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    Season 3

    How did you find out about the Miners Guild?
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    Cogs at the British Champs

    Off I went to Cardiff last Friday for a weekend of top level GB action at the British Championships. After a not great performance with Brewers at Cambridge, I decided I may as well have a not great performance with Engineers to get some tournament practice with them. Had a couple of practise games with @orange on Friday evening against Masons (my nemesis team). Lost the first 0-12, but managed a more respectable 8-12 in the second game. Then went for some food and watched Deepwater Horizon at the local flicks (great movie!) Anyway my roster for the weekend was as follows (players in bold never got dropped) Pin Vice, Mother, Colossus, Velocity, Salvo, Hoist, Compound, Decimate and Rage. Game 1 vs Ox Butchers (Core 4 plus Salvo and Decimate) A very strange game where I thought I was doing quite well at not dying until suddenly I wasn't. I even amused myself in the early phases by taking out Greede with Colossus. Having received, he sensibly hung onto the ball for pretty much the entire game. His passing was awful, but the scatters still went his way. Eventually I managed to grab the ball, so I passed forward to Velocity for her to unleash a shot. Tenderiser was guarding the goal though and the shot was stopped. Meanwhile Decimate was wasting vast amounts of influence trying to kill Truffles and failing miserably. That pig will not die. With nothing else open, my efforts frittered to nothing while he took out more of my players and then slotted home a goal himself to wrap the game up (Note - this was the only game where I lost Mother, but she came back on via Husbandry) Final Score - Engineers 2 Butchers 12 Game 2 vs Ox Butchers (Core 4 plus Salvo and Decimate) No, your eyes do not deceive you, I had repeat of my 1st game match up, except this time it was more of a traditional Ox line up, complete with Boar, Brisket, Princess, Rage (I think) and Gutter. I got to receive this time, so was feeling pretty confident until Plan A was scuppered by Gutter Chain Grabbing Velocity and Plan B saw Well Oiled Machine fall apart on the first pass. Velocity did eventually score, while Decimate resumed mascot killed duties with aplomb killing Princess not once but twice. Sadly, I'd suffered too many take outs myself and he closed proceedings with a goal from Gutter. Final Score - Engineers 8 Butchers 12 Game 3 vs Midas Alchemists (Core 4 plus Hoist and Compound) Not going great so far, huh? This time I had to face what I consider one of the strongest scoring teams in the game, Midas, Vitriol and Mist. Needless to say, I really, really wanted to receive in this game. No such luck of course. Vitriol scored early on and I quickly replied via Velocity (curling one past Compound on a 5+ after he blocked my line of sight with a counter charge). This triggered a successful goal run via Mist, so then I pumped the ball up to Hoist. At this stage, I obviously had to cool things down a bit, until the threat of Midas left me with no choice but to go for my 2nd. Hoist used all 5 influence to charge Compound (getting rid of Gluttonous Mass), attack and miss, attack and hit (momentous push dodge) and then score comfortably. After a fortuitous scatter, Midas grabbed the ball and after a bit of thinking hoofed it down towards Mist who went for a snap shot on 3 dice and still scored. Bit annoyed with myself here, as after his 2nd goal, I'd actually pushed Mist away with Compound to get some momentum, but didn't push him away from the goal. Final Score - Engineers 8 Alchemists 12 Game 4 vs Fillet Butchers (Core 4 plus Decimate and Compound) I should point out I was still enjoying myself at this stage, but was a little frustrated that I hadn't beaten at least one of my opponents thus far as all 3 of them had felt like even matches. However, as I was now in the lower depths of the rankings, I was fairly confident I could pluck a win out of the last game of the day, even it was my Third Butcher Game of the Day. I received this time, so Velocity sprinted forward on a solo goal run which took me a couple of turns to complete, resisting the attentions of Fillet on route. While she was doing her thing, Decimate and Pin Vice perforated Boiler sufficiently for him to leave the pitch. Fillet then dispatched Pin Vice and Velocity was able to pick up a poor kick out scatter for my second goal. Another unfortunate kick out almost gave Velocity a 3rd, but her hat trick was ruined by Tenderiser again and Fillet then decided that the ever present goal threat needed to be dispatched. As Pin Vice returned to the field, she turned her attention to a wounded Rage to bring the game to a conclusion. Final Score - Engineers 12 - Butchers 4 Bizarrely, I concluded the day as the top Engineer in the rankings. There was only one other Cog present and he'd been having an equally torrid day. This cheered me somewhat and gave me something to play for the following day. After another unhealthy meal out, I killed time by watching The Girl on the Train (Big Emily Blunt fan, but film was awful - should have stuck with exploding oil rigs). Game 5 vs. Scalpel Morticians (Core 4 plus Decimate and Compound) No one was quite sure whether this was to be the last game of the day as there were only 3 undefeated players left in the field. With two of these playing each other, if the third lost his match, the tournament would be over. I kicked off with Colossus but moved him far too forward. Scalpel pulled him forward and used him as a momentum farm before a collective effort from her team sent him off the pitch. She then did much the same with Compound the following turn and having got rid of my keeper, slotted home a goal in the third turn. I was losing 8-0 and with Mist in her ranks, I knew it would be a bad idea to score. We were also informed at this stage that the 3rd unbeaten player had lost his 5th game. This was the last round of the tournament and therefore I really didn't want to lose it. The one thing in my favour was that wrecking Colossus and Compound had used up a lot of time on his clock and I realised that clocking him out was the only way I would win the game. Mother retreated with the ball to the flank of the pitch while I endeavoured to keep the likes of the Ghast at bay with knock downs from Colossus and nest markers from the Spider. I almost lost Decimate to Unmasking which left her 1/2 an inch from the edge of the pitch. Shrugging it off, she sprinted off on mascot hunting duty and had soon sliced the bird from the sky. So with the score at 2-8, my opponent ran out of time and I clung on for dear life in the next 6 activations, during which he missed a Tooled Up Embalming Fluid on Compound which would have taken him within a whisker of victory. I managed to get Smashed Shins on Mist to reduce the possibility of a counter goal run if I missed my goal attempt. Finally, the scoreline arrived at 8-8 and I readied Pin Vice for action. I hadn't actually measured the distance to goal and with Pin Vice on the far flank, it was touch and go whether I'd make it. She wasn't within sprint range, but fortunately I'd left enough influence on her to use Alternator which just gave me the distance I needed (failing that, Well Oiled Machine may have done the trick). One bonus timed shot later and the game was mine. Obviously, it was an extremely ugly way to win and I'm certainly not proud of it, but it got the job done. Final Score - Engineers 12 - Morticians 8 I finished 24th out of 41 players, and yes, picked up top Engineer in the process. There are some advantages to playing an unpopular guild! Final Thoughts - Good Stuff Mother made a nuisance of herself and was able to use burrow to extricate herself out of bad situations. Can't see myself going back to Mainspring! Whenever I had the ball, I was able to engineer good scoring opportunities Thanks to the points I was able to score, I was also 3rd out of 14 players on 2 victories. Final Thoughts - Bad Stuff I do not do well with Engineers when my opponent has the ball. I'm a bit too precious with my players and far too wary of charging in and tackling. Conversely, I need to get better at not leaving players needlessly exposed to being brutalised I really need to use Smashed Shins more often especially against fellow scoring teams
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    That name what a pun!
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    Season 3 - Brewer's changes?

