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    GenCon Events?

    I was very surprised how much SF ran last year and i do feel they, based on what I'm hearing, probably overreached rather badly (I missed last year's Gencon). Now I feel they've overreacted in not having any events at all for existing players. Cutting right back is one thing, only having demos - which I am very sceptical towards - is imo a bad decision. I will likely bring my team anyway in case. I hope the demo space - huge according to the gencon email i received - might be available for pick up play. What would have been good would be SF themselves communicating with the community. Not a forum mod, actual staff.
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    All Stars Game

    i want to see Ox, Graves1, Fangtooth, pin vice, and vRage This team loses to all the well thought out teams, but eventually you're going to get Ox to butchery someone, project the owner, Graves tools up fang, PV deletions Fang, and then FANGTOOTH UNLEASHES and goes at +5 damage on playbook results and +4 on character plays, resulting in an easy momentous 7 damage knockdown on column 3 followed by momentous 7 damage unmaskings, and then rage activates and red furies fangtooth twice for two more 7 damage unmaskings leaving a 3" wide crater around fangtooth where nothing lives anymore, not even the cockroaches survive that nuclear bomb
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    Preamble Steamforged have done a pretty good job with the game, but there are two areas I find a bit lacking in the official ruleset (first edition). Firstly, Treasure drawing is really important to progressing but really hit and miss in terms of getting anything you can skill up to. Secondly, the fixed stat levels (while a necessary simplification) together with the Treasure deck really don't reflect the artful pacing of item drops and the flexibility players had to work towards those items in the videogame series. These are the problems I aim to solve with this (and other House Rules). Note: Merchants & the Tiered Treasure Deck The Tiered Treasure Deck house rule can be used on its own or can also be paired with another house rule: Merchants. The Merchants house rule adds a 'Merchant Shop' that, once discovered, contains a persistent Treasure mini-deck with items that are within reach of your current level. This smooths out the progression during a playthrough and makes the experience more rewarding, less repetitive and ultimately more satisfying for everyone playing. It also brings in a thematic element from the Dark Souls world. Terminology House Rule = A non-official rule (or subset of rules) for a boardgame that you may adopt to shape your gameplay experience to your tastes DSTVG = Dark Souls the videogame DSTBG = Dark Souls the boardgame Chest = a box on an encounter tile that can be opened once all enemies within the encounter have been defeated Tier 1 = items that cater for good early game progression towards the Mini Boss Tier 2 = items that cater for good late game progression towards the Final Boss Chest deck = unique, often magical items that can only be found in chests Firekeeper deck = spells that they'll only trade to virtuous adventurers Merchant = another 'house rule' that works well with this one (read on for a link to its own House Rule thread) Merchant deck = the deck used for determining which items are for sale in the Merchant Shop Tiered Treasure Deck Tiered Treasure Deck Overview In the early part of a playthrough, DSTBG suffers from an Treasure deck bloated with items that may never be accessible to the player classes in use or that are unusable until much later in the game. This is especially unenjoyable when playing with fewer than 4 player characters because you have to cycle through loot that you cannot build towards. I consider that bad gameplay design in terms of pacing and I have created this set of rules to help towards resolving this. This