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    You guys chatting in the background had him sleeping far too late. But he did go to sleep in his bed eventually! looking forward to seeing all the blacksmiths. They might get me to spend some cash on those guys in spite of my still having unpainted figures in my drawer. Should see you on Friday too Jason. Just found my ticket confirmation after a short panic!
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    Good discussion. The invitation seems to be: 'Go from having an underpowered character in your team for a few games. But the end of the day your opponent will have to spend ALL his time keeping him/her KD or off the pitch to avoid losing the game in turn 2 or earlier.' Simples! See you on Friday!
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    Puppet master and parting blows

    The Butchers team would gain the VP, please see here
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    Enjoyed that. Listened whilst the grandson slept!
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    Thanks for the podcast ... always find it interesting hearing about the sculpting work. Nice investigative journalism too ... keep asking the questions!
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    Thanks! It's not that complicated, mostly patience. I used this tutorial:
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    Decimate resculpts for Union in Chains

    I like the new render better than the first but I don't think VDecimate needs the mask in Brewers anymore. The hat fits nicely with the guild's overall look but the mask just didn't do it for me. I heard that the only reason she was wearing it in the first place was to hide from the Brewers. Seems silly to be wearing it in the guild if they accept her back.
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    The repeat matchup between me and my regular opponent in a 3 round tournament. This time Honour got smart and took out Esters 1st round without letting her activate. Revenge is best served cold! Masons: Honour, Marbles, Harmony, Flint, Mallet, Tower Brewers: Esters, Scum, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, Stoker
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    Esters Cheats. Catches Honour Unawares

    Since there literally is no way for Masons to win this, I'm throwing my support to Fish to get Gutter. Some pretty epic bad scatter and good play by my opponent lost me the game. Masons: Honour, Marbles, Harmony, Flint, Mallet, Brick Brewers: Esters, Scum, Spigot, Friday, Hooper, Gutter
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    Momentous Doge Episode 1

    Have at ye. Quality is low. So is the cost. #content
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    Rookie Tournament?

    Just Listen to singled out Podcast ans you will receive answers!
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    I'm on a horse!

    I hope so. That would make up for the lacking of ARM in the Blacksmiths Guild.
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    Old Father's Harvest - New Farmers box

    Mildly disappointing as I was hoping to get the box early at Steamcon, but I do love this model so I think I’d want to wait and get it thru the FLGS.
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    What vets do you want to see

    Said it before - Veteran Marbles as a GK for Masons. He's more savvy so doesn't like to Goad people but sits at the back and throws poo at them to cause Blind. Give him Horrific Odour to signify his lack of hygiene now that Honour is no longer cleaning him and slow him down to 4"/6" move as he's become fat and lazy.
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    With SteamCon US coming up a lot of green coaches will be competing for the first time in a large tournament. One aspect where some of my locals are struggling with is developing a 10-man roster. For some, the problem is how to limit their roster to just 10 models whereas for others the difficulty is deciding when to replace one of their favorite six starters with someone who they don't normally bring. JD Haigler wrote up a visual walkthrough of how he decides his 10-man Union roster and this can help people who are new to the game or just looking for ways to improve. http://midwestwargaming.com/concept-behind-guildball-lineup/
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    By the way, in the article when talking about strongbox it mentions using Confidence to improve kick reliability - Confidence only applies to Attacks and Character Plays, and doesn't work on kicks.
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    I'm on a horse!

    There is mount/dismount already ingame: Avarisse and Greede...