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    S4 Team Changes

    I made a thing! If you would like to see a pictorial representation of card changes in S4, see the linky below: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AjquPbd9gzsjhGoUzme8CHAo_SGe
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    After discussions with the design team the intention is that Memory can only be returned to the pitch by Brainpan using Thought. This will be rectified in a future errata but until then Memory does not return to the pitch during the Maintenance Phase and you cannot choose for it to return this way. Memory may only return to the pitch via Thought. Until the formal errata Inanimate Object should be read as: "Inanimate Object This model doesn’t activate. This model doesn’t generate VP when it suffers the taken out condition. This model doesn't return to play during the Maintenance Phase if suffering the taken out condition."
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    Tonio's workshop

    Tenderiser is done! While I had the mat and the camera out, I also took pics of Truffles. I should paint Fillet next, to finally mix things up a bit more, but I really want to paint vet Gutter model. Hmmm...
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    Stamina and Salve

    Question from Facebook: If Bonesaw has KD & Disease and is within 6" of Miasma can you clear the KD with Salve and then make the Stamina Jog? Answer: Both Salve and Stamina are triggered at Step 1 of the Timing Sequence and resolved at Step 1.1. As the controlling player can choose the order of resolution you can stand Bonesaw up then make the Stamina Jog
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    Guild Ball is a great tactical game, but there is one point where the fate of the match is decided by a fifty-fifty die roll. This is of course the starting roll of 1D6 which is exempt of any tactics. My idea is: instead of the die roll, the first initiative would be decided by the total value of the two discarded game plan cards (or one of the cards, or one/both of the cards plus a die roll). This would give a great tactical element to an otherwise purely luck-based action. The luck factor would be still there but not so much as it is now.
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    Impersonal Anger

    Previously it has been ruled that if oHarry the Hat takes damage from vMinx's Jawbone Trap Rising Anger triggers. Now in Season 4, traps are a guild rule that does not reside on any one player's card. Do S4 traps trigger Rising Anger?
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    It was reveald on the SCUS2018 Keynote by Bryce. EDIT: Offical Keynote Blog Update. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/18-10-2018-guild-ball-reveals-at-steamcon-guild-ball Stream from Rage Quit Wire: Miners Guild Logo: Captain Shaft: His Pickaxe gives him 2“ Melee and he has a Mechanica Arm. Fuse: Specialist which handles Explosivs, apparently he lost his Legs (in the war If I‘m not mistaken). Maybe the Guy playing for Engineers? Mule: Likes to shove people around and them (Full Mechanica). Alternate Colossus! Drills! Explains Maybe why he now has on Five on his playbook. Edit: Spade! SFG handed out a Puzzle at SCUS, sadly the could finish it: Intended Playstyle: Hard to Read: - High Resilience Team, similar to Engineers. - High goal Scoring focus, capable of 3 Goals. - Highest number of „place“ effects of any Guild. - Medium to Low MOV . - Emphasis on accessibility and new player friendliness. Updated with High Quality Pictures.
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    Both Players resolve the End Phase at the same time. In the first scenario, both teams reach 12 points simultaneously and as per page 6 of the Rulebook "the game continues until one player has more VP than the other, at which point that player immediately wins the game." In the second scenario, the player on 13 points wins as they reached 12 simultaneously but one player has more VP than the other.
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    Yes, Skatha may pay for the blessing, make an attack, pay for it again, make another attack and gain the a second time. In the same way that MechMage mentioned with Confidence. The Sustain tick indicates that the play has effects until the end of the turn but there is no restriction on a Play that is not OPT being reapplied. Where there can only be one 'first time' in an activation, there can be multiple 'next time's.
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    Ok S4 is here. I need Fulff!!!!

    @Sherwin Where's my fluff buddy? And don't give me any of that "just wait till after the free cities draft" kind of stuff....
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    Poised Exhaustion

    Exhaustion increases the cost of a counter attack to 2 MP. If a model does not spend MP to counterattack Exhaustion does not impact that ability. It does not count as a separate instance for Pay the Piper.
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    Print-friendly S4 rulebook...

    Since I assume not everyone is on Facebook, I figured I'd share here too the resource I made... For those looking to print the S4 rulebook as a booklet that folds down the middle instead of one that's bound on the left, I've made a booklet version of the PDF. Just make sure you print double-sided... https://drive.google.com/a/matb.ca/file/d/164LTCK8OS5y05k7fV7sag2_KZe_Dmgsb/view?usp=drivesdk
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    You'll almost be able to measure Mainspring's melee zone!
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    Just to jump in here, she’s absolutely not.
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    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    You are very kind indeed. I'd love to officially work with Steamforged but I think they are in the very capable hands of Mr Giraldez 😊. I've finally managed to log back into my Imgur account so I have a back log of work to share, please forgive the spam of pictures. First up are 2 lovely sculpts for the farmers, alt Millstone and the lovely Vet Honour. After those I had the pleasure of painting for Ritch from Beard minis, he was after a Vet Cinder to complete the Blacksmiths I did for him a while back. I took a close up of her face as I was pretty happy the way it turned out. Next up was some more Union and coin bases 🤪, I tried a few new things on Pride and whilst I'm happy with the way he turned out I would maybe tackle them differently the next time around. Finally we have what I am working on right now, the last of the Brewers I started a while back. These two chaps have been quite the challenge for conversion but I am very happy the way they've worked out. Once again, my apologies for the spam (especially if you've seen this stuff on Facebook already). I hope to have some pics of the last 2 Brewers painted very soon.
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    We did it boys.

