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    Paul Waters

    Plots and schemes...

    I like the idea of the plots and schemes to give a bit of variety and unknown to the games, my initial thoughts would be; The plots/schemes should be on cards With only 20 plots/schemes so far they might get repetative when you get the choice of 5 per game. Will you be adding more? There should be team/character specific plots e.g for Butchers Smell blood if x number of oponents are bleeding at the same time all butchers regain 1hp, for Shark Sharknado If shark damages an opponent and scores in the same turn he gets a free out of turn move all of the options so far are about doing something and then buffing your team, some could be about debuffing oponents, e.g I have powerful friends - at the begining of your turn forfit 2 Inf and nominate 1 player on your oponents team, that player must be the last to activate. Just a few early thoughts, the examples below are not thought through and are there just to give a flavour of where my mind was going