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    Brewers Goal

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    Ok, while I don't have a problem with people saying a model is bad, or needs improving, or offering suggestions, the tone of this thread is needlessly antagonistic.
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    The point JS is making is that this is nothing new, although possibly people have either deliberately or unconsciously decided not to use this. In terms of it being a rules query the answer is absolutely straightforward. I play Fish. The ball getting put out of reach doesn't make me happy (people dropping the ball to avoid Seduced or even convenient tackles is a big enough thing already). On the other hand, it's still going to be near the enemy goal so if I do recover it things are looking good and my opponent scoring against me is pretty much off the table. Players killing the ball against me near the end of the game is certainly nothing new, whether it's by kicking it far away or handing it to a player to run away with doesn't matter all that much in the end. Where exactly is the line between sporting and unsporting supposed to be, other than "do the rules allow it or not"?
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    Hey folks. As Shano has said, it's essentially because making a Reposition mid-Advance is something to be avoided. The big example is during a Charge. Previously, there was nothing stopping Blackheart declaring a Charge, moving 3", then using Strike from the Shadows and making a 2" Dodge to the side, then...what? Honestly, we couldn't figure out exactly what would happen there. Charges have to be in a straight line, but obviously that's impossible if the model has Dodged to the side. So, given that this situation is not unlikely, but is mechanically impossible to resolve, we felt it was best to just rule that Strike from the Shadows cannot be used while making an Advance for the moment. It was going to be errata'ed and updated in the new cards that just went out, but in the mean time, we'd written the majority of the S2 rulebook, and the core rules in there meant that there was no need to say it on the card. I appreciate it's frustrating folks, I know. As MacTuitui says, it's frustrating for us as well. We're in this awkward kinda limbo period between S1 and S2 where the S2 rules are pretty much set, but we have to be careful ruling based on those. Basically because the rules could still change between now and the book going to print, so we can only rule using bits we know are absolutely set. But at the same time, ruling things based on the S1 rulebook seems odd when we have the S2 rulebook pretty much written. Weird, weird little limbo right now. We're trying to make the best of it though.
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    Voxplayers Painting Thread

    Ox WIP. Didn't realize the front photo was so blurry. The belts and other small details are left, it'll be a tough stretch.
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    Just for you special forumites episode 12 is out HERE and we have a competition for you. You have to listen and follow the instructions though. I've not told twitter or FB yet so you've got a head start. 0 – Intros and waffle 14m – dead celebrities society 19m Mr Falcon is a gamer, toilet tips and god is a FoTS 25m exciting special guest and quickfire round 34min Field of Screams, Alchemists, top tips for midus 1hr 55 Ghast, Rage, proof reading…the worlds smallest violin, and gutter…again 2hr how many times can you drop captain rage 2hr 10min does darth vader still have a knob 2hr 29 Dafcon, Always Darkk scenery and SMTS models plug and we all develop Alzheimer’s Musical Interlude cover of NIN ‘Hurt’ by 2Cellos, cracking stuff, give them a listen and buy their stuff.
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    What's in a name?

    With most of the Guilds, the relationship between the players' names and their guilds are fairly self explanatory. Brick is a Masons' player? Well, duh... I've noticed that the titles given to Hunters Guild players are rather less obvious, so after a bit of digging on the internet... Theron - A lot of the Guild names are simply the word, "Hunter" in another language and Theron (no relation to Charlize) is no exception, being Greek for Hunter or Untamed. Hearne - Probably the closest to provoking a "Well duh!" reaction, most of us older UK players will remember the mythological Herne the Hunter figure from the 1980s Robin of Sherwood series. However, folklore originally had Herne the Hunter as a ghost that haunted Windsor Forest and he pops up in Shakespeare's Merry Wives of Windsor. Zarola - Fairly straight foward, Zarola is Arabic for great huntress Jaecar - And as already covered in another thread, Jaecar is German for Hunter Egret - Given her red hair and expertise with a bow, most assume this is a Game of Thrones reference to the Wildling character of Ygritte. Chaska - Chaska is the name given to the first born son of a Sioux Indian. It is also a city in Minnesota which was originally the homeland of a Sioux Indian tribe. This seems to match the "Mid West Pioneer" appearance of the player.
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    Voxplayers Painting Thread

