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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Your doing exactly what I did when I first started out, start small and work on things you are comfortable with for now and get used to using your sculpting tools and material. Once in a while challenge yourself to a larger conversion just to push yourself, don't go too big as you can (I have many a time) bite off more than you can chew. I've learned through making plenty of mistakes in my time but I personally believe that's the best way to do it. If you are unsure how to tackle something try sculpting it on something that isn't you model so you won't get annoyed about getting it wrong, that's how I taught myself to sculpt skulls . Most of all do it whilst your enjoying it, if you find yourself getting fed up just take a step back and paint something, sculpting is in my opinion as much rewarding as it is difficult so just keep plugging away. I'm pretty sure there are many a video on youtube about sculpting so soak up as much information as you can. I've only had time to sculpt of late and even that has been sporadic, this is something I recently completed, Obulus the Ferryman I'm giving this fella away by the way, all you have to do is like it on the Guild ball supports facebook page and you'll be in the draw. It's not a gimmick to get more likes or attention, it's just a way of giving back to this wonderful community.
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    Yes, a model affected by Ghost Shot may make a Kick whilst suffering the knocked-down condition. The rules in the main Rulebook are superceded by the GICs and Ghost Kick allows a player to make a Kick as if it were in possession the ball-marker even though this would normally be prevented by the rulebook.
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    Die Obulus Die

    No no, it's German for "The Obulus The".
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    Unsnapping During a Kick

    You can't drop the ball at this point. The wording in the Possession of the Ball section of page 15 will be looked at in future, but since this has gone past the point of being even vaguely amusing, the updated ruling on this is that once a Kick is declared the ball cannot be unsnapped until the Kick action is resolved.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Hey guys, first time poster but I was directed here by the GuBS facebook group Here's my two goal posts, one for my fishermen, the second one for the Union:
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    Unsnap ball off the pitch

    Alright now America, glass houses and all that. Yes, it is possible to unsnap the ball in such a way that it is placed off the Pitch, which would result in a throw in.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Just thought I'd share a few pics of the latest conversion I've been working on. My challenge was to make the big girl have a little more movement. I hope to be back painting soon but my time is pretty limited at the moment, at least with sculpting you can leave it lying a fair bit without the worry of drying.
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    I guess it must come down to where in the world you play, I guess in Australlia the results would be the exact opposite of the UK because it's like upside down land. That is my best explanation.
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    With SteamCon US coming up a lot of green coaches will be competing for the first time in a large tournament. One aspect where some of my locals are struggling with is developing a 10-man roster. For some, the problem is how to limit their roster to just 10 models whereas for others the difficulty is deciding when to replace one of their favorite six starters with someone who they don't normally bring. JD Haigler wrote up a visual walkthrough of how he decides his 10-man Union roster and this can help people who are new to the game or just looking for ways to improve. http://midwestwargaming.com/concept-behind-guildball-lineup/
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    Union-in-Chains Results

    I'll ask the ever beautiful Giblinio about this tomorrow, but today was build day and we spent a VERY LARGE PERCENTAGE of today carrying things in and out of vans and building stands and moving stock and setting up tables and streaming gear and god I'm so tired. I'll see what the score is tomorrow.
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    Vet Minx?

    Lets be honest here, I'm just trying to start a fight. vMinx is what I wanted from the beginning, and I hardly participated in the campaign at all. So personally, I feel on top. And it's essentially been guaranteed at this point. But the idea behind the campaign was that the players had a chance to write a part of the Guild Ball fiction, in deciding where the union players go. That opportunity no longer exists for Hunters players concerning their own guild, because of the actions of Obulus, and Steamforged in general. You can speculate about the fact that it was a close run campaign, or that it was always part of the plan, who cares. The Fact is that opportunity is gone. The effort people put in has been delegitimized in a very real way. (Again, hardly any effort on my part, but there was a real push as a community that I appreciated watching) What I suggest is to continue that campaign as a from of protest. The campaign was based on the idea that enough battle reports affected the story. That can still be the case. As it stands, the open letter is the latest, potentially last word concerning the Hunters/Morticians interaction. By continuing to post games in a new thread we at least have the opportunity to reply directly to "Obulus", a unique opportunity. Doing so says 1) We care about this game and the fluff 2) we enjoyed the campaign, we want to stay a part of it, 3) the Hunter's would not just "receive a gift" with out responding. Again, I'm not asking for them to reverse their decision. I'm asking for them to give all those who spent the time to take photos of their games and post them, who participated in the campaign from the beginning, who changed their avatar or wrote up a report, a voice. Not just that it was a close competition, but a definitive voice in the narrative, beyond that which was decided for us after they promised we would have one at the start. Most of you will say, they don't need to. It's their fluff, they can do what they want. But their have been examples before! PP making remarks in their fluff about 'Jacks that are slow to produce in the game, because of real life production issues and the community backlash to it. Other simple, subtle nods, just a sentence here or there based on community jargon or culture. Even old GW campaigns, similar to this one, where enough people put the same response about a new town in their posts that it was mentioned in a future post. Obviously Steamforged has control of their IP and knows what they want to do with it. But I feel we are justified in thinking that the promise they made that our effort and work would go into affecting their world has been rescinded. I understand that they probably consider this chapter done, but If we as a community respond to that by playing their game, continuing the campaign, and showing our commitment to go above and beyond to be part of their story and product, I think it would be a beautiful response. As a company, wouldn't you want to reward, or at the very least acknowledge the work of your dedicated fans?
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    Wild ass speculation = Farmers getting veteran Buckwheat
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    Live Action Guild Ball at SteamCon US

