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    Hi guys. This part of the forum is pretty silent lately, and work is slow atm. So I figured I might as well do a little write up here, as someone might enjoy it. Anyway. I short of it is that I went to the Swedish Nationals this weekend and managed to grab 1st place. There was a 3 round tournament the day before that I went 2-1 in, but I enjoyed the Rats so I decided to bring them to the big event as well. They have been going very well for me, but I probably didn't think they would have all the juice to place on the podium of a big event, just because of all the good new stuff that has been coming out and I feel I still haven't properly practiced against. On to the games. They differ a bit in detail in my memory, but I will try to do my best. Game 1 I got matched up against the super nice Urko from Spain with his Brewers. He told me was a pretty new/casual player. He even brought out Stave, not to be outdone I selected Bonesaw (who I think actually works pretty decent receiving against brewers). I received and last activation reveried a for Bonesaw goal, while esters threw bombs and decimate got Miasma knocked and on 1 (to die from disease) and jogged back. Turn 2 was a bit off grinding back and forth, and notable events was Piper getting the ball off Friday and scored, and Bonesaw unexpectedly pushed friday towards my lines and the rest just away from the action. I think Ester killed Piper and Scourge left Friday low. Bonesaw is almost dead in return. Turn 3 I manage to take out both Friday and Decimate, with some help of the singled out gameplan I believe. Ending the game at 12-4. Super relaxed and pleasant game to start the tournament with. Game 2 Second game I went up against the Polish Tomasz ""PoMek", who were one of my perceived favorites to win it all. This was not helped that I lost the roll off and got to kick. So that was a drastic difficulty spike. Game is super cagey, he pass dodge corsair twice to reach and beat down miasma to half (who were down by my left cover piece) and I got to put 7 damage on siren who collected the ball, with Piper (because there was nothing else I could/dared to do). Turn 2 miasma dies by gutter and siren by pelage. Skulk escapes by charging tentacles and << and getting reveried even further to leave corsair stranded. He holds on to the ball and everyone repositions. 2-2 Turn 3 a lot of jockeying around gaining some momentum by nothing in particular. Corsair kills Skulk after skulk fails to get a double dodge of corsair. Late in the turn he crucially forgets I have midfield general and Scourge gets a go at Gutter. He tries to get siren up to lure scourge by passdodging, but misses a pass and the ball is free. Piper double jogs to gain some momentum by hitting siren and be close to the ball. 4-4 Turn 4 Piper goes first kills siren and legendaries to get to the ball and just pass it to space to my right side, and it scatters favorably. Piper dies. Gutter gets put low but is healed. 4-6. Turn 5 we mess about. Siren comes in to steal the ball from pelage, but misses her charge completely due to def stance, then hits seduced to get the ball and dodge toward my goal. Squeak, who has more hp than siren, charges her, jogs her back up to pelage, follows up and puts 2 damage into her. Pelage is dragged and beat to half by corsair. Siren dies, and gutter gets on 1, but dies in maintenance. 8-6 Turn 6 Piper goes gets momentum, moves his gutter out of the way and reveries miasma for a tap in. 12-6. Phew! It all came down to the forgotten Midfield general inch and a missed pass. Really cool game. Game 3 More tough match ups. Brewers again. This time against Teemu "The_emu" from Finland who I lost against the day before in the small tournament. He was also one of the guys I thought fought for the 1st place so it seems I am out of lucky pairings. He is extremely easy going and a very clean player so I was happy to face him though. To make matters worse I had to kick again. Turn 1 goes as you might expect, he keeps the ball very safe, blasts a bit and in goes decimate. I had decided I wanted piper to be safe so I had reveried Scourge up to threaten Lucky or the dog while running Piper out to the left flank. So Decimate goes and intercepts scourge. Knocks him and does ~10 damage and jogs 10 inches back. Scourge just stands up and eats snacks. Turn 2 he chooses me to go first. I farm some momentum with Skulk and Scourge off Lucky (healing scourge with snack break and momentum up to full). Meaning decimate needs to take care of him for real this time, which she does with all her buffs. I start to scrum a bit on Hemlocke but a blinded Piper don't do too much. 0-2 Turn 3 Piper goes first, steals the ball off esters and scores. Esters roll badly against Skulk, Decimate kills Piper and moves up with the ball. Scourge jogs in and leaves hemlocke on 2. vGraves gets to Spigot and knocks, bleeds and pushes him towards scourge. Squeak dies somewhere 4-5 Turn 4 I start by Snackbreaking Hemlocke and putting 6 damage and disease on Spigot. Spigot gets gravediggered and pushed a long way to the edge were piper came in and graves retreats. Esters fail again at doing much to skulk (buffing decimate instead). Lucky and decimate goes and works a bit on scourge but no kill. Piper kills spigot. Thanks to 2 bonus points I am now at 10 and can win by either goal or take out (Lucky had like 8hp and was engaged with scourge and even quaff is a liability now). 10-5 Turn 5 He gets to start but Lucky is low and decimate has the ball. So he is in bit of a bind. He goes with decimate and moves knocks and pushes scourge away and pass to Lucky for a dodge I think. Piper goes and pushes Decimate off the pitch (~7"). 12-7 Another close game. It really helped that I could tank a bit with scourges raw healing power and skulks annoyance. It was nice to even out our interpersonal wins. Game 4 I got to play against our very own Swedish Pär "Speedfreek" and his Union. I played him the day before as well, so we had already had a bit of a feel of the match up. Though in this game I got to receive. But getting to play Pär who I know and played a couple of times we both got pretty relaxed and had a sweet game with some beers. Turn 1 saw me receive and set up with graves to reverie goal of. But he sent in mist to interfere with Piper (couldn't kick tho because of odor) and he blocked LoS for the graves goal, so I reveried graves back to crowd mist and Piper but some hurt and set up on mist. I crucially forget about On my mark, so I don't tackle the ball, because I wouldn't want Piper as an early activation T2. So Blackheart runs, legendaries mist back 2" and OMMs the ball and dodges into graves for 2 hits. So my perfect setup got a bit bad. On the other hand, he has decimate and strongbox basing his goal so his board position is pretty bad. Though Blackheart is most of the team anyway. Turn 2 Piper is forced to go early and gets the ball from blackheart, moves mist a bit and passes the ball over to squeak who dodges away. The rest of the turn is basically fighting over mist and momentum. I don't get a snackdigger as I wanted, but I do get a snackbreak at least. 3-0 Turn 3 Blackheart somewhere gets a goal dodging around and manages to tackle Piper. Hemlocke goes down after a failed scoring attempt by tackling piper. Scourge rolls pretty bad at rage, but at least engages him, but gets 2 attacks and bleed on him for the trouble (in addition to blackheart chip damage). 