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    Need painting suggestion

    Haha yes it is! I found it when I was painting Aleph for Infinity...super handy! I mean, I'm happy with them as they are. I mean they're Hollows...they don't really HAVE clean lines. There's not much I would do to change. If I was going to spend 25+ hours on each guy individually, then I would probably blend the edges a bit more and the skin tones would be smoother, but, meh *shrug*, good enough lol. A lot of the grainy-ness in the photos is just the camera zoom and pixelization I think, cus you really can't see it holding it up to your eye in the light...it's only noticable under magnification. I'll see if I can get a better show of how they look at 'normal distance'... I mean I don't think I'm a bad painter lol, I just dont know how to make zombies (er, Hollows) look 'clean' lol. I like the Sentinels! They turned out great imo.
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    A&G do have one downside, giving up greede's 2 points unless you hold the goal for later (which i do with A&G sometimes). i think as a flexible player A&G do great work, moreso than minx. You can really easily lose the game off greede's 2 points and momentum generated from killing him though, i've seen it happen. Minx i feel like suffers from all the same hunter shortcomings, and while she can strike the 2 inf cap and the fact you aren't guaranteed to get a furious charge off is sometimes quite limiting. she's fairly squishy (lower than average boxes) and vulnerable to being bullied by 2" melee. her upside is she applies snare, but i find avarisse's KD is probably better, since they offer the same end result unless you're talking about seenah/fahad. A&G having a very hard to stop pocket goal, without compromising avarisse's ability to punch people, start wrapping and generate lots of momentum and damage (Avarisse on a snared, gut and strung target is beautiful). If you don't run jaecar, you really really have to. he's the one player i don't think hunters can function without. Gut and string is a really powerful control piece and central to jaecars toolkit. if someone has a trap down next to them and they're gut and stringed its a really uncomfortable position, some players can't even move. On top of that, gut and string's -1 def can't be cleared so you start hitting some better playbook results with your entire team. Jaecar can also strike with the best of them with skatha support. to take it to the extreme he can do a T<<> on column 3 as a TAC 6 AP model if hes got a blessing (unlikely) and a frost token on target (much more likely). or the infamous 2<<<<> (lol) Jaecar's also a critical source of snare, the more the merrier when you run seenah/fahad (which i really like) I'd also want to include zarola, but hopefully fast ground and snowball is "enough" movement boosting. i just think zarolas character plays are so strong it does warrant her coming even though she cant fight at all. (shes a great last light target).
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    Preamble Steamforged have done a pretty good job with the game, but there are two areas I find a bit lacking in the official ruleset (first edition). Firstly, Treasure drawing is really important to progressing but really hit and miss in terms of getting anything you can skill up to. Secondly, the fixed stat levels (while a necessary simplification) together with the Treasure deck really don't reflect the artful pacing of item drops and the flexibility players had to work towards those items in the videogame series. These are the problems I aim to solve with this (and other House Rules). Note: Merchants & the Tiered Treasure Deck The Tiered Treasure Deck house rule can be used on its own or can also be paired with another house rule: Merchants. The Merchants house rule adds a 'Merchant Shop' that, once discovered, contains a persistent Treasure mini-deck with items that are within reach of your current level. This smooths out the progression during a playthrough and makes the experience more rewarding, less repetitive and ultimately more satisfying for everyone playing. It also brings in a thematic element from the Dark Souls world. Terminology House Rule = A non-official rule (or subset of rules) for a boardgame that you may adopt to shape your gameplay experience to your tastes DSTVG = Dark Souls the videogame DSTBG = Dark Souls the boardgame Chest = a box on an encounter tile that can be opened once all enemies within the encounter have been defeated Tier 1 = items that cater for good early game progression towards the Mini Boss Tier 2 = items that cater for good late game progression towards the Final Boss Chest deck = unique, often magical items that can only be found in chests Firekeeper deck = spells that they'll only trade to virtuous adventurers Merchant = another 'house rule' that works well with this one (read on for a link to its own House Rule thread) Merchant deck = the deck used for determining which items are for sale in the Merchant Shop Tiered Treasure Deck Tiered Treasure Deck Overview In the early part of a playthrough, DSTBG suffers from an Treasure deck bloated with items that may never be accessible to the player classes in use or that are unusable until much later in the game. This is especially unenjoyable when playing with fewer than 4 player characters