    Like to role-play? Have a deep-seated desire to hit other humans and not get in trouble? Want to re-enact your favorite Guild Ball moments in real life? Need something to do after scrubbing out of the US Nationals LCQ? I'd like to invite you all to ... LIVE ACTION GUILD BALL! Let's go outside and play this game we all love but in a more three-dimensional, real-life kind of way. I'm targeting Friday afternoon for this event (which is entirely unsponsored, unsanctioned, and probably will be heavily discouraged by Steamforged Games). As soon as we have twelve interested players, the game will begin! Rules: Weapons allowed but not required - must be Nerf-style safe weapons Take-outs will be simulated by knocking people over (tripping not allowed) When a player is "taken out," they tag someone in from the sidelines to replace them Scoring as in tabletop Guild Ball Put good-ol Illinois snow on your bruises (real-life Icy Sponge action!) Think full-contact soccer with foam swords and hammers If this goes well and there is interest, we can play multiple games or even have another round on Saturday. For weapons, I'll suggest Whombatz - they sell cheap, safe foam swords, daggers, axes, hammers, and even a shield. You can probably Amazon ship these to the hotel if you're flying into town. You can also go the PVC tube and pool noodle route (I'll likely be making a few of these to bring). If you are interested in playing, reply to the thread - it'd be great to get a rough head count before the big day.
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    I'm on a horse!

    Here is a promo video!
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hello! Thank you for the comments I made the rats, and I found a blurring picture of Scalpel on my phone (I made it some month ago but forgot to take a photo)
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    Harvest Markers and how to use them