5-4 Turn 4 Somewhere Skulk gets the ball and moves up, but I forget mists back in the game and mist gets the ball and lets blackheart score. I kill mist with extra point. Skulk gets the ball back. Hemlocke tries to get it off him but fails. Squeak dies somewhere. 8-9 but I have the ball and he has 45 seconds left. I on the other hand have scourge on 3hp after yet another bleed, piper on 4 and graves on 8. So it is not off the possibilities that he can take out 2 players in 2 quick activations or get the ball for a snapshot. My clock is on 3 minutes so I can't afford to give a clock point away. Turn 5 I get to start and I could either try for a goal with Skulk which would let me win immediately, but missing his first attack on hemlocke needing 2 hits stops the goal run altogether because of the distance to goal. I choose to play safer, with the risk of Pär doing a magical 2 take out blackheart maneuver in 90 seconds. I go with scourge, snackbreaking rage and healing up and it puts me on 11, practically waiting to see if Pär can do it or clock out. Pär has very little time to think goes with decimate to kill the 4 points off piper (in cover) and then maybe spike on graves. But she fails to kill Piper at all, leaving him on 1. We sit and wait out his remaining 20 seconds in silence and then I get to 12. 12-9 in the end in a bloody exciting end. In a fortunate succession of events, the pair down lost in both round 3 and David Cameron lost his pair down in round 4. So I am the only one left undefeated - leaving me both a bit baffled at the sudden victory and of course very happy. I hadn't thought I would be able to go all the way with Rats, but I was very happy that I brought them in the end. I did feel like I played very well all day, with only a couple of fatigue related misses in the last game, and the dice that mattered did go my way (except maybe the starting rolls xD). All my opponents played very clean and tough games and the atmosphere was very friendly. I still haven't played that much of the rats so I feel like every game is a bit of an experiment, but I am happy to answer any questions. Cheers guys. Keep on 🐀!
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    Momentum for a missed goal

    Sounds good to me. If I miss the KD on my charge attack and get counterattack disengaged, do I get my influence refunded, too?
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    The collected clarifications thread has been updated (20/08/18). I hadn't realised how far behind it had got. This will likely be the last update for season 3. As well as updating new traits and plays, things to note for this update include; Game Plan deck clarifications, Some clarification on 0" movement, Clarification on the friendliness of game effects when a player temporarily becomes friendly to the opposing team. Cheers everyone.
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    Momentum for a missed goal

    I don't think it would help to be honest. The point I was making is that attacks are also vulnerable to variance in a similar way. - A three die shot on goal without Tap In scores 88% of the time. - Tap In increases that to 96%. Bonus time to 94%. Both, 99%. That means if you're playing a 3-0 team, over the course of a five round event, if you're bonus timing tap ins you still will most likely not miss a shot. If you're just making shots with no bonuses, you'll probably miss one or two over the course of the event. This can be a problem, sure. But if you're in a scenario where missing a goal is a major problem, 1) you should probably be bonus timing anyway, and 2) a momentum refund probably doesn't help in the slightest anyway. Your player is still stranded, the ball is still in a bad place. It really doesn't do much. Managing the risks of failing rolls is an important skill, and knowing when to bonus time / when you need to take the risky shot / when to risk the parting blow etc is an important part of the game. When I make a two die shot on goal or take a parting blow, I'm aware of the risks of missing, and if it's a risky play and I'm still taking it, that probably means my opponent is playing well and putting pressure on me, and they should be rewarded for that. Refunding momentum for missed goals also means you can take as many shots from 1" as you have influence at no cost, which doesn't sound like a good thing for the game.
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    Hey, fellow Drunks. I had to share a crowning moment of glory from my trip to the recent Western Canadian National Championship with you liquored up ball hogs. Posted in Facebook but had to share here since it was the single best thing I've ever done in this game. This is in my Hall of Tabletop Glory alongside dropping a Carnifex in melee with my Commissar in 40K. Third game in, Esters VS Hammer and I'm starting the game 5 points down after turn 2 against a damn good Masons player. Fortunately, I've got the greatest single player in all of Guild Ball. An auto include in every tournament list. Untouched since Season One because you don't fuck with perfection. Stave. While the rest of the gang gets us back in with some takeouts, a loose ball scatters. The only one with the INF and position to get it in, Stave. He shoots. He scores. Stave goal. But Big Poppa Stave ain't done yet. The score is now 8 - 10 for me. Brewcimate has the ball, and cannot get in a position to shoot. But Stavey Boy Jones still is. 00:00 on the clock. Keep the Ball Moving game plan card in effect. And he's engaged. But I trust my boy. THE SNAP SHOT'S A SCREAMER!!!! Double Stave goals to save the day.
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    I wish my magnifying glass was this good. I can now see the things I got wrong!
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    Glad you like it and welcome to the rats! My normal core is Scourge, Miasma, Graves. And then I flex between Skulk and Pelage normally. Pelage is a bit better when you receive as a reverie target and can put decent hurt into some models. But if you kick you are less likely to get an early reverie. In addition Skulk is stronger against teams with strong counter attacks or unpredictable movement that Pelage doesn't get to do too much. But I mostly just go by gut feeling, both are ok. Bonesaw (pre season 4 anyway) is basically only when you receive and value his longer kick over Pelages abilities. But try stuff out and see how it works for you you learn "why" you like some models when you leave them out too.
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    The Dirty knives Cannon

    No. Effects from sources of the same name don't stack. If you get Dirty Knifed twice, you only apply the effect once (-1 Def). Other effects, such as KD or Hooked can lower the def further, but only if they have a different name (such as Dirty Knifes, KD, Hooked).
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    S4 Hoist speculation

    I doubt SFG will do that - Salvo spoiler said they are moving away from 'mechanica only' Pin Vice plays to reduce complexity of rules.
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    The Dirty knives Cannon

    This is a completely unorthodox tactic and the brewers have plenty of better ways to deal damage. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.