    Tankard has what i said correct, I am not for a second sayng that it cant be done, It can, easier than other giulds, its part of the Brewer team design, a triple wrap, isnt THAT eas to do, and nor should it be without serious investment, and if you are willing to put that investment to do i (CA, BOQ, get over here, Singled out perhaps) then you deserve the payoff you get for it. As i said, removing the MOM is a fair trade off for allowing the occaional huge damage output. and probably means that Friday, instead of being a MOM generator, she has to pick her times to engage.
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    I've not met Mat Hall, is he a good bloke?
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    If SW becomes Faction, Decimate probably won't be used at all. The only other thing she would really bring is a chance to lower defense, but it's a little unreliable.
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    Help teaching newer players

    You can't teach what comes from the heart David.
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    Help teaching newer players

    Can you teach us how to rage when your dice crap out?
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    Melee Zones and Curved Bases

    Exactly. Things are not equated. A 25mm base in infinity is 25mm. No conversion. The game just uses different measurement systems depending on the country. It does create an issue of which system to play by when traveling to a international event, but so far I haven't ever observed it to ever be a problem. That said, Infinity as a game requires so much cooperation with your opponent the game wouldn't function properly if people were trying to game measurements in such a way anyway
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    ***UPDATE*** Ladies and gentlemen, due to other commitments, Lewis has decided to hand over the reigns on this one to myself and Trev. Expect the full updates to be rolling in over the confirmed format and as always, questions are welcome. Here is what we've got down so far: What? 16-man, 4 round event in a Regional Cup format. Regional format: Tournament Length – A} “A Champion Is Crowned” The event will run until a player has more tournament points than any other player. This will be a 4-round event. In the unlikely case that we get more than 16 paid entrants, we will also run a separate smaller event side-by-side. 2. Match Win Conditions – B}“Play To The Final Whistle” Games are played to a 12 VP win condition. 3. Round Length – B}“Team Tactics” We will be using chess clocks set to 45mins per player. Admin/Clocked-out time will be 20mins with clocked-out players allowed 1min activations. Round length will be 110mins in total. 4. Team Roster Selection – B}“Strength In Depth” You will be allowed to chose your Guild, ONE eligible Captain, ONE eligible Mascot, and a further SIX eligible players from your Guild & Union options to a total of EIGHT players on the team roster. 5. Match Roster Selection – A} “Hide The Team Sheet!” Players secretly record the 6 models from their team roster they wish to use in the current match (including the Captain & Mascot) and simultaneously reveal their selection. When? Sat 15th Oct ONLY. This will be a one-day event, the tickets are £15 each and can be purchased via Paypal (Gift!) at Caley.Events@gmail.com. Those that have already paid, your partial refunds will be issued to you within the week. Timetable is as follows: 09.30 – Registration & set up 10.00 – Game 1 11.50 – Break 12.00 – Game 2 13.50 – Lunch & Best Painted/Best Goal Voting 14.30 – Game 3 16.20 – Break 16.30 – Game 4 18.20 – Awards & raffle 18.30 – Home time! Ladies and gents, let's make this the best event that we can and go dive fully into it. Spread the word, tell yer mates and bring them along. Newbie friendly as always! Please feel free to ask away any questions. Trev is due to post up a full list of entrants once we have those in our possession. Let's play some ball!
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    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Beauty and the Beast?
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    Essen Exclusives?