house rule makes some key changes to improve the experience: Tiers items so you'll only pick up items you can make use of early on. This has the benefits of guiding build paths, providing a consistent sense of progression, reducing the need to grind to beat the game (this was never really a feature of DSTVG) and rewarding the player with the cool items in the second half of the game. That said, there are a couple of unique gameplay items that can be found early on. Restricts more exotic items to Treasure chests. This makes the one-shot chest interactions more unique and rewarding, and is much more thematic. Ties spell availability to an 'event' with the Firekeeper. This incorporates a risk-reward mechanic for the spells and adds a little to the thematicism. If you spend too many of your Souls with the Merchant, you won't be able to get spells from the Firekeeper. Ties in, optionally, with the 'Merchant' house rule (explained in its own thread, and linked below). Essentially Merchants sell equipment, the Firekeeper grants spells and Chests contain 'rare' items. Purchasing items at the Bonfire In this house rule you have two options: EITHER purchase items from the Bonfire as per the official rules OR purchase items from the Merchants as per the 'Merchants' house rule Both options use the same Tier 1 & Tier 2 decks, so it's completely up to you how you make use of it. The Firekeeper The Firekeeper helps virtuous travellers who rid this world of horrors. If the party has twice the number of Souls in its Soul Pool as their are members, the Firekeeper will teach you about magical invocations, restorative salves and poisonous concoctions. If the party has fewer than this many Souls, spells are not available for sale. Each spell costs 4 Souls. Firekeeper Tier 1 Spells Force Heal Aid Poison Mist Soul Arrow Firekeeper Tier 2 Spells Heal Aid Fireball Soulstream Chests Nothing of value is kept in plain sight. Chest Tier 1 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the first half of the game, Chest items are drawn from this deck. Upgrades 2 x Ember 2 x Titanite Shard Poison Gem Lightning Gem Simple Gem Blood Gem Weapons Great Magic Weapon Silver Knight Sword Shields & Armour Pierce Shield Effigy Shield Sunless Armour Drang Armour Court Sorcerer Robes Deacon Robes Rings Chloranthy Ring Chest Tier 2 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the second half of the game, Chest items are drawn from this deck. Upgrades Heavy Gem Sharp Gem Crystal Gem Blessed Gem Rings & Spells All 'transposed' character ring and spell cards Legendary Shuffle the legendary items and draw 5 to add to the Chest deck Merchants / Bonfire If you do not wish to play with the Merchants house rule, simply keep this deck as the Bonfire deck and use the normal Souls trading rules from the official ruleset (pay one Soul to draw one card). Full details on the Merchants house rule can be found in this thread: Merchant Tier 1 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the first half of the game, the Merchant Shop inventory is drawn from this deck. Weapons Firebombs Thrall Axe Kukris Morning Star Scimitar Shortsword Brigand Axe Reinforced Club Rapier Winged Spear Shields & Armour Silver Eagle Kite Shield Dragon Crest Shield Worker Armour Exile Armour Black Armour Firelink Armour Sunset Armour Merchant Tier 2 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the second half of the game, the Merchant Shop inventory is drawn from this deck. Upgrades 2 x Ember 2 x Titanite Shard Weapons All 'transposed' character weapon cards Claymore Murakamo Great Mace Great Axe Halberd Sorcerer's Staff Zweihander Shields & Armour All 'transposed' character shield & armour cards Hard Leather Armour Master's Attire East-West Shield Eastern Iron Shield --- Rule Clarifications For clarity and posterity, I'll post any rule clarifications here, in addition to editing the rules above.
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    Which Widget? Magazine