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    From the collected clarifications: Reposition:- a model may not reposition or place during the resolution of a parting blow. and: Swift Strikes:- Cannot be used to Dodge after causing damage due to a Parting Blow. No, you may not dodge from a parting blow.
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    The Goal Post Thread

    Thread hasn't seen any action this month (hopefully not those PVC goals making people lazy...) so decided I needed to pull my finger out and get another picture up: My Union goal. I had a set of Ristuls Market treasure pieces for Frostgrave but the skelly on throne was too big for that game, so I thought it's be good as a big pile of gold for Union. It didn't quite sit on the 50mm base, and it just didn't look imposing enough, as in not enough height or presence on the pitch. My Union have a few models mounted on slate to give them extra height (so KS Blackheart and oRage are the same height as vRage, and Benediction looks awesome on a big lump of rock) so I thought "rock pillar!" Gives it height, ties it to the rest of the team and looks a little religious, like a shrine or cairn, as if the Union worship/hold sacred all that loot... Only played with it in one tournament so far, but was lucky enough to come away with a Best Goal award (the only one I can ever win). Starting to feel the pressure to keep on winning now, as all three of my goals so far have got one. Masons one is done, but gonna hold off posting until I've taken it to a few events.
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    Firstly congrats on the win! I have found this above to be my feelings after 8 games with Ratcatchers. My flex is Pelage or Skulk in most match ups so nice to see a top players saying the same
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    Ball Scattering Over Obstruction

    Just to clarify something further: This part often confuses some people, so I'll use your diagram to illustrate what it's meant to represent. Step 1: Calculate the new landing spot (Red circle) Step 2: Because of the obstacle, move the ball back along the ball path until you reach the point where the ball first contacted the obstruction (Green circle). Step 3: Assuming the ball cannot be placed there (because of a model or token), use the Rule of Least Disturbance (RoLD) to find the closest suitable spot. In this example, if there was a player (Yellow circle) preventing you from placing the ball in the intended spot, you'd use the RoLD to move it to the red circle outline.
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    You've got it right. The ball would be placed at the green circle in your diagram. The initial ball placement is only temporary, and the scatter position determines the actual ball path. Then you check what the ball encounters along that path.
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    My Fish

    There is a spooky Lady in progress :
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    I love Falconers

    A big difference is how they interact with 2" models. At under 3" Rundaas can shadowlike to melee and if they counter disengage can use his normal movement to engage again. With his tough hide he can also hang out in a scrum a little longer. Or if he rather just disengage with the shadowlike (unless 2" b2b) His 6th column result is gross too. As it both double taps of off a Harrier for 5 dmg, lowers defence and inflicts poison in addition it can be sent to other models if you don't need all the damage on his target. Jaecar is ofc also very good, but they do stuff a bit differently. In any case, Rundaas is a beast.
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    Yes, under 21 are welcome to attend!
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    Second Wind now has a HOTEL BLOCK! http://www.hiskokie.com/swg $79 per night for 2 queens and is 3 miles from the brewery. Deal is good until 11/23 or until the rooms are gone.
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    The King is dead! Long live the KING! Congrats Riley!
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    Action within an action

    Suppose Ebb jogs through Ratchet then Harriet's melee zones, taking a parting blow from each. Each time the Engineers player gets 2 net hits and selects 2 playbook damage. Does Ebb take 4 damage total, 2 from each attack action, or 2 damage total from his single jog action? If its the former so that Ebb took only 2 damage, does Harriet's If You Can Dodge a Wrench trigger? The Parting Blow Attacks are two separate actions so 2 +2 for 4 damage total Suppose Ebb walks away from Ratchet and takes 2 damage from the parting blow. Ebb continues into Ballista's Minefield. Does Blessings of the Old prevent the damage from Minefield because it has the same source as Ratchet's 2 damage: Ebb's advance or does it not because it has a different source: Ratchet's Parting Blow vs Ballista's character play. The Parting Blow Attack is one Action and the Advance is the other as the Play has already resolved. So 2 from the Parting Blow and 2 from Minefield for a total of 4. Suppose Ballista charges Ebb and wraps to his first column, dealing 1 damage and putting up a Minefield. Later Ebb advances within that Minefield. Does Ebb take 2 damage from the Minefield or 1 because it's from the same action, Ballista's attack, as the playbook damage from earlier? 2 as the Advance triggers the damage.
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    Why I don't like veteran gutter

    Across the world, drum kits have mysteriously gone ba-dum*tssssh
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    Morticans, Ratcatchers and Union

    Hi! Ratcatcher lady is done
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    Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Here's an attempt at taking some better pictures with a homemade lightbox. I need more and brighter lights on it I think.
