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    Power creep

    Going the good ole Games Workshop way.
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    back to shadows thendrop the ball

    No. "At the end of the activation" means that no more actions can be made after the effect or ability (or several of them simultaneously) take place. And although giving up possession of the ball is not an action by itself, it can only be done "during activation", which is a previous step in the sequence. So effectively Back to the Shadows would be the last thing Minx can do.
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    Hi Mako, thanks for the reply! A few years back I discovered that the secret to a good life is to divide tasks into 3 categories : #1 is things I have to do (work, feed child, pay bills) #2 is things I want to do (painting minis, Guild Ball, spend time with said child) #3 is all other things (watch sports on TV, binge drinking). The secret is a healthy balance of #1 and #2, and as little as possible of #3. Spending time making summaries of what will be many, many blog posts, and copying thrice as many image links into forums, when there is a perfectly well working link already there, seems to me a bit inefficient, from my point of view. I would rather spend that time painting or playing, so unfortunately I have to decline. However, I understand your point of view. I would like to take the opportunity to say that this event is a great idea, Guild Ball is an impressive game, I hope the event nets you a ton of new players & good sales, because that certainly is well deserved! Please enjoy the blog, at your leisure, if you wish. Cheers, Christian.
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    It was a case of irresistible force meets immovable object when my Esters team faced down against Jason's SBrisket team. Highlights of the game included : A grown man with a large stick being unable to hit a cat. Nefarious Union tricks resulting in a goal out of nowhere ! Nefarious Union tricks resulting in a perfect goal run being ruined by use of match fixing !! The Brewers getting p*ssed off at all the fancy football and going to town on a knocked down Averisse.... it turns out that Hooper likes quadruple ganging up bonuses A Scccrrrreeeeaaaammmmmerrrrrr !!!! from Friday. The most complicate goal run known to man from Mist. There wasn't an unused widget left. The end result was 12-8 to the Union. As always Jason was a great opponent, but a terrible human being. And the Brewers were able to get some up close and personal experience of Decimate, which I am sure will be useful soon...
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    Hunters vs Fishermen Hunters Skatha, Fahad, Seenah, Jaecar, Ulfr, A+G Fishermen Shark, Tentacles, Jac, Siren1, Sakana, Greyscales Fish win roll and choose to receive, Skatha kicks off T1: Shark scores, knees sliders back 11" (*sigh*). Gets Vengeance. Ball goes out to Fahad but after forgetting it snaps when he moves, Siren is able to Lure him in and Sakana gets the ball back to Shark. Meanwhile all Hunters are out of range even with Skatha fun to push forward. 0-4 T2: Shark scores again and hits all bar Seenah and Jaecar with Legendary. Ball goes out to Jaecar. Seenah goes in to Jac and hurts him. Rest of the team moves around, Skatha tries to move A+G into Shark, misses. A+G move as close as fast ground and run allow with legendary up. Jaecar goes into Jac and scores vital Momentum. 0-8 T3: A+G take Shark Out (+6 INF!). Jac tries to evade bear but gets Bear hugged. Fahad is taken out by Greyscales. Tentacles misses blind on Jaecar. Jaecar goes into Tentacles, takes him to 1 Health and dodges near goal. 5-9 T4: Jaecar takes out Tentacles and scores. Ball goes out wide on scatter into wood. Sakana is within Bear range. Sakana dodges away from bear. Skatha activates and runs around Siren, gets ball, runs back and dodges off her with legendary to score. 12-9
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    SteamCon UK Schedule of Events

    Boooooooooooooom! World Champ Qualifier & Britsh Champ Qualifier. Let's gooooooooo!
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    Power creep

    We were talking about this the other day. As a newish player they do seem a bit OTT. eg everything vitriol got nerfed for (movement bonus, high damage output from a striker) Alloy seems to have and then some. Agree the current 6 are beatable (I did so on one of the don't touch the beard match be reports) but they seem to be moving into space marine territory with the new arrivals. Other than condition damage I see very few weaknesses (and I fully expect one of the next 4 models to have some sort of healing/condition stripping buff). What's currently well scary is their ability to field ferrite, cinder, alloy, plus a bunch of 7 damage melee guys so massive ball/goal pressure plus very strong in the scrum.
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    Jumpers for Guildposts 3 - the Teaming