    Essential: Condition tokens, a multi measurement widget, scatter templates, 4"-10" measuring sticks, at least one measuring stick that is 30mm wide and at least 8" long, blank tokens to write effects on, enough AoE templates for your team. You can play any situation in the game using these. Really useful: Melee zone templates, proxy bases. Nice to have: Steppers, tokens for every single effect. Physically playing the game can result in a lot of tokens getting placed on the field. It can get quite crowded. I started off having every effect have its own token, but found it took too much time to sort out which ones I wanted before the game and finding the specific one during the game. Now I write the effect on the back of a small domino tile it is so much quicker.
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    If the third goal is too hard to get in a given situation (although midas is very hard to shut down), target their weakest players. oSpigot and friday (*=if shes not in spigot defense bubble, 4/1 12 boxes is easy, 12 boxes 5/1 is HARD) in particular
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    Overclock is useful for much more than just going for damage, which is why I will often give it to hoist so that he is able to threaten either damage, scoring, or control based on what is needed. Your original point was that Locus may be a better target for overclock than hoist - I disagree, unless it is in a specific situation where you are attempting to take out a model that is within threat and cannot activate between the oveclock from rachet's activation to move out of threat, and hoist is outside of range to true rep any relevant damage increasing CPs. The issue with running them together is that at a minimum you are looking at Captain, mascot, rachet, hoist, locus. That leaves room for only 1 more model, and with that lineup you are slow (less so if you play pin vice) and have zero 2" melee. Colossus, Harry, Velocity, and situationally Compound are all really wanting in the lineup there, in my opinion. I guess a lineup of Pin vice, mother, hoist, locus, rachet, and colossus would be decent if you were looking to run an all mechanica team. Velocity or even vet velocity seems like a huge improvement over locus in that lineup though. Back to my original post - I still assert that locus is the least useful of the mechanica models. He isn't a "bad" model, he is just quite slow, and seems overshadowed by other models in the guild at most roles. That doesn't mean you can't play him, enjoy him, and get some use out of him, of course! I am purely thinking in terms of optimal competitive play here
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    2" melee, momentous KD on 2, stoic, close control and tough hide are all very huge. The 2" melee in particular is basically essential for engineers against a number of teams (alchemists, Fish, Obulus morts potentially, helps a lot against brewers w/mash killing the ball). There are certainly times when you miss ramming speed. However singled out, unexpected arrival and his KD go a long way to getting him out of the scrum when you need to. The way to play him is as a setup and control model. He should be going in, KDing models, tackling the ball and passing it out to your striking models if the option is there, and occasionally breaking up scrums to get your models unstuck. He also is an excellent mid/late game striker, as once he is up in the midfield, he can be an excellent model to go in, strip the ball off an opponent and score. If you look purely at Tac and playbook, and consider it just from a damage/mom perspective, then I would potentially agree with you. However, hoist has a HUGE advantage over Locus in one way - versatility (which comes from True Rep and his traits). Locus as a strict 7" threat range (technically 8" if he hits destructive impulse first, and 9" if he has good marker and does so) and has no access to payable/playbook dodges to avoid things such as unpredictable movement. Hoist as an 8" threat range unaided, however with mother within 6" and a nest marker within 4", Hoist's threat range suddenly goes up to 13.2ish" and his threat is nonlinear. He can also use that ability to avoid triggering unpredictable. But that is not all he can do. He can true replicate blast earth after being overclocked and he now threats 18.5" for two blast earths. He can true replicate singled out or tooled up to increase his damage output. He can true replicate acrobatics to increase his threat and give himself access to a payable dodge. He can take tether ball and threat a free ball from 13" away. Finally, Hoist's sturdy and good statline - 4/1, tough hide, reanimate, allows him to make clutch plays by just walking out of engagements and eating a KD/damage to do what he needs to do. All in all, hoist outperforms Locus (both overall and as a target for overclocked specifically), because of his extreme versatility. He can use overclocked to threaten ball retrieval, goal runs, or significant damage.
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    Thanks for the kind words guys, I appreciate it. The idea of putting some osl on her armor is something I've been toying with, but I haven't been able to find a good example of osl on tmm. I've never tried it, but I was thinking if I did it I would use a yellow then red glaze over silver. I've never done osl before though, so its a bit scary. Though its not like the armor would be hard to repaint I guess. To answer those asking about what paints I used, the dancers cloak is Alclad Gloss black>Alclad Prismatic Scarabeus>Mr. Color Crystal Blue. For the titanite demon Alclad Gloss Black>Alclad Chrome>two very heavy washes of Citadel Nuln Oil Gloss.
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    GenCon Events?