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    This thread contains a list of questions asked and answered in this forum section, so we don't get the same question repeated as the previous answer was buried in the back pages. We will attempt to keep this up to date, but it won't be instantaneous (if you see something missing though, PM me a link to the thread). If it's in here, it was said by an official source. It might seem like a big list, but it's usually simple things that have been asked and resolved easily, included for the sake of anyone coming in new. It's also spaced for easier reading. Generally, the first place to check is the errata available here: ERRATA Then look here, to see if someone has asked it before and been told the answer. If you can't see the answer to your question, ask away - but please follow the rules for queries as laid down in the guidelines here: Guidelines for Posting in the Rules Clarification Forum Clarifications as of 20th August 2018: NB: rulebook page references are from the S3 Rulebook, available at www.steamforged.com/resources Please note: Season 4 rules will be released later this year. On the day of S4 release the collected clarifications will be updated for the new season. If you wish to keep playing with S3 rules, please download and keep a copy of these clarifications. Core Rules Models (pg 4-6) Attributes:- ARM may never be modified below [0]. When an attribute is modified, apply modifiers immediately and cumulatively. ARM:- Has no effect on plays, only attacks. Bases:- As long as bases are the correct size, a base’s type (lipped or non-lipped) doesn’t matter. During organised play, the standard of painting of bases is up to the Tournament Organiser (e.g. whether clear, colourless acrylic bases are allowed or not). Preparing for a Game Setting Up (pg 9) Deployment:- The entire team is deployed on the field (including Memory and Greede). Playing the Game Definitions (pg 12-14) Entering:- A model enters when an Advance, Reposition, or place of that model causes it to become within an aura, ongoing-effect AOE, ground, or other effect or ability. A model has not entered by beginning an Advance, Reposition or Place within the affected area (though they may enter if they leave the area and then return afterwards). Once Per Turn:- Does mean Once and it does mean in a Turn. Friendly:- A model may be friendly to itself. Pulse:- Pulses do not target and do not require a TN roll. Goal-Post:- The goal-post is a barrier. If, after the scatter, the ball path passes over the goal-post, the ball would contact the goal-post and stop, as per normal for a barrier. First Time/Next Time: This means the first or next time after an effect was applied (remember that this does not overrule any Once Per Turn limits a play or trait may have). Conventions (pg 15) Named Source:- Means plays of the same name, so 2x Gut and String does not stack, but Super Shot and Football Legend do. Dirty Knives 2x would apply [1]DMG on the second use, but the [-1] DEF does not stack. Also applies to traits (e.g. Berserk), conditions (e.g. can’t stack 2x Bleed) and AoEs (e.g. Harrier). Rule of least disturbance:- Markers are treated the same as terrain and models when placing the ball-marker and may not be moved. Re-roll:- Unless specified, a re-roll may not be further re-rolled. Dice do not have to be re-rolled all at the same time, nor does a player have to declare how many dice in total they are going to re-roll, so long as each individual die is only re-rolled once (this is useful for turning a successful shot on goal into a potential screamer) Resolving multiple effects simultaneously:- When multiple effects or abilities trigger at the same timing step, determine which effects have been triggered before resolving any effects. Resolving the effect of one ability does not prevent another ability that has already been triggered from resolving. Temporarily friendly models:- During a turn a model may temporarily become friendly to the opposing player's team. While they are friendly to the opposing player's team, any sustained effects, markers or AoE that they generate will be friendly to the opposing player's team and will remain friendly to the opposing player's team when the model changes its allegiance back to normal. For example: Morticians are playing against Falconers. Rundaas and Ikaros are within 1" of each other. Obulus successfully uses Puppet Master on Rundaas and chooses to make Rundaas make an attack against Ikaros. Rundaas is friendly to the Morticians player during the attack and scores two successful hits, which the Mortician player chooses to select a result and position a Harrier AoE. As Rundaas was friendly to the Morticians player when he positioned the AoE, the Harrier is also friendly to the Morticians player. After the attack, Rundaas is now an enemy of the Morticians player, but the Harrier remains friendly to the Morticians player. Distance Measuring (pg 15) Models that are exactly 1”, 2”, etc away from whatever they are being measured to count as being within that distance. E.g. A model with Unpredictable movement starts in base to base with another model, they then make a 2” dodge directly away from that model, they are still within 2” of that model. Over:- means two or more game pieces sharing the same space, not including touching. Conditions (pg 17-18) Knocked Down:- A knocked Down model may not be the target of a pass. A knocked Down model that unintentionally gains possession of the ball by any means immediately scatters the ball centred on that model. KD models still have active auras and a melee zone (e.g. for the purposes of Unpredictable Movement). Traits remain active and can be used when knocked down. KD models may not engage a kicker but can intervene (no TN change, but -1 dice pool). Sacrificing movement to stand up does not count as an Advance, so does not trigger things that are reliant on a model 'ending an Advance' such as Unpredictable Movement, Counter Charge, etc. Taken Out by Conditions in Maintenance Phase:- VP are awarded as normal, but as not taken out by an action, no MP is awarded. Icy Sponge happens after conditions are resolved. A model can be taken-out by conditions in the Maintenance Phase, then return to the Pitch in the same turn. Note that the Player with the first activation resolves their Maintenance Phase (and all conditions) on their models first, then the Player with the second activation. This is relevant for things like Fillet's Haemophilia. Conditions while Taken Out: while Taken Out, models may not suffer any other conditions (e.g. Pyromaniac and Carrier). Influence Generating Influence (pg 19) Leaving the pitch:- A model removed from the pitch by any means retains any unspent influence until the End Phase of the turn. Normal Turn Sequence Initiative Phase (pg 20) Initiative:- The player who does not have initiative for the first turn does not gain [1] MP (there is no initiative phase in the first turn). All MP is removed after the initiative roll - there is no carry over to the next turn. A team who have the ball-marker behind their own goal-line and were in possession last do not generate [1MP] from the Initiative Phase if they go second. Icy Sponge (pg 21) Do not give models Icy Sponge tokens in the Maintenance Phase (this is an old rule from previous seasons). Models return to the pitch with either their current HP or their Recovery level of HP, whichever is higher. Models are returned to the pitch in base contact with an edge of the pitch that is within the friendly deployment zone. A model does not have to be returned to the pitch, it is optional. Actions Movement (pg 22-24) There are two types of movement - Advances and Repositions. Placement is not a Movement. Movement:- A controlling player may not voluntarily move or place a friendly model off the pitch (even when affected by plays such as Lure and Puppet Master, or