    If you post on the Facebook event page, the guys should be able to match you up with someone.
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    Yeah, that sword needs to go I'm going to try and change that sword for a paddle like Hooper has EDIT: @Steamforged, I've been thinking about this model, please drop the sword for a Hooper-like paddle. The sword feels so unbrewery it hurts.
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    Power creep

    I've played against them a few times. They are good at what they do and Ferrite is stupid good - but, they have weaknesses. They are weak to KDs or condition AOEs. Their apprentices are quite easy to take down. They have a lot of 1" (yes Hearth is a bit silly in this regard - will have to see how that works out). Their counters are annoying but usually don't disengage except for Iron and Ferrite. Ferrite is the NUMBER 1 model that has to be taken out - she's a bit like Shark in that if you leave her on the pitch she will wreck your face (not damage, just cripple the team and score). I focus on her. Iron is number 2. Once these are taken out, the BS start to lose momentum I find. No doubt, BS are good. And the new arrivals...make them better. But we'll have to see how the whole team shakes out before Power Creep comes out. So far I've beaten them with Farmers and Hunters.
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    Alas I would of tried to get there, except I have another event and its at my house.
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    No silly hat, so better. Also every one knows that sword beats hammer in a good old game of paper sword hammer.
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    Masons Decimate

    Erskirii is Not-Russia, and Decimate was a Not-Russian princess - her actual name is Svetlana Leonid Volstov III. The hat's fine.
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    Hammer beats Butchers down to a meaty pulp

    (English is not my native language, sorry if you find some errors in my post. Fell free to point them out though ) It was a beautiful day, the air pure and crisp cold on this early autumn morning, a perfect time for a guildball game some might say. Flint hated it, it was not noon yet but he had the feeling that this might be one of those days where everyone and everything was intent on vexing him. For starters his new captain had decided to play this game without him and no one had said anything. He was the best scorer of the team by far, the best scorer of the entire league last season and no one had had the idea, or more likely the gut, to tell his hulking but mushed brain captain that he might be needed on the pitch if they wanted to win versus the butchers. Well Hammer was not mushed brain at all, truth be told he was a sly and cunning bastard; it was so unfair for someone to have the whole package like he did. Well at least he had the decency to be an utter asshole. It was madness to want to fight the butcher. Flint’s problem was not that Angel (the smug bitch) had taken the first position on the league best scorers leaderboard, not at all, he was just altruistic and wanted his team to win. How could they not see that he was a plain better choice than the unreliable union player that Mist was? Still brooding, Flint made his way to the stands in order to find the best spot to watch the inevitable demise of his team. Of course he did not want his team to lose but he would enjoy the fact that they would see what a corner stone he was to this team! On the pitch the teams were taking position: Ox, boar, shank, brisket, Meathook and the pig. It was a ridiculous idea to name it and Flint refused to remember its name, who could say if it was even the same pig form one game to another... On the other side, Hammer, Tower, Mallet, the Monkey, Brick and Mist were taking position. The masons were kicking the ball, one of the reasons the captain had favored Mist over him Mallet had said. Flint liked the old guy but sometime he was just an old senile fool... When he got to the stands, some of the masons fans started to cheer at his sight, poor lads, they weren't going to see much ball play today, not that anyone could match his skill anyway, but todays opposition was going to be an insult to the art of football. Mist walked up the pitch getting into cover behind a barrel and kicked the ball into a difficult spot behind some trees, not a bad move Flint grudgingly admitted to himself. Shank darted to retrieve the ball and passed it back toward his team. Hammer was bellowing something to Mist. It was just like Hammer to bellow order to the top of his voice and you better had to follow them or the big bully would make you regret it. Mist nodded, or rather his hood nodded, and he sprinted toward the whole butcher team. It was madness, pure madness; he was going to get torn to pieces. Mist managed to take the ball from Meathook and to pass it back before five angry butchers slammed into him and sent him to the apothecaries... Well Flint was happy he hadn’t had to take that beating. The Butchers having shed the first blood sprinted up the pitch like madmen, bellowing challenge and curses. This strategy was not going to work of course, no team knew how to keep their head cool and maintain their cold tactics like the masons. Tower retrieved the ball and passed it to Mallet who passed it back to the former and charged Shank. Shank tried to fight back but soon enough Mallet weapon connected with his temple and he fell on the ground knocked down and mallet engaged Ox. Flint was still thinking of the size of stones one must have in order to willingly run at the master butcher, when Hammer entered the fray. Whatever his failings, and the grudge Flint had with his captain for benching him, the sight of the big bald guy hammering something, or someone, was something to see, and would put awe in the eyes of anyone, guildball lover or not. The guy was made for violence and his body, like a statue of a god, looked like it had been cut from liquid rock by a master sculptor. Hammer slammed into Ox like a wrecking ball and took him out in a matter of seconds. The next fight was even shorter lived and the confrontation between Hammer, Tower, Mallet on the Mason’s side and Meathook, Boar and Shank on the Butchers one resulted on three almost dead butchers to the infirmary. Before the dust could settle on the pitch, Mist made a pass to Tower who sprinted toward the enemy side and flattened the ball on the goal post. The crowd was silent for several seconds, processing what had just happened, then erupted chanting Tower and Hammer's name. A bloody bad day indeed, Flint was happy enough that his team won, but the way Hammer and his plan destroyed the opposing team would encourage his captain to take this same roster next time they would encounter a fighting oriented team… And those days it seemed like no one cared about the beauty off ball play. Big ugly brutes where everything a captain dreamed for. No finesse, no style, just mindless brawling. All Flint wanted now was to get thoroughly drunk and wait for this day to end. With a little luck some big fool with a staff would have the decency to shatter Angel’s shin, during the brewers versus fishermen match tonight, and take her out for the rest of the season.
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    Decimate Revealed In Brewers

