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A few missing translations in the Spanish Rules Book


Since you've just uploaded the Rules book in Spanish I've been reading through it.

I've encountered a few parts of the rules that are still in English. I've checked also the French and German rules book to have a comparison.

In the Spanish and Italian Rule book, the Stats in 11th page (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence and Faith) are not translated, but in the other two (German and French) they are. Also in the French one, in the Ember part, they have the translation of "Ember" between "()", but in the Spanish and Italian there is no translation, so it would be nice to have it.
Also in the 15th page of the Spanish rule book, in the "Resting at the Bonfire" part, the point 5 is partially translated.

These are all the mistakes I've found, if anyone have found more fell free to post them. 

Hopefully you can easily correct this things so the translation is perfect.

Thank you for the hard work with the localising!

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Totally agree. There are other minor mistakes/typos, like on page 19, second paragraph ("A continuación Increíblemente dinámica begins" instead of "A continuación la batalla comienza") or page 9, ("PREPARACIÓN DESPUÁS DEL MINIJEFE" should be "PREPARACIÓN DESPUÉS DEL MINIJEFE"). Also, characters and generic enemies aren't translated. To sum up:

- "Strength" should be translated as "Fuerza" in Spanish; "Dexterity" = "Destreza"; "Intelligence" = "Inteligencia"; "Faith" = "Fe"

- "Ember/s" = "Ascua/s"

- "Knight" = "Caballero"; "Warrior" = "Guerrero"; "Herald" = "Heraldo"; "Assassin" = "Asesino"


- "Turn all cartas de encuentro face down" should be "Se giran todas las cartas de encuentro boca abajo" (page 15).

- "A continuación Increíblemente dinámica begins" should be "A continuación la batalla comienza" (page 19)

Don't know if generic monsters like Silver Knight Swordsman/Greatbowman, Sentinel, Large Hollow Soldier, Soldier/Crossbow Hollow should or should not be translated. If so, Caballero Plateado Espadachín/Gran Arquero, Centinela, Gran Soldado Hueco, Soldado/Ballestero Hueco could be acceptable translations IMHO.


Thanks for your hard work!





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