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    An Ode to Snakeskin

    Ok, played Snakeskin in my Vet Rage Union team for all 3 games at a small casual tournament today. I think she has a solid place in my T9 now because of all the crazy footballing teams out there. First Round: Shark Fish team. I received (whew), got the ball, passed the ball and kicked it to Coin who hid behind Harry/Rage to avoid Siren getting the ball. After passing it around, it ended up on Snakeskin, and she ran off to the side of the pitch with Sakana around. Next turn, I went first, with 3 INF, just turned on Nimble and Clone. Sakana tried getting the ball and failed (trying to hit DEF 6 just to trigger her clone). Ball stayed on her. More killing ensued with Rage. Next turn, Shark is there (after dying), spent 6 INF trying to get 2 hits to tackle (after an initial clone), got it once, triggered clone, and never was able to get it again. Eventually they got the ball, but Rage already killed too many people. Oh, can't remember how, but somewhere along the way Snakeskin did a 4 dice tap in. Second Round: Fillet Butchers. I received and ended up playing normal football and killing. After Mist and Brisket counterscored each other, Snakeskin got the ball and got in position to score, but ended up getting threatened by Fillet and gave the ball for the finally winning goal. Third Round: Midas Alchemists. I kicked with Mist, stole the ball and kicked it to their corner where not even Vitriol with Lure of Gold can get in 1 turn. After that, it was a bloodbath (reg Katalyst is the most underrated model in the game... he out killed a Vet Rage team!). Finally, Mist got the ball out and handed it to Snakeskin, and she just sat far away by herself waiting to score. when I got to 8 points with killing, She went in for the tap in for the win. I think in this day and age of players that can score from everywhere and a loose ball equals 4 points for your opponent, I am loving what Snakeskin brings. I'm even happy giving her 3 INF for Nimble+Clone (if I don't have an easy way to trigger clone) if that means the opponent can't get the ball for the entire turn. Call me a convert!
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    Finding a use for Egret

    I think it's fair to say Momentous Tackles on one hit are par for the course for strikers. Assuming they lack momentous tackles, or their tackles are higher, they gain other strengths. Vitriol gets to be Vitriol, Mist is usable by multiple teams, Sakana gets 2" Melee and some undervalued damage potential. In most situations, Snap Fire is 1 Inf to do nothing to models with Tough Hide, do nothing to models with Def 4 or higher. Again, she has to charge to reliably get relevant results out of her playbook, it's unlikely she's going to get to the ball without spending her advance, and Back to the Shadows simply doesn't cover enough distance to get her out of anyone's threat range. Anyway, assuming Vitriol is the highest bar a striker can be, I think the fairer comparison for Egret is Friday or oBrisket Both models have Momentous Tackles on one (in fact, only 3 dedicated strikers besides Egret have Tackles above one hit. Two of those three have tac 5, and tackle on two hits). Brisket and Friday both have high damage potential, as well as ways to increase their threat ranges, hold the ball, increase score threat range, and increase the value and reliability of their damaging character play, a play which does everything a snap fire does while also bringing the benefit of reducing defenses. The biggest problem is that Egret's influence usage is horribly inefficient and chance based. She gets her legs cut off by Tough Hide, High Defenses, High Health, Counterattacks, 2" Melee, and Armor. If her role is to ping flurries off, then she's simply not doing enough damage for it to matter. Two turns worth of Flurry damage can be cleared with a single momentum. I personally think that Egret should be a poor striker. But her damage potential and reliability shouldn't also be as low as they are. EDIT: I really don't mean to be sounding as negative as I am, especially with new models on the horizon. It's worth mentioning that I've only been able to play against the Masons, and Corsair fish. Both teams that I feel easily counter everything Egret brings to the table.
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    I'd like to try running Crucible with Venin. It seems like they'd have a lot of synergy but since neither fits all that well into a traditional alchemist line up it will be a challenge to put together a six man line up.
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    Crucible - Venin - vetKatalyst Egret - Hearne - Jaecar Just tossing the idea of a Hunter-Alchemist doubles team out there.
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    If you read her brief description in the online store you will find that it was/is literally very accurate.
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    Reattach to a knocked down Avarice