    It's ok, better then the mason's one for sure.
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    Hunters get a little Salty

    Hunters: Theron, Fahad, Seenah, Minx, Vet Hearne, and Chaska Fishermen: Shark, Salt, Jac, Siren, Greyscales, and Sakana. Hunters made a bunch of ball handling mistakes this game. Turn one: Hunters choose to receive the ball. Chaska receives and kicks the ball to Seenah giving him a 4" dodge (where I should have dropped the ball) as Shark proceeds to quick foot/ charge Seenah steal the ball and tidal surge off wrap and kicked a goal. Shark legendary hitting 4 of my team. Minx and Vet Hearne manage to leave Shark on 3 health. Jac slingshots salt to grab the ball but lacks the influence to score, stopping 4" from side of the table. 4-0 Fish Turn two: Hunters win initiative and send Chaska to boom box Salt off the pitch... miss... Salt scores! Seenah retaliated and killed Siren and Vet Hearne killed Shark! 8-4 Fish ... thought I killed the ball and 2 Fish were looking to die turn 3... Turn three: straight roll off for iniative... Fish win roll. Salt charges Chaska snaps the ball, and Chaska defensive Stances and Salt needs 3 4+ on 6 dice... just 3... where did they go... tap in goal... Salt scores! 12-4 Fish moral of the story even if you slaughter and bog down fish you gotta keep an eye out for the slippery otter!!
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    WOW! Its my Birthday a week today
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    Mako's Expert Procrastination Thread

    Ok, I've not been doing much painting lately. Well, not of models. I have however been making cakes:
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    Hammer swings for Harry

    So after running Farmers at the WTC I wanted to run another guild. I had masons standing on my shelves fully painted ( I tomd my wife a bought them for if our baby girl was old enough to play , she is 8 months now ) Since I don't realy care about decimate I was thinking what model do I want to play for my other guilds. And Harry for my engeneers sounds ace. so I made a video of the match with I video hope u enjoy!
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    El Cid

    How do i play Smoke well?