    It's not that there weren't a lot of players last year, even given that this year there will probably be more. There were like three qualifiers and nationals plus side events, and IIRC they were booked solid. The problem was a bunch of those people that signed didn't show, which made the tournaments look bad both to SFG and probably to the GenCon folks in charge of events. I mean I'd certainly think it better to have some kind of tournament there, but I don't blame SFG if they feel burned on tourneys at GenCon. 'Sides which, I'm sure there'll be plenty of other opportunities to play GB at the con, even if not for prizes.
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    GenCon Events?

    Yeah this PR blunder isn't really inspiring me to pick up this hobby. Will have to see what GenCon looks like and maybe they have at least a good bundled price for purchase.
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    MaiquelPS' minis

    Here are some more pictures of Mallet and Brick Sorry for the size. I think they are too big. I am working on it because it has happened a lot of time since I upload something to any forum Hope you like it.
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    Brewers is a beaty team with a few goal scorers (Friday/Spigot primarily). I generally have better luck with oKat and Harry for the middle scrum. Vitriol and Midas just focus on getting balls and scoring. Compound or Venin are decent last choices for your 6 with Naja bringing some 2'' melee and Crowd outs and the occasional poison. vKat is tricky against an esters lineup in particular as mostly everyone in the team is well covered from the conditions game. Stoker clears on activation, Hooper using his heroic, Esters can handle the rest of the team easy enough, at worst the rest of the team use a momentum to clear theirs. I generally don't spend much time beating anyone up unless I have no better options. Keeping on the move and getting the goals before the Mad scotsmen (Brewers) have gotten to beat people to a pulp. It can be a tough matchup, but Alchemists do have the tools to sneak through.
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    I had a chance to break out the airbrush and finish up the last 2 bosses, The dancer and titanite demon. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the veil/drape/cape is painted in a green/blue color change prismatic color, so it looks neat as you look at different angles. I'll be honest, the sculpt on the Dancers sword is really bad. It looks nothing like the game sword, and I still don't know if the swirly bits on the top are supposed to be flames or ornate detailing. I'm mostly happy with how it turned out, but I think it would have been alot easier and more fun to paint with a better sculpt. Titanite demon on the other hand I am really happy with. Its not as obvious in the pictures, but its super glossy and high contrast. I think I ended up really close to the in game look, or at least the way I interpret it in the really dark murky game lighting. Still have to do bases obviously. Anyways, let me know what you think. Oh, and full credit to Gervill Froad for the idea to take pics with the box as background.
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    Doing a Guildball Demo

    I actually stopped doing 3v3 demos unless the new player is familiar with other miniatures games. The look in their eyes when they're trying to process more than one model's abilities says it all. Lately I've noticed that if there are 2 players, it's much easier for me to play 2v2 against them. They each control one model and I control 2,using the 2'x2' pitch. This way, they can just learn one model, and discus with a buddy tactics each turn. I also bump the inf up by 1 per model so they can do more things. This has gone pretty well at a recent convention where we had to teach 10+ new players. As for the rules, I go through the main statlines and what they mean, how inf is used, what all the playbook circles mean, and a few character plays. Then start playing and explain the different uses of momentum and back of the card stuff as they come up. Hope that helps!
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    Pending Forum Suspension

    GenCon Events?