because you have to cycle through loot that you cannot build towards. I consider that bad gameplay design in terms of pacing and I have created this set of rules to help towards resolving this. This house rule makes some key changes to improve the experience: Tiers items so you'll only pick up items you can make use of early on. This has the benefits of guiding build paths, providing a consistent sense of progression, reducing the need to grind to beat the game (this was never really a feature of DSTVG) and rewarding the player with the cool items in the second half of the game. That said, there are a couple of unique gameplay items that can be found early on. Restricts more exotic items to Treasure chests. This makes the one-shot chest interactions more unique and rewarding, and is much more thematic. Ties spell availability to an 'event' with the Firekeeper. This incorporates a risk-reward mechanic for the spells and adds a little to the thematicism. If you spend too many of your Souls with the Merchant, you won't be able to get spells from the Firekeeper. Ties in, optionally, with the 'Merchant' house rule (explained in its own thread, and linked below). Essentially Merchants sell equipment, the Firekeeper grants spells and Chests contain 'rare' items. Purchasing items at the Bonfire In this house rule you have two options: EITHER purchase items from the Bonfire as per the official rules OR purchase items from the Merchants as per the 'Merchants' house rule Both options use the same Tier 1 & Tier 2 decks, so it's completely up to you how you make use of it. The Firekeeper The Firekeeper helps virtuous travellers who rid this world of horrors. If the party has twice the number of Souls in its Soul Pool as their are members, the Firekeeper will teach you about magical invocations, restorative salves and poisonous concoctions. If the party has fewer than this many Souls, spells are not available for sale. Each spell costs 4 Souls. Firekeeper Tier 1 Spells Force Heal Aid Poison Mist Soul Arrow Firekeeper Tier 2 Spells Heal Aid Fireball Soulstream Chests Nothing of value is kept in plain sight. Chest Tier 1 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the first half of the game, Chest items are drawn from this deck. Upgrades 2 x Ember 2 x Titanite Shard Poison Gem Lightning Gem Simple Gem Blood Gem Weapons Great Magic Weapon Silver Knight Sword Shields & Armour Pierce Shield Effigy Shield Sunless Armour Drang Armour Court Sorcerer Robes Deacon Robes Rings Chloranthy Ring Chest Tier 2 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the second half of the game, Chest items are drawn from this deck. Upgrades Heavy Gem Sharp Gem Crystal Gem Blessed Gem Rings & Spells All 'transposed' character ring and spell cards Legendary Shuffle the legendary items and draw 5 to add to the Chest deck Merchants / Bonfire If you do not wish to play with the Merchants house rule, simply keep this deck as the Bonfire deck and use the normal Souls trading rules from the official ruleset (pay one Soul to draw one card). Full details on the Merchants house rule can be found in this thread: Merchant Tier 1 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the first half of the game, the Merchant Shop inventory is drawn from this deck. Weapons Firebombs Thrall Axe Kukris Morning Star Scimitar Shortsword Brigand Axe Reinforced Club Rapier Winged Spear Shields & Armour Silver Eagle Kite Shield Dragon Crest Shield Worker Armour Exile Armour Black Armour Firelink Armour Sunset Armour Merchant Tier 2 Create a deck from the following cards and shuffle it. In the second half of the game, the Merchant Shop inventory is drawn from this deck. Upgrades 2 x Ember 2 x Titanite Shard Weapons All 'transposed' character weapon cards Claymore Murakamo Great Mace Great Axe Halberd Sorcerer's Staff Zweihander Shields & Armour All 'transposed' character shield & armour cards Hard Leather Armour Master's Attire East-West Shield Eastern Iron Shield --- Rule Clarifications For clarity and posterity, I'll post any rule clarifications here, in addition to editing the rules above.
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    So I'm finally at a point I have the time to write up my Engineer journey from the end of April through early May. This all started because my friend, Dan decided he had to sell his Engineers which I had been looking to pick up since the start of season 3, but didn't actually have the money or inclination to buy and paint a new guild (at this point I had Hunters, Union, Alchemists, and Brewers with only the Brewers still to paint). But Dan's engineers are gorgeous and I definitely wanted them to stay in house so I blew my gaming budget a bit for a couple months and picked them up when he said he was selling. At this time I had been debating what to put together for an upcoming Regional Qualifier in Denver for Texas GamesCon and even though I had no intention of making the Con, I still wanted to make the qualifier what with it only being an hour away and with me running (and therefor not playing in) one the following weekend in Colorado Springs for MomCon I started the game back in April of 2016 by buying the Hunter starter and really didn't like how they fared in the S2-3 transition so I hadn't really played them all that much. Union is what I had swapped to at the end of S2 and primarily played Blackheart. Early S3 I played