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    After 94 responses and altogether too much playing time spent playing with the data, I've decided to close it off for now. I've done a first pass at a writeup at some of the data here: http://www.guildball.zone/blog/2017/6/11/player-power-survey I don't think it's especially surprising when looking at the results, but it's interesting to see what lineups you can build purely using community consensus. Obviously there are better lineups since you can't simply use consensus to find the best team, but nonetheless it's interesting to see how all the guilds rank against each other.
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    Episode 17 of Double Dodge is live! http://doubledodge.com.au/ We are also on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/double-dodge-guild-ball-podcast/id1140110129 In this Episode we talk to Swedish National Champ, Rickard Andersson about Fish, arson and Swedish Easter. We then stuff ourselves into the hatchback for another tournament edition Car Ball where Blackheart rides again! Double Dodge!! Let’s all play with matches!! Double Dodge is sponsored by Nerdvana Games SA: https://nerdvanagamessa.com/ and Soupcan: https://www.soupcan.com.au/
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    Sworn Enemy

    Dark Souls Commission

    Hey guys - I'm posting this here because I haven't seen a lot of painted dark souls models here yet. Hopefully it gives more folks inspiration to paint and post their own dark souls models! I have my own community forum that I post to - you can check it out at www.darkshard.com - my guild ball models can be found at http://darkshard.ca/index.php?/topic/2938-for-the-glory-of-the-guild/ Cheers!
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    Painting the core game

    Thanks! Here are the four player characters.
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    Bob Hambleton

    Blinging up Dark Souls

    This may not be the most sensible thing I've done. Still, just painting the minis didn't seem enough somehow.
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    I'm a slow painter. I don't have the time I would like to have for painting and playing. But I enjoy it very much, when I finished a miniature and much more, when it get some table time. Two or three month ago I started with Guildball and choosed the Spooks. It was the first time, that I had the chance to choose a faction freely, because I was the first in my gaming club collecting Guild Ball. When we start a new game, we normally try to choose different factions and not to double some on the start. But I never was the first, when starting a new system - but for this time! After some rounds with the models of the starterbox, I bought the rest of three team members to fill the ranks to a full team. In the meantime I began painting Obulus, but stuck with the feather coat. So I took a reacreation of him and started with my new Ghast, one of my favorit of the Morticians. After a game I played yesterday, I finished him today. But because I didn't know if I do myself a Guild Ball gaming table or buying a gamemat, I don't finished the base and doesn't used dull coat spray on him. But I hope you still like him:
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    Tentacles all done

    Tell me what you guys think of my mascot. Comments and criticism would be appreciated.
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    SFG response time is terribkle

    I filled out a form as well as sent an email with pictures regarding broken Minis in my shipment two weeks ago... and still no response while everyone else says they at least got a response on weeks 2. With one person even claiming he got his replacements minis on weeks 2 without even getting a response at all from, SFG. Here I am on week 2 and neither of those two things have happened. Im honestly tarting to think they forgot about me.
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    Pin Vice Experiments

    I have noticed that Pin Vice has seen a resurgence in popularity on the forums and podcasts recently, with people playing her again and enjoying her. I myself started engineers in late N2 around pin vice's release and played her almost exclusively. I really enjoyed playing her, and it had opened me up to the more dynamic scoring game approach that I had not previously fully understood at that point yet. Since N3, I went the other way and picked up ballista and really started to enjoy his flexible/versatile mixed scoring and fighting playstyle. Since then, I've only had a handful of games with pin vice. So I figured it was time to pick her back up again and give her another shake. I think she is in a decent place right now overall - similar to ballista she can swap between a scoring and fighting gameplan quite easily. Unlike ballista, she seems a lot more high variance (high risk and reward) as she doesn't have the control that ballista brings, but rather brings some additional personal threat when it comes to goals and takeouts. I'll be updating this thread with reports, commentary, thoughts on pin vice and how she fares in the meta, etc. First games with her will be tonight, likely playing against some alchemists and either union or brewers. Here is my current 10 for engineers: Ballista Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Velocity Harry Compound vVelocity (flex slot) I will be messing around with that last slot a bit. I have yet to try but would like to see how vet velocity does with pin vice in certain matchups. Not convinced it's better than just original velocity or compound but certainly worth giving it a shot. My 6 for pin vice typically looks like the following: Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Flex slot (Compound, Harry, Velocity, vVelocity) It's really hard to give up Harry in that slot if you are receiving. Against certain teams, and if kicking swapping for compound seems pretty good. Rachet is also potentially able to be replaced against certain teams, but that only works in my opinion if a pure scoring game is viable, or the opposing team has at least 2 vulnerable targets for pin vice to take out (w/o needing tooled up or overclock). Against Alchemists tonight I'll likely be playing with the standard 6 (including harry) or compound.
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    New player , noob questions.