    Hello folks, I recently got into the game and have really enjoyed painting the models so far. With only needing a few I feel like I can really take my time and experiment a bit. Here's the first one I painted up for my Butchers.
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    Bit harsh isn't it? I mean is this post even necessary?
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    Rather than asking every question that pops into your head, i would perhaps look at it that you ask questions regarding issues that have arisen during a game. Theory is all well and good but sometimes there is no need for it and from a practical point of view the game is never going to be perfect so extrapolating every possible connotation to find a flaw might not be the most useful thing one could spend time doing. In the event that things come up during a friendly game, you can resolve it however you wish, during a tournament, local 8 man or 128 man world championship, its the TO's call. While having an answer to hand would help, its not the end of the world if it isn't, the TO makes the call and the TO's decision is final. Sometimes the TO will be right, sometimes they might get it wrong because there isn't an official response, sometimes they might get it wrong because they are human. no he couldn't, because its already been asked and responded to and is captured in the collected clarifications thread.
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    Captain Scalpel

    The static pose from Ghast is the one everyone wants. I'm actually happy when they mimic the art personally.
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    Captain Hammer

    So tempted to sculpt a cape and paint him silver...
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    Duck21's painting blog.

    Her's pictures of unpainted Salt and the goal. If anyone interested in how they were sculpted.
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    This is a legacy issue. In short, Legendary Plays and Character Traits are not actions, and may be used at any time, including interrupting movement. A Heroic Play is also not an action BUT because MP is spent, it would interrupt an Advance. The current situation is not ideal, since the definition of Action is unfortunately very vague in the Season 1 rulebook. However, we've been aware of this issue for a while, and fixing this situation was one of our key priorities when writing the Season 2 rulebook. As a result, S2 will define actions much more clearly, and will answer all of these points. 16th of April folks, it's gonna be a good day. (It's actually gonna be a genuinely amazing day, I'm so excited for a multitude of reasons. One of those reasons, because I'm a rules nerd, is the hugely improved and clarified core rules section!)
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    Once per turn

    Shutout will have it because having 2 incidences of it would break activation order. While once a turn things are for that player but if you had (more than likely) union player with the same ability you could do it twice a turn from 2 different sources. so the 'per team' is an extra restriction,
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    Ghostly Visage, Misprint or Change

    Apologies for the delayed response. This was an intentional change that was accidentally left out of the errata video. Cheers, Alex
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    Once I went to Kyoto on holiday. Got in after a long flight and not much sleep and decided I wanted to get out and see the city then and there. Didn't really check a map because I was sure that I would be able to find all the awesome stuff without it. Ended up in the industrial part of the city. It was drab and ugly and nowhere near what I had imagined. I was bitterly disappointed - like, just gutted that this legendary city was in no way what I imagined it to be. Next day I went up the Kyoto Tower and got an awesome look at the whole of the city from up high. Did my research. Ended up at an ancient temple pretty soon after that, went to the Kyoto markets, even found some sweet bikes to ride. Turns out Kyoto is awesome. Your post reminds me of that first day in Kyoto, when I was full of assumptions but didn't really know anything. Climb the tower, friend. Climb the tower.
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    Vassal Module v4.64a