    Hi there. Andrew aka @LeadDiceBeers recently mentioned a desire for a tactics article on Harvest markers on Twitter. Now while I don't claim to be a leading authority on the subject, I have played Farmers exclusively since the WTC and been theorycrafting since their rules release. I attended my first tournament with them on Saturday and placed 2nd with a 2-1 record, with my one loss coming against a score heavy Alchemists team that ended up 11-12. With my dubious bragging out of the way, I am going to share some of my thoughts on Harvest Markers and their use in the game. I will concentrate on the models available in the first box plus Tater, due to his availability as a ltd. release. To start things of, one should take a look at the models that deliver the Harvest Markers (Planters) and those who have an actual use for them in game (Reapers). What we (should) know so far... If we anticipate the Farmers to have an even access to Planter and Reaper models (6 a piece), we know the rules of every Planter available: Grange (Captain), Peck (Mascot), Harrow, Jackstraw, Millstone, Ploughman. These models can be divided into 3 categories with 2 representatives a piece: Automactic, Active, Reactive. Automactic Planters (Grange and Millstone) can place 1 Harvest Marker without the need for any other ressources. In their case it is the Trait Planting Season. Grange of course is able to place up to three Harvest Markers with the use of his Legendary Huge Tracts of Lands. Active Planters (Harrow and Jackstraw) have to spend Influence in order to use their Character Plays connected to their placement of Harvest Markers. With correct placement Harrow gets an Automatic element due to Look Busy. Semi-automatic if you will. Jackstraw also offers the only offensive option to place Harvest Markers. More on that later. Reactive Planters (Peck and Ploughman) facilitate the placement made by other models (Fertile Soil) or only place a Harvest Marker under very specific circumstances (Fertilizer). When it comes to Reapers, we again assume that Fallow makes it an even six: Thresher (Captain), Buckwheat (Mascot), Bushel, Fallow, Tater, Windle. These models can also be divided into different categories assuming Fallow follows the trend shown by the others. The categories are: Active and Active/Passive with three (?) representatives per category. Active Reapers (Bushel, presumably Fallow, and Windle) gain a bonus, special ability or both by removing a nearby Harvest Marker from the Pitch (Big Breakfast and Cabbage Punt so far). Active/Passive Reapers (Thresher, Buckwheat and Tater) either have access to a Character Play by removing a nearby Harvest Marker from the Pitch (Don't Fear The..., Carrot & Stick, Cropping) or gain a special ability or a Trait simply by being close to a Harvest Marker (Crow Scarer, Territorial, Fork Off!). That's all very fascinating but where do babies Harvest Markers come from? As mentioned in the beginning, this post will concentrate on box 1 + Tater so let's talk line ups. As a general rule of thumb you should aim for at least three Planters. While Grange gives you one Marker every turn and three in his Legendary, Peck's Planter ability is, as mentioned, situational at best. Thus Harrow, Jackstraw or both should be added which leaves you with three options: #1: Grange, Peck and Harrow, who give you an average of 2 Harvest Markers per turn. This can easily go up to all 5 in Grange's Legendary or with Harrow in Melee. #2: Grange, Peck and Jackstraw, who give you an average of 3 Harvest Markers per turn. Baring a Peck take out, this line up can only go above 3 once, in Grange's Legendary. #3: Grange, Peck, Harrow and Jackstraw, who give you an average of 4 Harvest Markers per turn. As you can guess, with this line up you can easily manage to go up to 5 through a variety of means. No matter the option chosen, you should aim for an average 3 Harvest Markers a turn. Using these line ups leaves you with a maximum of three potential Reapers in your six. With the Union options of Grace or Benediction filling very useful roles for the Farmers, depending on your style of play, on average we are looking at two Reaper spots in your team. The siblings (Bushel and Windle) are both Active Reapers, while Tater's Passive ability is arguably the one that sees the most mileage out of his two. Therefore looking at our different options you generally place more Harvest Markers than you remove from the pitch. And where do I put it? Alex Botts already mentioned this in a Twitter conversation but there is generally no reason to place Harvest Markers in front of your line other than as bait, to set up some Jackstraw teleport shenanigans or the ocassional Crop Dusting take out. In the majority of games I've played so far, I found that my opponent almost never went for the sprint removal of Harvest Markers other than the ones that had been placed very poorly by me. Removal by charge also only happens when the opponent gets a valid angle to get to the target. In games against models with control plays, make sure to place your Reapers in a way that doesn't leave them out of reach of the Harvest Markers that are supposed to feed their respective abilities. Also remember that Harvest Markers are a good way to block repositions. Other than that, just place them where they don't hinder your own movement or sneakily prepare a Jackstraw escape route for ball killing purposes. To reap or not to reap... The last thing to consider is when to reap your Harvest Markers for extra Influence. While this is of course highly situational, my answer would be to always reap at least one. On average your line ups will have 12 Infuence to start with which doesn't look bad on paper but those Farmers are a hungry bunch. On the other hand, I found it to be ideal to start out with a Harvest Marker every turn. Going back to my thought about how many Markers to place in a round, this leaves you with one to reap during a turn, one to reap in between and one to leave for the next round. To be continued... if you guys want to So there you have it. Maybe this sheds some light on the whole issue, maybe this is all super obvious and I wasted a lot of time (yours and mine) for which I am sorry. If it is the former, than I certainly hope that you've enjoyed the read. I would be grateful for any comments and/or constructive criticism to help me decide if I am to continue this thread with the release of the second box and any other further releases. Until then thanks for reading. Cheers Leo
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    Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    I have some bad news for you.
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    So this is a thread I’ve been wanting to make for a while now, and I’ll start by stating outright, I’m not here to have my mind changed. I’ve come to my own conclusions about the Hunters over the course of many many games trying multiple playstyles, and through contrasting this experience with my games as the other guilds. I'm a Hunter's player. They were the entire reason I picked up this game, and they’ll always be the first miniatures I’ve ever painted. My hope is that a reasonable amount of people can agree with at least some of what I’m saying or at the very least can sympathize. So here’s the basic thesis. The Hunter’s are the most demanding, and least rewarding guild to play in Guild Ball. Certainly people are having success with the Hunters, however I still think that it’s difficult to argue that they’re okay power-wise, while impossible to argue that they’re satisfying to play. Unless you're a masochist. Additionally good players =/= good teams. Many of the strategies being employed are derived from the universal game knowledge that is equally as effective for the Brewers or other equally underpowered team. I will immediately concede however that this is a discussion to be had by other people as I’ve little to contribute to conversations about power levels and data. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about the power level, but I also want to stress that it’s not my main concern. The Hunters never feel like they do anything. Theron’s turn amounts to him putting 3 damage on a Tough Hide target because doing anything more aggressive means he eats a Counter-Charge and loses his turn, or simply gets collapsed on in retaliation. Seenah charges a model and in 3 attacks manages a KD, momentous push, and momentous 2 damage. Egret flurries 3 times over the course of the game, her target heals once. Chaska misses one of his 3 Boom Boxes. Skatha hands fast-ground to an ally and she can only jog 5”. She makes an attack for the ball but is crowded out and gets nothing. I’ve played countless games as the Hunters, and never have I had anything as notable happen as casually 1-turning 2 models as Fillet. Or blowing up a Flask in the middle of the enemy team as Smoke with her Legendary. Cosset charging with a comical amount of dice and dealing too much damage to her target. Every other guild has something cool that regularly happens, the Hunters…. just don’t. This is just salt in the wound, but NO ONE enjoys playing against the Hunters. When after sweeping me 12-4 my engineer opponent quips something to the effect of, “that is a really annoying team,” all I have is bafflement. The Hunters make your opponents miserable, even when they’re winning. So I’m going to try to move through them model by model with a few caveats. 1.) I probably won’t list every point that I want to, at this point I’m really just trying to get this posted and my thoughts out there because I’m exhausted about reading spoilers for new models and going something to the effect of, “but the Hunters aren’t allowed to have Tooled Up?” 2.) It’s going to be hard to remain objective, consistent, and level-headed throughout, not helped by the fact that this was written over the course of a few months in various headspaces, some of which frustration, some of which boredom. 