    1 not sure; I don't have the kick off 2 Demo games are played with 3 models on a team. You'll need to supplement the 3 man starter boxes with a mascot and 2 more players to play the full game. 6 man starter boxes are coming out soon. 3 Those are all fine starting factions but there is a learning curve on the alchemist starter box. 4 The cards will be out of date on in the older blisters. If you don't want to print new cards, you can order some from SFG. 5 GB is a complex game and a lot of it is best learned by doing. As a new player a lot of plays will seem overwhelming or unstoppable but everything has counter play. Stick with it and you'll find the game very rewarding.
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    Theron's ability works sometimes if there's a barrier, but T2 onwards is really ineffective when it just incurs a MP cost to deal with. Since he's only 8" away, savvy opponents do not struggle to get to him. Especially with a combo of using the ball and other ways to dodge around, + pushing theron with models that can get to him. Generally theron has his match ups (mostly -- footballing teams that despise pinned + arrow), but he's considered very bad because he doesn't particularily help you towards the two biggest goals take out, or scoring. Skatha brings mobility - 4" dodges that are fairly reliable and fast ground that is 100% reliable. This assists the bear, jaecar, strikers, everyone. Its downside is the opponent can benefit too. Skatha is not significantly worse in melee either, and can apply snare from range just like theron. her legendary is also very impactful, and she's capable of getting a goal and enabling other goals to happen. Theron's biggest hurdle is he doesn't have enough control to stop goal scoring teams, and he isn't good enough at murdering to outfight take out teams. Skatha has a much more viable path to the 2-2 win. I assume the PV player kicked off to you and lost the 4" off her threat range as a result. That is just opponent inexperience with theron's toolkit. Had he applied ratchet (clear conditions - PV is mechanica) then her threat range goes back up to 10" (no more snare) along with tooled up, meaning the forest no longer protects theron - as she loses 2" of distance, but therefore is still in range (Although, Theron's counter attack is much more likely to disengage her than she is to hit her knockdown), but the point is pin + forest is not as strong as it seems, even T1. Much better to play ballista instead so when theron pins, its largely ineffective due to deadbolt being a long range char play.
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    Austrian Backer with the german version. Backerkit say's Answered. I think I would never get my game. It is disappointing that a lot of backers have there games for more then a month and we 2nd class backers have no information when our games are shipped.
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    Yes, the original Vileswarm was less impressive on a base than I thought from the previews. More rats = more fun! I had some sparetime in the last days, and managed to paint my Minx. She got a bonesaw for "mortification", but that's all. Need to finish the base, but she herself ist ready for action:
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    Engineers or Morticians?

    The assertion that Engineers need Harry isn't quite true. Your friend is probably just confused because he's the flavor of the month and there are some who say he should be taken in every team that can take him. He's pretty good situationally but the team runs just fine while playing guild only. Notice how your friend doesn't mention the combinatoric explosion that comes from Hoist being able to copy any in guild character play or Pin Vice's ability to link to any guild model. Minefield might be the guild's most interesting trick because there's nothing else in the game like it, but it's far from the most interesting one. I suspect your friend is basing his opinion on out dated season 2 information. The Engineers got a serious rework in season 3. Morts don't strictly need a Unionist either but I can't in good conscious tell you that they don't benefit from Mist.
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    sBrisket 10 Player Roster