    Keep in mind too that they often have the exclusives they bring to shows for sale on their webstore for a limited period while the convention is on. I was able to pick up Tater while Gencon was on despite not attending. And Flint while UK Games Expo was on, although I was actually at UKGE they'd run out of Flints at the show.
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    Pangur Ban

    Melee Zones and Curved Bases

    If I understand you correctly, then they do not equate 80cm to 32". One game version has everything in cm and another has everything in inches. That isn't problematic, unless there are specific instances where there's stuff you can do in one version but not the other because of slightly different measurements.
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    Inverted Polarity

    Hi everyone, Ok, so this is a bit late and going to be very rough as I didn't take notes during the event. My experience during the nationals was great due to a number of reasons. Firstly the guild ball itself was incredible and I hadn't had much opportunity to play games over the last few months. I was feeling a little out of practice, on the plus side though I'd come to have a new appreciation for just how polished the Vassal module for this game is (check out my Vassal tournament on the Facebook Vassalball page - shameless plug :p). So I'd played a lot of online games with Pin Vice to try and get some experience with her; except that of the 6-8 games I managed to get in I lost all but one of them and that was due to some freakish luck. So that being said, I knew that Pin Vice was out for the tournament meaning that Ballista was in. Fortunately for me though I have a very good track record with the big boy. So after much deliberation I ended up taking the following list in: Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Rage, Hoist, Velocity, Colossus, Compound, Salvo I took Gutter and Rage mostly because I wanted some serious melee DPS. Also in addition to being able to finish people off in melee, Rage offered tooled up which if for no other reason lets Ballista kill most mascots from range in one activation (putting out 8 damage), and can help to back up Gutter or Salvo as well. I knew there'd be a lot of unpredictable movement as well so having Gutter on the team pulled double duty as well as being a lady herself to get around any potential charmed issues. Hoist and Velocity were both there to bring solid scoring options to my mid line. Both of the mechs would be able to force a massive resource sink in the mid field as well as providing both scoring and snap shot options. They both work really well in different situations. Colossus and Compound were both there as defensive pieces for me, being tough with reach and early access to knock downs tackles and pushes they would be able to help protect my goal and other players. In most scenario’s I think Compound is better or at the very least has more applicable tools in most scenarios. Salvo - the last man is a player that I haven't used very much, however, he is really good I feel for extricating your team from a prolonged scrum. SO I put him in as a bit of a bogey man in case I played against Masons or Brewers. So that being said; the morning of the event I had some last minute jitters and was fortunate enough to play a casual game before the event where I used my Union team. So I had this idea of taking them, in the end I held strong though and still took the Engineers. ~~ The draw came up and Round one I was paired against another local Luke Van coke playing Alchemists who I have a lot of play time against. Cokey is a shameless Midas player and I on the other hand really hate Midas with the passion of a thousand burning Suns. I made a contentious choice for my line up; Ballista, Mainspring, Gutter, Compound, Hoist, and Velocity Even though on the one hand I didn't want to give Midas any TR targets and certainly not Scything blow I also wanted to lure him into a compromised position whereby he would over extend to try and get it. So I won the roll to go first and Midas was the kicker. I had deployed defensively with Gutter behind my goal and out of LOS, as well as having Compound deployed to rush keeper should Midas get into range for TR. Now my plan both worked and didn't work. I was able to avoid a first turn TR which had the effect of wasting 5 INF on turn two. On turn two (in fact every turn [except the next one] I lost the initiative roll) and Midas ran into compounds melee and stuck TR onto Gutter. I was able though to activate Compound and get a KD into Midas. The alchemist team was for the most part really far away, however Vitriol charged in to help support Midas as well as remove his conditions and so I had the both of them right on my 10" line. Main spring moved up to offer some support at which Midas didn't unpredictable away and then Hoist ran in to triangulate him so he was unable to retreat. At that point Ballista also came up and KD Midas again as well as start to build my momentum as well as put damage onto Midas. Finally with my last activation Gutter walked up and got a whole bunch of damage onto Midas with wraps and leaving him on one hp. I won the roll to go first and activated Ballista who popped his legendary and then finished Midas off and walked up to Vitriol who he knocked down and then put to one HP. Midas last turn had made a counter attack on Ballista and scored a scything blow (GB on one hit is really poor design) leaving Mainspring on 3 hp. So Vitriol attacked main spring and put him to one HP. I'd elected to counter attack and since Mine field was up even if she dodged out of his melee she'd have died and I was crowding her out three times so Mainspring rolled five dice and none of them came up 5+..... So Vitriol hit mainspring again and killed him, but the explosion took her out as well; even so though I'd ceded two VP which really shouldn't have happened. After that there was a scrum in the midfield between Snakeskin, Mercury and Velocity. I was able to get a too flash charge onto Snakeskin with velocity who o the charge wrapped into mT<<,m <<>>. I thought I was in the pipe, as I then dodged 4” up into a forest, put up Nimble and then used her last influence to shoot on goal… 1, 2, 2, 3… Infinite sadness… The ball bounced out behind the goal and sat in no man’s land. There was some more scrambling and I was able to get Hoist up and snag the ball, however, I underestimated Vitriol’s threat (13” – OMG what lol…) I was cognisant that she went forever and so I’d positioned Hoist as far away to try and stay safe. She managed a charge by a hairs breadth though and got the ball from me. Hoist was dangerously close to the back line and in retrospect I should perhaps have just conceded she’d reach him and hug the goal. Cokey won initiative and pushed hoist off the board and then sent the ball over to a waiting Midas. He had though also run out of time on that activation. Midas wasn’t able to get in position for a goal this turn but set up for next turn and also he had three more activations – so I passively went from 4vp’s to 9vp’s. I was really missing that goal right now too. As the turn played out I had a chance whereby winning initiative would give me a shot to have either compound charge Midas, or Ballista go for the range KD. Naturally though I lost the roll and Midas worked up a bunch of push dodges on compound before taking his shot. My only real regret (other than Velocity) was that I should have started timing activations – because my understanding is that once you clock out you only get a minute/activation thereafter. I know though that Midas with his seven influence activation and umming and ahing would have gone over. C’est la vie. In the end I lost the first round 12-9 and even though Dice are dice, I’m very confident that if I’d nailed that goal I would have rolled out the victory. Either way it was a top game and I have some more tactical thoughts that I’ll put down in the next post.
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    Season 3

