeting from the Guild Ball universe? I want to use that..
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    mr baron

    Jackstraw Placing

    Thanks for the answers. This thread can be closed.
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    Best of the Season to You!

    Happy holidays everyone.
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    When to Casket?

    At the first available and certain opportunity. Any Casket Time is a good Casket Time.
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    Best of the Season to You!

    An ideal Christmas. Take a moment of Silence in Memory for those that can't be with you, and be with your family in Harmony. Remember to Honour your Mother who worked to make Christmas dinner. Quaff some beers, roast some Taters with a pinch of Salt. Maybe some chocolate Coins for dessert if you're still Peckish. Head out into the Snow with your Sledge, if you're Lucky and the weather's not too Misty. Finally enjoy your time resting by the Hearth. And for those of you that find being with family a stressful time. Well....just try not to Rage and lose your Marbles Happy holidays
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    iOS GBKeeper & Skulk

    Well there’s no official web card so that makes it harder. I am just thankful that this app exists. It is fantastic and we should be grateful someone gives up their free time to run it. Thank you App makers. You are part of what makes this community great. Christmas High Five.
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    I like kicking off with Midas then first activation going in scoring then popping his legendary. It takes some careful positioning, but if you can pull it off most of there team starting the game off snared can be a big benefit.
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    So why Truffle ? Boiler for the 6 def Fillet that can really hurt Both Tresher and Grange. So Princess seems more mobile and can engage something (Tater) and stuff
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    Stave, new teams same problems?

    So far, using the kick off six has been what I have been doing with Stave. When he is good, he is really good, controls the board, repositions models and is an all around bully. When he doesn't work, he is a big drain... And I find myself not using a lot of his card. I really like the knockdown on 1, and the ranged push. I haven't used the heroic in a long time, and I haven't used his push character play since I picked him up again. He can be surprising if your opponents haven't seen him, which could be fun. Most of all have fun with it. If you enjoy playing him, do it.
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    New PVC Teams

    Two minor guilds per year would mean Farmers and Blacksmiths wouldn't get new models (other than potential SteamCon exclusives) until ... 2022? Don't know about you, but having each team only get one new release (and not even one directly for them) over the next 5-6 years seems a bit too slow.