when pushed by a friendly play such as Lob Barrel). For a model to count as moving, during an Advance or Reposition its base must at some point move to a different location (i.e. an Advance or Reposition of 0" is not movement and therefore does not trigger any abilities that are triggered by movement). If a model unintentionally finishes a movement in a position that is not allowed (e.g. Knocked Down by a Parting Blow while over a marker or model's base), use the rule of least disturbance to place the model back along its path of movement. Advances:- All Jog, Sprint and Charges are Advances. During an Advance, if a model’s MOV is reduced to [0], stop the move immediately. For an Advance to begin or end there must be movement (i.e. an Advance of 0" does not begin or end and therefore does not trigger any abilities that are triggered by an Advance or Reposition beginning or ending). Charges: Must be in a straight line. May result in a model charging 'past' the target, so long as the Charging model ends its Advance engaging the target the Charge is successful. Do not need to be 'towards' the target model if target model is out of range. I.E. Furious models may use this as a free Sprint as long as the Charge is still in a straight line and the charging model's activation is ended immediately if the Charge move ends without the Charge target in melee. Repositions:- Dodges and Pushes are Repositions. Pushes: Do not have to be away from the Pushing model unless specified. The Ball-Marker Possession of the Ball (pg 26) Giving up possession:- A model that gives up possession may not snap the same ball-marker during the same activation. Other ball-markers may be snapped. A model may not give up possession after declaring a kick. A model must be active to give up possession of a ball-marker. Additional Ball-Markers:- Additional ball-markers follow the same rules for ball-markers and a model may be in possession of multiple ball-markers. If tackled while in possession of multiple ball-markers, the active model may choose which ball-marker to tackle. Snap To (pg 26-27) Does not apply along the ball’s path, just at the final landing spot. Does not require Line of Sight. Any time the ball-marker is placed onto the Pitch, models within [1"] of the ball-marker may attempt Snap-To. If one or more of these models are from opposing teams, you make the contested roll. Goal Kicks (pg 29) Concede:- Concede means that the opposing team has scored a goal. The goal kick occurs after any Run the Length, goal scored Plot Cards and end of activation effects (e.g. Second Wind) have been resolved. Ball Scatter Scatter Rolls (pg 30) Scatter distance:- All measurements involving the ball being scattered to land as a free-ball are edge to centre. This does not apply to unsnapping the ball, as it simply has to be placed within an inch in that case. Scatter off the pitch:- The final landing-spot for a scatter may be off the pitch for resolving interceptions and terrain interaction. Throw-Ins (pg 31) When a model or marker is positioned on the centre spot use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball. When a model or marker's base is centred on the centre spot, the controlling player may place the ball in contact with the model or marker's base, then resolve a standard-scatter as normal. Making an Attack Wrapping (pg 34-35) Multiple result modifiers:- When an Attack generates more than one result, each result may not benefit from bonuses, conditions or effects caused by other results of the same attack. Common Results and Effects (pg 35) Damage Playbook Result, etc.:- A playbook damage result is a playbook result which contains a damage component (i.e. a number). Plays triggered from a playbook result are not playbook damage results (for example scything blow). Multiple Playbook Damage results are individually affected by modifiers such as Tough Hide, The Owner, etc. All results are then tallied into a single amount of damage which is applied to the target. Push:- All Push results from a single attack are combined into a single Push in a straight line. Additional Pushes from Playbook Character Play Results and Traits are not combined with Playbook Push Results, they are resolved separately. Dodge:- All Doge results from a single attack are combined into a single Dodge that does not have to be in a straight line. A model may choose to Dodge 0”. This does not count as movement and doesn’t trigger any effects that trigger from movement (e.g. traps). Character Play Playbook Result:- The result is to trigger a character play. If the result is a momentous result and the effects of the character play are invalid or can be ignored by the target model, the attacking model still gains a momentum as the effect of the result (the play being triggered) has not been ignored. Plays may only be triggered by corresponding play-icon results (a play that can be triggered by the play-icon cannot be triggered by the play-icon). Character Plays triggered from the playbook follow all the normal timing sequences for a Character Play - this includes a check for Taken Out at the end of each Character Play. Parting Blow (pg 36) Reposition:- a model may not reposition or place during the resolution of a parting blow. Occurs any time a model Advances out of a melee range, even if you entered it during the same movement action. Does not apply to Repositions (Dodge, Push). The model is hit after leaving range, so is not engaged with the model hitting the Advancing model after the blow (e.g. if KD). Ganging Up/Crowding Out do not apply. Plays Character Plays (pg 37-41) Crowding Out:- AoE plays may be Crowded Out, however there is no target model. Area of Effect Character Plays (pg 40) Roll for each model hit separately. Do not need LoS. Do not roll to hit the target spot, only for models under the AoE. Heroic and Legendary Plays (pg 41) Action:- Heroic and Legendary Plays are actions, they must be declared to be used and cannot interrupt another action (i.e. Magnum Opus and Witness Me must be declared to be used before the shot/attack action is made). Momentum Gaining Momentum (pg 42) Ball behind the line:- If a model is knocked-down by the opposing player while in possession of the ball-marker, and the ball-marker scatters behind that model's own goal line, that model's team may still generate MP. The placement of the ball-marker is done by the opposing team's Controlling Player. Additional Ball-Markers:- Additional ball-markers created during the game do not prevent generation of Momentum if positioned or possessed behind a goal-line. Take Down:- A model gains MP for the friendly team if it pushes an enemy model off the pitch causing it to be Taken Out. Using Momentum (pg 43-45) Counter Attack:- A model may not Counter Attack a Parting Blow. A model may declare a Counter Attack when suffering the knocked-down condition (though if they are knocked-down, they may not be able to make the attack). Defensive Stance:- A model may use Defensive Stance when suffering the knocked-down condition. A model may declare a Defensive Stance and Counter Attack in response to the same Charge. Teamwork:- Teamwork actions must be made immediately after the pass, before other actions such as Football Dervish. If a Teamwork Action is not used immediately then it can not be used. Give’N’Go:- The Active model refers to the kick origin model. Run the Length!:- Occurs at the end of the model's activation, alongside other end of activation abilities. The Goal Kick then happens after this. The Active model refers to the kick origin model. Come on Mate!:- Can be used on models with full health and not suffering conditions. Requires LOS to the target. Glide:- errata: Glide is once per turn per model. Terrain and Ground Types of Ground (pg 47) Ground is not terrain. Types of Terrain (pg 48-49) Cover:- Cover has no effect on plays, only Attacks. Cover is dependent upon where the attacked