    V4.64 is up, I would be very grateful if people have a little check everything is still working as I replaced all the cards with the new versions; Also added Pin Vice and the new Rage. http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Guild_Ball V4.64a is just a bug fix of V4.64, just fixed a few errors (Pin Vice's starting Wds and Chisel's Melee Range)
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    So I've been playing the game about a month, and this is a post to display my paint work ranging from my frankly horrendous job with my first team being Union, up to the more passable efforts towards my current team the Alchemists with all those in between. I apologise for the lacklustre photo quality (or rather lighting quality), I live in a basement flat so lighting is somewhat lacking. The post is picture intensive, all hosted via photobucket (wasn't sure as to rules on pictures, please let me know if I need to break it up across posts mods!). As the title suggests I'm an average painter at best, and this post chronicles the progress I've made across the range. A real testament to the quality of the sculpts, and how they enable generally hapless painters to end up with a half decent looking miniature. Hats off to the guys at Steamforge for making that something they consciously aimed for. The Union So we start with my Union, happiest with Blackheart and Hemlocke... But they're tabletop at best. The Morticians Much happier with how the Morticians turned out, went for a super simple palette and opted for the popular monochrome look. Easy to do but effective. The Brewers So for the Brewers I started experimenting with eyes, and took advantage of the chance to improve my ability to paint flesh... Which I'm absolutely woeful at painting. But certainly felt I'd made progress compared to the Union. The Alchemists Started with Flask, relatively simple model as I am in no way am capable of even attempting NMM at the moment. Next came Vitriol, not a huge fan of the model or more the pose, but following several games on Vassal I had finally settled on the Alcs as my go to team so wanted to put in extra effort and time to getting them looking good. Really happy with the result and noteably the way the scarring turned out. Now comes my 'party piece', King Midas. Hands down the best model I've painted to date, at least in my opinion. By far my favourite model in the range, and my favourite model to use in game so was extremely pleased with how he came out. And finally, my WiP Alchemists goal. Lots of bits donated by a friend from my club, combined with the Gibbet from Blotz. Thank you for taking a look, any comments and critique is appreciated! Cheers, Alex
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    Hello guildballers! I have created an article I would very much like your feedback on. Is it any good? Does it help you at all? What can I add? I tried to give some pointers on when to jump on the boat you didn't intend to take in your gameplan. As the title suggests I'm hoping to let players re-evaluate the 'solo scoring' or 'solo beat-down' tactic. I do hope that when you are looking to do both this article is still helpfull in a way. Be warned it is a long read, so ... well I warned you! Click here for the article Thank you Bob
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    So the rules are clear that if a model kicks the ball behind his own goal, no momentum is generated. But recently it's come up that a goal marker may not be considered a friendly model, even though you're the one determining where the ball is kicked off. If the Fishermen, for example, score a goal, and I'm playing a beatdown team, why wouldn't I coffin kick the ball into the back corner and then go nuts doing damage, generating momentum all the while? While it seems like it may be okay RAW, it definitely is not RAI as it really goes against the spirit of the game and puts all scoring teams at a severe disadvantage.
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    I see two pics: Zerola, and a scene.
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    Ghostly Visage!

    Casket just got a huge buff with Ghostly Visage losing once per turn. It is my favourite play on the Morticians and now that I can have it protecting multiple pockets of models, it is going to annoy my opponents plans even more! This information is in the Rules forum and was unintentionally left out of the errata video.
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    Zach Stein

    Ghostly Visage!

    Actually, I bet it was unintentionally left off the card and they just decided to roll with it. I would say it puts Fangtooth in more lists so you can just build a wall of suck that no one can get through.
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    Ghostly Visage!

    GV now has some extra use in pushing up high in the first turn for position and dropping 2 or 3 patches to hide in. After that though, I don't see myself using it more than once a turn as the INF can be better spent elsewhere imo.
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    Me and some of the other guys on the east coast will be in. Just finding out total numbers before we book tickets. My Morticians look forward to an outing in Cambridge
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    The Old Buzzard

    It's an Armadillo!

    Beautiful Idea! This armadillo is going to have to be tough!
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    also late to the party but.......Shank! Nice paint job btw
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    Morticians in Season 2

    the wrap results happen at the same time, so you'd still be at -1 even if you took it with a dodge. I'm sure its in the rules clarifications on timings but i cant find the original thread. i will be bitterly disappointed if she doesn't have at least one of 'crucial artery' or 'anatomical precision'. Mortician's that dont have a good anatomical knowledge just doesn't make sense to me fluff wise.
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    Expanding from starter

    Kraken is an aquired taste. His lack of ball skills makes him stand out in the Fish. He cant play the ball, his role is to get stuck in either to open up lanes for movement of to tie oponents down. Now Jac has a similar job, he is their to control the board rather than play ball same as Kraken except he also comes with a 3/6 kick that lests him get invoved in moving the ball which is usually critical to the fish. Being able to play the ball lets Jac into a 100% ball playing team without issue, as well as the fighting fish style teams and anything in the middle. Kraken is a top contender for a brawl focused fish team and can fit into the hybrid teams but with 1 Inf, low movement and a naff pass will not seem the full ball playing teams. Personally I find Kraken to be one of the weakest of the games big guys. I think his poor-ish defensive stats, low pass and and inf is too harsh a penalty for his two character plays and early momentous KD.
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    And it must be equally frustrating for them to say "we know, it'll be clearer in a few weeks". As of right now, I can play my teams without any big unknowns, so I'm OK with that
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    Smoke is here!

