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    Share your paint jobs

    i gave all my hunters a corpsepaint after watching metalhead.
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    A Character Play that results in a Push isn't a Push result. is a Push result as defined by the Rulebook. Unexpected Arrival and a 2" Push are two separate Pushes so Stoic would only negate one.
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    Strictly the Worst: Episode 11!

    The incredulity at my draft against Jordan echoes my own feelings on it -- I pretty much crippled myself from the get-go. I'd had limited success with Racthet in my first two games on Friday, so dropped him for the afternoon and had played the same Fish lineup (except Salt<>Tentacles), winning 12-6. I put too much stock in that and Jordan played the denial/control game incredibly well, and his assessment that I never really pulled together a coherent strategy is pretty much spot on. I wasn't helped by a bad kickoff (I rerolled and it scattered back into my half of the pitch, 5/6 gamble that didn't pay off), or allowing myself to be sucked into Jordan's Max Power play. I slowed myself down a bit as the game wore on, but had already tilted enough to completely neuter any chance of points. Add in underestimating how much damage VetSiren can get through Tough Hide (and the 6-8 momentum she'd generate in doing so) and that was all she wrote.
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    Andrew, Martin and Jason discuss recent tournaments, and what they have learnt about Season 3 so far. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Visit the Singled Out Blog, click on the Element Games banner, and obtain your shiny new man dollies from their great web store. Singled Out Blog: https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/ https://singledout2016.wordpress.com/…/season-25-tournamen…/ Season 25 – Tournament Roundup and Lessons Learnt Andrew, Martin and Jason discuss recent tournaments, and what they have learnt about Season 3 so far. You would like to support the podcast? Well now you can! Click on the Element Games banner, and… SINGLEDOUT2016.WORDPRESS.COM
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    A Cog's Life

    Hi there I've decided that with the new year and the new season comes a new guild. I've decided that I'm going to commit myself to playing the Engineers Guild for Season 3, giving my Brewer's Guild team a rest. To make things more fun for me and to chronicle the change to the new team, I've also decided to launch a blog, which I've called A Cog's Life In general, A Cog's Life is just meant to be a place to throw down some thoughts about the game and especially the guild. My forum posts tend to be long-winded, and even then I sometimes have more to say. So, I figured that a personal blog might be a more appropriate place to do that. As often as I can (I'm aiming for 1 post per week), I plan to cover a range of topics, from new (...and new to me...) player reviews, match-reports, news releases, the meta-game, etc. And, honestly, I'll probably cover some topics more than once as my opinions will inevitably change as I become more experienced and the zeitgeist of the Guild Ball community shifts. So, I don't know if there's necessarily any need or any interest in yet another blog about Guild Ball or someone's shiny new guild, but I thought that I would at least extend an invitation to the community to have a look. Of course, if any of you fellow-coaches have any thoughts about the content (which isn't much right now, I'll admit ... one post!) I'd welcome any constructive criticisms or comments. Cheers!
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    Beatdown brewers

    Looking at fielding a fighty brewer team. With Tapper, Hooper, Stoker, Pintpot, Mash and the dog. Thinking is Mash will hold the ball up assist with crowdouts and maybe sneak a goal whilst everyone else runs up the middle and scraps it out. It seems like the majority of players are self sufficient influence wise and can all do a fair whack of damage. Is this too 1 dimensional or could it work?
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    Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
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    Lead, Dice and Beers blog

    Thank you! Those articles rocks
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    Strictly the Worst: Episode 11!

    No way man you should put this on blast, the Turing test has been passed. Collect your Nobel prize, it's probably a valuable item to wager. I've been enjoying vSiren as one of my main damage sources, but that's mostly been against people who don't heal so I'm glad to hear it works against others as well.
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    This is great - as a Guildball noob (yet to play a game) being able to follow the thinking behind the moves is really invaluable! Please do keep them coming.
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    Any love for the bacon beast?