    Pretty bummed about this. Wasn't far enough into the game last year to go up for Guild Ball but this year we had a band of 7 that wanted to headed up to GenCon. I won't burn down the ship but it really does feel like a misstep not to running some kind of event at a Con this big; especially with the success of Mk. 3. Makes me nervous.
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    I have found A+G or Seenah going before Hearne can lead to a bloody beat down. Against models already knocked down, Hearne can sling Skewered at them for free and then pound them for 12 damage. It's a nasty middle combo, while Skatha or Ulfr or Jaecar whizz around the edges and score/assassinate models.
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    As a long time morticians player, please bring the bear. Ghast loves 2/1 models that want to scrum up. On a hunters side, I like this idea but don't want the bear in there. I'm thinking skatha, Fahad, a&g, vhearne as the core and then egret, ulfr, jaecar and/or zarola. In a scrum team, Chaska may even have.a spot for boombox, traps and his normal playbook (which is pretty good in a scrum) If only Theron had an early kd and he'd be in for me
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    I'm a bit surprised by people tending to assume Skatha in a hunters brute line up. I tend to think of her as an elusive mobility captain who excels at playing keep away. Theron seems like the more natural brawl captain with his free cover and ability to hand out snares.
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    I've been having so much success with A&G that I really have to disagree with your assessment of them vs Minx. Nothing you're saying about Minx is wrong; she's a great piece for exactly the reasons you're giving, and gets a lot of work done for not much investment (her ROI is stellar). What A&G bring is versatility - the ability to make a goal run or go on a murder spree, plus support with SO - and that ability to hang in the scrum, and because Skatha doesn't need to max out her INF allocation all the time there's usually room to load them up. Minx, for the most part, is a setup piece with moderate damage/momentum generation attached (mind you, a really good one!). I've found that the core of Skatha, A&G, Seenah, and vetHearne (plus mascot and player du jour) make for a squad with enough threats in both aspects of the game that they are almost Mason-like with their ability to adapt to the board state. I think we're getting two different experiences with Hunters, and that's a good thing! I agree 100% on Jaecar, though. I think that because he was the primary source of damage and momentum in Hunters for so long people are hung up on him being needed; that idea's a trap now (now, if he could buy a dodge...). I've used him sparingly since the Heralds came out, and most of that has just exposed his weaknesses. Most of the time a second striker (Egret/Ulfr) feels more useful, or Chaska if I'm looking at hard targets or especially good counters (Stoker in particular).
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    I think Minx is probably stronger than A&G in hunters specifically because they benefit greatly from both her ability to hand out snares like candy and her efficiency. I'm not just talking about furious, although it's great. Rather I mean how she generates momentum with her attacks while costing your opponent momentum to clear conditions. A 2 mom swing for free is great, as is for 1 influence. While she's easy to control, it has to be with a 2" reach model or else she'll just bounce away and most teams have a limit to how many of those they can leave marking players. This really becomes apparent when you're also running Seenah and Fahad. It's very hard to stop all three furious charges, especially Seenah's and if either Minx or Fahad secure's the other's charge it's still more efficient across the two players than most players get for free. A&G are great, but they're very influence hungry between their low base speed and Greede's dependence on Avarisse's set up. Efficient is the most valuable thing for a hunter to be IMO, in large part because of how powerful Seenah is right now. I don't think the hunters have what it takes to participate in a central scrum, even with the support of the winter heralds. Everyone either has a low defense or low hit points and they don't have reach or defensive tech which means they're easily knocked down and chewed through by serious brawl teams. Jaecar is great, but he's not a no-brainer auto include in every game like many players seem to think he is. He can dish out punishment but he can't take it and he's incredibly vulnerable to counter attacks. Against teams who are ready to punish him like Engineers, Brewers and Butchers he's a dangerous pick. In match ups like that I consider giving his slot to Chaska who hands out snares just as easily but can take his licks much more readily.
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    Morts Blog

    Thank you for the great write ups! Hopefully you will come back to the spooks soon. It does feel like we have a harder time than most teams with the clock. I think Morticians shenanigans just takes a little longer to play out. I appreciate you sharing your experience and tips
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    I finished up Ornstein, the winged knight, the silver knights, and the player characters. I think i'm going to order some resin cobblestone bases for the player character and sculpt more elaborate bases matched the tiles for the bosses. All the basic enemies will probably just get a black base. It would be quite a bit of work and money to do fancy bases for every mini in the game, especially when there are so many more coming later. Anyways, here are the ones I have finished so far, bases aside.
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    Morts Blog