    Whoops, did I just recommend Gutter and also advise against her in the same threat? I'll admit that my opinion of Gutter has definitely improved since I made the quoted post, but I don't agree with all your points. 3: Gutter's kick is definitely respectable but she has no dodge access of any kind without help from her captain, so her threat is the rather unimpressive static 14" and she has no ball handling tech. She's the closest thing the Union has to Colossus, a tough 2" melee center midfielder who can handle the ball in a pinch if it bounces nearby, but unlike Colossus she only has her 3/6" kick stat to help her do it. She's dandy for sBrisket to bounce the ball off of though. 4: Gutter struggles to secure take outs without set up. Momentous 1 on 1 is all well and good, but she needs to hit the third column for 2 damage. Even with anatomical precision it's still a 50/50 shot against def 4. Without A&G ganging up and singling out for her, she turns 4 influence into about 6 damage and 4 momentum. Better than dodging without dealing damage, but not an efficient use of influence for take outs. Her KD is on the fourth column, high enough that she can't expect it except on the charge but it definitely makes her parting blows scary. Does Gutter make the 2-2 game possible? Absolutely, but I wouldn't use the word 'ease'. When considering a take out player in a sBrisket line up, I'd recommend either Decimate who has no control to speak of but it a stronger footballer and puts out 8 damage very reliably off a full stack, oRage who is very one dimensional but is one of the most efficient damage dealers in the game and/or A&G who can easily turn 4 influence into 9 damage and 3 to 4 momentum even if their threat range is shorter and they're vulnerable to serious fighters.
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    Jac + Siren

    It works great if your opponent doesn't expect it. If they've faced it before or realise what you're doing it becomes much harder to pull off.
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    Pin Vice Experiments