3.) You may consider what you’re about to enter to be a rant thread, to which I have no defense. *shrug* 4.) There is 0 consistency in what I capitalize and what I don't and I f*cking hate myself for it. _______________________________________________________________________ Theron Theron’s placement and timing restrictions on his forest severely limit his ability to use it to his or his team’s benefit. Terrain takes up a large portion of the board, and because it can’t be placed within 2” of terrain, it can’t be used to block crucial lines of sight, or cast rough-ground to impede charge lanes. Often Theron’s forest placement boils down to one of 2 or 3 spots, sometimes none of these spots provide any form of benefit and can actively impede our models through its LOS and Rough-Ground penalty. (Egret, Seenah, Fahad, and our Union all lack Light Footed.) Forcing the player to place the forest at the start of Theron’s activation acts as a force multiplier to its restrictive placement and comes with the few moments, especially for learning hunters, where you forget to place it, and then have to do the awkward, “ehrm, can I step back.” This is a minor point, but I feel like it’s relevant enough to mention as missing that timing has lost me games. If you’re going to restrict when and where Theron can place his forest to prevent him from getting the most optimal benefit from it, then why give him the ability at all? Once that forest is down, it’s neutral terrain, and what may’ve been a great position when it was placed can become a terrible position once your opponent begins using it to their advantage. This is most observable through the cover it provides. Our combat and defensive stats are poor, meaning that effects like Cover; which affect combat symmetrically benefit our opponents more than they benefit us. Guilds and models who already benefit from defensive tech such as high armor or Tough Hide will benefit a lot more from double dipping in the forest’s cover. Sun Strike is still unreliable, and inefficient. The only elements that make the ability useable is putting MP into the MP flow to begin benefiting from Blessing of the Sun Father. It requires an investment that the Hunters can’t afford and makes it even more backbreaking when a single play fails, for a payoff that is underwhelming. Lastly, his abilities in Combat are resoundingly, meh. It’s appreciated that he can cheaply apply snared, and he can at times pull weight, but his playbook just isn’t good. It exists when it needs to. 2 damage on 3 hits means he consistently needs above average rolls on anyone of average defense to deal damage of consequence. Skatha Skatha’s AOE placement and timing has all of the aforementioned issues regarding Theron’s forest, with the added issue of the fast-ground unapologetically benefiting her opponents. Furthermore, Skatha’s movement is cripplingly slow, clearly having been pre-emptively nerfed due to the Fast-Ground. I’ll reiterate, if you’re not going to allow Skatha to gain a benefit from her Fast-Ground then why give it to her? A 5/7 Mov with a 4/6 Kick does not pull enough weight. She’s reliant on snowball and fast-ground to move about the pitch, meaning that she cannot use these abilities to benefit her team while simultaneously positioning beyond turn 1. She dies very quickly with only 14HP at Def 5 with no defensive capabilities. When she’s returning to the pitch is when her slow speed really gets put on display. A 1” Melee means she’s susceptible to crowd-outs and counter-attacks. With a tackle on 2 hits at Tac 5 with a poor playbook her ball retrieval capabilities are abysmal. If she’s balanced around being versatile then she also fails on that front by not providing enough accessible damage to compensate for her lack of footballing capabilities. Skatha’s total goal threat requires an immense influence investment, and presents a high chance of failure, especially if she doesn’t start in possession of the ball. Cold Snap does 1 damage and has no lingering effect clearly communicating that Snared is valued higher than Bleed, despite Bleed accounting for a far greater damage increase for the Butchers. In spite of that, Pain Circle still leaves a lingering effect. Movement reduction is present in the lingering Fire Blast which also deals 2 damage and burns the opponent for 1 damage/turn, meaning that the control elements of Snared are not the factor. Triggering from the playbook is edge case, and doesn’t account for such a drastic boost in power as to warrant the pre-emptive nerf. The only reason I can see is to avoid design crossover with Theron, which once again feels like the Hunters are being designed into a corner that deprives them of satisfying tools. While snowball is a premium on Influence spent to dodge distance, with some additional uses, the dice can and will fail. When that happens add it to the list of abilities that cost 2 influence to do nothing. Edit: Can't believe I forgot to mention her Blessing of the Moon Goddess, honestly it's an incredibly satisfying ability to actually use. 1 Inf for a 1" dodge on playbook results that otherwise wouldn't have them is an interesting and creative ability. I'd like it a lot more if it wasn't guild-restricted (or if oMinx was dual-guild), and had the 6" range Sun Strike does. I'm not sure if the same ability feels like a Legendary tier ability, but there're plenty of uses so it does earn its spot. (Also the image of Seenah charging someone then dodging 2" laterally is hilarious.) Skatha’s 6” kick brings with it so many disadvantages that she cannot overcome due to her movement and melee requirements. Comparing to a model like Pin Vice, who has a higher starting Mov, the ability to buff it, on demand teamwork actions through her legendary, significantly more reliable combat capabilities, both in offense through Playbook and Deletion and through defense in Reanimate. I also feel that sBrisket is another good point of comparison because they were released relatively close to one another and have comparable playbooks. 8” Kick, UM, Tackle + Dodge on 2 hits, and a lower TN for goals, with the potential to gain extra VPs being gravy. Snow Snow is starts off being penalized with a 5/7 Mov due to Skatha’s fast-ground, and at 4-0 with 8 HP she’s easy to kill. Anatomical Precision is roughly equivalent to +1 Tac, we’re talking about paying an entire Influence for an ability that the Brewers get on their dog for free. Or that the Union gets as an Aura from their turtle. Coin brings an entire additional influence and a free bonus time to the table. So why is the premium on Anatomical Precision so ridiculously high for the Hunters. Their playbooks are not so powerful that they need to be counter-balanced by making this ability cost more. I haven’t used her enough to pass final judgement on her Aura, the ability seems to be made to save models from brawlers. So in my head I have a few considerations. Fillet, Corsair, Brewers, Choice Masons, and vRage. Fillet’s AOE damage will casually kill this doggo for being anywhere near the scrum. Corsair will pull you away from her aura before killing you. Brewers will KD you then kill you, Masons have more than enough options to keep up, and vRage I can’t say because I haven’t faced them. While the ability may force your opponent to play around it, your opponent doesn’t have a difficult time playing around it. Even 1” melee models can get b2b and have a single attack before the ability presents a threat. Perhaps the reason to play Snow is in Ohhh.... Ball, which still seems far too situational. Everything about Snow, from her stats to her name is underwhelming. Fahad Fahad… is an above par damage dealing mascot. He can very often deal between 4-6 damage with no influence on a Snared target. I think he’s one of the more involved and impactful mascots in the game and I’m more than happy to take him in most games. Hearne(s) The main issue with the Hearnes is how easy both of them are to kill. They have no defensive abilities at 3-1 with a hearty 20 Boxes, but nothing else. This may seem fine, but when a model has low defenses and lacks defensive abilities, they become an easy way to surrender MP as there’s no way to nullify your opponent’s efforts. E.G. Sturdy makes Momentous KD not produce momentum. oHearne brings an output that can justify this. The changes to BotSf & his playbook worked wonders for him, but it left vHearne in a quite sorry state. They’re also our only 2” Melee models who don’t come with heavy downsides. Jaecar Jaecar is one of the Hunter’s few unapologetically good models. The Butchers are envious of him. With a balance of strengths (killing people ded), and weaknesses (being killed ded). If Jaecar is the reason that so many of the Hunter’s have to be counterbalanced then give him the Maverick Character Trait. It’s even got a fluff tie in for him. Egret Egret’s Influence usage is inefficient due to her low damage and poor playbook. She gets shut down hard by Tough Hide, High Defenses, and High Health Pools. Spending 1 Influence to have a chance at dealing 1 damage is nearly impossible to justify, especially when it requires her to be within 6” of her enemy. She accomplishes little to nothing over the course of the game because the only thing she brings to the team is damage and sub-par goal-threat, neither of which are potent enough to pressure your opponent. Egret lacks any rewards for dealing damage, but her kit is entirely contingent upon it. There’s not even a single momentous damage result on her playbook. If Egret misses a Flurry her turn has consisted of her doing nothing as