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    Mystery box!

    Yeah, isn't it like 100£ to the dollar now? Thanks, Brexit!
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    Mystery box!

    My Friend and I got our boxes today, he received LE Mist instead of Young Theron but otherwise we got the same stuff Order #SF1418-US 8x Hunters 6x Masons 1x Mason Dice 1x Mortician Dice 1x Young Theron 1x Tapper&Scum Pin Chibi Theron, Fahad, Hammer, Wrecker 1x S3 Plot Card Deck 1x Big League Deck I feel pretty stupid for talking my friend into buying a box thinking we'd be able to trade components together.
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    Hi, If Flint has 4 influences. Can I make 4 Where'd they go during the same activation ? Thanks !!
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    Opinion: Well done SFG!

    I've always maintained that this is why diversity matters. Even if this weren't the case, it opens up avenues to better storytelling and helps break up bankrupt imagery. That alone is reason enough to look outside of the norms for character inspiration.
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    They should of just given him furious instead of Ambush.
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    Mystery box!

    As of now mine is also unfulfilled. If they aren't already following this I would say that SF needs to just plan for everyone losing their mind. Dark Souls? Lost minds SteamCon Tickets? Lost minds Mystery Boxes? Lost minds Just seems like they are frequently not ready for us to lose our minds with limited/awesome product and then are caught off guard when there is huge demand. Love 'em. Great products. Great guys. Not bashing anyone. Just wish there was more prep for stuff like this. (You can forego the defense posts. I know they are small. I know they are busy. I know the go to cons. I get that. But when Red Lobster [big company I know but size doesn't matter (it does) for the analogy] does endless shrimp the dudes prepare for people to eat shrimp until species wind up on an endangered species list. Look it up)
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    I just did the maths myself and I ended up with 17.12062% chance to role 7 4or higher on 10 dice. (which he would get his 6 net hits after armour) (The below method will only work for df 4, because it is based on equal chances of success and failure, but its relatively easy to explain) Use the 11th line of Pascal's triangle ( which goes 1, 10, 45, 120, 210, 256, 210, 120, 45, 10, 1) You have a 1 in 1028 (the sum of all the possibilities) chance of getting 10 hits, a 10/1028 chance of getting exactly 9 hit, a 45/1028 chance of getting exactly 8 hits and a 120/1028 chance of getting exactly 7 hits. Add those together and you have a 176/1028 chance to get 7 or more hits. so 176/1028*100 to make it a percentage is 17.12062% You use the 11th line because there are 11 possible outcomes from 10 hits to 0 hits
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    Forum, We are mixing it up for episode 10! You guys asked about getting my opponents thoughts so we are trying that out. This is the tenth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. In honor of the tenth episode, we are changing up the format slightly. Instead of me explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match Alex and Pat are playing and we will hear their thoughts throughout the game. Both Alex and Pat are on USA's WTC Team as well as hosts of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop Pat's Twitter: https://twitter.com/PatVanV Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheCurkov
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    @Kueller I honestly couldn't tell you what parts Kev had used in the conversions, I think he mentioned Malifaux at one point but I could be imagining that . Making the additional coins for the base is really quite simple, it can be a little time consuming though. All you need to do is roll out "sausages" of green stuff and allow it to cure, the thicker the sausage (oooh er missus !) the larger your coins will be but if you're planning on scattering them I really wouldn't worry about the coins being too uniform in size. Try to make the sausages about 2" in length and that'll give you about 75-100 coins each. Once it's fully dry you can then take a sharp knife and cut your coins out individually (this will be the time consuming part). I used more green stuff to attach the coins to the base as its easier than glue and helps create the impression of large piles of gold without cutting out a million more coins , this should hold them in place but if you want to make sure they stay in place I suggest some watered down PVA glue once the green stuff has fully dried. I hope that makes sense @S_A_T_S but feel free to ask more questions if it doesn't. The Union team is starting to gather a little pace now, here's the latest additions A group shot of the team so far. Just Grace, Benediction, Minx, Avarisse and Greed to go .
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    Ok, got my hands on the Blacksmiths today. I must say I'm IMPRESSED. After seeing the Kickoff Plastics, I wasn't confident, but the plastic quality has improved leaps and bounds from Kickoff, and is *almost* at that of the metals. Since the Blacksmiths were grey, from a "tabletop viewpoint", it was hard to distinguish the quality of unpainted models' details from other metal models I had primed in grey. Close up you can tell the quality difference, somewhat like if you sprayed too many layers of primer (maybe 3-4 layers) on your metal model. If metals are a 10 out of 10, then I'd say these plastics (for me) are an 8 out of 10. But when I factor in that I pulled them out of a box at a game store and played a game with them, no gluing, pinning, fear of breakage, and the fact that 6 models, a goalpost, and an obstruction cost me $50+tax. SIGN ME UP please! Of course, everyone's opinions will differ and we are each looking for different things from this game. For me, this is a win-win situation with an "out of the box" playing experience, low cost of entry, and almost as good quality. Good job SFG!
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    Looking forward to listening to the podcasts. You guys do a great job. This weekend the Houston group was at the Austin Tourney and met up with Keith from the Chicago meta. We told him to tell you guys that "Houston is coming." Looking forward to Steamcon US!
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    WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    Worth noting that in a recent podcast (Double Dodge 19) Mat Hart made some comments along the lines of how Steamforged might one day have a separate, web-only model range available for collectors (he said this could be a bit like Forge World to Games Workshop). So there might be possibilities of having some metal models still in the future (presumably more likely if lots of people ask for it). After all, they have just made Chibi figures in metal!
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    Adventures of a splayedpaintbrush

    @Anphiarus Thanks for the compliment, very much appreciated. Here's a slightly further along wip pic for you. I'm not too happy with the wooden handles on the shears, I might go back to them at some point.