a ton of Veteran Rage prompted by the alternate sculpt. Most recently before buying the Engineers I had been playing Alchemists which I traded some Warmachine stuff for. But, while I liked playing them, they weren't really clicking for me. I blame Vitriol who I think was at the time around 0/6 on goal shots for me. So I was kinda of debating whether to paint up Snakeskin who I (along with several others) theorized could kill the ball for my vRage team vs Fish and Alchemists long enough for me to get the 2-4 take outs I wanted or jump ship and paint the Brewers up which I'd only played a handful of times at all but owned in part due to the kick off value. With Dan's engineers suddenly falling in my lap, my decision was made! I had borrowed the team a couple times in the past to mess around with them just for fun (hook) including just playing around one regular game night practicing the steps for a turn 1 Pin Vice legendary run to nail that in a bit in my brain in terms of what was possible with a ton of free passes (line). Him selling the team fully painted and converted (sinker) fit my lazy idea of how gaming should be perfectly so I decided to get in at least a half dozen games of practice over the next couple weeks before the tournament. I hope at least some of you enjoy reading these and/or find them beneficial. My disclaimer is that all pictures are taken poorly by me and while the plan is to snap one start of turn and mid turn every turn, I tend to forget when I'm frustrated or in the groove of executing a plan. I'm terrible at balance (see user name and understand it is an accurate physical description) so some of the pictures wound up so blurry as to be unusable. All my opponent's models look way better in person than they do in my pictures and they have all graciously allowed me to post these write-ups. I'll link the thread out to all of them so they can comment if you have any questions for them. I welcome any and all questions and comments! So without further ado, here are the match reports of my 7 practice games followed by a tournament report of the regional qualifier. Inaugural Game - vs Fishermen 20 April vs Alex - I picked up the Engineers on Thursday en route to my regular game store, Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs. Alex was down visiting us from Denver for his guard unit's 2 week rotation and had brought his Fishermen with him. This was going to be my last regular chance to play him and also was my 40th birthday so we each just sorted out a lineup we wanted to play and went with that, no draft. This match has no pictures and was before I decided to take notes, but stuck with me well enough to write it up blow by blow when I got home. Writing it up led me to decide to take notes through the qualifier tournament and try and do some written match reports because I like having them to read and figure maybe there are some other old folks like me who like reading this sort of stuff more than watching or listening to it. My lineup was Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Locus, Ratchet, oVelocity with plots Composure, Who Are Ya?, and Sic 'em. Alex went with Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Kraken, vSiren, Avarice/Greede with plots Good Marker, Brace for Impact, Match Fixing He wins the roll off and elect to receive. I try and kick with Ballista towards A/G, but both the scatter and the re-roll are in direction 6 and land the ball in my half of the pitch. He opts to give the ball to the Hag. Turn 1 The Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair forward and them misses a pass to Avarice, but Greede is able to intercept the ball anyways. Ballista wants to reposition into an obstruction to avoid Corsair's drag and deadbolt the Hag who is sitting in an obstructions, but I forgot that she has fear and only had 2 influence on Ballista so he delays, and instead, Ratchet tools up Hoist and drops a blast earth on the Hag which hits for a momentum thanks to Ballista's aura. Corsair drags in Ballista, knocks him down and does a couple points of damage. Seeing that both Siren and Kraken are ready to get in on him, Ballista stands up forfeiting his movement and swings on Corsair pushing him out of cover. He gets knocked down by a counter attack so spends the momentum from the push to stand up and swing again for another push moving Corsair within 2" of the hag. Siren moves in on Ballista and does a few damage and gets a dread gaze up to stymie any melee attacks I might want to make. Mother sprints up and drops a nest to be in Kraken's way if he tries to get into Ballista. Kraken gets to Ballista and KD him anyways. Due to the drag, Hoist can't get into range of Ballista for momentous inspiration (because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him) so he goes ahead and advances and drops a pair of tooled up blast earths on Siren, Corsair, and Hag. Siren eats both, Corsair and Hag, get hit once each. Alex goes for the A/G goal here instead of Tentacles which I felt was a mistake as I had 2 inf on Locus still and 1 on Velocity. They of course make the tap in goal after double sprinting and a where did they go, but taking it now instead of 1 activation later meant Velocity would have had to retrieve the ball instead of Locus. The kick out scatters in front of Locus who sprints up and passes it back to Velocity. Tentacles moves up behind the