    Page 17 says it: A model suffering the knocked-down condition cannot have possession of the ball.
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    Finding a use for Egret

    @FearLord Synergy with unreleased models aside. the problem with giving egret 2 in a team that might have a serious influence problem (like the 10 inf team, 11 inf team etc) is its so inefficient. Hearne with 2 will trigger momentous 2 at least once, probably twice. Theron will trigger non mom 1 and snare twice, and odds are he'll get his mom 2 snare at least once. Jaecar is probably doing at least 4 damage, snare and bleed (via push dodge) and 2 mom. the point is that for the most part, non momentous character plays are usually much worse than just stabbing someone and getting momentum which helps you in many different ways, as well as applying more damage overall. Poison by itself is easy to ignore, if you poison a snared model they will clear it 100%. it just gives clearing more value. Chaska with 2 can do 4 damage immediately and a 4" push and his damage can't be healed while also clearing snare Every time i see an egret dancing around flurrying 1-2 players non momentously i'm usually pleased because of how inefficient it is as a use of resources. Jaecar and seenah and such are killy enough without egret putting 2 points of damage on someone. it does keep egret safe to be sitting at the back, and your opponent isnt going to kill her (usually at least) but its not like jaecar, seenah, hearne, theron and co aren't still exposed at the frontline anyway. Jaecar can only get so much distance from someone he attacked and theron even less since he cant back to the shadows
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    Beginner having some trouble

    Thanks for the replies guys, great to see a helpful and welcoming community! Im still very new but just not used to this level of individuality for each and every character but im enjoying the learning process so far a great deal! And I discovered that placing the tokens for various abilities next to the character cards they belong to is helping me a lot to learn and memorise the various characters and their abilities! A good table setup with some afterthought can do wonders when learning a new game!
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Your miniatures are very nice ! Your association of cold tone on your alchemist's guil is very cool! I like your red on Midas' clothes ! How did you make it ?
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    Cacklad's Morticians

    Here you go @Erahf, this should blow up better. Although compared to the flesh on your teams mine looks completely amateur - your Vet Kat is sublime! The colours used are mainly Game Colour, but there may be another random skin tone in there somewhere that I've forgotten. Base was Scarlet Red, through Heavy Skintone, Dead Flesh and Off White added for final highlight.
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    me and my warmachine buddy made the swap and our initial games were definitely characterised by a lot of random slap fighting. it took a while to adapt to the ball game! but learning a new game is always comedy of errors
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    Team(s) England WTC

    Captain Applications have now closed. As the committee we would like to welcome Stephen Easton and Greg Day as captains of England 1 and England 2. Player applications have been extended by a week to allow the results of the Rusty Cup to be taken into consideration.
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    Sorting out the tournament nine

    I have very good experience with the Marbles-Brick duo. They cover a lot of ground without asking for a single INF. Yes, good opponents can play around it, but the process limits their options and eats a good bit of clocktime. As for the Assist thing, I had rarely any problem triggering it. Some cases the enemy just walks into the trap in order to shut down Counter Charge to ease the way for the rest of his team. In other cases I used late turn activations to herd the victim with pushes towards the ape. If it is still a bit short next turn first activation Honour can just push the prey into the dead zone with his first attack and the fun can begin.
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    That Is quite the humorous post lol
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    Hey now. Let's be nice. Sometimes a new player comes along and loves the game but just "has to have" that ltd edition KS captain and thus all good pundits should have a stockpile to sell at an appropriate market value. Its not a pundits fault they they cleaned up in the great resin sale of 2016 to resell at up to £50 in the name of building the community.
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    Both Greede and Memory start the game on the pitch like every other model. Think of it this way--if they were to do otherwise, it would be specified on the card.
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    Preliminary Season 3 Power Rankings

    Alternatively, the longer travel times to and from events due to the size of the US means that the players who put in the time to attend multiple events will tend to be more heavily committed to the game. The US tournament results (particularly the 'first place totals' posted earlier) are basically just a list of 'these are the teams Jordan Nach is willing to take to a tournament' and doesn't really reflect the metagame much beyond that. In addition because most events have people who've travelled there from a distance away, it's harder to judge a 'local meta' and so the teams which are favored are more likely to be those which are versatile enough to take 'all comers' rather than being appropriately chosen depending on the metagame in the area.
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    Kick Off Tactics

