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    Passing/Kicking over a Barrier

    Rules as m written seems pretty official to me
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    Collected Guild Ball Resources

    Surprised we don't yet have one of these so here we go. If you wish to have anything added or links are wrong, either post or drop me a message :-) 3rd Party Tokens: Who Cares Who Wins Token Sets, Support the podcast become a Friend of the Show! Bendy Boards, Tokens, Templates and Trays (UK) Counter Attack - Tokens and Templates (UK) Custom Guild Ball Pitch (Instructions to order via a printer) Armada Games - Templates and Tokens (USA) Advanced Deployment (USA) Solid Ground Studios - Terrain (UK) Blotz - Tokens and Templates (UK) Art of War Studios - Tokens and Templates (UK) Broken Egg Games - Tokens and Terrain (USA) Youtube Channels Guild Ball Informer Steamforged Battlehammer Hot Gates Gaming Armada Games GBHL Crit Damage Who Cares Who Wins Podcasts Guild Ball Tonight Who Cares Who Wins The Kick Off Singled Out Flock and Awe (Not GB dedicated) Blogs OzBall - Australian News and Resources Parting Blow The Wargaming Monkey Lead Dice And Beers Dead Tau Musings of a Bear Momentous Dodge Guildball New Zealand Mountaineers Guild Singled Out Icy Sponge Frozen Pitch Facebook Groups Guild Ball Supporters (Public) Guild Ball Player's Club (Closed) Guild Ball Informer (Closed) Misc. Guild Ball Pundit Map Guild Ball Players Map Rankings Guild Ball RPG - Fan made Pocket Rulebook - Fan made Google+ Community Page Pocket Rulebook - Fan made (Printer Friendly)
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    Meat The Butchers

    Further to the review on Monday. I have started looking at the Butchers, starting with the master! https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/04/29/meat-the-butchers-ox/ I have the rest of the team ready to go if people are interested. Will also be doing a talk about the team in general as well. P.S. Looking for volunteers for other teams
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    Esters: Brewer Barrage