    Will write up a vengeance report soon: Apologies for the delay and the expected briefness of these reports. Game 32 (V Game 1 ) - Hunters Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Scatha, Fahad, Jacaer, Vet Hearne, Seenah and Ulfr I kicked off with Obulous and done the usual shenanigans to get up on momentum going into t2 taking out Jaecar in the bargain. The game got into a bit of a scrum after this with a lot of models bunched up in the middle, I thought this shouldn't be an issue with his lower INF cap (+ Ghast) and my 2" melee advantage. I did however make an uncharacteristic positioning mistake with Obulous and by the thickness of a bit of paper left him in range of Seenah while carrying 6 INF . I lost the captain but it had a good knock on effect. The bunching let Ghast, Avarisse and Graves go to town taking out Fahad, Hearne and weaken Seenah over 2 turns. Jaecar came back on the pitch and done some damage to Brainpan but Graves slapped Jaecar back in return and his little chum had an excellent flurry of activity killing Jaecar and jumping over to Seenah to kill him too. By this point I'd been timing out pretty badly but had finally got control of the ball again with Greede. I did experience in this game what I feel was a very uncalled for and unsporting act at a wargames event. This was not from my opponent who was a great guy but from a bystander who came over to watch the game, he took over the 1 minute timings from my opponent which is normally fine. Unfortunately he then proceeded to get overly involved in the game and I'm not a huge fan of having people at the table when they start doing this and asked him to leave (he didn't). The bystander then decided that I couldn't measure things outside of my activation, which according to pg 9 of the rule book is completely legal to measure at any time, which made a tense but enjoyable game fairly unpleasant. I lost the game 9-10, giving up a whopping 8 VPS on time outs before dice down was called. TBH I think I'd have lost it anyway on time outs as the only potential goal I had was a pretty low chance one; I was over 16" from the goal: Greede to Avarisse, give n go, pick up a dropped ball, walk, WDTG and shoot but dice down was called during my opponents activation where he may have got a kill or something to finish the game before this. Game 33 (V Game 2) - Union Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Blackheart, Stongbox, Harry, Rage, Gutter, and A&G Again I kicked off. Through Obulous shenanigans (mostly knocking down and beating up Rage a bit) and a jumping out loose Greede hitting his Greede for 5 wounds and doing bit of MOM gathering I put myself in a position which I thought was quite nice going into t2. I popped the last 2 wounds off his Greede, Puppet mastered the ball off Blackheart and went for what i thought would be a nice 3 dice 6" goal and a Knee Slider away. Obulous messed this up and left himself stranded in Range of Blackheart with the ball miles away from every player on the pitch I think the miss was 6 direction and 6"!!!. My Greede who I thought would be killed anyway duly was by a rather beaten up Rage. A legendary from Blackheart also put paid to Obulous' plans, the square toed Morts captain was fairly efficiently taken off the table by a combo of Gutter and Blackheart. I managed to kill a knocked down Rage with Graves killing the tortoise almost by accident and got Gutter eventually. My Avarisse was killed in return and Graves was too I think. Dice down was called and I was down 7-8. I was in a scrap that I pretty much had no chance of winning so I'm pretty sure my opponent would have won the game having the more fighty characters. Not really sure where the time went but I didn't really have a decent contingency plan after the missed goal. 2 dice downs out of 2 games is not good. Game 34 (V Game 3) - Alchemists Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Smoke, Flask, Calculus, Vet Katalyst, Mercury and Vitriol I haven't played Smoke much before so wasn't sure how to go into this. Again I kicked off, dragged Mercury in for some momentum generation by Obulous and Graves. He scored with Smoke and I countered with the long A&G bomb. Smoke was then in a position t2 to get taken out by a combination of Ghast and Memory. He went after Greede with Vitriol rather than going for a counter goal, the dwarf going down after 2 turns of being hit. Mercury eventually went down to Graves I get the ball back through a puppetmaster I think and I'm pretty sure Brainpan and Memory scored the decider. 12-6 win finally. Game was probably a bit tighter than the score line suggested. Game 35 (V Game 4) - Fishermen Obulous, Dirge, Ghast, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Corsair, Salt, Gutter, Sakana, Angel, Greyscales Again I kicked off. Turn one didn't go to plan as I legendaried then missed a Puppetmaster on Angel to Obulous who was in a good position to score a goal and not let him score in return as he would not easily be able to generate momentum. As it was I won the second turn and got 2 take outs early on, Sakana and Angel I think. He scored a goal with Greyscales but I counter scored at the end of the turn with A&G. Corsair was doing a bit of damage here and there but I was generally healing most of it. He got the ball to Salt and with Obulous to activate I seen the opportunity to win the game, another failed Puppetmaster later and the water rat managed to put in a goal of his own. Sitting 8 each it wasn't too bad but a poor kick out brought the ball back into play. It proceeded to be tackled, scattered over about 4 activations between us in the middle of the board. An unlucky roll meant it got to a position that Gutter could reach it and Greyscales managed to score eventually. 