Swift Strikes, Venomous Strikes, and Back to the Shadows all only proc if damage is dealt. Snap Fire may as well not even exist on her because it’s never worth it. Tackles on 2 hits are reserved for Strikers which bring some other kind of power such as 2” Melee, Anatomical Precision, or Tac 5. In these instances, some combination of Tackle on 2, and non-momentous is used to balance out the advantages provided. Egret brings no tangible advantages over other strikers to justify her higher tackle. She has no on-demand dodges, no defensive capabilities, and her offensive endeavors amount to an average of 6 damage over the course of the game if nothing goes wrong. Egret’s role is to exist. She walks forward, plinks a play, then dodges back assuming it was successful. Occasionally she might get the ball and hope she can make the goal-run. Strikers like Friday or Brisket bring above average damage for their role and have additional utility without sacrificing their goal-scoring capabilities or defenses. Chaska Chaska is far too reliant on Theron bringing him a Forest and a free Boom Box. When Theron’s forest is on Chaska he becomes a 3-2 with cover and 16 HP, which is more than good defensively, but unless you win the MP race that he doesn’t contribute to he’s going to be vulnerable at the top of next turn. Handing cover to Chaska every turn also means that Theron’s not placing his forest in one of the 2 other spots he can place it to benefit the team. While threatening multiple Boom Boxes can be valuable, he can and will miss them adding Boom Box to the list of “spend 2 influence to do nothing,” abilities. Chaska is a resource sink and the Hunters already have too many of those. Zarola Zarola simply doesn’t do anything. Her entire model is a conduit for Midnight Offering, which is a great ability in isolation, especially with the possibility to use it while assigning her no Inf. Sometimes to some players it’s enough to carry her playbook, kick, and Mov. I feel like I don’t need to say more about Zarola. I think she wins the trophy for worst player in the game. Especially if we’re talking about the worst players with the best models. Ulfr It goes without saying that Ulfr is the definition of a thematic/mechanic failure. A man so untamed and feral that he carries the animal character type…. Only cares about the ball. I’ve been harping on this point, but honestly. I hate Ulfr’s model so I’m glad he doesn’t go into the kill team I want to play. Ulfr is a 5/7 with a 3/6 Kick, this is what passes for a striker. Important details, on the surface he may look comparable to Greyscales, but he’s nowhere close. Unpredictable Movement plus a 2” melee is all that needs to be said, but I’ll add. Greyscales is not a Striker, he is a Winger. He’s on a team that is bursting with ways to move and move the ball to the goal. He doesn’t have to pick up the goal-scoring slack for his entire team. At 4-0 with 16HP He is pathetically easy to kill, but is required to enter combat whether he’s got the ball or not. He’s punished for being near allies in combat, allies that provide effects like Singled Out, Gang-Ups, and Snared which would otherwise benefit his poor playbook. A 1” melee and low Tac comes with all the drawbacks we’ve established, vulnerability to counters, crowd-outs, etc. On goal-scoring models, 1” melee’s also reduce their effective goal-threat in situations where combat is a factor, which for Ulfr is always. His reliance on entering combat to become an actual Striker means that your goal-runs will either be gimped or disruptable, his low Tac and high Tackle means that he’s equally as ineffective at stripping the ball from most models who would hold it. Worst of all, because the Hunters have no buyable dodges with which to deal with Counter-Charge bubbles, and Unpredictable Movement among other things. We’re forced to take him, in spite of him being a bad model. Seenah 2/1 Defense may not be easy to kill with 21HP of Tough Hide. But that’s far better for your opponent because she turns into an MP battery creating such a huge advantage that your opponent won’t care if they kill her or not. Once they get her low enough she’s also a banked 2vp. She necessitates 2 Inf/turn while depriving you of 2 to allocate to other players, making the cost of taking her essentially 4Inf/Turn. Bear Hug is hands down the worst additional VP ability in the game. It’s too conditional while providing too little payoff. You’re most likely to hit Bear Hug when you charge, however if you’re charging a model you’re likely not finishing them off. At Tac 7 the chances of hitting her 6th column are low unless her model is both KD’d and Snared, even then if your target has armor rolling a single 1 misses you the Bear Hug, and it’s outright impossible to land on a 2arm target. So in order to land Bear Hug, your target needs to be at or below 4 HP. (3 if they have Tough Hide), and you need to get 6 Net Hits with a Tac 7 model. And you’re rewarded with a single additional VP for your trouble. Seenah doesn’t threaten relevant damage, her earliest relevant result is the Momentous 2 on 3 hits, which she can’t easily achieve. Snaring her target activates Isolated Target, but her momentous damage doesn’t actually continue increasing after this point until you reach Bear Hug, which ironically does not benefit from Isolated Target. For a model who does not bring anything to the table other than takedowns, setup or not, she does not takedown models effectively. I make 3 points of comparison with Seenah. Boar, Cosset, and vKatalyst. All of them die fast and refuse to surrender the huge MP lead that Seenah does. All of them bring Inf they can contribute if they get locked down. Boar and vKatalyst have teams that can pick up the slack in damage if their turn goes poorly. Cosset and vKat have a higher threat range. Cosset and Boar have access to Tooled Up. Cosset has access to Assist. Chemical Frenzy is far far better than Isolated Target. vKat’s Witness Me is easier to setup with a higher payoff than Bear Hug. vKat brings AOE damage through Intensify, and earlier, greater momentous damage. Cosset has earlier momentous damage, a higher potential Tac, and a shorter playbook for easier wrapping and more benefit from those +1DMG buffs. Boar has traits that more than quadruple his influence efficiency. It’s true Seenah can disengage herself from a single target if she’s not knocked down, but she doesn’t accomplish enough for this strength to hold relevance, and by depriving your team of 2 Influence before being allocated any, she makes it even more back-breaking when she IS locked down. A model with the weakness of 0/2 influence should have remarkable strengths to make up for it, instead she handily loses a linear comparison to every other model with the same role. Even though she's bad, she's still one of our best damage dealers. Minx A nice balance of strengths and weaknesses. She should’ve been dual-guild. Concessions In case I didn’t mention them in their part, I wanted to acknowledge a few things about each model. Theron - His ability to cheaply apply snared and control models, or deal a small heft of damage to a non-tough hide, non-high Def target is appreciated. The change to BotSF also made it very satisfying to use. Skatha - Her Turn 1 threat extension is very powerful, and mostly safe especially for the models who haven’t been pre-nerfed to ensure they don’t actually benefit from her fast-ground. Fahad - Awesome damage dealer. Egret - When her character plays hit, she is an extremely safe model. Jaecar - He kills things ded. oHearne - SO, and momentous damage, Skewered, 2” melee and BotSF. He brings plenty to the table, even if he does die to a stiff breeze. Minx - Furious + Back to the Shadows is a super satisfying combo, great battery player who can deal damage under circumstances. General Points The Hunters are poor at killing and scoring, and while the argument may go that they are an all-rounder team, the Masons are devoid of many of the same issues. In order to be an all-rounder team, you can’t just have options for everything, you need to be above average at everything. E.G. The Masons have lots of early momentous damage, high Tacs, early momentous tackles, accurate kicks, Combat Buffs such as Tooled Up and Singled Out, and control options through Breaking Play and Counter-Charge. Even their accessible dodges handedly accounts for their lack of ranged capabilities. When scoring the Hunters have to overcome low movement speeds/linear movements, poor ball retrieval, low kick distances, low kick accuracy, 1” melees, and low defenses. When killing Hunters have to overcome low defenses, poor playbooks that place relevant damage results far too high, low Tac, a lack of combat buffs to overcome Tough Hide and similar defensive tech, and 1” melees. Because the Hunters combat buffs only come through lowering Defense/Buffing Tac, their damage output never gets high enough to outpace the potential healing an opponent with momentum can do. This problem is exacerbated when their opponents benefit from passive healing or defensive tech such as high armor or HP pools. Conclusion In light of the amount of strengths a new guild like the Blacksmiths are allowed to have, the Hunters seem like they were an experiment that is now being abandoned. Every one of their strengths comes with a caveat, a hoop to jump through. They fail to deliver on their fantasy at nearly every turn, with models like Zarola, Ulfr, and Seenah, and their output is not proportional to the energy they demand. At the end of the day, the Hunters simply do not feel good to play.
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    So, I guess we all want a flying circus guild then?
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    What's next for Guild Ball?