    Hi I have a lineup that my friends and I are calling the "Brewer Barrage". I'd like to hear your thoughts and also get your opinions on my bench. Concept: Use Ester's legendary and Spigot's heroic on turn 1 to put your team into a commanding position, generally by taking half your team and putting them on the other side of the soccer pitch while getting a kill or setting up a monster turn 2. Esters, Scum, Spigot, Hooper, Friday, Rage. INF production: 12 Gameplan Turn 1: Kicking: Rage kicks and activates very early to Furious charge someone, ideally knocking them down in the process. Receiving: Chase the ball down with Scum and get it back to Spigot. Spigot then uses his Heroic Play from either pass momentum or Rage momentum. Then he moves to within 4" of Friday and Hooper so they get the benefit of his aura, and Tools Up one of them. Esters then uses her legendary play and generally does Empowered Voice: Speed on Hooper and Empowered Voice: Speed on Friday. She then is also going to use Empowered Voice: Strength on one of them. Esters then runs up a bit and drops AOEs to burn your influence, ideally softening them up, but movement control on turn 1 is fine too. You now have a 10/12 Friday with Shadowlike for another 2 inches of move. You also have a 8/11 Hooper. So if there are any enemies that have moved up the field - and at this point they have, because these 2 are usually your last models to activate - they are within range. You can use Friday to score goals or do tons of damage, tooled up and EV: Strength mean you have MOM 4 on 2 hits, with a 3 long playbook (Don't forget to bring the cat over to bring your tac to 5). If you're able to jog into position, Hooper will be able to put models dangerously low, and with a little luck, even kill them - Knocking down on your first hit, plus tooled up and EV: Strength, means you have +3 damage on remaining attacks - which will easily kill if you get a wrap off. Remaining Turns On most turns Esters and Scum get 0 influence, and Spigot, Hooper, Friday, and Rage all get a full clip. If I think someone will die before I can activate them, I'll give their influence to Esters (Who can do a surprising amount of damage when you need her to, both at range and in melee). The team is ridiculously efficient, Esters doesn't need any influence to have a solid effect on the game and you can cap all your other models because of it. Empowered Voice basically breaks a character every turn, and you never have to worry about conditions cause you can use her as a midturn cleanse. Spigot, while being a super effective piece on his activation, also turns your team into speed demons and very powerful soccer players with his auras. Even Hooper will score goals with a 3/7 kick. So if the team needs to do a ton of damage, you can do that, and if you need to play soccer, you can do that. I haven't ran into major issues other then player failure in 5+ games, like messing up your setup/advances so everyone can get buffed correctly (Double check those measurements) on subsequent turns, and exposing an injured model to an enemy damage dealer and not noticing it. One thing I've felt weak at is ball retrieval when I receive the ball. But I think I can fix that with better starting positions. One thing I have noticed is that I don't have a bench! I've tried Mash and Stoker, usually taking Rage out for them. Stoker is fun but I only ran him against condition alchemists, where he felt really overkill (Magical Brew plus Ester's cleanse meant I didn't really need to think about conditions). I do like him a lot, and he can do a lot of damage if you cap him off. But he only makes 1 so that would mean 3 influence taken from someone else, and he doesn't really do anything at 0 influence. I played back to back games against a Mason player when I tried Mash, one game with Rage and one game with Mash. He didn't really do anything, and missing 3 attacks the one turn I gave him 3 was not very fun. But he was too slow to get into position to Snap Shot, and he doesn't do a lot of damage. He's got a good health pool and UM/2" is great, but I'm just not sure that is enough. That said all that taught me is Masons are not the matchup for Mash - I figure Mash comes in when I want to be more soccer focused, for example against Fisherman where they're just going to park a 2" range character right on Rage and try and play the ball a lot, using Mash and Esters to hold the ball (UM and GM are fantastic for that) , and against Butchers where they can just kill Rage. That said both those teams are also squishy so Rage can just kill them, and I don't know if that's the way I should be using mash - I've played less then 5 games with Mash in my entire Guild Ball career! Stave is the remaining guild option, and in my experience he just turns into a momentum farm. If he made 2 INF for self-sufficient barrels, or had a 2" melee range, maybe... but right now he's just not good enough. Thrown off the field, slapped around a bunch, used to trigger character plays, just too many downsides at 2/0 defense. I will try Quaff when he comes out, but I think the cat fills a key role in ball retrieval. Perhaps the dog does that by using Second Wind on himself for 12" of jog. Veteran Spigot would easily make the team if he was a 'new' character, but regular Spigot's heroic play is just so important for this lineup. Gutter, Fangtooth, Hemlocke, Harry, and A+G are the remaining options. Gutter is solid but she doesn't get EV benefit (Guild Models only), that might be OK though - 2" attack and Chain Grab is great. I don't think I want to drop one of the 3 core Brewers from the lineup (maximizes EV options), so she would replace Rage and probably take some of Spigot's influence, turning him more into a buffing source then a true playmaker. Fangtooth is good, MOM KD on 1 is fantastic, but Rage is the only person who has synergy with him. Although I guess Hooper can engage on a model while leaving himself out of the rough ground aura. I think Hemlocke is just overkill with Ester's heroic. I'll give Harry an honest shot if someone can make an honest argument for him, but I don't really see that happening. Great model though. Finally A+G - In my opinion the most powerful non-captain model in the game. But do they do enough here? I would take them against Honour Masons at minimum, but I'm not sure what else. Avarisse is super slow, so he'll basically have to stay near Spigot at all times to be 6/9 move. The easy access Knockdown would be super nice to have, though - same with Singled Out. Thanks for taking the time to read and reply. The lineup is a blast to play, and I'm always happy to hear from other Esters enthusiasts.
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    People need NPC minis?! Pffffffffffffffffffffft... All my NPC will be substituted by Solaire models! SUN. PRAISE IT. P.S. A "remote location somewhere in the UK"? SFG must have holed up in Daventry parish... (obscure British humor)
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    That finishes off my Hunters Guild completely (yay) and having played a few games with them now, I am very happy that I painted the team up. I started off another Hemlocke pretty much straight after, which this time is part of my Scale75 Union experiment: She is still very in progress but I am happy with how she is coming along so far. I find that the model really only starts to come to life once you have done some highlighting of the colours. In other news, I did a painting course over the weekend with Meg Maples, the award winning painter who is currently designing Steamforged's paint range. It was an elucidating weekend, and I have done a small writeup of my experience which will be up on OzBall soon. In the meantime, here is the model I tested out the techniques and ideas on: It gave me a lot to think about in terms of where I want to go with my model painting. I dont know if I will ever have the patience to become a display model painter, I think part of the reason I paint things so quickly is I can get bored easily, so working away on the same project for many many hours can ruin my flow. Having said that, I have gotten a lot better at finishing off projects, and sticking to deadlines and working at pieces after enthusiasm has gone. So I am considering doing a Guild Ball diorama of some description. I have decided on one model for it already... Anyway if you get a chance to sign up for one of Meg's classes, would highly recommend (she is doing a European tour later in the year). Oh also my girlfriend bought a new camera and took a photo of one of my models that actually is a decent photo that makes the model look a little bit more like what it looks like in real life: Should take more photos with that camera, for sure!
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    First dev diary is up!