model is positioned, irrespective of where the attacking model is. Cover does not block LOS unless otherwise stated (e.g. Forest) Obstruction:- Models may end their movement on top of, or be placed on, an obstruction if there is sufficient room to position the entirety of the model’s base. Models may not finish a move, or be placed, partially on an obstruction. Models do not have to physically balance on an obstacle, proxy bases may be used where this is impractical. If a model attempts to move over an obstruction and ends its move partially on the terrain, use the rule of least disturbance to position the model back along the model’s path of movement in contact with the terrain piece. A model in base contact with but not on top of an obstacle may move away from the terrain piece without counting as moving over it. A model on an obstruction cannot be pushed. A Sprint or Charge cannot move onto an obstruction. Effectively, treat the obstruction as a barrier during any Sprint or Charge movement. In the case of models at different elevations, a model's base may still never overlap another model's base. Comprehensive Timing Sequences Sequence of an Activation (pg 51) Start and End of activation:- The start and end of an activation are both single points in time for triggering abilities. Determine which abilities trigger at that point, then resolve those abilities. No further start/end of activation abilities will trigger once you begin resolving start/end of activation abilities Organised Play Document A tournament roster can include the same-named veteran and non-veteran model (as per December 2016 Regional Cup rules update). Same-named non-veteran and veteran models cannot be on the Pitch at the same time. This distinction is in the rule on p8 of the S3 rulebook, which refers to 'team' not 'roster'. There is a complete maintenance phase at steps J and K of starting the game. Veteran Fangtooth:- Veteran Fangtooth may not play for Brewers or Fishermen. Harry and Harriet:- these two players may not be fielded in the same team together. Plots Good Marker:- A model is not required to make a Standard Advance after playing Good Marker. Cannot be played if a model has forfeited its Standard Advance, e.g. to remove the knocked-down condition. Match Fixing:- Can be played in response to the kick-off scatter roll. Who Are Ya?:- The Vengeance token is not removed in the End Phase of the turn, nor is it removed if the model is Taken Out. Game Plans Any effects of the first card (the card played by the player with initiative) are fully resolved by both players, before the effects of the second card are resolved by both players. Grudge Match:- models with Maverick may benefit from grudge match as the bonus does not come from a friendly model. Hunker Down:- the check to see whether a model benefits from this card is when the response is declared. Once it is determined if a model may or may not benefit, results of the initial attack cannot change this. Lone Striker:- if this is used on Avarisse and Greede, both models suffer the -1 TAC. Traits Ass Kicking:- Only applies to successful Attacks and Character Plays from the model with the Ass Kicking trait. Assist:- A model may have access to multiple instances of Assist from different named models but may only benefit from one at any time. Back to the Shadows:- Any damage caused by a Parting Blow will trigger Back to the Shadows at the end of a model’s activation. Berserk:- The free Attack does not have to be against the same target, or even immediate – the model can even move before taking it if able. A model cannot use Berserk outside its activation (e.g. when Seduced). Blessings of Old:- Damage caused by a Character Play attack result is "from" the attack action. Damage effects triggered by movement of a model is "from" the action that caused the movement. Damage effects triggered by causing damage or by a take out are "from" the action that caused the damage or take out. A Parting Blow is a separate action from the advance that triggers it. Blessings of Old has no effect on damage that is not from an action. (I.e. condition damage in the maintenance phase, damage from Grim Caress) Big Game Traps:- Any movement (Advance or Reposition) while within (or at exactly 1”) of the trap will trigger it. A place does not count as movement for these purposes. A Player can only have 3 big game traps on the Pitch at any time and the only way to remove an existing trap is to trigger it. Blood Dance:- The target has to be bleeding prior to the attack to benefit from Blood Dance. Carrier:- There is a maintenance phase at the beginning of turn 1, including resolving damage from conditions. Contract:- Models with this trait activate simultaneously; they can take alternate actions. Avarisse & Greede's activation begins when either model commences its activation, and ends once either model ends its activation (e.g. after making a successful Shot, or triggering Second Wind). Control Strings:- Brainpan’s activation triggers Control Strings. The Active Player can resolve either 'at the start of this model's activation' effect first, so Memory can Dodge [2"] from the start of Brainpan's activation even if he is placed due to Thought. Counter Charge:- Does not cost influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge Is an Attack (i.e. is not a Counter Attack) and therefore does generate MP as normal. Cover of Darkness:- The [+2/+2] MOV is only gained for the duration of an Advance that begins while a model is within cover. It does not grant [+2/+2] MOV for the duration of an activation. Escaping Fate:- Parting Blows cannot cause Repositions. – if a Parting Blow reduced Siren to 0 HP, Escaping Fate would trigger and have 1 HP left, but wouldn't get to Dodge. Escaping Fate after all Play effects/Attack results have been resolved. Family:- Harmony replaces her unmodified attributes with Honour’s unmodified attributes, then any modifiers on Harmony are applied. Fear:- If you are not spending Influence to make a Play or Attack targeting the Fear model, you do not trigger Fear (includes Furious Charges, Puppet Master Attacks, and Berserk Attacks). Charges that are paid for with Influence incur the [+1] penalty. Character Plays that cost extra due to Fear, also get the extra dice on that play's TN test. AoE Plays and Attacks (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger Fear. Fields of Wheat:- may only choose friendly harvest markers. Flying:- Does not ignore markers (i.e. traps) Follow Up:- Is a Jog, so is an Advance, and subject to Parting Blows. Parting Blows by the following up model are resolved prior to the Follow Up move. Forceful Blow:- Forceful Blow will only trigger once in the case of a wrapped Playbook. The push from Forceful Blow is not combined with Playbook Pushes. The Push and Damage from Forceful Blow occurs after Playbook results have been resolved. Give It a Whack: - May still be used whilst Farris is suffering the knocked-down condition. Gluttonous Mass:- Negates the entirety of the Attack/Character Play. Gluttonous Mass triggers as soon as the model is hit, before playbook results are selected or play effects resolved. The whole attack or play is ignored, including momentum generation. You have to get at least one net-hit (i.e. after Armour) to trigger it. AoE Plays (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger Gluttonous Mass. Character plays which target and hit the model with Gluttonous Mass after being triggered from an Attack do trigger it (i.e. Marked Target) The result of a Character Play that did not hit the model with Gluttonous Mass (such as the influence transfer from Tormented Agony) does not trigger it. Goal Rats:- May be used when the ball is finally placed after a scatter. Other models may choose to Snap To before Goal Rats triggers. Gravity Well:- If a model charges a friendly model stood near Locus, and suffers the push towards locus, and this leads to the charging model being pushed out of melee range with the initial target, he Charge was not failed (as the Charger ended their advance engaging the original target but was subsequently Pushed out) but the charger loses the Charge Attack. Impart Wisdom:- Range S Character Plays cannot target Benediction. 