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    GMass And Clone cause the Attack to be ignored not cause 0 net hits. You could use the vengeance token but the Attack would still be ignored. I'd suggest not using it.
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    Greetings all! This is Lance from the (I’m sure, soon to be) highly famous Guild Ball podcast, The Pitch What? No one gives a damn? Ok, cool… never mind then. I have been tasked to walk those interested in playing the newest team in the Empire of the Free Cities through the basics of opening the box and taking the starting six out for a spin. My hope is that this guide will help you avoid any confusion in your first attempt at playing this very unique team, as well as help you come to your own conclusions as to how to make them click for you in the first few play-throughs. The following is merely “suggestions” of how to begin thinking of each model and, of course, your mileage may vary. With all of those caveats let's get started: http://midwestwargaming.com/beginners-guide-blacksmiths/
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    The Goal Post Thread

    I was trying to think how to pour tinted resin and all sorts of complicated chemical shenanigans... you have a much easier method
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    Momentum and Start of Activation

    "At the start of the activation" basically means the first thing a model does. So if you use Take a Breather, it's no longer the start of the activation by then. In the given example the only way the knocked down Bolt can use Stamina is if someone uses Come on Mate on him.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    My new and Improved Solthecian Goal
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    Midwest Wargaming Batreps

    Read this and some of your other articles. Really informative, excellent work, squire!
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    @Zarodis and I get another batrep out. #2 is Blacksmiths (Ferrite) into Brewers (Tapper) http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-batrep-2-blacksmiths-vs-brewers/
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    After playing into Masons this weekend. I can tell you that if I am kicking I might be very happy to play burnish into them. Not being in a position to get a 1st turn goal with Alloy can mean we are in for a grind and I think against a low def team like Masons keeping them burning seems strong.
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    Whether a guild is major or minor I do not believe has any particular correlation with whether their mob football team is a major or minor guild team. But i may be wrong.
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    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    Bushel's is actually 22" in the scenario depicted: 4+4+6+8.
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    NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Jedi guild.
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    I don’t think it massively changes BS approach. I usually pick Ferrite anyway. Furnace might have a shot but all our other ‘captains’ seem very situational. I don’t think kick/receive affects them.
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    Game too Swingy?

    That was a hell of a game.
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    Game too Swingy?

    Get your friends to watch the game betwenn Jared McGraw and myself (Stephen Easton) on Vincent's youtube channel, coverage of steamcon Usa LCQ. Great game and shows how you can play and pull things back.