    I thought we were the coaches ...'cause I know I bring another layer of strategy..... lousy strategy, but strategy nontheless!!!!
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    I'm on a horse!

    I hope so. That would make up for the lacking of ARM in the Blacksmiths Guild.
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    Vet Minx?

    You don't tug on Obulus's cape You don't spit into the wind You don't pull the mask of that old Decimate And you don't mess around with Giblin.
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    Nothing fancy here. Just wanted to share my WIP for Corsairs best friend
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Painting time is still pretty limited for me at the moment so I've had to scratch my hobby itch with some more conversions. @Kueller had asked me to repose Decimate to look a little more like the artwork. I forgot just how small the original sculpts were, it was quite the challenge to work on her but I'm happy with how she looks. @Peterseven Thank you, Is that the normal one or the skull faced one? I was thinking about doing a step by step on the skull face if anyone wanted it. @Furnace You are very kind indeed. I'm glad some of the stuff I do encourages you to do something similar yourself, feel free to share some pictures of your own work if you feel like it, it's always nice to see others work. Time wise it takes me about 8 hours to paint a model, the newer/larger models about 10 hours I think. The conversions are quite a bit longer seen as I'm learning how to sculpt as I go along, I'd say it took me about 15-20 hours for the Esters conversion but something like the Pumpkin headed Obulus was converted in a couple of hours.
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    Power creep

    I have just re-read through this thread and ...wow. I have to say i agree alot with what mechmage has been saying. There seems to be two schools of thought here. They are OP and the sky is falling, top tier and powercreep They are fine, inherant weaknesses which can be exploited. A big part of the first seems to come from a view of their stats, apparent toughness, legendary and counter attack. Now i know this is the internet and everyone has opinions, im kind of OK at this whole guildball thing and Mechmage is a very good player and we both view them in the same light. In the nicest way i think these differences in opinion and view comes down to guildball experience, how you read the game, and also what level you're playing it at. Last week i won a 32 man event with shark (played corsair once) which had 5 of the england wtc players at - this thread is akin to how bad shark is, stagger and legendary are terrible, hes unplayable and fish with him are bottom tier. My point being, don't believe the internet. Play more with and against them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and how to exploit both. I play every team for that reason (need to play more farmers tbh), so i can understand how to counter them, what their set up is, where to position etc. I really do think with more table time peoples views will change. Ultimately just play more Guil Ball and have fun doing it
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    Community suggestions

    I’ve been thinking it over this morning, and came to the conclusion that a 3rd die color could be useful for this game. The odds being: -Blue (mostly for dodging and knife attack): 4 blanks, 2 single hit -Green (average weapons): 3 blanks. 2 single hit, 1 double hit -Red (special weapons): 2 blank, 2 single hit, 2 double hit
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    Any apps to track games?