8-12 loss. I may have got a bit greedy with the Puppetmasters on two 5+ models but with an 80.6% success rate on the rolls even without confidence, either which would have had a huge impact on the game was a bit rough. Maybe the second one should have been a different activation, perhaps using Graves to strip the ball off the otter and boot it into space hoping to win the attrition war while 8-4 up. Live and learn I suppose, playing even high odds when you don't have to doesn't pay. Game 36 (V Game 5) - Morticians Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Brainpan & Memory, and Avarisse & Greed Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Ghast and Silence My opponent was fairly new to the Morts and took the standard 6 models, I'm not sure what else she had painted. Again I kicked off. Not much happened turn 1 but hadn't managed to get the ball back due to it being dropped out of reach. Instead I used Cosset to take a load of wounds off Graves who I had dragged forward. Winning the second turn let me finish off Graves and put a bag of wounds on Cosset. Her Obulous had dragged the ball up the pitch after this but she didn't score, this seemed to have been an error as a double dodge off of Brainpan and potentially stealing momentum would have let her do so. I managed to get the ball off of her Obulous with my own one. Her Ghast finished off Cosset and Memory killed her Cosset in return. My Dirge died to Silence. I managed to whittle down Silence and Obulous over a couple of activations and finish the game off with a BPM goal. 12-3 win. I think model selection was a huge benefit in this game. BPM are ace against other Morts. Game 37 (V Game 6) - Engineers Obulous, Dirge, Brainpan and Memory, Graves, Casket, and Avarisse & Greed Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Salvo and Locus A matchup I'm not a huge fan of but thankfully Locus instead of Velocity. Game started with again me kicking off. He didn't attempt a goal. I managed to use Obulous to put Ballista in a bad place but had to use the legendary to stand back up and do this. next turn started off with an Obulous goal and leaving Ballista in a position to be killed off by Memory. He messed up a Hoist goal run due to influence allocation and let me strip the ball off Hoist with Graves. I proceeded to return the favour by miscounting what Brainpan had on him so the I'm open punt the ball to Memory was out by 2" or 1 INF. The game got really bogged down after this with not a lot happening. Mother eventually squeezed a goal through but was then killed by Graves. We ended up both timing out and the score sat at 8-8. I won due to the kicking off rules which seems a bit of a rubbish way to win. He was going to time out first if nothing happened and I think I was in a better position to get another kill to put me in a better position should the game have went on. Pretty rubbish having 3 time outs in a tournament. Game 38 (V Game 7) - Butchers Obulous, Dirge, Cosset, Graves, Casket, and Avarisse & Greed Fillet, Truffles, Vet Ox, Shank, Harry and Tenderiser Was a game against a player I play against more often than most. He changed his lineup but I didn't. Again I kicked off. Once any threats had activated I used Obulous to steal his momentum and drag Harry forward to a position where he was in danger of a tolled up Cosset killing him. Fillet got Harry out of danger by a pass dodge, but I then took a reasonable risk (70% success) of using bonus timed Lure to drag Fillet forward into a molotov and pain circle. This let Casket charge forward and KD her and hit her for a few damage. Casket went first next round and fully loaded casket timed the Butcher captain. The rest of the game was a formality after missing a kick with Shank, he didn't have a reasonable goal threat that wound't die in return and I could outpace a lot of his players. He killed Cosset but I managed to get Vet Ox, Shank and Harry in the end, also killing Fillet twice as she went for VPS on her return to the game. 12-2 win. Finished 4-3 but with a poor strength of schedule. Pretty disappointing performance truth be told but I was playing on tilt all of day 1 after being annoyed during my first game. Time outs have been a bit of a problem lately and these are likely to be the last games with Morts for the foreseeable future. Going to be moving back to my Butchers to speed up my play for a while, for some reason I have always found my play quicker with them.
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    [spoilers]Season 3 fluff

    Haven't you heard? Million to one chances crop up nine times out of ten.
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    Guild Ball Events 2017

    Hey, thanks for bringing this up. @Paul Waters and I are going to be working together with the events folks at SFG to make sure this kind of information is current and up to date. We've got a lot of new moving parts when it comes to Events for 2017, so we'll get it sorted.