nest. Velocity sprints out wide but in a positioning mistake on my part does not end within 18" of the fish goal. Turn 2 - initiative to Engineers - 4-0 to the Fish I lead off with Locus who walks up to Kraken and >> him into some rough ground just outside 6" from Velocity and then gets a knock down on him. Kraken forfeits his movement to stand up and plays Good Marker to gamble on a Harpoon at Velocity on 1 die (due to being engaged) but he misses. He then knocks down Locus. [We played this wrong, if you forfeit your movement, you can't use Good Marker.] Ballista clears his conditions (knockdown) and walks out of range of Hag and Siren taking a pair of parting blows for 1 damage each. He pays for a Minefield and deadbolts Corsair back out of melee and triggering Sturdy. Corsair decides to Harpoon Ballista instead of taking the 3 damage from Minefield and then grabs a few momentum knocking the engineer captain back down and doing some damage. Tough Hide is doing a ton of work keeping Ballista from dropping too fast. Mother drops a nest back near Hoist and Ratchet where A/G might have tried to converge then moves up to crowd out Kraken preparing for Velocity coming in later for a momentum or two. Siren shadow likes and get a dread gaze and some damage and momentum off Ballista who is now down to 10 hp. She then heals herself after her advance to offset the Minefield. Ratchet tools up Hoist Avarice charges Hoist and Greede walks in but can't make melee range. Avarice takes a >> instead of Single Out or knock down and moves hoist enough to be in melee range of Greede. Greede wiffs for only 2 net hits so takes a < due to tough hide. Hoist, super excited by this turn of events gives Avarice a parting blow to lose the crowd out and swings 3 times on Greede for 6 non-momentous damage. Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair towards Tentacles, but he gets stopped by the best nest ever so doesn't move the whole 2". Velocity makes her charge at Kraken who defensive stances. She gets 4 net-hits for the super awesome <<>> and dodges into Tentacles who has 1 inf and uses her last inf to Nimble because I don't want to let the octopus trigger close control with a counter attack. She spends my momentum to stand Locus back up because I'm so far behind on momentum this turn i may as well spend it. Tentacles does 1 damage to Velocity. Turn 3 - initiative to Fish - still 4-0 for Fish Alex sees a hilarious play and goes for it. The Hag shadow likes off the obstruction and walks to a spot where she has 9 players in her legendary range. She uses the free play to position Kraken closer to Velocity then pops it. She closes the gap between Avarice and Greede, gets Tentacles and Kraken on 2 sides of Velocity but can't get Corsair to close the gap still due to the best nest ever. At the end of all this, Velocity was b2b with Tentacles and Kraken and engaged by Corsair, but the Hag took 9 damage and was taken out which then left a nice clear 30mm wide path out of this scrum if Velocity was a bit lucky. 4-2 Fish So Velocity gives it the 'ole college try. Mother is still ganging up Kraken so he's the target. Minus 2 dice for Tentacles and Corsair and +1 for Mother, Velocity decides to spend my lost initiative momentum for a bonus time. The dice come up 3 hits for a momentous <<. Acrobatic gives another 2" dodge to break all the melee ranges so Velocity walks around Siren and slots in a goal staying in position instead of running the length because I felt I'd need the momentum to clear some knock downs. 4-6 Engineers The kick out scatters extremely poorly for Alex and lands well behind the scrum instead of on any of his players. Fearing Locus using Remote Control, Alex felt he had to pick up the ball so Kraken backed up and grabbed it and passed to Corsair. He sits on his momentum. It takes me a minute, but I finally see it for two reasons; 1. This was an interaction I wanted to use going into the game and 2. A/G are b2b again and 1 hp Greede will die easily and save me some grief later on. Hoist swings on Greede and gets the 1 damage for the take out. 4-8 Engineers Hoist spends both momentum I have to stand up Ballista (who is now engaging Corsair). Hoist then walks up and true replicates Burrow from Mother and uses this to place himself next to the best nest ever. He's crowded out by Tentacles but has Ballista to off set that. The burrow swing nets a T popping close control on Corsair. The counter attack triggers Sturdy. Swinging again gets a momentous T again. Last influence is spent on a pass to Velocity crowded out twice (Corsair and Tentacles) with an intervening model (Siren) so is down to 1 die. Composure brings this back up to 3 dice. He gets the 1 success once the last die stops spinning and that makes 2 momentum for Velocity to Snap Shot which she lands like a champ! 