    Alright, here's a cleaned-up copy of the sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16QgSAHIDk3Pq5yqtdgO0vy59WrhiOfopmCZS2x9w2ys/edit?usp=sharing There are some basic instructions on the last page to get you going. Anyone should be able to view this public sheet and then make a private copy of it for themselves, but let me know if I messed up something.
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    Pending Forum Suspension


    Character Trait It only gets worse When making a TN check for this model just don't bother. Nothing matters and happiness is a lie. Assume the fetal position and cry.
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    Building your own scenery

    So I start it myself. About the factory and lab, I have thousand pieces of Dwarven Forge Sci Fi sets. Miniatures are 32mm so I'll have to cut the bases and put instead a transparent base for each miniature very thin otherwise I'll have some scale problems. I found thousand at very low prices on ebay. The sewers are the dwarvenite from Dwarven Forge + this prototype just below : About the RPD, I have an idea I'll show you later. The streets are right now my first problem and it's where the action will take place first with RE2 so I have to hurry because the countdown has begun.
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    Criticism of the models is fine, they are not quite as sharp as a metal model would be, and their poses are a bit flat. This review read as a bunch of whining especially when you see the result of the painted models at the end. The minor difference in quality between this plastic and metal will not be relevant/noticable to 90%+ of people who buy these because they aren't competition painters. Even an above average painter will get the same result as a metal mini. I have just painted the farmers and they are much better quality then warmachine restic, the kick off box and even some of the metal models in the range. eg. season 1 masons and union. The reviewer says washes won't work and blacklining is required... Yeah.... I washed my farmers as I would with any metal guild ball model and the result is the same. The reviewer says there's not enough detail in the pumpkin so he had to paint his own detail in... Look at the earlier pictures of the pumpkin in the article, the detail is there, and the reviewer even picked it out with a wash in the way he described as impossible... After it is highlighted it looks even better, like literally any model ever produced?... " This isn’t Grange’s worst problem though. Grange almost definitely is one piece. " - One piece model doesn't = worse. Grange has a stoic pose to match his personality . " The tools on that apron were horrible to paint. No hard edges. You’re just fumbling in there with a brush and hoping for the best. " - blatantly false, the tools are raised well above the apron as anyone can see from the pictures. " Look, a ball. Hooray. Again, there’s not enough detail for you to just paint the raised edges like a normal quality model. " - The pumpkin is a round, organic, relatively smooth object so of course it isn't going to have a lot of sharp raised edges. " I didn’t talk about Peck hardly at all. Also extremely soft details and a resin miniature would have done him well. Quaff, for example, had a lot of detail in his fur and so did Snow. ", " He [Peck] turned out ok, but again, there’s not enough detail to actually paint the detail. You’re on your own painting details in. " - The reviewer seems to have blobbed paint over all of the feather details on the model. I drybrushed and washed this model as I would with fur and it looks great. I've picked out these points because they at least attempted to address the technical aspects of the models. Many of the models had no useful information given... ie. "Boring to paint", "I don't like Windle's name", "I wish Bushel was wearing overalls", "Fighting with saws is unrealistic", "The goal and terrain are pretty good but meh, I'll brush that off because it doesn't fit with the rest of the negative review.
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    Morticans and mercenaries

    Hi! I finished the painting of the Puppet Master and its puppet
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    I think there's been a growing recognition that this game is played differently by the different regions and nations, but it wasn't until I started to look at the data that I realised how stark the differences are. I've tried to group the data together in tiers where the differences between guilds are small, and I've excluded Blacksmiths as there's really not much data available for them currently. I am also using the date of the last errata as the cut off point - there's been plenty of games played since this to enable patterns to start to show in the data. Firstly, a quick definition of tiers, always a contentious issue, but if I define what I'm talking about you can probably see what I mean, whether you agree or disagree with Tier 0: Is usually reserved for a single guild that stands out above the rest of the pack, the rest of the meta is defined in response to it Tier 1: are guilds that are strong and would expect to be seen competing at the top tables regularly Tier 2: are guilds that a good player can compete with, but regular appearance on the top tables would be less common. Tier 3: are guilds that you would not expect to be competitive at all and tournament wins from them would be rare indeed. EU: Tier 0 (56%+): Fishermen Tier 1 (51-55%): Union, Engineers, Butchers Tier 2: (47.5%-50%): Hunters, Morticians, Masons Tier 3 (<47.5%): Alchemists, Farmers, Brewers UK: Tier 0 (58%+): Alchemists Tier 1 (58-53%): Engineers, Farmers, Fishermen, Union Tier 2: (48%-52%): Butchers, Morticians, Masons Tier 3 (<48%): Hunters, Brewers US: Tier 0 (58%+): Masons, Union Tier 1 (58-53%): FIshermen, Farmers, Alchemists Tier 2: (48%-52%): Butchers, Morticians Tier 3 (<48%): Engineers, Hunters, Brewers So, it's a really crazy situation, where a team that dominates one meta can be tier 3 in other metas. If anything this just tells me that the game is balanced and it's the choices we make as players (or possibly the choices made by the best players) that determine the relative strength of the guilds over anything else. I would be open to hearing from anyone who can make any sense of this beyond that. Bonkers.
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    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Got to disagree with Guildball being too complex entirely. GIC and alternate deployments are optional rules. The draft and 10 man roster are part of the cup rules, also optional, as is time limits. The game out of the box remains as accessable as ever with most players playing with all the rules and plot cards within a few games. We experienced players have to remember when introducing the game to keep to the core game until new players are ready to have more options added.
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    A pen and paper RPG set in the "Guild Ball Verse". As a long time GM I already envision some very interesting campaigns: -a group of Guild Ball players on the same "minor league" team - playing in games and dealing with skullduggery and such off the pitch -a unit of soldiers (set during the war) -Guild agents workin in the shadows An old gamer can hope, can't he?
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    It’s Steamcon week, so have an early release DTTB! My Corsair Vs Jason from Singled Outs notblackheart.
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    Nope. It's safe to say that so far the Hunters have shown no interest whatsoever in the machinations of the other Guilds. By nature, the Hunter's Guild are very different to each of the others, having only recently come to the sport and with barely any of the unspoken agreements or understanding existing between the other Guilds. And some players, like Hearne have their own issues - it's entirely feasible that his actions could have indicated a darker twist in his personality as he struggled against the Winter Queen's influence. Will this change? Well, Obulus' letter might well have something to do with that...
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    By the way, in the article when talking about strongbox it mentions using Confidence to improve kick reliability - Confidence only applies to Attacks and Character Plays, and doesn't work on kicks.
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    Painted miniatures