    Roster was: Midas Smoke Flask oKatalyst Vitriol Mercury Calculus Compound Venin Decimate Mainly I just wanted to play (picked in this order): Smoke Flask Calculus Mercury oKatalyst Decimate With the GICs I think that Decimate will be changed to Vitriol again. I chose Decimate because of her Momentous Damage and reachable Mom T and T<< result. I played attrition going last with Smoke and getting the AOEs out then setting everything on Fire and Poison at the last activation waiting for those takeouts. Getting the Ball back is hard but Decimate got this well covered in my games. oKatalyst simply because he is less of a reliance, if I my placing was bad. When I have more control over my game vKatalyst is an option. I kicked the ball in every game with Decimate and chose the tableside depending of where my opponent couldn't dodge my AOEs less freely. Going second first turn is something that makes Smoke much stronger as she stacks up more damage with it. With the AOEs on the field I tried to get conditions on the mascots because they can die easy to the legendary or on a AOE shot, costing an activation letting Smoke go last in the turn. Calculus is the one player that felt like she is a must have. Getting poison out and be able to AOE generate Mom and bonus time the blind. That was about all my thoughts of the weekend hope it helps a bit.
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    Great interview! I love that it's not a podcast or video and I can just read it.
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    Fisherman Discord?

    Here's the link to this magical place: https://discord.gg/Hnjc9S Filled with enough Salt to kill even the most seasoned Fishman.
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    WTC with Masons

    To be honest, I'm not that thrilled about Decimate so whatever I need Brewer Fangtooth to be a thing
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    How to buff Angel?