4-12 Engineers 12 points in 4 activations (his and mine) MVP was that very first nest marker that Mother placed which kept being in the way for repositions and ultimately was the burrow to win for Hoist. First game out with a brand new team and a win out of nowhere. I was really not felling good about this game until Velocity got super lucky dodging out of the death trap the Hag put her in. Hoist and Mother was half the reason I wanted this team in the first place so I was glad to get to use that this game. Having played primarily scrum teams who football when they can, it was very interesting for me to actively try and pursue the goals before the kills and there is certainly a visceral excitement to winning a game with a snap shot that I couldn't even afford to bonus time. Game 2 - vs Fishermen 21 April So, this game was vs. my most frequent opponent Jayden who was the first person I dragged into guild ball after I bought the Hunters. Since we both had some free time Friday, I took my puppy over to his house to play with his while we got in a game of guild ball. I was pretty sure Fishermen (Shark in particular) would be a very tough match for the Engineers and they guild is quite popular so I wanted to practice this match up a few times. Jayden won the roll off and opted to receive Teams in drafted order were: Tentacles, Avarice/Greede, Sakana, oSiren, Greyscales, Shark - leaving Corsair, Hag, Kraken on the bench - his plots were Super Fan, Who Are Ya?, and Match Fixing Mother, Hoist, Locus, oVelocity, Ratchet, Ballista - leaving Pin Vice, Compound, Harry the Hat on the bench - my plots Good Marker, Sic 'em, Wingback I kick off with Ballista. Greyscales sprints and decoys and passes the ball to Siren. Mother walks up and drops a nest. Siren walks up and passes to Greede. Ballista walks up and puts up a minefield and deadbolt's Avarice. Avarice clears conditions and advances. Greede passes to Tentacles and walks back b2b with Avarice. Locus sprints up the field. Tentacles passes to Sakana and walks forward. Ratchet Tools Up Hoist, advances and drops a blast earth on Tentacles missing him. Sakana walks up and bonus times a pass to Shark who dodges forward after receiving it. Velocity sprints off to the wing. Shark sprints around the minefield to engage Mother attacking 4 times for 4 momentous dodges and shoots a goal with a bonus time successfully. Hoist punts the ball away from Shark and Greyscales out towards the sidelines and then misses a blast earth on Shark. Turn 2 - Fish win @ +4 - 4-0 Fish Shark sprints around taking a parting blow form Mother for 1 damage. Locus's gravity well pulls him in and he uses his Legendary catching everyone except Velocity. Shark starts swinging for a >. Locus's counter attack > him back away from the ball. Shark keeps swinging for <<, <<, swing on Ratchet for << and finally get in range on the ball and snaps it up. Ballista uses Good Marker to Deadbolt Shark and the ball scatters 6" directly towards tentacles...so much for me being in this game at all. Greyscales engages Velocity. Avarice and Greede shuffle around in the back a bit. Mother moves her 1" and drops a nest Siren walks through the forest and seduces Locus to knock down Ballista. Velocity walks away from Greyscales taking 1 damage for her troubles. Tentacles snaps the ball and passes to Sakana which misses and scatters to just in front of the Fish goal line. Locus uses Destructive Impulse on Shark pushing him towards the edge of the pitch. Sakana sprints and snaps up the ball and gets a couple of momentous dodges off of Ballista. Hoist Blast earth's Shark a couple times because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him or the free sprint and 2 Destructive Impulses could have pushed him off the pitch. Shark is instead left on 3 hp. Fish win the roll off at even. Sakana hits Ballista for <<, <, engages Locus and gets sucked in by Gravity Well [Wrong, gravity well only triggers on advances]. << off Ballista again then walks into tap in range and slots in a goal. My kick out scatters directly towards Shark continuing the trend of why do I even bother with this game. I fail to see that A/G are fully loaded and I have Mother grab the ball with a nest and drop it next to hoist to avoid Siren seducing me into giving him a snap shot. Avarice and Greede double sprint and Where Did They Go into another tap in goal. [All the notes below were taken immediately after the game - my second with Engineers] This was the first game I'd been shutout in probably 8 months or so and it was brutal. I intentionally didn't draft Compound this time around even knowing that he's amazing to shorten the A/G threat range and can cause alot of trouble with Horrific Odor. Shark's legendary hitting the entire relevant portion of the board is every bit and stupid as I remembered only this team is all walk 4 or 5 so its even more debilitating than I'm used to. oSiren completes the Fish dominance vs Engineers because I have no one I can leave the ball on and have it safe for even a single turn. Had the scatter when Shark got knocked down gone literally anywhere except where it did, I either would have had the ball or it would have been dead for a turn, both of which I think would have allowed me to get at least some points on the board. I still think that Locus has some merit into the Fish match up, but I'm not sure how to cram him into the lineup. Taking for granted I want Hoist, Ratchet, and Compound that only leaves me one flex slot which I kinda want to be Velocity so that I can have two pocket goals (Breach+Velocity) and a semi-maybe-possible place to park the ball (def 6 with close control is hard for all the fish to actually T and is a coin flip for Siren). If this doesn't get figured out, I may as well just stick with Alchemists who I believe are a stronger team or the Union which I have more experience with.
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    The Winged Knight goes down!