    Of course, been meaning to upload pictures and type up a report. Turns out that @burroboskov, my opponent, beat me to it. Here is a link to his thread for the report from his POV: Deployment https://goo.gl/photos/gXv2gAH8CPcDv1si9 Velocity and Colossus deployed on the flanks to work up the field and threaten goals turn 2 and on, Rachet, Pin vice, hoist and mother deployed centrally.Pin Vice kicked off rather centrally. I chose to do the short kick to force him to come into threat range of hoist, which would allow me to generate momentum prior to pin vice's activation so that the tooled up overclock option was on the table. Note: Colossus was represented by his base for the game as I tried to fix a broken leg of his. Turn 1 He goes and retrieves the ball with Theron, lands pinned on PV and passes it back, and then throws out a blessing onto Hearne and a forest onto pin vice. I was okay with this, as I was fine with generating some momentum with hoist and push dodging theron into my lines, then going into him with a tooled up/deleted pin vice. Eventually Hearne goes in and hits a skewered onto pin vice. I am able to go into hearne with hoist and generate some momentum and push him into melee with pin vice. I make a mistake not clearing snared earlier, which leave pin vice vulnerable to being boom boxed by chaska out of melee with hearne. That would force her to go into theron, which while not the worst, is risky as I didn't have him pushed into range of my teams so he could be ganged up on by hoist, colossus, etc. which limits his ability to dodge away from pin vice with the counter. Luckily, he missed his boom box (the first of several), so my plan of deleting hearne is still on the table. In retrospect I could have easily push dodged hearne and hoist into a better position where at least one of them was at least somewhat preventing the boom box push. Tooled up Pin vice goes to town on hearne, leaving him at about 4 or so health (IIRC). He is able to get jaecar into melee with hoist (another mistake on my part by not dodging hoist back as much as I could have) and generate a few more momentum. He passes from ulfir to theron at the end of the turn to get a 1 momentum lead. 0-0 Turn 2 He wins the roll off, decides to go first. Theron goes in on mother, is able to dodge into range (he didn't roll particularly well here, and didn't do much else) and score the goal. I play Who Are Ya and put the vengeance token on him. He dodges into melee with rachet. https://goo.gl/photos/CgTa84kSm8cKYSPG8 The ball gets kicked out to colossus and he snaps it up. Pin Vice is able to kill hearne and head over to Theron and put a good hurting on him. Jaecar comes in, swings on hoist a bit, puts a trap right in front of colossus and dodges into rachet. He starts healing theron. Velocity nimbles into melee with Fahad. Ulfir runs to block the lane for colossus. Hoist goes in and pushes him out of the way of colossus and heals. He misses two more boom boxes on Hoist with Chaska. Colossus scores a goal at the end of the turn. You'll notice at this point I have 3 strikers sitting in his backfield, velocity on the left flank, and hoist and colossus sitting in the center. He tosses the ball out far on the right flank, hoping to pick it up the next turn with Hearne as he comes back on the field. https://goo.gl/photos/JDdERWk4Wxdy9k9n6 6-4 Engineers Turn 3 I win the initiative roll and go first with colossus. I KD and single out ulfir, then sprint to grab the ball. Unfortunately I did not have the range (even if I had saved an extra influence) to pass the ball to hoist. I had considered just passing the ball into space for hoist to get with colossus, but figured that I could risk another turn and get the second take out before slotting in a goal for the win. In retrospect, kicking may have been better, as I am not sure he had a good ball retrieval option had I kicked it over towards his goalpost. Hoist goes and beat on ulfir a bunch. Velocity Between theron, fahad, and jaecar he kills rachet, and jaecar puts some additional damage on pin vice. Hearne KDs Colossus and the ball scatters behind colossus towards his side of the pitch. Chaska attempts the triple boom box on pin vice to kill her, but misses the first and then decides to switch targets to hoist. Pin vice is able to go into Jaecar and delete him. Velocity continues to loiter on the left/middle of the pitch within striking range. https://goo.gl/photos/nkbNjaqVma5KqyNu6 8-6 engineers Turn 4 He wins the initiative roll (despite being down I think?) and choose to go first with hearne. Hearne grabs the loose ball then teleports to a forest, singling out hoist and passing the ball to chaska. Fully loaded pin vice charges into chaska who counter attacks and takes the momentous tackle, knowing that if he pushes me out I have legendary to go and score the goal. He spikes his roll and gets the 4 successes he needs to KD me, which sends the ball scattered to space near mother and theron. Luckily, such matters are trivial to pin vice, who proceeds to stand up with momentum, double dodge off of chaska into theron, double dodge off of him to the ball, legendary then pass to mother - dodge, mother spends an oil token and bonus times a pass back - pin vice uses her oil token to pass to velocity, who oil tokens to pass back to pin vice, and then pin vice spends her last influence to pass back to velocity who dodges into cover behind an obstruction out of range of most/all of his models and within goal range. He sends chaska into hoist to try to get the takeout knowing that he didn't have much he could do to stop the velocity goal (he was also clocked at this point). Velocity then walks and acrobatics into almost base with the goal and bonus times a tap in goal for the win (rolling 1 - 2 - 2 - 3 - 3). https://goo.gl/photos/JSKwgmX3XdKr3xjw9 https://goo.gl/photos/ebsRTa6yNDAXAsEU9 Final: 12-6 Engineers (2 Takeouts, 2 Goals) Thoughts: My opponent definitely played a good game with his hunters, and particularly did a good job keeping theron alive by getting his team in there to support him and aggressively healing him. I was mostly happy with my play as well, with the exception of mistiming a few activations putting me at more risk of getting my plans messed up (e.g. turn 1). Pin vice did both an excellent at deleting players and of course provided the ridiculous ball mobility through her legendary to secure the game. I enjoyed the 3 striker lineup, although against a better fighting team, or one that doesn't have as many squishy targets for pin vice, I would definitely want another better damage dealing option (Harry mostly...but I'll try vet velocity as an all rounder in a similar role in future games as well). I think this game showed off the power and flexibility of hoist and colossus that makes them such good models. Hoist was able to slingshot up the field for early momentum and damage, and then tanked and provided control through repositions to enable colossus. Colossus didn't get much of a chance to set up models for pin vice to kill, as he wasn't needed in that role, and instead was able to hold, threaten goals, and retrieve the ball most of the game. I didn't mention it explicitly in the report, but rachet provided valuable support with tooled up, a couple of key fixers, and an occasional overclocked.
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    Correct. See page 52; the check for engagement is step 2.1 while Unpredictable Movement triggers at step 3.
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    Grange 6

    I find her to be a great support piece plus with her playbook tooled up and honest labor she gets things done I was desperate in a game and killed a player and passed for a next activation goal
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    Is scoring goals too easy.

    I think the root of this issue is that we're not addressing the fact that this is two separate problems. Or at least there are two separate design factors to consider. The first factor is a general design consideration of "how" the game should be played. I think SFG made a conscious decision to push the game towards a ball oriented style of play. This choice doesn't necessarily have to be in consideration of the strength of fighty teams in season 2. If SFG decided that they wanted 6-0 to be a very rare path to victory, that's not necessarily bad. I've played numerous tabletop games over the years and this is the first one where the theme isn't two military forces facing off against one another. It makes sense that the designers would want to avoid making another game system where some proxies of soldiers murder each other in unique and clever ways. And the desire to push their game towards a simulation of a sport instead of a simulation of a battle isn't inherently unfun or unfair. Personally, I like the focus on scoring. I want to play a simulation of a sport and not of a battle. I'm definitely not looking for S4 to be the year of the takeout. This overall design consideration is separate from the consideration of how you make balanced guilds with unique themes that are both fun to play and have effective routes to victory. Its definitely difficult to make a team that is weak at the main path to victory, but still strong overall (butchers). Its also difficult to not give every guild a similar combinations of pieces. And its very difficult to please all of the people all of the time. IMO, changes to VP's to require more goals or changes to the TN for goals (why are passes not effected...) based on distance are changes to the first factor, and that is not something I want to see. (although the fact that you can always bonus time for a 2 dice kick is...unreasonable.) I want to see tweaks to the second factor. The design space of the guilds themselves should be explored for solutions to this issue. I am happy with the environment that the game is played in. What I think needs to change are the tools that some people have available that cause them to succeed (or fall flat) in the current environment.
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    Grange 6