    And he’s glorious. Managed to pull off 5 unmaskings in one game yesterday
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    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    Anyone plan on trying a 3 goal brewers team? Thinking Esters, Scum, Vet Deci, Vet Spig, Friday, and Mash. It might end up more of a 2-2 game but I feel like using mash as a sniper to hit either spigot or friday as turrets.
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    I have been thinking about the new S4 Farris iteration, and she can be very tricky. First of all, she is a good damn opportunity goal scorer. Just give her 1 INF and she will be capable of score from 20" away (sprint, drop the ball, activate legendary and shoot). Also, she is a decent ball carrier: a cover and her ARM3 can make the deal. But my more interesting idea is making her captain when receiving the ball. Activate her first, with 1 INF. Recover the ball with her, activate legendary and pass to someone. If she hasn't enough movement, make a Pass & Go to put her aura in a better position. That means, in the best case, the other five players will have a free 4" dodge. With Hearth and her aura, these dodges can be doubled. With Anvil or Iron, you can almost begin the match 6" beyond your deploy zone. And you will still have 11INF to spend as you like. This is a very powerful move. Imagine a Bolt first turn, last activation. If he begins his activation inside Farris' legendary aura, he will have 2 free passes. Best scenario possible: P&M from Hearth's aura (4"), Stamina jog (4"), free Ride Off pass with P&M (4", he must be inside Farris aura yet), free I'm Open! pass with P&M (4"), natural Sprint (6") and Kick (6"). All adds up a non-linear 28" goal threat, for 2 INF. And you can exaggerate more with Farris Quick Foot on Bolt. With 11 INF left, you can do great exploits with your players. The first three activations would be master activations. First one, obviously, Farris. The other two, Masters that can buff your own players, rather than debuffing enemies: Furnace's Tooled Up and One at a Time Lads, Hearth's Instruction and Use This!, Burnish's Flame Belch for Cast. It's a fantastic way to setup takeouts while burning activations. The next two activations would be your killer Apprentices: vCinder, Cast, Alloy or Iron. The last activation would be Bolt trying a goal run. If all works, it can be a 6VP turn (1 takeout, 1 goal). The play has its risks though. If your opponent kicks off with a powerful striker, you will not be able to stop his goal. You are using the ball to get that 4" free dodge and the striker will surely steal you the ball easily. Also, passes can fail (even with 5 dice and a 3+ TN, the chance is still there), placing the ball in odd and unconfortable places. But, overall I think is a wonderful play. What do you think?
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    Tonio's workshop

    Forgot to take a picture of Truffles, but it's done. Will try to do so tonight. I also started working on Tenderiser. Still need to decide what item will get the red accent.
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    S4 - Morticians vs Butchers

    Silence is great because of how flexible he is fire blast is a fantastic way to slow a butcher down, and combining shut out with abilities like heavy burden lets you just sort of say you're not gonna get to use this model's influence the way you wanted to this turn, alot of silence is about recongnzing when you can afford to spend the time and influence on the things he wants to do. Graves1 is still fantastic and graves2 is good now, but I don't really think you need the tools either brings in this match up, thier models are squishy enough that some crowd outs and obulus can kill most models they'll be playing just fine, and thats assuming you dont just kill them with cosset. I think V hemlocke is good but she's much better with scalpel, I just didn't really want MO or blind in this matchup. (the range nerf to blind hurts alot when they can just walk up to you and hit hemlocke for 2 with each swing even after blinding them. I hope this helps/ makes sense
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    “Voodoo Strings” & Stoic

    Correctly answered - Voodoo Strings may not be used twice on a model with Stoic.
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    S4 Clone

    Will update when the guys get back from SCUS. Checking...
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    Both American football and Tennis use a coin flip to decide who choices to serve/kick or receive. It fits thematically. Revealing the unused gameplan cards would remove any doubt of what cards your opponent has.
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    Good morning! Happy Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of being at Steamcon US this weekend and it was a hell of a time, I want to first thank all of the staff at Steamforged, and the Pundits who helped put the con together for an amazing weekend. I especially wanted to thank Sherwin who spent a lot of time chatting the game with me, It was an absolute blast to talk resident evil with another giant fan of the series. Your passion for the material really came through and it showed in the way the board game plays, I can NOT wait to get my kick-starter copy! Anyway, I played a whole lot of Resident Evil this weekend, and in doing so I took a whole bunch of pictures that I thought the fans of the game might like to see here! Please Enjoy the following photo dump of the pictures I took at Steamcon US of REsident Evil 2: The Board Game! Resident Evil 2 : The Board Game Steamcon US 2018
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    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Season 4 is out! Grab the latest update (1.6.4) from the App Store, then Check for Player Updates to download those new player cards! Unfortunately the damage circles are quite a bit smaller on the new card layouts, so the red damage circles will be offset until I get a new version through the App Store. Please let me know about any incorrect stats!