    Yeah It does I'm one of the four Pundits helping out that weekend, I can't wait, highlight of the Year
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    Speedfreek's Mixed Models

    Wow, excellent work and dedication to creating these conversions! I may try my hand at this in the future. I just need to get some Resin's and some imagination...
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    Season 3

    I want to go to SteamCon too. Except my wife doesn't want me to go to the UK without her.
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    Flint confirmed to be 4/8" kick on my podcast. http://www.buzzsprout.com/57387/429683-episode-15-talking-season-3-with-mat-hart
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    Tower Analysis

    Team's are balanced on unique features. Union are the ONLY TEAM IN THE GAME to have Confidence 'for Free'. Brewers are the ONLY TEAM IN THE GAME to have Second Wind 'for Free'. Fish are the ONLY TEAM IN THE GAME to have Blind 'for Free'. Different teams get different advantages and disadvantage. Having Tooled Up 'for Free' is not gamebreaking. (It's also not even really free, even if it doesn't cost a team mate slot)
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    Why? These were certainly not game breaking things, Masons were certainly not dominating metas anywhere I've read? This reads basically an edition change, which the games seems far to young for, and is being poorly announced. This means I've been spending money on models that do not do what is written. Also means I will need to spend MORE money to get new cards. If they are going to be this cavalier with changes, its starting to look like Guild Ball is not a game for me. I don't want to basically have to relearn how to play every year.
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    Masons Resculpts

    Honestly, I cannot tell exactly what Mallet's pose is, looks like it would lead to a broken ankle. Are the models molded onto the Bases?
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    How will you play your first game?

    True, but he wrote Depraved, which is more fitting.
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    Brewers, Masons, Union & Fish

    Here's a team shot of the masons ... lots of room for improvement, but enough now for a fully painted match!
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    So who's in your 8 men line up?

    Don't underestimate Chaska's ability to control the board with 3 traps with no influence and tank it up in rough ground/forest. The Boom Box is a "nice to have", in my opinion, not a must.