    Apparently with Ox legendary and aura, against a crowded out Brick, Truffles did 8 damage in one charge. YIKES!
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    I love this format. Right to the point, and I don't feel like I could play an entire game while I'm watching it. The commentary is spot on too. Keep them coming
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    Alchemist Matchups

    Ever try kicking off with Vitriol? Move her six inches up into cover, kick the ball to where only their outer most player(s) can get to it for a pass back, unless they dodge behind the line or miss the pass Vitriol charges in 11" with a 2" reach and can generally succeed enough for momentum on first hit, tackle on second, shoot 8" for a goal, not a guaranteed 4 pts but it has worked 90% of the time for me, then they either try to take her out (sometimes unsuccessfully due to her def5 and possible clone from her charge) or ignore her to get in position for next turn leaving her in snapshot range if you didn't go the defensive route of using knee slider and possibly a Lure of Gold. They may still get turn 2 activation but may not be in very good position to do much with it without the threat of midas or Vitriol scoring a second goal super quick turn 2
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    Tentacles Tag Along and Charge

    Effects that trigger at the end of an advance, such as Counter Charge and Unpredictable Movement, happen after the advance part of a charge but before the attack part of it, so it's possible for Tentacles to Tag Along and provide a gang up in this scenario.
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    I can't provide links sadly but I read somewhere before that if you attempt that, always mix the colour of the hair with the skin colour. The hairs are thin and will show the skin colour through, it would look too drastic if you use the full colour. I've never tried this with chest or arm hair but it did work for a shaven head.
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    First game with union vs morts

    I play Morticians, but I feel like I can give you a couple tips. First: Don't let the Morts (or anyone) tie down your furious characters. You've got to be able to get them free, so they can do their job. It's one of the first things I consider when playing against furious (mostly Rage and Minx), and it's something I have to look out for with Cosset. Second: The turtle may be slowing you down. While the buff is good, it doesn't work if he's left behind. Second wind him the first/second turns, or just trade him in for the snake. Finally: Snare and KD the Morts. They don't play so well when their defense has been reduced. You want to put some damage on them, put them in the ground first.
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    Pundit on Vassal?

    Hey bud. I am not a pundit at the moment but i am active and teach newcomers all the time. I could do a session with you soon but if you don't feel like waiting and want a game now here is a facebook group full of players who can show you the ropes. https://www.facebook.com/groups/901202099948458/
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    God bless it! I vetted this rule to an unreasonable level. I checked the forum for rulings and all the rulings are from before the the wording change. The only place in the timing structure that uses the wording "makes an attack" is in the declare step. And I asked fellow Chicago players about it. Now it turns out that burden tokens were ruled on in direct contrast to rules as written with no explanation GAH! @Silversmith and @Arkin thanks for your kind words I am leaning toward keeping the draft format and I have placed a time stamp in the description that skips it for those than do not care for it. I need to figure out if I can do an annotation for that. As far as if this process has improved me as a player it is hard to tell. My best guess is that it just compounds the idea that wins don't teach you anything but losses do. Loses are a lot more painful since I watch these videos at least 4 times through. If you guys are looking to be on the channel private message me I am looking to record Monday or Tuesday this week. I am essentially racing the next video against the release of Crucible since everyone will be disappointed if she is out and the next video after than does not feature her.
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    It's not an identical situation, but is pretty similar to this from close control. Effectively the ruling was "the first time this turn" means the first time after the play has been used, ignoring what came before. So you would have to activate Compound first and use Chemical Resist before Venin activates and uses Melting Body.
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    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Slowly expanding my circus to the union.
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    Share your paint jobs

    Finally finished my Hunters just in time to get hype for Season 3 members. First time painting in a few years. Comments and critique welcome. Link to more images:http://imgur.com/a/WLruM
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    Union Advice

    Thanks for the advice. I passed it on. He scored a goal for the first time last night. It was actually a closer game than he knew. Ended 13-8 Morticians, but he's getting better for sure.
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    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    More of those silly clowns for you. Took the head of Flask and gave him a version of his own head as Greede needed his head back.
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    Aybarra's Butchers and Fishermen

    Hey everyone, I have finally found time to paint ! Before the holidays I had hard times with my Hunters on the field so I decided to give a shot to the Fishermens Guild ! So here is Tentacles So what do you think of my new slimy friend ? Next up are Corsair and Zakana.