'This model' is also intended to be 'the model using the Character Play'. The range and LOS should be measured from Benediction, everything else still refers to the model actually using the Character Play. Inanimate Object:- A model cannot generate VPs from inflicting the taken-out condition on a model with the Inanimate Object Character Trait, including from any abilities like Witness Me!, Gravedigger, etc etc. This has no effect upon MP generation. Knockback:- The Push and Dodge occur after Playbook results have been resolved. Lash Out:- Lash Out still takes effect if veteran Ox receives the taken-out condition as a result of the Attack. Launch Control:- You do not need to be in possession of the ball-marker to use Launch Control. Launch control lets you have a free Long Bomb and pass each turn. Life Drinker:- [1]HP is regained per Attack – each new Attack can generate [1]HP. Single Attacks with multiple playbook results only get [1]HP (e.g. on a Wrap). Is not triggered by Character Plays (e.g. Scything Blow), only Playbook damage results. Long Legs:- May roll-off for a Snap To at 2”. Loved Creature:- Once triggered, Loved Creature remains active until the end of the current turn. Loved Creature may not be triggered from a Parting Blow. Maverick:- Ignores friendly Foul Odour, or in fact any friendly Play (Lob Barrel, Scything Blow, etc). Anything benefiting Rage directly, such as Singled Out or Marked Target do not affect Rage due to Maverick. Anything that debuffs an enemy model (e.g. Thousand Cuts, Dirty Knives) would still have the effect as it's not affecting Rage. Doesn't affect Rage's own Character Traits or Plays, i.e. he can use Tooled Up on himself. Maverick has no effect on an enemy Siren's Seduced or Lure, or an enemy Obulus' Puppet Master and Rage would perform the action just as any other model. Momentous Inspiration:- Generates a single point of Momentum when a Character Play TN test successfully hits (i.e. the TN test is required and must be rolled). Triggers on hits when using a Character Play that has a damage component, does not need the damage to actually occur (e.g. if negated by Tough Hide). The MP is gained after the play has been fully resolved. Nocturnal Hunting:- The take out does not necessarily have to be during an action to trigger Nocturnal Hunting. Ooooh… BALL!:- May not be used at kick off. Other models may choose to Snap To before Ooooh… BALL! triggers. Errata: Ooooh... Ball! may not be used during an advance. Pain Response:- Errata: Pain Response may not be used during an advance. Pit Fall:- Any movement (Advance or Reposition, not Place) while within (or at exactly 1”) of the trap will trigger it. You can only have 1 pitfall on the pitch at any time and the only way to remove an existing trap is to trigger it. Precise Calculations:- only enables TN dice to be re-rolled, not scatters. Pyromaniac:- There is a maintenance phase at the beginning of turn 1, including resolving damage from conditions. Reactive Solution:- As simultaneous effects are resolved at the Controlling Players choice, Reactive Solution can be triggered after Run the Length is used. Reanimate:- Triggers after all play effects/attack results have been resolved. Reinforced Plating:- works on the immediate effects of the Character Play that directly affect Burnish himself (damage, conditions, plus anything that has a SUSTAIN effect). It does not prevent the effects of ongoing effect AOEs later in the turn, such as burning from entering Fiery Blast. Reinforced Plating may be used against Character Plays triggered from the Playbook. Rising Anger:- Gives MP to whichever team is friendly at the time the damage is taken. Rowdy:- The model with Rowdy’s TAC is unaffected by Gang Up bonuses or Crowding Out penalties. Enemies engaging the Player with Rowdy still gain these bonuses/penalties. Rush Keeper:- Does not cost Influence. Occurs before the Attack part of a Charge. Is an Attack (i.e. is not a Counter Attack) and therefore does generate MP as normal. Six Pack:- One beer-token pays for one character play regardless of its usual influence cost. E.g. Smashing Face costs 1 beer-token or 2 Influence. Skilled With Shadow:- Does not negate the [-1] dice due to cover so the net effect is [+1] TAC. Smell Blood:- The target has to be suffering the bleed condition prior to the Attack to get the [+1] damage. Soul Seer:- If the damage from Soul Seer is enough to reduce the model to 0HP, they are Taken Out before they can resolve the Character Play. Spider Nests:- Attacks are TN tests, and are subject to the [-1] dice pool. Spillage:- The measurement to determine which models are affected are from when the kick is made, before any teamwork actions or other abilities take effect. Swift Strikes:- If damage is reduced to [0] (e.g. by Tough Hide), no damage has been caused and therefore the dodge does not trigger (apples for other 'on damage' effects, such as Venomous Strike, Life Drinker, Crucial Artery). Cannot be used to Dodge after causing damage due to a Parting Blow. Tag Along:- May not be used on the Jog during a kick-off, since this is a once per turn ability and the kick-off does not take place during a turn. Team Player:- Applies to the entire damage result, e.g. in the case of a wrap. Damage through Team Player can trigger Granite’s Between a Rock… If veteran Harmony is taken out, the opponent is considered to have inflicted the taken-out condition. Damage transferred by Team Player still causes Berserk to trigger. Tough Hide:- Works on all Plays – Character, Heroic and Legendary. Does not work on Character Traits or condition damage (i.e. has no effect upon Exsanguinate and Chemical Shower). In the case of multiple playbook damage results (e.g. from a wrapped attack), Tough Hide reduces each individual result by [1] DMG. Unpredictable Movement:- Occurs before the Attack part of the Charge. So long as the opposing model finishes its advance engaging its target, before Unpredictable Movement occurs, the charge is successful. Updraft:- The effect lasts for the duration of a single advance. Winter’s Blessing:- You can gain the benefit of both Winter’s Blessing and Fast-ground at the same time. Plays Alchemy Mix:- Line of Sight is not required to the target AOE Models within the duplicated AOE when positioned are not deemed to have entered it. Ball’s Gone:- Overrides Close Control as it is not a Tackle result. A model already in possession of the ball-marker may not use Ball's Gone in order to get a free Pass. Blood Rain:- The pulse extends from the target enemy model. Chemical Breeze:- Does not require line of sight to the target AOE. Clone:- Negates the entirety of the Attack/Character Play. Clone triggers as soon as the model is hit, before playbook results are selected or play effects resolved. The whole attack or play is ignored, including momentum generation. You have to get at least one net-hit (i.e. after Armour) to trigger it. AoE Plays (such as Lob Barrel) do not target a model and so do not trigger Clone. Character plays which target and hit the model with Clone after being triggered from an Attack do trigger it (i.e. Marked Target) The result of a Character Play that did not hit the model with Clone (such as the influence transfer from Tormented Agony) does not trigger it. Confidence:- Confidence is used up by the model's next attack or character play, regardless of whether a character play needs a TN test or not. Creation:- If a model is returned to play, it does not get a second activation if it has already activated. It does get to activate if it hasn’t already done so that turn. Decoy:- This