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New guy in GA

Hello there! I'm a fairly new player in Augusta, Ga. I'm also one of the first in my area, looking to expand the playgroup around here, and I've applied to the Pundit program as well. I'm looking for any players in or around Augusta who might be interested in some games. A little about my already growing collection: I've got a completed Hunter's Faction that I greatly enjoy playing, I've got the two factions of the KickOff box, and I've got a small Union force. I've also made plastic standees of all the season 1 paper dolls, so if anyone in the area has been wanting to try the game, without spending any cash, I can let them try out any guild. I can be found at Cardboard Castle on most Wednesday and Thursday evenings with my Guild Ball stuff. 

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Welcome.  I know we are quite a bit away from you here in Dalton.  I know there are some S Carolina players too.  

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