    the game certainly gets better with more plays...its very subtle at times and a two player game has plenty of good choices to make...nice feeling when you take down the winged knight;)
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    Need painting suggestion

    Again, I think I'm struggling because this is my first time working with A: metallic paints and B: fantasy figures in ~4 years lol.
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    Need painting suggestion

    I think they look pretty good, and like you say the next ones are always better Also, I'm sad enough that I enjoyed seeing VMC deck tan in your recipes - that paint ends up in almost everything I do somewhere, it's so versatile. Glad to see so much good advice in here too
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    @Isante That strategy was rough, especially the first time running into it. I was also considering whether Smoke might be better than Midas there, but I don't know. It's utterly un-fun, but I look forward to playing into it again, anyway! It's a perplexing challenge.
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    Totes McAwesome

    Where has all the ox gone

    @butterbaste I totally agree that Shank is still a weapon. Just looking at his ability to move around the board and threaten a goal or assist in a take out. Having WTG is such a super strong ability. Also that 2" melee to assist with crowd out's is ace. He looks like the kind of player that can sit off out of trouble and then either pounce on a lose ball to score or come in from the wing. If you get the plot card "Wingback" he is a fantastic candidate for it.
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    Share your paint jobs

    I'm not @Anudem, but you can get a lot of milage out of three additional steps beyond what you've done so far: Wash, Drybrush, and Base. First things first, wash. I usually like to do this before picking out details like you have, so it may require some touch-ups. Anyways, a wash is a highly watered-down paint you use to highlight recesses and simulate shadows. I'm pretty sloppy with it, but even so washing is practically skill in a bottle. Pick a color that would look good for the shadows of whatever base you're using - a dark green for the greens, brown or black for most others, a ruddy pink for caucasian skin. you can either put down a healthy layer, or if you want the effect to be more subtle you can just paint the wash into recesses and then clean up near the edges with your base color. You can use a purpose-made wash, or mix your own; if you do the latter, add a very small amount of dish soap to the mix; it'll break the water's surface tension and help it to run into your model's recesses instead of beading up on the surface. After you wash, you can drybrush. Personally, I only drybrush metals, grass (see below), and highly-detailed surfaces like fur or nets. take a flat-ended brush you don't care about messing up and put some paint on the bristles, making sure to spread out the bristles so paint gets inside the brush head. Wipe most of the paint off on the edge of the pot or your palette, then take an index card or something and repeatedly brush quickly to get almost all of the paint off. If you wipe the brush gently on the heel of your palm you shouldn't see any paint. Then, on whatever surface you're drybrushing, brush lightly and quickly. There's a very small amount of paint inside the brush, and when you do that the paint comes off on the raised surfaces while leaving the recesses alone. Usually the color you want is a shade or two lighter than the base color. Finally is basing. Even with those last two steps your model will look incomplete. By making the surface the miniature is standing on it makes everything else "pop" in my experience. There are several techniques for doing this, but I like to use wood glue to glue a layer of beach sand to the base, then I paint it a foresty green, wash it, and drybrush it with a lighter shade (Death World Forest, Athonian Camoshade, and Straken Green if you use Citadel paints). That's a nice grass-painting "recipe". Sometimes I'll also lightly paint a white line on the grass, like the chalk pitch lines. After that you should paint the base's lip to cover up any slips you might have made - I like to paint them a color appropriate to the team (several others in this thread have done the same), or you can repaint it black. There are other techniques you can use, like gradient shading or edge highlighting, but using these three you can get to minis that look excellent for the tabletop.
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    Onto the evening and day 2. God Bless a restaurant willing to take in 40 gamers on a Saturday evening! Then fewer pictures of day 2, but a couple made it through: Here's the deciding game of round 5, Table 2 - the play down/up. Vince (4/0) vs Dutch (3/1) And the round 5 top table, Pat vs Frank Then the final round, Vince vs Frank And the podium: Sometimes it's cool to have the internet come to life at events. Here's a picture I couldn't pass up of the Alex Botts playing the Jared McGraw.
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    Want to win stuff?!