    Please forgive me if my english is not that good or my written is a little muddled. I will try to put down my thoughts on Angel and why I think she doesn't need a buff. Or why she is good as she is. Where to start? Maybe in correcting Mootaz (missunderstanding in a german forum where i wrote something about WTC): I played Angel in all 5 matches at WTC. Shark I played in every Game except the Final against Martin Koch of Team Germany 1. That was due to Gentleman's Agreement that we both play Corsair. And I'm totally satisfied of the performance of Angel. BTW my Roster for WTC was: Shark; Corsair; Tentacles; Greayscales; Sakana; Hag; Siren; vSiren; Angel; Jac I lost the first match against Ignacio Lozano Ramirez of Spain 1, a real nice guy. I missed a few dice rolls and his dice worked. At a certain point I was that far behind that I couldn't manage to stablize against Hunters. And I lost the final against Martin Koch, by missing 2 Goalshots in a row. I went 4:0 against him and while he took out Siren I missed the snapshotgoal with Angel. (1,2,3,3; so even normal shot would have missed) After that I really tried hard to get in possesion of the Ball again and missed with Greyscales too. Martin Koch is a brilliant Fisherman and at that point it wasn't possible to win against him any more. But he said one thing: "I was short of peeing my pants as I realized what Angel was capable of doing at that point. Simply magnificent" (hopefully translated that correctly) But enough from WTC atm. Angel seems like she isn't doing much on the field. And I sign that to a certain amount. Her Playbook seems difficult to get to second column, 3rd or 4th not to mention. She got no 2" melee zone like 99% of the Fish do have and when you take a look at her card, she seems to have the same role as Greyscales or Sakana. Maybe fighting with Sakana the most for a place in the roster. I don't see her in the same role as anyone else of the fish. All are capable to score goals. All are fast. All can exert pressure on the Ball. Where I see the difference in role comes from, is in her high DEF, the ability to push it and her superb Kickstats. If you want a Model charging into someone, tackling the ball, where'd they go somewhere else and score a Goal she definately is not the model you're looking for. If you want a model "seducing" the oponnent or "lure" it anywhere else, Angel again is not the model you're looking for. If you look for a model you can place in "snapshotrange", after scoring a first turn goal, which just says: Hi, I'm here. I'm DEF 6 and a real "snapshotthread" better do soething. Angel is definately the model you're looking for. At this point I wan't to make sure: I'm not trying to convince you all, that you have to play her. Nothing I write is ment irrefutable or absolut. I just want to let you know why I like her and why I think she is good as she is. Angel has momT on 1 hit which will deny placing a model in possession of the ball in 9" (or 11" with Quickfoot/Fisher's Reel or 13" when both or 15" when both+Call of the Sea) But this is theory, not a gameplan. You just can use it, if it occurs. (Passive 9" Aura of NOT STAY IN HERE WITH THE BALL) Place her in shot range to the enemy Goalpost and she is a "snapshot threat" while threatening the Ball in a certain area around her. This is a gameplan. DEF 5 or even 6 makes her really hard to get rid off. Important Result (KD, >>,...)on 3 hits with TAC 6 against DEF 6 is 6,228% chance. And even on 2 hits just gets to 26,32% with TAC6. While passing her the Ball, when she is engaged by one Model, still has a 80,24% to succeed. Although beeing engaged, by one model, a snapshot with bonustime still has 68,75%. Add "Supershot" and it goes up to 81,25%. (Passive GOAL THREAD) Sakana only gets to 25% or 50% with bonustime, when engaged. She is a "Snapshotmachine" who is very furious shooting goals. Due to beeing such a thread, the opponent has to do something against her. If he engages with only one model, she can still be a serious thread. If he engages with 2 models, the rest of the Pitch is empty for the rest of the fisherteam. (Passive CONTROL/DENIAL) Next Point DEF 5 or even 6: Pushing her out of goalrange isn't very effective or easy, see example above. Yes there are models able to KD,>>,.. on 1 hit, but then you can't just place her in Goalrange, you have to think a little about placing. Or maybe you pick someone else. And even if the oponnent manages to get rid of Angel (TO or push out of "Snapshotrange") it probably was very INF inefficent. Spending 4 INF to nonmom> Angel out of "Snapshotrange" but has to be done. That's another point of Angel bringing to the Pitch. Letting the opponent spend INF in an inefficent way. (Passive HARD TO GET RID OFF) All I have written above, seems more like "passives" than an active plan you follow. For me it's her "passives" what makes her shine. On top "light footed" so she ignores "Blasted Earth" She either is a hard thread on the enemy goal or "controlls/denies" the enemy by forcing the opponent to handle her somehow due to beeing such a thread. (see example above of engaging her but openning the Pitch) And all of that by just placing her in "snapshotrange" with Nimble and Supershot.That's why I love playing her. Her >< is not very likely to hapen but with a little help ( ganging up, KD, Singled Out, or combination of it) it happens more often than you would imagine. The possibility to give her 5 INF when starting next to Shark will allow you to activate her first (if you can move up tackle the ball and score a goal. Jog to engage, 1Nimble, 1Attack for momT, 1 Supershot, 1Goal, 1 reserve if need to sprint/charge or 2nd Attack if Counterattack...) So while borderline case, not useless. So no point for me that "needs" to be changed. All of this in mind I'd like to say asking for a change, only looking at the cards of the models is the wrong way. (No Offense here, just the impression i have) It is always how the model affect the match and Angel does this completely different to all other models of the Fish. But this always depends on your own playstyle and the opponent setup. Short to the match against JJ Layfield. I knew how good he is. And I knew Engis have the better odds to win. (personal opinion) That's why I decided not to go Corsair, what would have been "the standard choice". I thought I have to go full risk/reward and it payed off. I played Shark Tentacles Greyscales Sakana Siren and Angel. He played Ballista Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet and vVelocity (picked her last pick after i called Angel) He was suprised by my model choices and I think he really didn't expect my list. I did a snapshot goal with Angel in Turn 1 which had only 40,xx% chance to succeed. I did it because I knew I have to put up very high pressure or I will loose. Could have waited and just score next turn, but this is a lot if and when. I then started next turn and scored again with Shark and Legendary with 80% chance. 8-0 what allowed me to go full pressure on the ball. Then I missed a goal with similar odds, think this makes up for the snapshot turn 1 (again If and when) The next shot was a success 12-2. He was a little suprised and told me he hasn't seen something like this before. AND YES I KNOW I WAS LUCKY. Maybe @JJLayfield himself can write a little to the match. Don't want to embezzle something by not remember correctly. So that 's a lot of text and I hope I missed nothing. Sorry if it is a little muddled. Hope you can see what is my point (way of how to play a model). I'm interressted what you all think. Something you agree/disagree. Can't consider everything, so if I missed something specific you want to know my thoughts about let me know. With this I wish you all a good night. Greetings from Germany Ascobol
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    Beginners tips for Farmers?

    These might be of use if you are looking into getting to grips with the team, hope they help!