model gains +2 defence against the next enemy character play or attack against this model. Deletion:- Deletion (and Tooled Up) increases the damage Pin Vice causes when using Controller, Alternator and Deletion. E.g. Pin Vice with Tooled Up and Deletion applied would suffer [4] DMG at the end of her activation. Goad:- If the model can Charge/Counter Charge while still Advancing directly towards the Goading model, it is legal to Charge another model. Otherwise, the model can’t move so the Charge would fail. Whilst moved under the effect of a play such as Puppet Master, the Goaded model must still Advance directly towards the model that used Goad. Hog Wild:- Errata: Hog Wild may not be used during an advance. Horrific Odour:- As with Fear, only triggers if Influence is being spent. So has no impact on Snapshots or other Kicks that require no Influence. I’m Open:- If the friendly model with the ball cannot target the model using I’m Open with a Pass (i.e. has too short a KICK range), nothing happens. Intensify:- Conditions need to be in place prior to the Attack roll. Last Light:- You have to spend the same amount of MP as you would Influence You can spend Influence or Momentum but not both. Lob Barrel:- Push and KD are simultaneous, active player chooses the order in which they resolve. Only pushes models, not markers. Centering the template over a model lets you choose the direction of the Push for that model. A player may not push a friendly model off the pitch with Lob Barrel or any other play/trait (the push distance is voluntarily controlled by the controlling player). Mine Field:- Does not apply to Repositions. Does trigger ‘Rising Anger’. Is affected by Tooled Up. Pay the Piper:- Each separate deceleration of spending MP counts as a separate time. For example, an enemy declaring a defence stance and counter attack in response to a charge would net Piper's friendly team 2 MP. A further 1 MP would be gained if the counter attack then uses Bonus Time! Pick Me Up!:- If Avarisse suffers the taken-out condition while Greede is off the pitch due to Pick Me Up!, Greede remains off the pitch but does not suffer the taken-out condition. If Greede is off the pitch due to Pick Me Up! he is not suffering the taken-out condition, so can not be bought back onto the pitch using Icy Sponge, he may only return to the pitch using Drop Me Off! Puppet Master:- The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for Parting Blows etc). Being friendly prevents you ‘voluntarily’ walking off the Pitch, or Dodging off the Pitch with Playbook results. Puppet Master can be used on friendly models, including the origin model. If you Puppet master an enemy model in possession of the ball-marker behind their goal-line the enemy team can’t generate Momentum. The Controlling Player may spend [1] MP to activate Gliding for the enemy player. The Controlling Player may spend [1] MP to Bonus Time the opposing model’s action. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for Crowding Out etc). Ramming Speed:- Affects models who are in base-to-base contact at the start of an Advance if Ramming Speed is active. Red Fury:- If Rage uses Red Fury on himself, he would be unaffected by Fear. Models may Counter Attack attacks made using Red Fury. Remote Control:- Distance, intervening models and scatter are from the location of the ball marker, crowd out penalties are as if Locus were in possession of the ball marker. Locus cannot use Remote Control to pass to himself as he is deemed to be in possession of the ball already. If Locus is within 4" of the enemy goal post, any Shot he makes (including with Remote Control) gains [-1] TN. To get the Tap In bonus Locus must be within 4” of the goal post, regardless of where the ball is. Remote Control doesn't cost an additional Influence to Kick, the Kick is included in the 2 you pay for the Character Play. Sacrificial Puppet:- Does trigger Momentous Inspiration. Second Wind:- Is outside activation. May not unsnap the ball-marker or spend MP. May Snap To the ball-marker. If active, Ramming Speed applies during an Additional Advance. Active Player can choose the order of Overclocked / Second Wind use. May be used after scoring a goal (and after a Run The Length! Dodge following scoring a goal) Second Wind triggers when the model Second Wind has been used on ends its own activation. I.e. when the Controlling Player decides that the model's activation is over/the model's activation ends due to a goal being scored by itself or another friendly model. Seduced:- The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for Counter Attacks etc). Being friendly prevents you ‘voluntarily’ Dodging off the Pitch with Playbook results. If you Seduce an enemy model in possession of the ball-marker to reposition behind their goal-line after an attack, the enemy team can’t generate Momentum. The Controlling Player may spend [1] MP to Bonus Time the opposing model’s action. Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for Crowding Out etc). Seismic Kick:- Hits models under the ball path (except the receiver) automatically. If the Kick is inaccurate there is no receiver. Smashed Shins:- A model with a KICK range of 0" could Pass to a friendly model in base to base contact with itself. But it would not be able to make a Pass to empty space. To Pass to space you need to centre the ball-marker at a legal point up to the range of your KICK stat. As this cannot be done legally with a 0" range (the ball-marker would overlap the kicker's base), such a Pass cannot be made. Smashing Face:- Does not require a roll to hit. Snowball:- Creates an additional Ball-Marker. Additional ball-markers follow the same rules for ball-markers and a model may be in possession of multiple ball-markers. The additional ball-marker does not prevent momentum generation if behind the friendly goal line. A player can use Ball’s Gone multiple times if the target has multiple ball-markers. Resolve each pass and Teamwork Action before resolving the next. Take Flight:- The controlling player may choose the order of taking the free advance and gaining Flying. Tormented Agony:- A model already allocated its maximum Influence is not a legal target to be allocated the Influence from Tormented Agony. Heroic Plays Blessing of the Sun Father:- Does not trigger Fear as the play is used ‘without spending Influence’. Overclocked:- Has no effect on Ratchet if used upon himself. Waverunner:- This is once per turn during this model's activation. Witness Me!:-If the use of this Play gets both teams to [12]VP the game continues, the next Player to score a VP would win. If the use of this Play gets both teams to [12]VP or more the team with the most VPs wins. Legendary Plays Breach!:- If used to take a Shot, [1] MP is still required. Call of the Sea:- A pulse affects models in range at the time it is triggered. Thus the Dmg Hag must suffer is calculated as soon as the ability is used. The controlling player may still choose the order of resolving the Pushes, Dodges & Dmg, but the amount of Dmg cannot be reduced. Casket Time:- Play must be activated before an Attack that inflicts the taken-out condition on a model. Chemical Shower:- The damage ignores Tough Hide but will trigger Loved Creature. Exsanguinate:- The damage ignores Tough Hide but will trigger Loved Creature. It's Not Over Until:- A model may benefit from multiple Empowering Voice effects, provided that each benefit is different. For example Empowering Voice:Speed, and Empowering Voice:Strength as they are different named effects. Magnum Opus:- Must be declared before the Shot is attempted. Well Oiled Machine:- You have to resolve any Teamwork Actions for a successful Pass before you resolve Well Oiled Machine for that same Pass Winter’s Night:- Effects from Legendary Plays go away in the End Phase of the current turn, this includes the frost-tokens placed as a result of Winter's Night.