    Will you change your name to 'Simply the Best'?
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    Atrium Carceri

    House Rule: Tiered Treasure Deck

    I actually did just this! I sat down and checked every item to see how many level-ups it would require for each character. I didn't record the data in a spreadsheet, but I did roughly order the cards into about five groups: 1. Can be used immediately 2. Early game 3. Midgame 4. Lategame 5. Ultra lategame Groups 1, 2 & 3 are used in Tier 1 and the rest is for Tier 2. Items in group 3 might just be accessible before the Mini Boss but could be purchased and equipped in the second half once leveled. I believe theory can only take you so far and the best way to improve a set of game rules is to playtest it multiple times. I'll be doing my first test today.
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    Painting for beginners

    @Gervill Froad I got this one and found it to be a great value https://www.gamenerdz.com/warpaints-mega-paint-set-2017
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    Four Kings

    I think the real question about the 4K is this: Are we going to have to buy two boxes for if the fight goes on longer than it should?
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    Painting for beginners

    Can't get the album to display but here's two shots: Going to start on the Knight tonight or this weekend. Will likely follows thermo's guide. His guide helped me a lot.
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    I was seconds away from suggesting a giant beetle myself. I think that would be pretty sweet. It would be an amazingly fun model to see everyone's take on in terms of painting.
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    @HuggyTheBearI guess we'll be able to discuss it to some length upcoming tourney in Hasselt in late June. What, in your opinion, makes Decimate also a good pick? Is it her ability to deal decent damage ánd be very mobile? Or maybe is her Second Wind ability so hugely important? @Lord Antoine @MechMage All of the mentioned teams are played once, and the League will be a double round robin, so I'm going to play Fish only twice. I don't think that's enough reason to bring Chisel with me. Thanks for the insights, though!
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    Fixing Bended Models

    It'll work. I had to straighten a couple of mine as well. What I did was heat it with the hot water, then place it on the counter top and press down firmly on the base with my fingertips so all of the base was in contact with the counter, then a quick dip in cold water. You may have to do it more than once, or hold it a little longer under the hot water since the base is a lot thicker than the bent weapons are.
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    Totes McAwesome


    Totally agree with @Dracilic. At Vengeance last weekend I was having to choose lower damage results so she didn't just vaporise people and waste influence.
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    Mo-Ball Podcast Ep3

    I understand your pointerest and how you intend for it to come across. My point though is that it should be understood that there are NPE's that are valid. There are such things as overpowered models, or models that don't work or whatever is the cause of the NPE. I'm just saying that 'git gud' is often the default answer even when someone has a legitimate criticism, and that shouldn't be the case. If they criticism is unfounded and they are just missing something then sure, teach them how to get better. Tell them to play the match up more. Again, I get that your point was more about, if you are struggling against something, work towards conquering it, I just feel the need to say that NPE's can be an issue and git Gud isn't always the correct answer. Sometimes the designers have to step in. The problemis you are using NPE and OP as if they were interchangeable and they aren't. Something being a NPE, doesn't mean it's OP. Engineers were changed because they were a NPE. Because they weren't playing as it intended and it was having a negative effect. Just because something has counterplay also doesn't mean it's necessarily acceptable. Just to take from another game, Magic often has cards that are banned that have counterplay or even a specific deck that counters it. But it often isn't healthy for the meta or fun to play against. I do want to clarify that I think Guild ball is in a fine position for the most part. I think there are a few outliers but the game is very well balanced and I personally don't have a NPE (Farmers might be getting there though) Regardless, I enjoyed the podcast and look forward to more. Oh and you guys using only one Mic because Brandon is definitely hard to hear.
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    Newbie Help - hunters