    Yes, I've been playing that line up quite a bit. For me, Grange works best with either exactly that, or a more football style game with Bushel in for Windle. I think if you want to play the Windle version, that line up seems pretty essential, as everyone has their role to play: Grange - the Captain that gives Windle everything he needs really - makes up for his lack of Influence, makes him harder to target, damage and tac buff, etc Mascot - either have options, but Buckwheat gives a slowish fighting team a goal option, which I think is sensible. Windle - because this is about getting the most from Windle. Tater - Fork Off can protect Windle, who is vulnerable to being attacked. Millstone - takes conditions, can push him up the board Harrow - Tooled up So far, I've been pretty pleased with the results of this team.
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    Looking forwards to the mortician episode
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    Is scoring goals too easy.

    I find topics like this interesting to read through. I really don't see the problem with goal scoring against the more melee orientated teams and i don't kill the ball in a corner because it then takes it away as a resource for myself. Im currently something like 26tournie games and 3 loses this year. Of those loses 2 have been crap dice and one some bad luck and a slight misplay with the ball on my part. I know i play stuff differently to other people, condition game with smoke, 2 goals with capt rage team, take outs with shark, masons in general. Alot of what i see for me comes down to picks and how you play. Majority of my recent 11 tournie games have been against fish, alchs, engineers. All very capable of getting the ball easily and scoring. All teams have players that can hold the ball well, steps you can take to control the game. I often find its when people over extend as has been mentioned that the game becomes easier and they are punished. Whilst i can see how people find how binary goals seem, as has been mentioned they are compound and one thing goes wrong and thats often the goal run finished, especially if you have match fixing. Vengeance token also punishes goal scorers only.... In my last tournie i lost int every game playing masons and my opponent elected to recieve. In order to score they have to work around a situation i create and then potentially lose that player and a goal back by end of turn 2. Because they have generally only extended one player this means most commonly they are limited in the threats they can pose back and i win initiative turn 3 to score or punish a player again. 10-4 is a great place to sit start of turn 3...as long as you have somewhere to put the ball safe on the counter goal. All of the fighting teams can still score very well with the right players. I often find kicking to not be a huge detriment that people percieve. Having someone in a position to threaten a take out and win initiative when most teams are limited when recieving to 3 or 4mp and have to spend some to score is a goid position ti be in. Accept that they will probably score just make it hard and capitalise on it. Of my past 3 loses, 2 were to shark fish and 1 midas. All games were 3 goal loses in which i kicked. 2 were using masons and 1 smoke. These are the only games ive conseeded 3 goals and tbh i should def have won 2 and probably the 3rd. If i had kicked to space in my last game i think id have won in turn 5 with the situation described above where it 8-8. I have also noticed the meta shifting in the last 6 months as people become more adept and play what they want rather than as much echo chamber. So for me i think the balance between goals and take outs is there for moat teams, just counter pick in your selection well...you have the options
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    Is scoring goals too easy.

    I don't think the solution to goals being prominent is to drastically increase the odds of random failure. There is enough chance in the game already.
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    After a longer absence of building and painting my own guild due to missing parts for bases, creating more trackers and a huge amount of work on my job during the last month, there is slowly the light at the end of the tunnel. During the last days I started to paint Memory. He is full of tiny details and much harder to paint than I thought, but he is fun to paint! Here is a WIP shot of him: There is much to correct and to do, but today I finished his cute eyes. The glow effect around the eyes were painted with a brush. I had some problems with the airbrush I borrowed and I didn't wanted to take a risk to ruin him if the airbrush spew to much colour on the face. Hope you like him so far!