    Hey Unkindled, Welcome to our first developer diary! As promised, up until release we will be covering what is happening as far as the progress of the project goes - including giving you an insight into the 'behind the scenes' of what the design team has been up to. Lets have a look at what the Design Team have been doing... The team had booked themselves away into a remote location within the UK to get away from distractions and refine the game experience. We treat Kickstarter a little differently here at Steamforged and part of this process was to look at all the feedback we received via email, comments and messages to include as much as possible of your ideas. Although the core mechanics of the game were already created we have managed to cram in some very nice additions and changes based off feedback...such as: Fog Gates - The game will now feature a fog gate mechanic which will unlock the mini/main/mega-boss room. Attunement - Although during the Kickstarter we did not reveal our plans for attunement we have 'beefed' up the system we are now using that relates to treasure/equipment and required attunement levels due to feedback. What this means is that each character will have a variety of progression options during gameplay sessions. NPCs -We have adapted how treasure/levelling is gained/spent via souls and have included NPCs on the bonfire tile to help with this. These will not be models however its a nice little addition to help increase players immersion into the game world. We filmed a lot over weekend which covered everything from design discussions, playthrough sessions and feedback revisions so you will see some of this being released in the near future...even Jake the dog manages to make an appearance Our task list right now is pretty heavy involving completing the sculpts, obtaining approval for production on models along with sending models that are approved to production for initial samples - its exciting times here at Steamforged and we cannot wait to reveal all this information over the course of the year. Finally, thank you to everyone who filled in our survey. The Pledge Manager (operated through BackerKit) will arrive in roughly 1-2 months for you to start choosing your options and finalising your pledges. Thank you again for your patience in this process. Praise the Sun! \[T]/
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    Vomiting Alchemists Goal

    Definitely "special" and "unique"... Could be a goal for a future nurgle team...
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    Ramming Speed while surrounded

    Ramming Speed says "During an Advance, any enemy model whose base is touched by this model's base ... ". There's no requirement that the model with Ramming Speed needs to move (or even be able to move) for that condition to apply, only that it triggers any time during an advance where bases touch. So if that were the case he'd just blow them all away immediately and continue moving as normal.
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    My Masons :)

    Show Flint
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    Hog wild attack/charge

    The distinction in previous rulings is that while a charge includes an attack, declaring a charge does not include declaring an attack. So things that trigger off a declaration of an attack will not be triggered by declaring a charge unless specifically mentioned. Hog wild triggers on being damaged by an attack so will trigger from a charge.
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    Smoke, that beautiful mystic

    Impressive! How did you get the smoke to look so ... well ... smokey?
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    Crazy timing

    Crazy is an elective character trait, so activating is an action. Actions cannot interrupt other actions without specific permission/triggers. So; you need to declare Crazy before you declare the charge or before a standalone attack.
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    First miniatures ever

    You can be proud of them, for first attempt, there are incredibly well done. The most important at every level is the precision for me, and it's great on youre models. Very accurates details. Keep on the good work !
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    Meat The Butchers

    Been a long time Mmmmmh truffles https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2016/05/30/meat-the-butchers-s2-truffles/
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    I'm planning on being there on Saturday. I couldn't find any events but plan on getting in as many games as I can. Looking forward to meeting some of you there.
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    New player UK

    Team of choice - Hunters Am learning the rules with Masons and not doing so well in the two games that I've played. Any tips will be greatly appreciated so that I can beat my brother
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Here's my Fisherman Goal! There's more pics in my Mitsuharu on Fisherman thread but here's the front view anyway:
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    Meat The Butchers

    Big man go bam... bam https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/meat-the-butchers-tenderizer/
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    It doesn't always work but I've found it effective to line him up with a "fake" charge, or even just to move him out of the way. I know it sounds like a cop-out I but find it's just easier to deal with Obulous by ignoring him. Take out Silence, Cosset and Graves (no huge task for us Butchers ) and you're half way there. On the other hand my regular Spooks opponent is getting better every time we play. They really are tricksy. Had some great passing action today. Decimate to Shank, Shank to Brisket, Brisket to...Obulous Damn you!
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    Meat The Butchers

    carrying on with the Butcher stuff I have had a look at the Union choices. First up Rage https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/06/02/meat-the-butchers-rage/
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    Meat The Butchers

    Final player is here; https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/05/11/meat-the-butchers-meathook/
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    Meat The Butchers

    Boiler https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/05/08/meat-the-butchers-boiler/
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    Meat The Butchers

    As I have been away this week, catching up. Boar https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/meat-the-butchers-boar/ Brisket https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/meat-the-butchers-brisket/ Shank https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/05/06/meat-the-butchers-shank/
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    Meat The Butchers

    Princess today https://minimusingofabear.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/meat-the-butchers-princess/