    That smoke cloud is going to be loads of fun to paint! Need to decide what I'm doing with it though - white cloud like the art? Oily black cloud? Sulphurous yellow? Poison gas? Stormy? Flaming? So many options - can't wait to see how people paint her up!
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    Bob The Builder

    Brewers Goal

    Never mind him/her, send it to me instead!
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    It's only Strike From Shadows for now, presumably for the exact reason Shano explained: no repositions mid-movement. If one of the new players has a similar Legendary that could in theory allow for a mid-movement reposition that will be disallowed by the timing rules as well. The only thing that's really in doubt is whether the DEF buff pulse can be done mid-movement or not (I'm guessing that will be allowed). In other words, SFS is not really an exception: it'll follow all the relevant rules, but it just so happens that there's a rule that's relevant to it that's irrelevant to all the other existing Legendaries. It is a bit annoying to have to wait another 6 weeks for the timing document, knowing it'll likely overrule some of the ways I'm currently interpreting the rules. That can't be helped though, so I'm simply going to continue playing the way I've been playing and going with the rulings that already stand. You know, the same thing we all normally do anyway.
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    It's an Armadillo!

    Zomg: "Punt - If a friendly guild model is within 1 inch of this model; this model may make a dodge up to the friendly model's kick-distance. If this model ends in base contact with an enemy model the enemy model suffers the knockdown condition and this model suffers 2 damage"
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    Brewers Goal

    Man, I think that is the best goal I have seen.
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    Fillet model

    I noticed the same buckle part what attaches it to the belt is the same as Boars, going to be interesting to see how the Season 2 book plays out - not to long now /squeeee - , and how it will affect the rest of the team and her relationship with the others and Tenderiser as hes season 2 she is such a dynamic model with lots of movement and love the artwork for her.
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    Brewers Goal

    That's very cool Nice work
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    Shank - Help?

    You will also find he is handy for dealing with figures that have unpredictable or other movement triggered abilities as you can where'd they go into range without triggering them. Drop thousand cuts, Where'd they go in to your 2"range, and your likely to get at least momentous 2/3 with a 1' dodge to get you out if you need on your attack and if Ox is near enough it starts to hurt more. Just try make sure that by the time you are getting him into combat he has support nearby to follow up and finish the job as he is a bit of a glass canon.
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    ELI5: Veteran Players?

    Unless it is vet Harmony or Katalyst
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    Hi from Igualada (Barcelona)

    Hi there! It's nice to see how Spanish community is growing. Have fun with this fantastic game!
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    Captain Scalpel

    agreed her pose could be a bit more dynamic compared with other models they have released. im really more interested in her rules though either way ill buy her as I am a competitionist.
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    Obey the rules as currently written and ruled. Legendary Plays other than Strike from the Shadows are not actions. Neither are Character Traits like Bag of Coffers. They may be used freely and interrupt movement. For example, Ox could Charge 3", pause, activate his Legendary Play, then continue the Charge movement. Coin could Jog, move 3", use Bag of Coffers, and then move his remaining 2".
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    and people call today Super Tuesday...Bah...next Tuesday is the real SOOPER TUESDAY!
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    Clanger's Stuff

    Quickly painted up Captain Rage, here he is with his gang
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    What I expect to read in an article on momentum. 1st and foremost I want to know what it is, how to get it and how to use it. - Maybe do separate articles on what is what to go into more detail? 2nd I want to know when to use my momentum to bonus time for an extra dice, or NOT to bonus time. (do some math!) 3rd I want to look at when to choose momentum over a non-momentus results on the playbook. Everything else is a bonus.
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    Assembling Obulus

    The arm is unattached, but his staff should be one piece. Email support@steamforged and they should sort you out.
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    Kevin Bryant

    First Tournament - Advice

    the most important thing is not matter who you do have fun, its game moving toy soldiers round a table so if the dice go bad or your opponent is a better player roll with it and enjoy and learn. Other than that just play the best game you can, remember to ask to look at player cards if you cant remember what they do and give it your best
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    It's an Armadillo!

    If the Masons can't kick 'him' at enemy models, I will be sorely disappointed. Give it Sturdy, and when it's kicked into someone, they both suffer knock down.
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    It's an Armadillo!

    When I hear it's an Armadillo, all I think is: Idea: Poor movement, great TAC. No buffs, but playbook full of momentous damage and knockdown. Can be moved around using the same rules as the ball (snapped to, etc.) and kicking the Armadillo at an enemy player counts as a charge. Suddenly, you have to decide - do you want Flint to go get the actual ball, or be the Armadillo launcher?