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      Calendar   07/14/2017

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Sanchex Cup 3!!!


Welcome everyone to the third Sanchex Cup! For this we have 14 competitors with most of the guilds being represented. The tournament will go on until August 13th with rounds being played every week. After the 4 games the champion will be announced! 

Here is a recap of the rules for this tournament.


  • Games will be announced every Sunday and must be completed before the start of the next week (00:00 GMT every Sunday)
  • We will be using the OP document rules.
  • You may record/stream games.
  • Games will be organized by you and your opponent for that week.
  • If a agreement can not be decided on a date to play, you will both receive a lost on your record.
  • If you drop out of the tournament you will be black-listed and banned from any future Sanchex Cup tournaments
  • This will be a 4 round tournament, a 5th round will be announce if there is no clear winner.

Here is a link to view all fixtures and standing during the tournament live

Fixtures & Standings

Participants please report all match results here 

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Tom W. Vs Sid

12 - 0 to Tom W.

Not anywhere near a true reflection of the game, vassal dice are horrific sometimes.

Fantastic opponent and good luck with the rest of the tournament.


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Patrick Van (Brewers) v Jaque (Alchs)

8-12 to the Alchs (4 takeouts vs 3 goals)

It was a very cagey game from the Alchs side and very well played from Patrick. Funniest moment for me was the 2nd goal - a snap shot with vKat :blink: - but that just shows the desperation. If any one of the goals attempts missed, Patrick would have taken it. Great game, superb opponent and thank you for the match

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