    I played with the kick off line up, dropping Stave for Harry and I had a blast throwing 3 2" brawlers around while spigs and friday run around and grab that ball. Scum also does silly damage on a KD player under commanding aura.
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    Kick Off Tactics

    Yeah, take a 2" melee with >> and kd both on or by column 2 ( quite common, kraken and ghast for example). the opponent charges you and probably gets a mom result meaning your KD is useless (not useless if they have 0 mom!) so the melee beatstick with 2 more inf of them shakes KD and hits you twice more with impunity hit the >> and push them to the edge of your melee and out of theirs and you just killed 2 inf (and probably 2 mp for the other player) models like avarisse are better off taking their >> even at 1" melee if it kills INF, even if it frees the enemy
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    Kick Off Tactics

    My original Brewer team was those that are found in the Kick-off, and I used them stubbornly, as I didnt want to buy more models (or more accurately my wife didn't want me to buy any. If it were up to me I'd have every model in every guild!). Even still, I find that this line-up is quite good. They are fun and versatile and I was not surprised at all when SFG decided to use them in their 'Kick-Off' box. They are murderous as well as footbally and I've gotten the job done with them vs. every other guild (wins and losses, now) before picking up any additional players. Fortunately by doing so, I learned how to play them well. For instance, how to play Stave.. He's a model that players either love or hate. I of course had no choice, he was one of my 6, so in he went. (Love him BTW). I totally agree with @polluxx66 . This team synergizes very well and, you're right to think that KD models are your meat and potatoes as far as killing goes. But you're going to have to manage your momentum carefully to make use of all the wonderful Heroic plays, to heal your players and to remove conditions (when necessary) and counter attacks/def stances. This team is very damage resistant, except for your strikers of course, and can usually win the 'take-out' race, even against the most brutal damage dealers. And your Strikers are some of the best in the game, imho. But again it's all about synergy (Scum is awesome with Friday) and momentum management. It's a good thing we can get momentum so readily! Also, many players don't like that the way the Brewers use Heroics and synergies may telegraphs our plans and plays too easily. This is true, but I wouldn't worry too much about that while you're starting out with the Brewers--you can know beforehand that a freight train is comin' but that doesn't mean you're going to be able to stop it!
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    Kick Off Tactics

    When I play the kick off line up I like to run them as two pods with stave and scum floating. But both pods mutually supporting. stave is the set up man with the barrell lob. Spread the opponent. Throw it at clusters. Push ones toward you others away. Tapper and Hooper delete the knocked down model. Tooled up spigot helps here. Friday and spigot are potting goals from the mid line. With I shoot better after a beer and football legends you can kick from down town. If you don't have anything else to do. Huck a knife to help tapper and Hooper. Counter attack often especially with 2" melee models and look for pushes instead of knock downs. Only charge when you have two. Tapper and Hooper & spigot with all the buffs do more attacks jogging and doing two attacks. Lean on your heroics you will be spending lots of momentum in a turn. If you are going to take a model out make sure you use all of your Influence. Choose a push if you will take the opponent out and attack again to farm the momentum.
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    What MilitaryCoo said. S3 PDF, p. 42: "A team will not generate Momentum while a friendly model in possession of the ball-marker is within the area behind their own goal-line. Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by that team’s Controlling Player." Scatter after knockdown is not on that short list, momentum is fine in all of your situations.
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    Dirty. But hot. But dirty.
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    ...I still think it should be called "Brisket's Bath Water".
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    Erahf's WIP Teams

    So I finally got through Greyscales and have pretty much finished the basing - Salt, Greyscales and Kraken need a little top up of clear resin still. Glad to have got them at least mostly completed in time for what I hope will be a beginner friendly tournament tomorrow! Would have been nice to have Jac and Sakana done too, but at least I'll get some experience with these guys. Thought I'd try to take some better pictures of them all - any tips for getting a bigger depth of field?