    A reasonable article for the old style Hunters, pre-new-releases, try to take from it some the play style elements I guess... http://guildballnz.blogspot.co.nz/2017/04/therons-fading-light.html I won't really go into players, since I think it is generally a mistake to talk about players, Guildball is unlike other games in that respect, you can take what you like and basically it is entirely dependent on how you play those players in conjunction with one another. Also I think you will find the players that you enjoy / are good for you. Some players will end up being near batteries to fuel other members of the team after all a team of superstars that all require influence doesn't actually make a good team. It will be entirely down to how you see the Hunters, and what thou feel are the best players that accomplish your goals. For instance Chaska is way to influence heavy for me & yet others will strongly recommend him. Except for Jaecar, Include that guy General Tips : If there are AoE's on the other side, (Engineers, Alchemists, Fillet Butchers) Try to keep your pieces at lest 3 inches apart. A few things can be used to counter Puppet Master. Theron / Minx can parting blow your player so that they are slower (snare 1 dam), Vhearne/ Bear can Knock down that player. Egret can usually get lured in then get out of there by Shooting someone (dodging out) then walking plus back to shadows. Don't be afraid to disengage models / board state. If the model doesn't have a knockdown, feel free to just walk away. It may involve sometimes wasting influence, but it's way better then over committing then having that player get taken out / farmed for momentum Lastly have fun and don't get disheartened. I know it took me a while to figure out the style that Hunters suited playing. Er, hope this helped a little bit
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    Newbie Help - hunters

    Id highly reccomend forming a skatha tourney 9 Your two auto includes are jaecar and skatha (due to single captain) That leaves 7 slots left -- dual mascot is viable so snow, fahad. Fahad is along when zarola comes and when you need more damage. Snow's AP helps you hit certain playbook results like skathas T, its not equivalent to fahad shredding a snared target. Zarola - threat extension, snare, candidate for last light, ball holder in circumstances where opponent cant deal with 1" melee UM VHearne - kd and t and 2" melee is a niche hunters need filled. Can last light himself for a skewer too. Id argue hes in the majority of hunter 6 under skatha Minx - weaker than AG in a vacuum, but brings a valuabl e snare applying battery. Chaska - situational pick whos char play is strong against lower def teams that dont want to tank 4 damage a shot Thats 8 out of a 9 -- the last pick is a bit harder, but teams like Skatha - snow - jaecar - vHearne - minx - <striker, ulfr maybe> are the kind of generalist teams I'd run. Then sub players on a match up basis, like ulfr snow out zarola fahad in vs morticians Almost 100 percent aim for 2 goals 2 take outs. Skatha is better at retrieving than ulf so ulfr is a better t1 shooter when receiving
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    Season 3 is not for Brewers

    The big issues I am seeing is that our player agency can easily be negated by fast, high defense teams. Anyone know why they decided Alchemists, who have a striker who can sprint 11 inches and has a 2 inch melee zone, needed a speed buff from Lure of Gold? Was that really needed? Other games tend to give speed buff abilities to really slow forces to offset the huge disadvantage of going really slow. Season 3 makes no sense....... Thinking of quitting this game for a while.....
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    Stick's Painted Butchers Thread

    And here is the starting line up of my Butchers! Finally have a fully painted six figure team! (I don't play games unless the figs are painted, so I've been using paper fold ups) Some overall thoughts to this point: - Really like the use of red as an accent colour. Modified the studio scheme on boar and shank to have more red, and I think as a whole the team is unified more because of it. - I painted them to a 'high gaming standard' but pushed myself to do iris on the eyes to become more comfortable with the technique for when I paint to a higher standard. - The good: Eyes, Lenses, fairly good skin consistency throughout the team, some of the weapons. - The bad: Need to push contrast more in clothing, need to work on convincing blood splatters - The ugly: Not happy with Brisket's abs, way way too defined, need to go back and figure those out even it if means ignoring the sculpted ones. Overall, I'm happy with the way the team turned out. I might go back and do some weathering on their boots/pants,just to dirty them up at bit, but overall, I think they have a coherence and consistency that make them work.