    Hi there fellow Dark Souls Gamers! I've had my miniatures painted by the talented people of Urban Artworx and just got them back today. What do you think? De
  42. 3 points
    My initial disappointment at the outcome had little to do with Hemlocke or Minx. I just think a company puts themselves on a slippery slope when they say, or even just imply, that the player base participation will decide the fates.... and then ultimately the customers have that decision taken away from them. When that happens there can be a real sense of underlying trust in the company being lessened. Not saying that is the case... but I may have played it differently if I were king of the world...but I am not...and that is probably a very good thing. I do hope...that the other match ups end without shenanigans.
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    @GamertagSJ gave me this idea (hope you don't mind) from his thread about matching the concept art. Here's Friday from the brewers: Be interested to hear what y'all think
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    Power creep

    I should be a game designer :-) Next up, an apprentice who does horrible things to players who are on fire. Then last master with some sort of chain cable grab pull/scything blow character play. ;-) If I keep predicting stuff I don't want to face surely I'll get it wrong eventually! Also, nice to see them get a better fire throwing/using model than Mercury - they were looking a bit fragile before.
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    Reinforced Plating

    Yes, as Burnish has been hit by the character play. This is more complex. In the case of Scything Blow, Burnish is not hit. Scything Blow does not generate hits, it merely inflicts damage within a given area -- a good indicator of this is that the RNG is "P", the player triggering the CP. If, for example, an AOE was triggered from the playbook, then Burnish could ignore the effects as AOEs inflict hits. The playbook result is selection of a CP; ignoring the CP does not ignore the playbook result, so the attacking player would generate MOM as normal.
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    Using Crucible

    I think Venin would have also been a fine choice instead of Crucible. However I think I'm more often than not able to maximize all of Crucible's traits and character plays, and sometimes even playbook results, more than I would Venin's. Maybe that's just me. Venin wouldn't have been able to dodge out after putting a condition on someone nor could he threaten the additional momentum for healing/clearing conditions. I like fire AoEs and usually like to take them when I can. However I found that with this particular opponent it didn't really matter. I'd try to handicap Velocity by putting a fire aoe right in front of her and she would dodge around the fire and still be able to make a goal on turn 1. I'd try to handicap Pin Vice too and found that my opponent had no problem spending momentum clearing the burned condition away immediately. What I did find, though, was that if I poisoned his characters he was less likely to clear conditions until he really needed to. This kept conditions on his models and gave me more opportunities/choices to threaten with vKat. Which in later turns gave me the "momentum" I needed to turn the game my way. As for conditions on Crucible, I usually start her with a burn condition and keep it on her so she can spread burn around. I find that she can reliably do so, which is great. That being said, it's not just for the Vitriol dodge. I think my buddy, @Seacitygamer took some pics. I'll have to ask him and see if he has any good pics of the Crucible action going on. To further clarify - for the kickoff, I kicked the ball with Smoke. The reason I do this is so that Calculus could comfortably move as far as she needs to in order to poison and blind and still gain momentum. This also helps just in case Smoke gets the ball, she can actually be in a position to score on turn 1 (I know most people prefer to kick off with Vitriol for the goal threat - you do what works for you). During turn 1, Vitriol activated early on, jogged about halfway up the pitch, threw out a smoke bomb 4in from Smoke (to get Smoke in range of Velocity, who had the ball) and then Vitriol stayed in cover. Shortly after, Crucible activated, burned herself, and sprinted to be next to Vitriol. I won initiative roll and opted to go first. At this point, Pin Vice (PV) had the ball and was in cover near Vitriol, but not quite close enough for Vitriol to just start swinging. Because Crucible was close to Vitriol, Vitirol got her 2" dodge to engage PV (out of PV's 1" melee) and thanks to cover, Vitriol easily got the ball back, generated momentum, walked up the field, and scored. It has taken me over 15 games against this PV team to finally beat them. There were some major mistakes made by my opponent (e.g., Turn 1 Velocity goal was measured incorrectly, he was trying a new model out and that model became a liability, etc.). In the end, did Crucible make me win? No, not really - I don't want any one of my models to be the sole reason why I win. That'd be too easy. But Crucible did indeed do some good work that game.
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    Community suggestions

    You can also increase the number of blue dices : roll 2 blue dices for each bullet. You can also decide each zombie has to receive 5 or 6 impacts until they die. Possiblities are huge ! Someone wanted to swap abilities between the characters meaning for instance that Leon could get the Ada's ability instead of his "Cool under fire". It will be easy to do : - just cut cardboard tokens of the ability size that suits perfectly on the character sheet. - on the computer, make a lot of those tokens with the ability of each one written on it. (do not forget to add a background that matches with the character sheeets) - paste it on the cardboard you just cut and plastify it - before starting a game, everyone chooses his miniature, take the appropriated character sheet and draw 2 abilities in a black bag. - discard one of your choice and place the second on your character sheet. Now your character is yours but beware it can destroy the scenarios (harder / easier)